Ziploc Favorites and Giveaway!

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It’s safe to say that I use Ziploc products daily in our house. It has been such a pleasure partnering with Ziploc and the Insider 5 Fresh Over Project. I love that American families everywhere are eating more fresh meals during the day. Be sure to check out the Ziploc Facebook page  for fun tips and even recipes from Rachael Ray! There are so many great ways to eat fresh and Ziploc makes it a breeze. I am going to highlight some of my favorite Ziploc products and why I love them!

We always have these Ziploc Snap and Seal Containers. They are great for leftovers and my kids like to put their Lego pieces inside them too. They come in all different sizes which are great. We certainly keep a little of each size on hand at all times. I love that you can hear the lid snap with just one push.





Another one of my favorites are these Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers. These are so great because these babies are leak proof! I love having these on hand when I make big batches of soup, so I can store the leftovers safely in these containers. I also really enjoy storing my homemade salsas and salad dressings in these.





I don’t think my household could survive without these Ziploc sandwich bags. Not only do I use these daily for my boys school lunches for sandwiches, crackers and or cookies. I also use these for storing my make up, toothbrush and toothpaste when I travel….along with a zillion other things. Love these.





My love is about equal for these Double Zipper Ziploc Freezer Bags. I use it to freeze beef, chicken or pork. I also freeze extra vegetables to use for another dinner as well. When we buy in bulk, I like to store half of whatever we buy in these bags for the freezer. These are also great to store household items for traveling.



Another favorite is these Ziploc Big Bags for obvious reasons. I store the boys toys, ball, shoes and blankets in these convenient bags. Very helpful for so many different things, especially for Spring Cleaning!







Here’s what’s included in the giveaway:

A cooking Wok

Garlic Press

Kitchen Utensils

Ziploc Perfect Portions

Ziploc Versa Glass

Assorted other products in a Baggu Bag valued at $130.00

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us…“What Ziploc Product is your absolute favorite?”

2. Contest ends Thursday May 17th 8am PST. Winner will be chosen via and be notified by email. Giveaway provided by Ziploc.


 *I have partnered with Ziploc® Brand and am being compensated for my posts. However, my opinions on the product are my own.



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635 Responses
  1. Catie

    I don’t know if I have a favorite, but the one I use the most is the gallon-sized freezer bags! Love them!

  2. Elizabeth

    I really love their freezer bags and the snap and seal containers. You can do so much with them.

  3. andiesayswhat

    I’d have to say my favorite is the “twist ‘n lock” containers. They’re perfect for lunches! I mostly use them for fruit and small “cup-sized” servings of home-made soup; and because my homemade lunch bag is a little…roomy, I can make sure there are no drips or spills!

  4. Leann Lindeman

    I guess I would have to say their quart and gallon plastic bags.. I buy them in bulk at Sams club! I use tons of them.

  5. stephanie

    I couldn’t live without the sandwich baggies. Those can be used for sooo many different purposes =)

  6. Donna Kislow

    The ziploc twist and lock containers are a must have! They store nicely and do not leak! Love them!

  7. Mim

    The ziploc freezer bags get used the most but I love my twist and lock containers. I use them almost as much as the freezer bags. I hadn’t seen the versaglass containers. I’m going to have to check those out too. Thanks for the giveaway.
    mimsfam at gmail dot com

  8. Mila

    I love ziplock containers and bags. There are so many sizes, so I always have the perfect storage/ freezer or take along I need.

  9. Janet Fetting

    My favorite Ziplock is the smallest freezer size, quart, as I freeze sweet corn in it every year, anywhere from 20 to 50 bags, and I can press them flat, stack them up and when I am ready to make one, just open the end a little bit and pop it into the microwave, zap for 5 minutes and I’ve got fresh corn, add a pat of butter and a litle salt and all my grandchildren ask for more and more. We love ZIPLOCK. My hubby uses it to freeze deer meat every year too.

  10. Corisa

    I love the ziploc perfect portions because I usually always weigh my food like chicken and potatoes ! It works perfect

  11. Jami Little

    the sandwich ziplock bags and the gallon sized freezer bags. i’m not sure how my kitchen would survive without these two! we purchase them in bulk πŸ™‚

  12. I love the ziploc gallon bags. This may be a gross application, but I love to keep them in my diaper bag. That way, if my son has an explosion then I can put the dirty clothes in the bag without having to deal with the smell or mess until I can get home to do wash.

  13. Dawn K

    I love the twist and lock small round. I use those to store gelato when I make all that good stuff during the summer. Also it’s nice to mix dressing for salad in for work. No fear of leaking or shaking off the lid. I have sort of given away so many with ice cream, to win this prize would be fabulous.

  14. Kelly

    Ziplock Twist and Lock are my favorites. They keep my garlic from smelling up the refrigerator and are great for holding leftover sauces in the freezer.

  15. Megan Ricker

    I love Ziploc sandwich and gallon size bags for helping to keep my home organized. I use them daily.

  16. Kelli Mays

    β€œWhat Ziploc Product is your absolute favorite?” My Favorite is the Ziploc Big Bags. They come in quite handy with two girls!

  17. Lori Summers

    My favorite is the Ziploc Perfect Portions. I like to buy large amounts of meat and using these, I can separate them into individual portions and just pull out however many I need each time. I love them!!

  18. Heather

    I’ve been lovin’ the sandwich baggies that use less plastic, so they’re better for the environment.

  19. karon carter

    unable to name just one of ziplock’s products as my favorite. i love the freezer bags (all sizes) and the twist top containers.

  20. Lindsay

    I love their freezer bags! They always come in handy when I have leftovers and want to store them in the freezer.

  21. Emily

    The small round ziploc container are my favorites. Unfortuntately they are like socks in the dryer and are constantly disappering.

  22. Michelle Mosley

    My favorite Ziploc product are the sandwich bags! Like you, I use them for lunches and traveling and many other things! They’re the best!

  23. Laurie

    I absolutely love the twist and lock containers for storing soups,stews and sauces in the freezer they hold the perfect amount for my family.

  24. Kara D

    I love their sandwich bags and also their mini reusable containers perfect for dips and h,mus.

  25. Alicia

    I love the 2 cup twist and lock containers! I make homemade parfaits in them to take to work and I never have to worry about yogurt and fruit juice spilling all over my bag.

  26. Tracey Alvernaz

    I like the ziploc rectangular containers. They are great to put your cookies in and freeze. I love them!

  27. Sage

    We love Ziploc containers. My husband takes leftovers to work for lunch most days, so we use the containers very frequently. And I’m almost as frequently buying more because he forgets them at work a lot too, lol!

  28. Jen C

    Hands down it’s the freezer bags. I buy meat in bulk and then break it up into Ziplock freezer bags. They are the only trust worthy freezer bags out there. I know for sure my food will stay frozen, not frost bitten. Love them!

  29. Laurie Smith

    My favorite Ziploc product are the containers with the snap on lids. They are great in lunch boxes!

  30. Kimberli

    I love the Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers – especially that they’re leak-proof!! Thanks for the review and the chance to win!

  31. I LOVE Ziploc’s Twist and Lock containers. I use them all the time for leftovers, and love that they are leakproof and really sturdy!

  32. Erin

    I could not live without Ziploc sandwich bags (for the kiddos every day) and flexible totes (for saving the kiddos’ outgrown clothing)!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! πŸ™‚

  33. Ziplock bags are my savior so often! I use them for everything – traveling with various electronics, having extra dog food in the car, the list goes on and on. What a cool giveaway!

  34. I love the Ziploc quart bags. They are the perfect size for almost everything I wasn to save. They are also great for a stand in purse size cosmetic bag.

  35. Joanna

    I use tons of Ziploc products and love them all but my most used [favorite] product is the 2-gallon freezer bags. I use them for everthing from marinading meats to freezing leftover meatballs to carrying makeup in my luggage. I don’t know what I’d do without them!!!

  36. Sheila

    I love the twist and lock. They are great for sectioning leftovers into for lunch at the office next day. I can through it in my bag as I run out the door and not fear it leaking.

  37. I use a ton of ziploc bags, both large and small. I can put anything and everything in them in the refrigerator and I get the freezer type also. Luv ‘um.

  38. allison

    for me it’s a toss up between the pint size freezer bags and the medium sized, deep, square containers. I use both all the time!

  39. Uli

    I love the twist and lock containers because they really are leak proof! If you ever got a look in my refrigerator you would know why this is sooo important to me!!

  40. Virginia

    I use Ziploc baggies everyday. I also keep the quart and gallon size handy to store snacks in. Would love to try out the VersaGlass!!

  41. Sue

    The twist and lock containers have been a new favorite of mine. They are perfect for packing my lunches for work!

  42. Susan P.

    I swear by Zip-lock gallon sized freezer bags. They work for everything: freezing food, storing food, transporting food, keeping paintbrushes moist so I can use them in a few hours, organizing craft items, and innumerable other daily needs.

  43. Renee Richardson

    I love the regular sandwich bags. I use them everyday. Thanks for the awesome giveaway πŸ™‚

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  44. Tami G

    I have to say I have several favorite products from ziploc…however, the one and two gallon zipper bags and the twist lock containers are the ones I used most. I make alot of beef jerky and I use the bags ot marinate my jerky meat. The twist locks are great…they seal extra well..I even store sliced onion in them. I would love to win this prize package…it would be such a blessing to have.

  45. Kimiko

    I am a huge fan of the freezer bags… We like to buy in bulk to save money and these help me portion things out for the freezer. Love it!

  46. Haley

    My favorite ziplock item is the snack-size bags. It was genius to make a smaller sized baggie for a smaller portion.

  47. Delaney

    Love being able to freeze things in Ziploc bags! Either raw chicken breasts, shredded chicken, grilled and cubed chicken, it makes my life way easier!

  48. Keshakeke

    I really love the Ziplock Baggies! I use them everyday for my daughter’s lunchbox! I would love to try the other items though! Especially the twist and lock containers

  49. Karen Samples

    I have to have my ziploc bags. I use the bags for everything. My favorite is the containers with the screw on lid. But they are hard to find at our Walmart.

  50. Jennyroo

    My 3 boys are still little (6, 4 and 1) so the Snack size Ziplocs are the best used ones in our house. Perfectly sized for a handful or two of cheerios for the baby, or crackers and cheese or pretzels and popcorn for the bigger boys!

  51. Amy L

    My favorite Ziploc product is their freezer bags. We always have both the gallon and quart sized on hand for freezing meats, leftovers, fruits, vegetables, etc. Filled with crushed ice, they make a quick, easy ice pack, too!

  52. Kim

    I don’t know where I’d be without Ziploc gallon-sized freezer bags. They are the best tool for “freezer-marinating” various types of meat.

  53. My husband and mom once made fun of me for this, but my fave Ziploc product is the snack-size bags. I think they’re perfect for so many things and I use them all the time.

  54. ~ Betsy

    I use the snack size bags all the time. It is a perfect size for freezing small amounts of fruit for my smoothies.

  55. Brooke

    The gallon freezer ones….to keep the pieces of each puzzle together. And the super big XL ones for putting outgrown clothes in the attic until my youngest fits into them.

  56. I LOVE Ziploc sandwich bags!! I could not live without them! As a full time college student you are constantly eating on-the-go and the best way to pack your snacks is with Ziploc sandwich bags!

  57. Kara Smith

    Iteach and cannot survive without ziploc bags of all sizes!! I also love the twist and lock containers for making butter near our state’s birthday!!

  58. Diane

    I don’t think I would survive without Ziplock everything!
    I use them each and everyday I guess if I have to pick just one it would be the Ziplock sandwich bags since we use them for lunches everyday!
    I use Ziplock products to pack things for vacation for my pet items to store or travel I freeze desserts in the larger containers they are good for any and everything you can think of !
    We have been a Ziplock family for many many years what a great give away!

  59. Sarah H.P.

    I just love Ziploc’s simple sandwich bags… I use them all the time and wouldn’t know what to do without them!

  60. Sonya Collins

    My absolute favorite is the Ziplock Twist and Lock Containers. I make a lot of soups and stews and these are perfect to store in the freezer. When I take them out in the morning I can pop them in my lunch bag and not have to worry about spills or leaks.

  61. Chrissi

    Ohh, this is HARD! Well, the product that is used the most has got to be the baggies–from sandwich to Gallon sized. That being said, I have really been saved on school projects by the ginormous sized ones as well.
    So, my choice is Ziploc bags!

  62. Heather M

    Gallon size and quart size Ziploc bags are my best friends! I use them in the kitchen all the time. And the quart size is great for lunches if you’re trying to pack a big sandwich and it just won’t fit into a sandwich size baggie! Love Ziploc!

  63. Ashley

    The gallon freezer bags. I use them for the most ridiculous things and probably waste about half of them just because they are so convenient to use for even small things.

  64. Andrea D.

    I love their plastic freezer and storage bags. I also love their plastic containers. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  65. I am completely obsessed with the Ziploc Freezer bags. I know it’s kind of a not very exciting comment, but I freeze everything and I love that Ziploc makes it easy to seal the bags and I don’t have to fight with it. This is an awesome giveaway!

  66. Janet

    I love all the Ziploc bags but I guess my favorite are the snack size ones. They are great for portioning out snacks and making your own 100 calorie portions.

  67. Kathleen Hendry

    I love love love the Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers. If I happen to give a family member one with leftovers I don’t care if they return it because I’ll just get more from the store easily!

  68. Ericka G.

    I honestly would be lost without ziploc bags, the sandwich and storage bags especially! I use them every day to store snacks and they are so useful for traveling. πŸ™‚

  69. Sara

    I love the quart size freezer bags…they are the perfect size for all types of leftovers and are also great for packing liquids when going on trips! πŸ™‚

  70. Lori C

    The bags and snap and seal containers are a staple in my house. Between packing lunches and storing everything from leftovers to toys to craft supplies, these are a daily lifesaver.

  71. Carrie

    We are currently out of Ziploc sandwich bags and it has caused quite a commotion – they are a staple at our house.

  72. Becky S

    I love the ziploc snap and seal, there have been a lot of babies born in my church lately and the snap and seal containers are very convinent to take food over to the new families πŸ™‚

  73. rebecca burgos

    I love all of their products. I go through so many zip lock bags. They are perfect for storing all things, both for the fridge or just items around the house.

  74. Jennifer

    I would have to say the freezer bags (any size) because I use them for everything and I know they will protect my food against freezer burn. Tried generic and they are just no match for Ziploc!

  75. Kate

    You can’t go wrong with Ziploc baggies! ANY SIZE! I use them all the time for my little one. Pack extra clothes in them to store in his diaper bag. Use them for his dirty dishes from daycare. I use them everyday!!

  76. Torey

    I love the freezer bags! I make a lot of frozen breakfast burritos so they are def my favorite.

  77. Stacy P.

    Gotta love those gallon bags! Organizing toys with small pieces, game pieces, and I love using in our small fridge for pasta or whatever because they just conform to the space I put them in and don’t leak. I use them for travel, too — anything that might leak or to put something in that’s wet or dirty. Also a sick bag on the plane! (yuck) Thank goodness for the trusty seals.

  78. Hi – like you, I use a lot of different Ziploc products with very good results; but my very favorite is the Zip n Steam.

  79. Martha T

    Being a baker, I love the Twist and Lock containers for leftover frosting but I go through freezer bags by the dozen.

  80. Catherine

    Ziploc sandwich bags are my favorite. I store everything in them from food to makeup to baby toys for traveling. Love them!

  81. Brandee

    The snap and seal are easily my favorite product! We use them daily at home for leftovers and my husband uses them for his lunch everyday as well!

  82. Morgan

    I absolutely love the Twist ‘n Lock containers. They are my go to because I make so many soups, and they’re just perfect.

  83. Mary

    I like the large size for traveling on flights. You can use a bag for socks, underwear, etc.. The bags protect your clothes from any spillage and of course is a cheap way to keep everything separate. Put your dirty clothes there on the trip home.

  84. Marie

    Ziploc one gallon freezer bags are great. I use them to store everything from diapers in my diaper bag to homemade tortillas!

  85. Rebecca

    I love the twist and lock containers. I realized I was using them so often they were always all in use so I finally went and bought myself some more! They’re a great size and really secure.

  86. Amanda

    I love the little mini-bags – they’re ridiculously cute, even though they’re just bags, and they’re useful for all sorts of things… tiny bits of leftovers, bobby-pins and hair-ties when traveling… very useful.

  87. “There’s a bag for that…” You can’t go wrong with Ziploc I use Ziploc storage bags for everything food, craft, hardware, garden storage I cannot live without my bags.

  88. tammie martinez

    This is so hard to pick just one… so theres a tie… my favorites are Ziplock freezer bags and Ziplock big bags!! They are so wonderful and so very handy!

  89. MandM

    Every last ziplock product LITERALLY gets ued by me and my family. We have all different sized bags (freezer or not) by size in our kitchen drawer and all the containers are underneath in a cabinet. We buy extra and store those in the basement so we never run out. We use them to store food as well as other household items and to marinate and mix ingredients in recipes. Our uses are endless!

  90. Monica

    That is a very tough choice. My favorite in the kitchen is the twist and lock containers. I don’t use the small bags much we try to use only reusable items. My favorite for the rest of the house is the XL bag….they make organizing a breeze.

  91. Pippa Griffin

    I love the quart freezer bags – perfect for soups, marinades, marinara sauces, etc. and safe with no BPA! They are the only brand I will use!

    PS You can get the 2-gallon size bags from amazon! I use them so much that I have them on the subscribe/save plan!

  92. Mishelle

    My favourite zip-loc item are the bags – they are so versatile and the freezer ones are very strong. You can put almost everything in them!


  93. Erika

    I like the Twist and Lock Containers. I make alot of soup, but I also use them for frosting, dip, you name it. I like the security of the lid! =)

  94. Debbie Romano

    I use the freezer bags weekly…i buy all my meat in bulk and I individually wrap in saran wrap and when put in freezerbags and kabel with a sharpie. Makes portion control and serving sizes very convienant. I would be out allit of money without such a good quality due to freezer burn. Believe me I speak from experience!

  95. Emma

    I love the freezer gallon size baggies! I use them for everything! I also love the twist and lock containers because I for sure know that lid is on there!

  96. I love ZipLock! I use the freezer bags all the time to freeze soups and sauces. I use the sandwich size bags to send healthy snacks to work with my husband. I especially love the containers because I can use them to portion-control MY snacks as well as store my cut up veggies for my salads. They’re also great for ‘take aways’……sending goodies home with guests.

  97. Amy

    Ziploc snack bags are the best! I use them every day for my kids snacks at school. I have 4 kids and each take 2 snacks to school. Yep, I go through a box very quickly!

  98. Heather H.

    I always buy the freezer bags rather than the storage bags, they are thicker and sturdier. I always have the quart and gallon size on hand.

  99. Bethany B.

    They’re all great, but I actually really love their Zip ‘n Steam bags! But the sandwich and freezer bags are “musts” for our household too.

  100. Kristen Mattern

    My favorite product are the zipper lock bags. I make sure I always have the quart and gallon size on hand.

  101. Amy

    The quart size freezer bags are a must have at our house. We use them for making smoothie ready bags in the freezer, frezzing corn, beans…. you name it and we do it. I love ziploc!

  102. emily willingham

    my favorite Zip Loc item are the snap and seal containers – couldn’t live without them!

  103. Phyllis

    I love the Ziploc Twist and Lock containers. I take soup to family members in them and it’s great not to have to worry about anything leaking all over my car.

  104. Maryellen

    I love ziplock. I use all of the bags and I really love the larger containers when I do a lot of holiday baking to send home with my kids!

  105. Kay

    I LOVE the 2 gallon size ones. I store my sweaters in them. Keeps them visible, clean and easily accessible in the closet. I don’t get through a day without using some product from Ziploc.

  106. Corrine

    I would not be able to live without the Ziploc sandwich bags. I use them every day to pack my daughter’s lunch so she doesn’t have to bring home containers. LOVE THEM!!

  107. Nette

    We have a pantry full of all kinds of Ziploc baggies and containers, but one of my favorites would have to be the XXL bags, as this year we used those for brining the turkey without all the mess and hassle of poultry yuckiness all over everywhere — worked like a charm!!!

  108. Kari

    My husband cannot open a package without ripping it so we go through a lot of the gallon-sized freezer bags. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

  109. Candice cook

    I love the Ziplock twist and lock containers. They are great to keep homemade salad dressing in, it to send soup to school for my kids. The ziplock freezer & sandwich bags are used daily in our home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. Melanie N

    That’s a tough call, I use so many of their products! But my absolute favorite are the quart size freezer bags. They are magical when it comes to portion size and keeping out freezer burn!

  111. Elizabeth

    My favorite ziploc product are the versaglass containters! You can use them for everything, storage, serving, cooking, etc. They look nicer than the plastic containers and are not too much more.

  112. Jennifer Cooper

    I love Ziplock Twist and Lock containers–they’re great for storing everything! I keep nuts for snacking in them, soup for left overs (the smaller one is the perfect serving size!) and just about anything else I need to portion out.

  113. I use the gallon size Ziploc bags for so many things. I use them to crush crackers to make crumbs for a casserole topping. I use them to marinate chicken breasts. I use them to crush Oreo cookies for home-made cookies and cream ice cream. I use them for storing leftover pizza slices.

  114. Denise

    I like the snap and seal containers. Anything can be stored in them, liquid or solid (or lego!).

  115. Angie

    The various sizes of Ziplock bags are great for preparing for a garage sale. All of the jewelry and small items stay together. The customers can see what they’re buying and you can write the price right on the bag’s label!

  116. Valda

    We just finished packing for our trip by putting clothing into the Ziploc bags that you use the tool to suck the air out of the bag. Vacuum seal I think they are called. Now all of our clothes for a week fit down into 2 carry-on bags instead of having to pay to check our luggage. We love Ziploc!

  117. Emily

    Definitely the snap and seal containers. We have leftovers every dinner and I try to take my lunch to work every day. These containers are amazing to store leftovers and the next day’s lunch!!

  118. Terri F

    I use Ziploc Freezer Bags in various sizes for everything from storing lettuce, leftovers, makeup, etc…. I also put them in my carry on bag when flying to hold my liquids! Love them!

  119. Nikki

    I just LOVE ziploc bags. They are great for everything! My favorite is the Ziploc Big Bags — great for putting garage sale stuff together!

  120. cassielulu

    I am a big fan of all ziploc products. The containers and ziploc bags. Ziploc products make store home cooked food, baked breads and veggies easier to store in the freezer and fridge. Since I need to regulate my sodium and caffeine levels I am always bringing home cooked meals to work. Even stored after a day or two the food stays fresh and crispy unlike generic brands. Thanks Ziploc for your dedication to making storing foods easier.

  121. Teresa

    Being a mother to an active 4 yr old, we are all the time leaving to meet friends for outdoor activies. So I make ziploc snack bags and ziploc twist top containers of snacks for a grab and go! Makes things so much easier when your life is full speed all of the time! Thank you for a chance to win a great prize!

  122. i am attempting to stray from plastic bags and containers and opting for glassware. i like there versaglass ware because they are oven proof and come in a variety of sizes. thanks

  123. Crystal

    Good old sandwich bags for sure. I use them for everything – except sandwiches actually! haha

  124. Hands down – Snap and Seal! I prepare my food for the week and I store my individual portions in them every day! I love them! And I would love more of them!!!

  125. catherine

    I use ziploc bags and storage containers every single day! crucial for brown bagging lunch to work πŸ™‚

  126. Denise Wilson

    I love all ziplock bags that do not have the slider closing! The double zip are my favorite!

  127. Kay

    I like the 2 gallon freezer bags–a 9×13 pan fits easily! When I make a casserole I double the recipe; one for now and one for the freezer.

  128. Wendy Craythorn

    Hands down…my favorite Ziploc product are the Ziploc Big Bags. My son is in the military, the Big Bags make it easy to store his personal items while he is away.

  129. Esther T.

    I could not live without the Ziploc containers. I do a lot of cooking for some elderly people in my town home complex, and they are perfect. I don’t have to worry about whether I get them back or not, however, I think most of my friends give them back to be sure they get another meal!

  130. Mary Ellen

    I love the Ziploc freezer bags. I always have several sizes on hand. My favorite though, is the 2 gallon sized bags. I carry knitting projects in them!! They are big enough for a sweater in progress!

  131. What a fun giveaway. I have a drawer in my kitchen dedicated to ziplock ha! πŸ™‚
    My favorite will have to be the Double Zipper Storage Bags. I use them for marinating – nothing beats it.

  132. Stacey

    Ziplock bags are totally my favourite. I use them for everything, lunch snacks, putting leftover food on the freezer, keeping the cheese fresh and when travelling with the 100ml rule it is the perfect storage for my liquids!!! πŸ™‚

  133. Jennie

    I use Ziploc daily…I love the gallon size bags, but couldn’t get through the morning routine without bagging those sandwiches in the sandwich sized bags.

  134. glott65

    I love the freezer gallon bags – they’re wonderful for packing wet bathing suits in from the pool, to shampoo in my suitcase! I couldn’t survive without them.

  135. Dina

    My favorite Ziploc product is hands down their snack bags. Perfect for on the go snacks and help with portion control!

  136. Bobbie (aka claysmom)

    Nothing beats a standard Ziploc sandwich bag but we recently bought some of the taller twist and loc’s and love them. Great for storing everything!

  137. Trista Granberry

    I know it’s kind of boring, but Ziplock gallon bags. I mean, what household doesn’t use these??? I have them on my shopping list right now!

  138. Jamie

    i haven’t tried them but I’ve seen commercials and I know the {perfect portions} will be my favorite!!

  139. Allie Krishock

    My favorite is the versa glass containers, I have them in all shapes and sizes. They are very convenient, and environmentally friendly.

  140. Alexandra

    Ziploc freezer bags are so convenient! After going to the grocery/warehouse store and buying the value pack of meat or poultry, I subdivide the food into the right portions for the family, add a marinade, label and freeze.

  141. My favorite Ziploc product is the twist & lock containers. They are perfect for leftovers and soups, dressings, etc.

    I can’t wait to try the perfect portions bags, though. πŸ™‚

  142. Danielle

    My favorite is the Press and Seal containers. I used to like the vacuum sealer they had but they discontinued it!

  143. Megan

    Definately the ZipLock snack size baggies!!!! My kiddos love them for snack time:) I havent seen the Twist & Lock before….those look great:) Thanks for GREAT products!!!!!

  144. Stephanie

    I love all Ziploc products, however, those Big Bags sure make packing and hauling for a lacrosse team and a basketball team more manageable.

  145. Kristen

    There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t use our Ziploc sandwich baggies….I love them!

  146. Sarah Quincey

    I am in love with the Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers! They are fabulous! I like to use them when I bring liquid lunches to work, so I can be sure the lid will stay secure in my lunch bag!

  147. Kelli

    We use a ton of Ziploc gallon size bags, but I really love the snap & seal containers. They come in so many convenient sizes.

  148. Laura A.

    My favorite is Ziploc’s Twist n’loc containers – they’re perfect for transporting soup for lunch!

  149. Ande

    I l o v e the Ziploc Twist and Lock. I use them as gift containers for my sugar scrubs. I dig the fact that they come in various colors too. So fun!! Thank you for such a great giveaway!!

  150. Jey

    I’m a huge fan of the freezer bags. They are so useful and durable enough that they can last a few uses before heading to the trash!

  151. I have to say that the bags are the best. Simple but true, they are just so easy to open and close, and you know that when you put something in them that it’s going to stay fresh. Gotta love the simple things in life!

  152. Vanessa

    Freezer bags, hands down! Their bags are by far the best in the market and the only brand I buy.

  153. Megan M.

    I don’t think I could live without Ziplock baggies, of all sizes. I use them for lunches, for leftovers and also for changes of clothes for the kids at school and in the diaper bag.

  154. Hannah

    Snack size! Nothing worse than wanting to put a handful or two of something in a bag and all you have are quart size! πŸ™‚

  155. Sonnet

    Ziploc has the best XL sandwich bags! My husband has his lunch on sandwich thins, which fit into regular Ziploc sandwich bags, but my sandwiches are always on big homemade slices, which just barely do not fit into regular bags. The XL bags are a lifesaver and keep my sandwich delicious and safe until lunch.

  156. Stacey

    Hands down my favorite for sauces, fruit and so much more is the Twist & Lock! Thanks for the chance to win!

  157. Leah B

    I don’t think I could live without the ziploc baggies – especially the freezer bags. I have recently started using [and loving] the Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers.

  158. Hannah

    The snap and seal containers are perfect for carrying lunch to work in! For someone who relys on public transportation I use these frequently for lunches and snacks!

  159. Sienna

    I love the twist and lock containers. They are do useful for taking homemade soups to work for lunch. I have a long commute via public transit and soup would be all over my bag without them!

  160. I like the twist shut ones, they are the only way I can store leftover soup without it leaking. I love being able to bring soup in my lunch to work!

  161. Danielle

    I love the twist and lock containers as well. The store neatly because they slide inside each other and they are perfect for single servings to store and freeze leftovers or make-ahead meals

  162. Rachel M.

    Love the Twist ‘n Lock in the individual size–great for snacks, soups, sides–just about anything–perfect for lunches at work.

  163. sarah wolfgang

    Oh my… I live on Ziploc bags… I even put leftovers in them instead of using a container sometime… less to clean!

  164. MissKrys

    the divided rectangle for lunches and the twist n lock containers for storing homemade soups.

  165. Cheryl C

    My favorite is the Ziplock Slider Bags in the gallon and quart sizes. I also like the Ziplock Sandwich bags and use them most every day.

  166. Sean

    I love the 2 gallon freezer bags. I can buy meats whent hey are on sale and separate them for normal size portions.

  167. Jana Imler

    My favorite has to be the Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers. I have them in all sizes available and just love them when bringing leftover soups to work for lunch. Best ever!

  168. Alina

    I think I’d go nuts if I couldn’t use ziplock sandwich bags anymore. They are great for school lunches and small snacks.

  169. Caley

    I have to say I love the regular sandwich and freezer bags! They are like Kleenex: everyone has ripped off the idea, but the original is still the best! Ziploc bags are the easiest to close and are really strong and reusable.

  170. Cassie

    The snap and seal containers are my go-to for storing leftovers and they are easier to keep organized in the cabinets.

  171. Sarah G

    I love the Twist and Lock containers, too. I have two containers full of salsa in my fridge, and numerous containers of soup in the freezer.

  172. Crystal E.

    I love the ziploc freezer bags! So convenient for freezing things! Never any freezer burn! πŸ™‚

  173. Kim S.

    Can’t live without the ziplock tupperware snap and seal containers because we are all about eating leftovers!!

  174. I buy so many of the Ziploc Twist n Loc small containers! They are wonderful for leftovers, especially soup! I love that I don’t have to worry about leaking or the lid popping off. And that if it gets shoved to the back of the fridge, they are inexpensive enough that I don’t feel bad about throwing that science experiment away unopened. πŸ˜‰

  175. Allison R.

    I love ZipLoc snap and seal containers. I pack dinner leftovers in the them for the next day’s lunch and they work great!

    – Allison R.

  176. Kelsey B

    Quart freezer bags- I live by myself, and these are great for separating portions for freezing

  177. Page

    I LOVE the small twist and lock containers. They are perfect to take soup or drippy leftovers to work for lunch!

  178. Heidi

    I love the small and extra small smart seal. They’re great for bringing a little handful of nuts, vegetables, fruit, etc in a lunch!

  179. Michelle

    My favorite are the freezer bags — the only ones around that don’t make our food taste like plastic!

  180. Lindsay R

    Absolutely the storage containers! My hubby takes fills them everyday with leftovers for lunch! πŸ™‚

  181. Theresa N

    My absolute favorite are Ziploc sandwich bags, I don’t even look at the other brands. I want something dependable and Ziploc is.

  182. Ginny

    I love (love!) the gigantic two gallon bags. I don’t even know if that’s the real size because I can never find them here at home – my MIL always buys them at the PX where they live and brings them when they come to visit. I can fit just about everything in them!

  183. Julia

    I vote for the sandwich bags. I use them everyday for lunches, and ziploc makes them heavy duty enough that I can reuse them a few times.

  184. chris bennett

    Snack bags are a favorite at my house….the grandkids want to put their goodies in one so they can bring them along.

  185. Cheryl Stoy

    The gallon freezer bags…we freeze excess batches of beans, fruits, broth, meat, veggies and it makes the organization of the freezer a lot easier and we have more room. We date and label everything with colored markers and life is good. We use the containers for lunches and storing storing leftovers in the fridge.

  186. I have never seen those super large ziploc bags before!!! How much can you fit in it? Love that idea to store stuff under bed! So awesome! I use the ziploc freezer bags, sandwich bags, and containers on a daily basis!!

  187. Michelle

    Hands down, Ziploc Twist n’ Lock round containers are this household’s FAVORTIE! Work lunches, kiddie snacks, liquids of all types, craft odds & ends, the list goes on! My household would not functions as smoothly without these!

  188. Sarah

    Freezer bags, pint and gallon. I have to drive out of town to get quality meat. When I go, I go all out. I buy at least 30 pounds of hamburger at a time. Then I portion it out and freeze in Ziplocs. I put toys, wipes, and snacks in them when we are traveling.

  189. Tiffany

    Ziploc baggies (every size) are my favorite. Growing up my lunches were always packed with fold and close baggies and they just can’t compare with a Ziploc bag!

  190. Karen

    I love the VersaGlass containers. I am working on replacing all my tuppers with them. Things just look and taste better coming out of glass to me.

  191. I love the classic Ziploc sandwich bags! Use them for travel (so handy at the airport w/ TSA liquid guidlines) or to carry snacks πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  192. June

    I like, love and adore the Ziploc Big Bag~~I use them to store out of season clothing, quilts and pillows. Thanks for the opportunity to win~

  193. Andi

    Twist ‘n Loc hands down! I use all of the Ziploc products, but once I tried these I threw out pretty much every other food container I had and stocked up on them.

  194. ariana

    gotta say, I am a fan of the plain ole’ ziplock bags. though I really like the tupperware, the rectangulare kind

  195. Mary Elizabeth

    My favorite ziplock product is the sandwich bag. Just the perfect size, and with so many uses, I don’t go a day without using several of them!

  196. Gabe

    The freezer bags are my favorite. Along with obvious use in the freezer, they’re perfect for using to marinate meat before grilling, which is one of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer.

  197. I really like the Freezer 2-gallon size. They are great for packing. When my children went on mission trips, we packed complete outfits into each bag. With the air out, they had minimal wrinkling and they were waterproof! They’re a bit hard to find, but I try to always keep some on hand.

  198. Katie Rose

    I LOVE their freezer bags, especially the quart sized ones. I use the to divide up bulk meat into meal sized portions so that I am not wasting anything.

  199. yuli

    Ziploc sandwich bags are my lifesavers..I use them for all sorts of things..leftovers, packing my lunch, for traveling etc etc..

  200. Cathy Mahlum

    I use zip lock bags for lunches everyday, and the snap and seal containers (a variety of sizes) for supper leftovers every night. I can’t be without them!

  201. Jamie F

    Bags- gotta be the bags! We use everything from the bitty sandwich ones all the way up to the big storage ones for clothes and toys and stuff! So much STUFF!!! Thanks for hosting!

  202. STMason

    The Ziploc Freezer bags are absolutely great but…I have to admit, mu over-sized bags, the ones that hold the extra blankets and comforters… what a great thing to have! Lisa

  203. The Twist n’ Loc cups. I make my soups in the crockpot and it makes enough to feed an army! They come in handy to portion out lunches for the next few weeks.

  204. Tawny A

    With 2 kids I use Ziploc sandwich bags alll the time. Freezer bags also get used a lot around here.

  205. lydia m

    my favorite ziploc is the twist and loc containers. I feel very confident to put liquids in those without worrying they will spill open.

  206. Holly

    I use ziploc sandwich bags on a daily basis to pack up the kids lunch, they are definitely a favorite!

  207. Josephine

    Like a lot of posters here, it’s the zip-loc bags I can’t do without.

    Btw…who won the last giveaway??

  208. Caity H.

    I really love all the ziploc products I use. From the sandwich baggies that carry my snacks to the big gallon bags that I can store leftovers, art supplies, pens, and makeup in. I even use them for my shampoos and stuff when traveling. I <3 Ziploc.

  209. Vicki Sowards

    I love the freezer bags!! They are great when you travel. I put all of my hair products in them,,,Never have had a mess in the suitcase!!!

  210. Rachel C.

    I can’t live without the Ziploc sandwich bags. Being a busy Mom of 4 and being on the go all the time I can put anything from snacks to organizing my mobile office, they are a real life savor.

  211. Audrie

    It has to be the large ziploc bags. I’ve been marinating EVERYTHING in them since university. Tequila spicy shrimp… marinated them. Asian Sesame flank steak … marinated them. 5 Spice sweet sherry duck breast… marinated them! So easy to use and easy clean up.

  212. Heather Hicks

    I love the gallon size slider bags with the zip seal. They’re perfect for marinating, storing, and for travel.

  213. Katie H.

    I couldn’t live without the freezer bags! I use them all of the time when we buy in bulk as well! πŸ™‚

  214. My absolute favorite Ziploc product is the Twist and Lock containers! I use them at school to store and organize all of my manipulatives (buttons, beans, etc.). They are so useful because I can see at a glance what is in them because they are clear and they stack on top of each other so they save tons of space! My kiddos can open the containers themselves which is a definite plus!

  215. I love the twist and lock containers! They make me more confident that my lunches won’t spill on my way to work!

  216. Christy B.

    I love snack size Ziploc baggies! Perfect for storing single portions of fruit and vegies that the kids can easily grab for lunches.

  217. Sarah

    It’s so simple, but I love zip lock bags! They hold no matter what, and can hold anything from food to a wet swim suit!!

  218. Barb McLaughlin

    My favorite product is the gallon-sized freezer bag. It helps to prepare family dinners and freeze for later use.

  219. Julie Kaiser

    I have to buy in bulk, especially meat, to keep our grocery budget on track. Because of this, I have to freeze what I’m not using right away. Ziploc freezer vacuum seal bags are by far my favorite Ziploc product! They keep my food as fresh as possible, and keep me from throwing out wasted,freezer-burned product. All of which helps to keep a tight budget on track!

  220. Marianne

    Wow!! I’d have to say the Ziplock freezer bags are used most often here. we prefer the ones that have the zip on them as I have RA and my Mom is 84 so these are easier for her to use also. The sandwich and the snack bags are used daily, they are great to hold my circular needles when I want to take a project along. I’ve used the Ziplock Snap and Seal since they were first introduced.. I haven’t seen the ones with the screw on lids, I’ll be looking for them they will be a great addition to our home! Thanks for the opportunity and for all that you do! (A little trivia, my Dad was one the group that invented plastics as we know them today, he was a chemist for Dow Chemical)

  221. dallimomma

    Ziploc quart freezer bags. I use about 80 or 90 of them at a time when I’m freezing corn from the garden.

  222. Haley W

    We LOVE the gallon size freezer bags! We have been putting freezer meals in them to prepare for our first baby who is due in June!!!

  223. Melissa

    Snack size baggies are the perfect size for all the parts of my lunch and snack. I have them filled and ready to go in the fridge, grab a protein, starch and fruit or veg for each meal I am away from home and I am ready to go in minutes.

  224. Emily S.

    Definitely freezer bags! I use them for everything! They are so multi functional and because they’re ziplock you know they’re quality!

  225. Jennay

    I use the Ziploc Freezer bags all the time…they are big enough to hold anything I need to store!!

  226. Cellabella

    Awesome giveaway because I’m addicted to Ziploc!! I always use their gallon and quart-size baggies for everything. Not just for storing food, but they’re also great for packing clothes and other odds and ends on a trip!

  227. Amber

    I really enjoy the Twist and Lock Containers, and I love that the lids and containers stack so neatly and wont fall over in my cabinets!

  228. Claire

    Gallon size freezer bags! They are so essential for storing leftovers in our freezer, we use them all the time.

  229. Emily W

    Gotta be sandwich size bags. They are the go-to for storing leftovers from dinner, or any other little thing around the house that I need to keep track of!

  230. Just ONE favorite!? Well, I guess if I could only have ONE ziplock product it would have to be the Snap and Seal containers. I think I use everything mentioned here, but I can NEVER get enough of those containers!

  231. Martha R.

    I am a huge fan of ziplock quart size bags. I use them all the time when I am storing dry ingredents.

  232. Amber L

    Would be a tie between gallon and quart sized freezer bags. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

  233. mary

    We use a bit of everything but I think the big bags are my fav, they are great for storing out of season stuff, toys & emergency kits all easy to carry

  234. We totally live on the sandwich bags – we go through many of them and use them for more then just sandwiches. They are so good for keeping food so fresh.

  235. I love the Ziploc twist and lock bowls because they are great for taking soup to lunch at work!
    Awesome giveaway, thanks for hosting!

  236. Tracy

    the twist-n-lock… makes carrying soup to work much less worrisome! plus it’s good for freezing stuff.

  237. I have to say that the Twist and Lock containers are my favorite! I use them for everything, throw them in the freezer, and I can throw it in my purse for lunch at work and I don’t worry about it leaking!

  238. Theresa

    OMG! How can I choose?! I literally have Ziploc bags in every single size available and storage containers in every shape and size. We use Ziploc products on a daily basis in our house! My favorite (and most used) would have to be the Ziploc Twist and Loc containers – the little round ones. We use them for fruit, snacks, candies and crafts.

  239. Freezer bags hands down. Perfect for marinades, leftovers, I even used them when we moved placing items that I wanted to keep together and dust free.

  240. cathy

    I love the XS Ziploc containers for packing snacks in my kids’ lunch boxes. Perfect size, and reusable!

  241. Amy

    I couldn’t get along without the ziploc twist and lock containers. I use them at home and even more in my classroom!

  242. Whitney

    I love the rectangular container w/ the 3 divided sections. I pack my kids lunches in them everyday!

  243. Meg

    I use Ziploc freezer bags for making and freezing double batches of a meal. As well as the twist and lock containers, perfect for on the road snacking!

  244. I absolutely love Ziploc quart sized bags. They are incredibly versatile and I use them for everything–storing jewelry on extended trips, putting important documents in for a carry on bag, smaller amounts of leftovers, chicken broth for the freezer, puzzle pieces, and even my cell phone during a run out in the rain! I could not manage my life the way I do if it weren’t for Ziploc bags (and really their entire line of products).

  245. Paul

    We go through Double Zipper Ziploc Freezer Bags like water. Useful for freezer storage, food separation when packing, marinating, and even non-food packing and uses. Great product!

  246. Jody

    I think my favorite would be the gallon ziploc bags…you can stuff so much stuff in them from food, to diapers and wipes, dirty clothes and diapers…so many uses!

  247. Jenn C

    Any of the zip lock bags, I use them everyday with 3 kids in school, and to freeze extra meat and leftovers! They are the best!

  248. I LOVE the gallon sized plastic zip lock bags. I use them for everything from marinading meat to piping frosting (just cut off one of the corners)!

  249. Trinity Anderson

    My absolute favorite Ziploc product is the Ziploc Pump and Vacuum Bags. It’s perfect for sending homemade goodies to Husband overseas!

  250. Christine

    The twist and lock containers are definitely my favorites! After having too many spilled foods in backpack, I went searching for something better. Now I can enjoy all sorts of snacks while in class from the container and not from my backpack!

  251. Tricia Hughes

    We use all Ziploc products. Have every size of ziploc bag for my kids’ lunches and other many uses. Also love the containers!!

  252. Becky Thompson-Madsen

    There isn’t a ziploc product that I don’y use, and don’t love!!!! I use them all, I can’t pick just one!!!! LOVE, Love, love them!!!!!!

  253. Julie

    I cannot travel without the huge bags! So wonderful to make sure all my clothes stay clean an dry from any accidental leak in the case – and double as the dirty clothes bag once at the destination. I usually have my laundry sorted before I ever get home!

  254. miranda

    I love the large and extra large storage bags. They’re great for storing kids games so the pieces don’t get lost and seasonal items that I don’t use that often.

  255. Peggy

    quart size freezer bags – they are great for freezing future meals, whether it’s soup or jambalaya, it’s easy and stores flat in the freezer!

  256. the twist and lock containers are my fav- they stack so easily making lots of room in our small cupboards! also LOVE the XXL big bags!! instead of storing everything in the garage in large containers, we use these bags- definitely made it easy to store all the stuff our toddler has outgrown!

  257. My favorite are the regular Ziplock sandwich bags. I horde them when I notice them on sale and use them for everything. They’re the perfect size for me!

  258. LauraHelen

    Love the big freezer bags! I put scraps in there to make soup later, keep cleaned produce to have easy snacking during the week… they are great!

  259. Raysha

    Sandwich bags are my favorite! Zippered sandwich bags can be used for anything! They can be used for large or small amounts and zip out air so things never get stale! Love them!!!!!

  260. My favorite used to be the sandwich bags, but my new favorite is the perfect portions bags, because since it’s just my husband and I it’s easier to divide up all the meat that I buy in bulk, and pull out what we need.

  261. Traci

    It’s hard to choose just one ziploc product to call my favorite but I suppose I have to say the gallon freezer bags. I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t use them!

  262. Casey

    Our favorite is definitely the trusty storage ziplock bags. Though I have been looking for glass storage options for leftovers, and these look great!

  263. Alicia B

    The freezer bags, all sizes, no question. As a family of 3 we always have to freeze extra meats when we buy them, and these bags save so much space!

  264. I love to use ziplock storage bags for leftovers or even to bring a friend a meal when they are sick. No need to get dishes returned and less fridge space. Since I know ziplock is sealed I know there won’t be a mess in the bottom my fridge later.

  265. Stephen

    I’m a fan of the two gallon freezer bags. Perfect for loafs of bread so i don’t have to crush and smash it into the normal freezer bags. They are hard to find in stores which is the only downside.

  266. Kelly McCormick

    I love the Ziploc Twist and Lock Containers because I use them all the time for soups!

  267. Briar

    Hands down the snap and seal containers. I love keeping single servings of soups in there when I do detoxes, and it’s so simple to just pull one out of the fridge at a time.

  268. Sarah R

    love my zip lock twist and lock, one of my best christmas presents was when my husband bought me all new tupperware of ziploc twist and locks and snap and seal. That’s the only thing we use now

  269. I love the gallon size ziploc bags. Use them for everything from cooking to storing art supplies. Plus I always use them to seal up baked good to mail to my hardworking US airman.

  270. AlisonB

    I LOVE all my ziploc products… however, you will never find my pantry with anything less than TWO EXTRA BOXES of each size of Ziploc freezer bags!! I refuse to run out of these!!

  271. Holly

    I picked up some of the twist and locks a few months ago, and they are definitely my favorite now!

  272. Ann

    As a college student, I don’t think I could live without Ziploc’s snack size bags. They’re perfect for bringing snacks along for the day!

  273. Chatelaine

    The quart bags are used SO frequently in our house. From lunches, to travel (3-1-1) and our dog food that we will NEVER be without them.

    Heck the gallon bags are a staple in our house as well πŸ™‚

  274. Michele

    I mainly use the sandwich bags, not only for sandwiches but puzzle pieces, snacks, and anything else that needs storing. I also couldn’t live without the storage containers since that is what we pit left overs in for lunches. Thanks for the opportunity!

  275. CR

    Plastic bags all the way! Don’t know what I’d do without them– generic plastic bags just don’t do the job as well.

  276. “What Ziploc Product is your absolute favorite?”

    Mine are the small tubs because I take my leftovers to work for lunch. It works great and I also use it for soup for lunches. I save so much money by not eating lunch out.

  277. Stacy Stevens

    I LOVE the Ziploc Twist and Lock. I use them for all of my daughter’s snacks to store in her diaper bag. Everything is nice and organized.

  278. Felicia

    I love the snack bags. I use them daily with my kids and husband. Its the perfect size for snacks through out the day.

  279. rachel

    Love the press and seal containers and use them all the time! Have to give those twist on lids a try soon, too!

  280. Morgan

    Without a question, the Zip and Steam bags keep my healthy meals quick and easy!! Thank you Ziplock, you save me soon much time!

  281. I cant live without snack bags!! Perfect portions for the small peeps in our house!! Portion out snacks at the beginning of the week and toss um in the snack bin!! Its a great system for us πŸ™‚

  282. SalBug

    I use at least one variety of Ziploc every day, whether a bag (snack, sandwich, freezer quarts, etc.) or the containers of various sizes. Love all of the, especially for freeer meals.

  283. Carly

    Freezer Bags!!! And the small containers are a close 2nd, as they are a perfect size for bringing my lunch in to work!

  284. Liz S.

    I pack my lunch every day, so I am always using Ziploc products. I especially like their containers. I could totally use a new wok! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  285. Jennifer

    I use ziploc bags to store ALL my homemade bread, so I can freeze them without freezer burn. I also love the small square ziploc containers for leftovers.