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$25 Whole Foods Giftcard Giveaway…

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.  Congrats to entry #323, Kris Sanders who was chosen from!!  I’ve sent you an email Kris!!

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Good Saturday Morning!!  Here’s a fun, quick  giveaway for you 🙂  Maria Mugica, Marketing Supervisor of the Tustin, CA Whole Foods has offered to give one lucky Picky Palate Winner a $25 Giftcard to do some shopping!  Thank You Maria, you have the most beautiful Whole Foods in the World according to me 🙂  If you haven’t been to the Whole Foods in Tustin, CA you’ve got to go! Looks a little something like this…..

You might even meet these 2 gentlemen that keep the produce section so beautiful 🙂


Here’s How To Enter:

1.  Tell us in a comment here, what is your favorite thing about shopping at Whole Foods Market?  If you don’t have a Whole Foods, tell us why you need one in your town 🙂

2.  For 3 extra entries follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader.  Leave 3 separate comments for this 🙂

3.  Contest ends Tuesday May 18th 8pm PST.  Winner will be notified by email.   This giveaway was provided by Whole Foods, Thanks!


Good Luck!!

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  1. 101
    Mellisa says:

    Ahhh, the fantastic selection of chocolate of course!! I always find something new and wonderful to try… $25 of chocolate…mmmm….

  2. 102
    Lindsay says:

    I love their flower department, not to mention pretty much everything else.

  3. 103
    Jennifer M. says:

    I love Whole Foods because I always find something new that I haven’t seen before. I also love their flower selection and the produce! Actually, the only thing I don’t like about Whole Foods is that they are usually crowded when I go there. But that’s not really something I blame anyone for! Everyone likes them!

  4. 104
    Jennifer M. says:

    I also follow you on Facebook!

  5. 105
    Brandi says:

    I love all the fresh produce. Yum!!

  6. 106
    Brandi says:

    I subscribe to you on my Google Reader!

  7. 107
    Angie says:

    My favorite thing about Whole Foods is the selection of things I can never find in a typical supermarket. For instance, I am forever looking for quinces (quince?) and pomegranates, and while I can never find them at the regular store, I can almost always find them (in season) at Whole Foods.

    And I’m a Twitter/Google follower 🙂

  8. 108
    lisa says:

    My favorite thing about shopping at Whole Foods is their prices and selection. And the La Brea French bread. 🙂

  9. 109
    lisa says:

    Follow you on Google Reader!

  10. 110
    lisa says:

    Follow you on Facebook. 🙂

  11. 111
    Erin says:

    Oh…love the spinach, cranberry, feta packaged salad. So yummy!! Hubby loves the pizza.

  12. 112

    I love shopping at Whole Foods because they always have a large selection of the freshest produce!

  13. 113
  14. 114
  15. 115

    I follow you on GoogleReader!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. 116
    Stephanie says:

    EVERYTHING! Everything at whole foods is fabulous. The cheeses, meat selection, everything in the bakery and not to mention the fabulous produce!

  17. 117
    candi durbin says:

    I love the strauss milk, and all the variety of stuff they carry!

  18. 118
    joanne says:

    Awesome giveaway! I love Whole Foods! I think my favorite thing about them is their crazy selection of produce. No matter what I’m looking for, they always have it!

  19. 119
    Karlee says:

    I love how fresh everything is at whole foods!

  20. 120
    Karlee says:

    I just became a follower (or likes) on Facebook!

  21. 121
    Kerstin says:

    I love Whole Foods’ fresh fish selection!

  22. 122
    Kerstin says:

    And I follow you on Twitter!

  23. 123
    Kerstin says:

    And google reader!

  24. 124
    tina says:

    Hey! That’s my Whole Foods!! 🙂 What I love about whole foods is that they have a large variety and I can trust that anything I buy there will be good for my family. I love their fruit!! The best!! Their employees are always helpful and nice. LOVE Whole Foods in Tustin!

  25. 125
    tina says:

    I follow you on Reader!

  26. 126

    I follow on twitter (bafee1205)

  27. 127

    I follow on facebook

  28. 128
    Mellisa W. says:

    Cheese and free samples.

  29. 129

    I love their organic offerings. My other local stores don’t offer much organic stuff, so it’s nice to have a place to get them.

  30. 130
    Jessica says:

    I LOVE the GoGo Applesauce and other good for you snacks for my little guy!

  31. 131
    Jessica says:

    I am a twitter follower

  32. 132
    Jessica says:

    A facebook friend as well

  33. 133
    Jessica says:

    And I and a google reader. Love your blog!

  34. 134
    heather g says:

    My favorite thing is finding new stuff. Our local WF always has something new & yummy.

  35. 135

    We don’t have Whole Foods but we desperately need one. I have to order fun ingredients off the internet a lot of times and that gets pricey.

  36. 136

    I follow you on Twitter.

  37. 137

    I’m a fan on Facebook.

  38. 138

    I’m a google reader subscriber.

  39. 139

    I love eating at Whole Foods – so many yummy choices for lunch.

  40. 140
    Maria says:

    I love the produce!

  41. 141
    Maria says:

    and I follow you on Google Reader

  42. 142

    We finally have a Whole Foods within an hour’s drive! Planning on a trip to the store soon!

  43. 143
    Krystal says:

    I love everything at Whole Foods, the produce and the meat selection is out of this world, and I love the cheese section. Sampling all the cheeses is one of my fave things to do at this store!

  44. 144

    We need a Whole Foods! I would love their produce!

  45. 145

    I am a Google Reader subscriber!


  46. 146

    I follow you on Twitter! 3ladiesandaad


  47. 147
    Marilyn says:

    People are so friendly and kind there!
    The food is so FRESH and yummy!

  48. 148
    Amanda says:

    I love Whole Foods because their meat section is amazing and so incredibly fresh. I’ll never buy my meat anywhere else.

  49. 149
    Amanda says:

    I also follow on Twitter

  50. 150
    suzanne says:

    I follow on facebook

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