4 More Sets of Better Home’s and Garden Cookware Giveaway!

Contest is now closed. Congrats to entry #’s 201, 796, 582 and 302. I have sent emails to the winners 🙂

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Hi everyone! I’ve got 4 more sets of beautiful Better Home’s and Garden Cookware up for grabs today. To see a description of each set go HERE.

Here’s How to Enter:

1. Vote for Picky Palate on the Better Home’s and Garden Cook-Off Site. You have to enter you email address, but no worries, they’ve assured us there will be no bugging you guys! Leave a comment here, letting me know you’ve voted. You can vote everyday and leave a comment everyday until the contest is over. Second, tell me…what is the another dish you plan to make in your new cookware!

2. For extra entries, follow Picky Palate on Twitter, “Like me” on Facebook and sign up to receive Picky Palate through my RSS feed. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Saturday October 30th 8am PST. Winners will be chosen by random.org and will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond with address.

Please note:

Winners 1 and 2 will win the 13 piece Non Stick Hard Anodized set

winner 3  will win the 10 piece Non-Stick Porcelain Enamel set

winner 4 will win the 10 piece Tri-Ply Clad 18/10 Stainless Steel set

*Disclaimer:  I was given a set of cookware by Better Home’s and Garden to try out for myself and the giveaway is provided by Better Home’s and Garden.

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943 Responses
  1. I adore your site! I am so glad I discovered it! I voted for you, the first dish I would make is turkey meat chili <3 I've had a craving for Chili for SOOO long <3

  2. Pete R.

    Well, I think it would be fun to make some of my homemade caramel filled chocolates. I imagine with new pots/pans things will turn out a bit easier.

  3. Deanna

    I think I would love to make a HUGE Mexican dinner in my new cookware. Start with some homemade tamales, authentic Mexican rice and maybe even some homemade refried beans. My current pots and pans aren’t nonstick, so that would be a huge mess for me to clean up otherwise. Good Luck

  4. I voted for you again today! Thanks for another chance to win and I would love to try and make the perfect omelet in one of the new pans!

  5. Debbie R.

    Just voted for the day – good luck! Would love to make a big pot of chili in the cookware – still kind of warm in Florida, but sure am ready for some cool weather!

  6. Kara

    Just voted for you! I love everything on your site, they’re all big hits with my very big family!

    First thing I would make would probably be chili, or chicken soup depending on how cold it is. I’ve never owned my own pots or pans, I use my moms, I’d be happy to just boil water in them just because they’re mine!

  7. Let’s see another dish I would like to create in the large skillet, which I desperately need is a Rice and Shrimp Casserole recipe that I have that is so yummy and low in fat and calories.

  8. Hanna

    I voted! I would make a big pot of Italian Wedding Soup in honor of my grandmother who passed away earlier this week.

  9. I voted for you today!! There are LOTS of things i will make with those pots/pans, but one is your Romano Ranch Chicken & Rice Skillet! That stuff is AMAZING! 🙂

  10. Ooops, missed the second part of the entry! 🙂

    My wife and I just got married – I would make her favorite dish: Coq au vin! Mmm… I can taste it already.

  11. Robin

    I voted! Since the weather is starting to turn cooler, I think my White Chicken Chili sounds like a good dish to cook in the cookware!

  12. I’m really hoping for the porcelain enamel or hard anodized. Time of year, I love mixing up a huge pot of soup. Usually, my pots are a little on the small side for cooking for a group. These would be a happy upgrade. Specifically, my kids ask for Cheesy Potato Soup. I know they would love a warm and bubbly batch for dinner after a chilly day at school. So excited!

  13. I am now following you on Twitter and would love to know what the recipe is for the dessert that has the tan kiss on top. I am sure it will be a million points but it looks amazing!

  14. I have voted for you!

    As for what I am will be cooking the new pots and pans I am going to win! I am starting Weight Watchers on Friday and trying new HEALTHIER recipes. Nothing specific as of today but HEALTHIER life-style Friday!

  15. Niki

    I voted again.
    And said a little prayer: Please God, let me win these nonstick pans. I promise never to use metal utensils in them or scrub them with the scratchy side of the sponge. And I promise to cook my husband eggs every Sunday… eggs that won’t stick to the pan and be ruined. Amen.

  16. I voted for you! I will continue to do so, I want you to WIN!
    I’m thinking some holiday “test” dishes would be perfect to make in MY new cookware!

  17. I also just voted for you in the BHG contest…I’ve been following you for a few years and would love to see you win! If I were to win, I would finally make this seafood chowder recipe that I have been dying to make 🙂

    Once I get off work, I will find you on Facebook 🙂

  18. Charlotte

    voted for you, fan on fb, rss feed and I tweeted! I want to make a good brunswick stew for the cool days ahead in the cookware.

  19. Miss L

    I would love to make eggs in a frying pan where they didn’t stick. It’s the simple things. 🙂 Good luck!

  20. Ginger

    But best of all, I have you on RSS feed — I’m thinking that I could use the pans to whip up one of my families favorite new dishes — Muy Nacho Stuffed Pasta — big manicotti shells filled with a mixture of ground taco meat, refried beans and rice, baked with salsa and tomato sauce. Really nice twist on taco night!

  21. Jen

    Voted today – and I would love to try and make coconut chicken. I haven’t worked out how I would make it – I just love the combination.

  22. Nicole

    I voted for you. I think since it’s finally cooling off, I’d try my hand at a new soup. Maybe some White Bean Chicken Chili. That sounds yummy right now.

  23. Katie K

    I voted for you again! I REALLY need this cookware…my kitchen is a mess, I’ve never had matching anything,and never the right pan for the job!!!! I’m crossing my fingers!!!!

  24. Lori H

    I voted!! I’d make Shipwreck. A family favorite. Bacon, Hamburger, Potatoes, Onions and Carrots…. oh and lots of butter & salt & pepper!

  25. Ashley

    I voted for you. I also follow you on Facebook and Twitter (a_p72)!

    I would like to make some delicious winter stews and soups – in time for the winter!

  26. Pam Shank

    I voted. I follow you on FB also. The pans would be used first for the big holiday meals coming up. we have a large family so I would be using each of them.

  27. Pam Shank

    I voted for you. I would probably use all of the pans for a thanksgiving or Christmas dish. Potatoes,green beans,gravy,homemade noodles… etc

  28. Jennie A.

    Oh man, I’ve got to remember to come back and enter each day. I would make taco soup in the stock pot. My stock pot is toast 🙁

  29. I follow you on Twitter! I forgot to say what I’d make with my cookware so I’ll leave it in this comment: Chicken & Dumplings! Never made it but want to sooo bad!

  30. Amanda V.

    Voted. Hope you are having fun in good old Iowa! 🙂 haha

    Another dish that I would make would be vegetarian chili! Yay fall.

  31. Victoria Z

    I also subscribe to your RSS feed. My extra meal? So many to choose from – but I’d probably make crepes!!!

  32. Jennie

    I voted for you! AND I would make something Pumpkin but not just desserts…there is a Pumpkin soup I really want to try!

  33. Kara

    Awesome giveaway again! I voted for you. Also, with this new cook ware the first thing I’d make is a hearty pasta casserole.

  34. Karen

    I would love a new set of non-stick pans so I can make scrambled eggs. They seem to stick easily unless I use a lot of butter!

  35. Kadee

    I would make…the most divine breakfast. french toast, bacon, hash browns……….oh, I don’t even know what else! but I’d be itchin’ to use all those pans as soon as possible!

  36. I have never hosted the family Thanksgiving dinner at my house, even though my mother is dying for me to. I might give it a whirl this year, and try it out in my brand new cookware….well, if I win.

  37. Kellie M

    This is my first time entering one of your giveaways. I found your blog 4 months ago and now I am obsessed. All of the recipes I have tried never fail! Thanks! I have been married for 10 years and have used the same old cookware. I would LOVE a new set.

  38. Hanna

    I voted again! I would love to make Pad Thai. I have been nervous to make it, but think these new pots and pans might just boost my confidence!

  39. Rebekah M.

    oh yeah, i’d like to make seared pork chops. i love searing. and then baking! yum.
    i’m also a friend on FB

  40. Mandi

    Voted! (Can we be apart of this contest and the other giveaway?) Also, I would make a hearty pot of warm chili to help ring in the fall season.

  41. Brittany C.

    I “like” you on facebook, oh and I would make pecan dijon chicken with sauteed asparagus in my new cookware, yummy!

  42. Landra Jacobs

    I voted! And I would make all sorts of yummy dishes for my family… like White Wine & Feta Chicken. 🙂

  43. Every morning I wake up and check my email hoping I got a new email in my appropriately named “BLOGS!!” folder. Your emails are always in there, like clock work, to help me through the day!

  44. Rhonda

    I’ll keep on voting til the cows come home. …Then I’ll cook up a big old steak with my new pots and pans. LOL

  45. kristin m.

    i cant wait to cook up some soups and stews to warm up with now that fall is FINALLY here! kristinmik at gmail dot com