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Breakfast and Brunch

Broccoli Cheddar and Sausage Egg Muffin Pull-A-Parts

Good Thursday!! Hope everyone has had a great week so far. I’ve got a delicious recipe here to share with you all….

We had these fun little Egg Muffins for dinner last night as part of our breakfast dinner we do quite often. I wanted something savory along with the mini pancakes we were having and this turned out to be just perfect. So many great flavors going on, it was bound to be a winner. Kick up your taste buds with a little Cholulla hot sauce on the side for dipping. Next time you are doing a breakfast, brunch or even breakfast dinner I promise you won’t be disappointed in these bad boys. We all loved them over here and hope you will too! Enjoy.

Broccoli Cheddar and Sausage Egg Muffin Pull-A-Parts

6 Pillsbury Buttermilk biscuits (from can, 8 count)
Pinches of kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper

1 Cup cooked broccoli florets, cut up into small pieces
1/2 Cup cooked sausage links, cut up

4 eggs
3 Tablespoons milk
Pinches of kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper

1 Cup shredded cheddar cheese

Cholulla hot sauce

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Spray a texas size 6 Cup muffin tin with cooking spray. You’ll have 2 extra biscuits left over. Bake them separately if so desired. Cut each of the 6 biscuits into 8 triangles and place into each muffin tin. Lightly sprinkle each biscuit cup with salt and pepper.

2. Sprinkle broccoli and sausage evenly over each biscuit filled muffin cup.

3. Place eggs, milk, salt and pepper into a mixing bowl. Whisk until well combined. Pour evenly over each cup. With a fork make sure eggs get to the bottom and around each piece of biscuit. Top each with sprinkles of cheddar cheese and bake for 28-32 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean from center of biscuits and cheese is golden brown. Let cool for 5 minutes before removing from muffin cup. Remove and arrange onto serving plate. If you like it spicy serve with a nice hot sauce like Cholulla, it’s wonderful!! Pull them apart with your fingers or cut with a fork. Enjoy.

6 servings

Have a wonderful rest of the week and weekend!! See you soon with that cookie recipe I promised.

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  1. 1
    Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" says:

    Those look great!! Mr. loves that Cholula hot sauce! lol

  2. 2
    Denise says:

    These look so good, it would be a great brunch item. YUMMY.

  3. 3
    Stacy says:

    I just love a recipe that is all inclusive! You get so much to offer in such a small package! This is a great one for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  4. 4
    Tonya Lynn says:

    This looks so amazing! Do you think that it would work with homemade biscuit batter? I'm trying to cut 'white' out of my diet and would love to try to make these with a whole wheat biscuit!

  5. 5
    Jenny says:

    Hi Tonya,
    I bet they’d work just fine with a homemade version biscuit. Let us know if you give it a whirl. Thanks for your comments everyone!!

  6. 6
    The Japanese Redneck says:

    Haven't had Cholula hot sauce. Don't remember seeing it around here. Will definately look for it though.

    Those muffins look so good. Great pictures. I've got a can of biscuits I was wondering what to do with.


  7. 7
    Laura says:

    You know, I've been wanting to try one of these new fangled breakfast casseroles. This looks great. Will definitely be trying these. Thanks!

  8. 8
    EmilyCC says:

    I can't wait to try these! Thanks, Jenny!

  9. 9
    Helene says:

    I would eat those for breakfast or lunch. What a great egg muffin recipe.

  10. 10
    Nutmeg Nanny says:

    How yummy! This is perfect for breakfast dinner:)

  11. 11
    CookiePie says:

    So cute and they look delicious!!

  12. 12
    Chef Jeena says:

    These look gorgeous Jenny.

  13. 13
    CaSaundraLeigh says:

    You always have such great and unique recipes to share!

  14. 14
    Keri says:

    This looks delicious!!

  15. 15
    Kerstin says:

    Yum, these look addicting! I heart biscuits and eggs together.

  16. 16
    Keri says:

    Oh, I forgot to tell you that I left you an award on my blog. I'm loving your recipes and am so glad I found your blog!

  17. 17
    Chow and Chatter says:

    By the way I changed my site address to
    To match the name ! Love Rebecca

  18. 18
    Ashleigh says:

    I love your blog! You recipes are both creative, practical, and easy. Thanks for some great ideas. I am going to make these for a bachelorette party (next morning breakfast) this weekend!

  19. 19
    Patsyk says:

    Oh, those look so good! I haven't done a breakfast dinner in awhile… may have to make that part of next week's meal plan! YUM!

  20. 20
    Lynda says:

    These look delicious! Ilove having breakfast at dinner time- thanks for posting this yummy recipe!

  21. 21
    Leslie says:

    We LOVE breakfast for dinner!!!
    I bet the hot sauce makes these perfect!!

  22. 22
    Jamie says:


    These look wonderful! I love breakfast dishes for anytime of the day. I'm going to try these. I've never heard of that hot sauce, I'm sure any hot sauce would do? What a great food mind you have to come up with these wonderful recipes.

    Thanks for sharing.

  23. 23
    Liz - Meal Makeover Mom says:

    That's my kind of recipe. I think my kids would love this one. I haven't used the Pillsbury products much but have been meaning to try some. Thanks for the inspiration.
    You going to BlogHer? I wish I was … but too much going on here.

  24. 24
    Noor says:

    Oh I always make something similar to this but its just egg and a beef mixture, so good and great for brunch. Yours looks amazing as always.

  25. 25
    Ashley says:

    What a beautiful idea! These look fluffy and delicious. Yum!

  26. 26
    Stephanie says:

    Yum! Breakfast for dinner is always welcome in my house!

  27. 27
    hintonrae says:

    These look delicious! I'm always on the lookout for great brunch recipes. Cannot wait to try. Thanks for posting.

    [email protected]

  28. 28
    Karine says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! It is original and it sounds yummy!

  29. 29
    Live.Love.Eat says:

    Jenny, I love these more than any sweet thing out there and I want to make them but I'm confused on how you slice each biscuit into 8 triangles and put it into the muffin pan. I read it a few times but I'm missing something. Let me know if you could. Please reply to my email attached as I don't normally come back to check comments 🙂 Thanks!!!!

    • 29.1
      Lauren says:

      These look so good and I’d love to try and make them..BUT, I’m in the same boat as Live.Love.Eat. I don’t get the 8 triangles thing. So I cut one biscuit into 8 little triangles and then layer them in the muffin tin so they form a little cup? Could i just flatten the biscuit out a bit and line the cup with it? Am I missing something? :-p Thanks!

  30. 30
    Live.Love.Eat says:

    Me again. Do you just stack the 8 triangles on top of each other and that's what makes them a pull a part. Aaah, did my light bulb just come on or what. Confirm though 🙂

  31. 31
    Becki D says:

    oooo….will be trying these, too!!

  32. 32

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  33. 33
    Emily says:

    Just wondering if you use the regular biscuits or the grands?

  34. 34
    Somerville101 says:

    It’s official. you have gone against all odds when it comes to normality in the baking world. i kneel at your feet, and praise you!! these are one of a kind!

  35. 35
    mary says:

    i made your sausage and broccoli breakfast,but with a little twist.i had asparagus and small greenbeans that i combined with a shallot and white gravy. i made puff pastry cups and layered the cooked sausage,eggs and cheese. The cap of the cup went back on and then the tasty white sausage gravy,YUMMY.Was just right with a little cholulla sauce.Thanks for the starter idea.

  36. 36
    Becky says:

    Wanted to let you know that I’ve now used this recipe a bunch of times and I love it–and people think I’m a culinary genius. The recipe works great exactly as written and it’s, of course, easy to make variations. Thanks!

  37. 37

    Hi! I’m about to make these. Question for anyone who’s made these: has anyone tried FREEZING them? I have a feeling it’s a bad idea (b/c of using the pre-made biscuits) but thought I’d ask!

  38. 38

    […] original recipe is from Jenny over at Picky Palate again.  She really comes up with some great stuff!  Sadly, I forgot to take pictures, so you […]

  39. 39
    Denise Guin says:

    Think I could use spinach instead of broccoli??? Mmm..

  40. 40
    Teresa Tremble says:

    On the broccoli egg pull a parts, the recipe says to cut each of the 6 biscuits into 8 triangles. Do you roll each biscuit out first? Do you layer the triangles into each muffin cup?

    Thanks so much!

  41. 41

    […] Recipe from […]

  42. 42
    mel says:

    Yah…i am lost about the 6 cut into 8 triangles too. Sounds like a good idea that i would like to try….but……

  43. 43
  44. 44
    Darcy says:

    These were really good. I didn’t have a Texas sized muffin pan so I used a regular one. I had to add a couple more eggs and used all of my biscuits which gave me 16 regular muffins. I would definitely make them again.

  45. 45
    Stephanie says:

    Hi Jenny. These look great and I can’t wait to try them myself! But I’m confused about cutting the biscuits into 8 triangles… What do you mean? And how should they be placed in the muffin tins?

  46. 46
    Emilia says:

    Үеs! Finally someone writes aƄout flying star.

  47. 47
    Connie says:

    do you bake the biscuit first or do you place the biscuit dough raw, before adding the rest of the ingredients; plz clarify?

  48. 48
    Connie says:

    I made these; very good, but a little dry, a southern gravy would taste great!

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