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Nordicware Teacake and Candy Mold Giveaway!


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Timestamp: 2010-04-12 05:25:43 UTC

Hi everyone!  The nice folks at Challenge Butter who sent me the coupons for the Facebook Giveaway sent me a lovely package of Nordicware Bakeware last week.

One of the items in the box was this adorable Platinum Tea Cake and Candy Mold Pan that I already own.  So……I am giving this one away to one of you along with a little Nordicware paperback Cookbook!

Click HERE to see how you can win $2500 in Nordicware Prizes!!

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Leave a comment here and tell us, What was the last thing you baked?

2.  For 2 extra entries follow me on Twitter Here and become a fan of Picky Palate on Facebook Here.  Leave 2 separate comments for this.

3.  Contest ends Friday April 9th 8pm PST.  Winner will be chosen from and notified by email shortly after contest ends.

Good Luck!

This is a non compensated giveaway 🙂  Giveaway provided by Challenge Butter

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441 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 51
    Jen says:

    And I follow you on Twitter — HomemadeHolman

  2. 52
    Rachel J says:

    The last thing I baked was dinner rolls for Easter lunch. Bread is the next best thing to dessert!

  3. 53
    Rachel J says:

    Twitter follower.

  4. 54
    Rachel J says:

    And of course FB too!

  5. 55

    Strawberry Shortcake

  6. 56
    Danielle says:

    The last thing I baked was cupcakes!

  7. 57
    Danielle says:

    Following you on twitter!

  8. 58
    Rebekah M. says:

    i just baked a peanut butter pie (doesn’t actually count…because its no-bake) and a key lime pie (it does count b/c i had to bake it in order to make it safe to eat!!)

  9. 59
    Danielle says:

    Following you on Facebook!

  10. 60
    Rebekah M. says:

    following on twitter @rebekah2322

  11. 61
    Rebekah M. says:

    fan on FB too!!

  12. 62
    Marissa says:

    Last thing I baked was YOUR amazing peanut butter egg coookies! YUMMMM! They were so yummy! Thanks for sharing that recipe and I HOPE I WIN THIS!!!

    • 62.1
      Celeste says:

      Last thing I baked were those as well! I hope if I don’t win that you win!
      Did you like the cookie dough as well? I ate too many cookies that way…. lol

  13. 63

    The last thing I baked was brownies. I really need to expand my baking horizons.

  14. 64
    Niki says:

    I baked a carrot cake cheesecake for Easter. It didn’t work out 🙁

  15. 65
    Erin says:

    I made Potato Chip Cookies. I found the recipe in a new cookbook and my curiosity got the best of me.

  16. 66
    Niki says:

    I’m also a fan on FB!

  17. 67
    Shelley says:

    I baked a carrot cake for my fam on easter!

  18. 68
    Shelley says:

    I am also a facebook fan!

  19. 69
    Angela says:

    Hi there! I work in a bakery, so the last thing I baked was a whole bunch of cake and some banana bread at work.

  20. 70
    Stacey says:

    The last thing I baked was vegan lemon bars.

  21. 71
    Ashley says:

    Baked Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Bread last night! Yummy!

  22. 72
  23. 73
    Ashley says:

    Following on Twitter- abbrandes

  24. 74
    Karie says:

    I just got finished baking almost 100 mini cupcakes for Easter and various Easter parties. They were a hit and quite adorable. I swirled the frosting up really high and then sprinkled pastel sanding sugar on top. : )

    Here is a picture : )

  25. 75
    jessica says:

    I baked a pineapple upside down cake for my sisters birthday!

  26. 76
    jen says:

    the last thing i baked was cookies with chocolate and cinnamon chips!

  27. 77
    Kati says:

    I baked a strawberry microwave cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I still can’t believe how much putting sour cream in a cake makes it so MOIST and delicious!

  28. 78
    Ashley says:

    The last thing I baked was cookies.

  29. 79
    Ashley says:

    I follow on twitter. @brideonbudget

  30. 80
    Tracy says:

    This past weekend I baked Pizzagaina, Torta di Riso, and Easter Bread for Easter Sunday.

  31. 81
    Margaret says:

    I made a birthday cake for my nephew!

  32. 82
    Michele says:

    The last thing I baked was your junior mint cupcakes for my dad’s birthday.

  33. 83
    Michele says:

    I’m a Facebook follower.

  34. 84
    Rachel says:

    The last thing I baked were chocolate volcanos. Yum!

  35. 85
    Tracy says:

    Twitter follower!

  36. 86
    Heidi says:

    The last thing I baked was some banana oatmeal bread yesterday. Does it count that it was a breadmaker?

  37. 87
    Heidi says:

    I am a fan on facebook.

  38. 88
    Sherrie says:

    The last thing I baked was chocolate chip m&m cookies

  39. 89
    Mela says:

    For Easter I made Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes that were delicious!

  40. 90
    Mandy says:

    The last thing I baked was easter breakfast rolls on Easter morning.

  41. 91
    Mandy says:

    I am a fan on facebook

  42. 92
    Christen says:

    I baked lemon poppyseed muffins last. They turned out delicious!

  43. 93
    Julie says:

    I’m not going to count the crescent rolls I made for Easter Dinner. The last thing I really baked myself was a Lemon Cake for my hubby’s poker night.

  44. 94
    Julie says:

    I’m a facebook fan

  45. 95
    Julie says:

    2nd post for being a facebook fan.

  46. 96
    Lara says:

    I baked some delicious Raspberry muffins!

    I hope I win, these molds look like SO much fun!

  47. 97
    Lara says:

    I became a fan on Facebook! 🙂

  48. 98

    The last thing I baked was a Red Velvet Cake with a layer of CHEESECAKE in the middle! Coming VERY SOON to my blog.

  49. 99
    rachel e. says:

    Actualy the last thing I baked was your reese cup easter cookies 🙂

  50. 100
    rachel e. says:

    i’m a twitter follower!

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