Cake Shop Labor Day Weekend Giveaway!



A couple weeks ago on Bridget’s Bake at 350 blog, I was the lucky winner of a fun gift certificate for The Layer Cake Shop . Let me tell you, they have some of the cutest cake/cupcake decorations I’ve seen, you’ll have so much fun browsing through their website.

The ladies at Layer Cake Shop have agreed to have another giveaway right here on Picky Palate for 1 lucky reader. The winner will get a $20.00 gift certificate to buy some cute decorating goodies. Your $20.00 will go further than you think, I got a whole cart full of stuff that I can’t wait to get in the mail.

Here’s how to enter:  Check out Layer Cake Shop and tell us in a comment here what you’d pick if you won. It’ll be hard trust me!

Here are some of my favorites…..


Have you ever seen such cute baking cups?!! I love these.


My boys are pirate fanatics and I do at least one pirate birthday party a year, so I can’t wait to play with this fun cupcake decorating set.


The name alone on this kit is adorable: “Happy Homeaker Cupcake Kit.” Love it.


With Halloween right around the corner, this Kit would be so much fun!


More pretty little baking cups. I want these too.

Hurry and enter, CONTEST ENDS Monday the 7th, Midnight PST. I’ll choose one winner by random that must also be following Picky Palate under my “foodie friends” over on my sidebar. Good Luck everyone!!!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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462 Responses
  1. Hi all, im from france so my english isnt that awesome. Please dont blame me. I read online journals to improve my english and i have to say that your blog was perfect readable for me, because the english is really clear and all the article are perfect readable. I will come back, to improve my english even more. Thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Aaron Greenwood {female}

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this shop! I am a fan of that halloween set because we are already decked out for halloween at this house and it would be SO fun to make some sweet memories with my three ghouls….I mean “girls” to make some sweet treats! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Joy

    OMG – How to choose??? I think that because Halloween is almost here and it is time to make little goodies for everybody I would choose tons of the little orange swirl mini paper cup liners. They remind me of candy corns so they would look so cute with some of the other fun halloween things.

  4. I would get an owl cookie cutter for my mom and for myself. I love the jimmies, especially the set with lots of colors, and the the cupcake liners in animal prints are awesome!

  5. Leslie

    Where do I begin? I LOVE the mini sweet flower baking cups, the sweet flower doily assortment, and the mini brown candy stripe baking cups. This is going to be added to my favorites! Thanks for sharing this site.

  6. Brenda

    I love Halloween so much and think the cupcake decorating kit would be so much fun with my kids. I also loved the different cookie cutters.

  7. Candace

    Oh my gosh…so much to choose from…..but I love the pirate cupcake set. I’m having a pirate party for my son in November and this would be so cute!

  8. elizabeth

    i would wannnnt tulip baking cups, polka dot ones, and def. the halloween cupcake kit, or any of the holiday ones!!Or edible glitter!

  9. Lauren

    Oh my I just bookmarked your site, and Layer Cake Shop’s website. I found your site from Bakerella and love it so far. I would get all kids of sprinkles, and candies and toppers. Probally in Halloween, and Christmas themes since that is coming up.

  10. I loved your post! I’ve seen some bakery shops that have these toppers, but I never knew where they got them. I’d definitely choose the Mini Sweet Flower Baking Cup Stack because they’d be perfect when I bake during fall and winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. BettyB

    I love all the toppers…especially the Halloween ones! the spiders and spiderwebs are so cute. Will have to order those soon!

  12. L. Routh

    I would love to make cupcakes in the flower cupcake liners for our garden club, the little flowers would be so cute to show all the other girls!! All flowers no weeds–

  13. Linsey

    OOh, I LOVE this site!!

    well, we have 2 teachers at our school who are pregnant. Our PTA is planning a baby shower for them so I would buy some stork and diaper pin picks, some pink and blue sweet flower baking cups (since one is having a girl and the other is having a boy) and some pink and blue jimmies.
    I may have to get some sugar flowers for myself since no stores around me carry them. well not as pretty as the ones layer cake does. And probably some of the eyeballs since Halloween is coming up.

  14. Christy

    First, I would buy the baby cakes cupcake kit (sooooo cute!). My husband is in Afghanistan and so he’s missed out on this whole pregnancy and will continue to miss out on the baby, so for his 2 week leave I’d love to have some of these waiting for him!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d also buy some red and white sugar pearls because they look really cool to decorate with!! I love everything on this site!

  15. Keri

    I could go crazy with all that fun stuff! So hard to choose, but my baby is turning one so I’d get the polka dot baking cups and matching large sprinkles and I love the animal print baking cups too! Makes me want to bake!

  16. Meghann Stephens

    Thank you so much for introducing us to such a great shop. Picking things are definitely hard and I will be placing an order. I would say that the things that pop out at me right now is the Halloween Kit because that is around the corner and the pirate kit as my son’s birthday is coming up and he is in love with pirates right now. Thanks again for such a great website and the chance to win a such an awesome giveaway:)

  17. Kristie

    I love everything they have. Baking is my love and anytime you can add a little something extra it just makes it perfect.

  18. Caroline

    Oh my! I would have to get the assortment of polka dot baking liners. Also, I might have to break down and get a few cookie cutters. And… the royal icing eyes ROCK! So many choices…..

  19. Tammy

    I love your site!! And to see Layer Cake Shop’s stuff here, I swear I had myself a tiny eyegasm. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Due to the crispy credit crunch, my best friend and I have been staying in and really enjoying baking stuff together as a form of cheap, yet rewarding entertainment. Halloween is her all-time favorite holiday and she can’t celebrate it with her family this year, so I’ve been eyeballing the awesome Halloween cupcake kit on Layer Cake Shop as a special treat. In case anyone was wondering, we’re going to try to make homemade funnelcakes next! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Cynde

    Oh my Goodness! Such cute stuff they carry…I would definitely get some of the darling and cute paper liners, some of the cute old fashion toppers and oodles of other fun stuff if I was lucky enough to win. Pick me! Pick me! Thanks for the chance….

  21. Alison L.

    I would choose more food coloring gel pastes. You can never have too many colors to work with when it comes to making cute cupcakes!

  22. Wow! What a great gift! ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be a hard choice, but I think sprinkles or maybe some cupcake liners, or oh, I don’t know..I’d practically want it all! Lol! ;D There are some really cute cookie cutters I might want…hmmm. ๐Ÿ™‚ Choices, Choices.

    ~Miss Rachel~

  23. Thanks for commenting on my blog- I appreciate it!

    Those cupcake liners are too cute. I saw the zebra/leopard print ones at my local bakeshop just the other day, but I didn’t buy them. Now I want them!

    Awesome giveaway!

  24. I love this site! Now, if i won, i would pick The Sweet Flower Baking Cup Stack and Baked With Love Cupcake Kits ๐Ÿ™‚ Though i was definitely eyeing the Woodland kit because of the deers heh

  25. Bronwyn S.

    So very creative to have all those fun ideas! It would be a tuff choice but…I would choose the fun sprinkles and cupcake holders(animal print).

  26. Holy Cow! I think I’m in love…! The Cake Shop’s stuff is beyond adorable. If I could buy them out, I would die happy, LOL!! Since that probably won’t happen anytime soon (buying them out, and well the second one too hopefully), my top picks wold be the Woodland Friends Cupcake Kit, The Christmas and Halloween Cupcake Kits, and the Polka dotted cupcake liners, because I seem to have an unhealthy obsession with polka dots. Happy Labor Day!

  27. Rachel S.

    I love everything on this site, but if I had to choose one thing to absolutely get, it would be animal print baking cups!

  28. Amanda

    I love the baking cups! What a wonderful idea! They will make baking fun not to mention all the surprised faces!


  29. Linda W.

    We eat with our eyes first, so presentation is everything. I would pick the polka dot cupcake liners because who doesn’t like polka dots!s!

  30. Christine

    I would choose the Happy Hula cupcake kit! I’ve just marked my 1 month wedding anniversary and would love to use it to bake cupcakes for our honeymoon in Hawaii in 7 months ๐Ÿ™‚ I would also stock up on colored sugars!

  31. Suzanne Law

    I love the princess baking cups and sprinkles to match-my little girl is turning 4 in 3 weeks and she would LOVE to make special little princess cupcakes for her princes birthday party!

  32. ooooo pretty! I think I’d love to have the hot pink cupcake boxes and cupcake inserts, the double dainty flowers and some of the white edible glitter to make cupcakes for teacher gifts.

  33. Melani

    I love all the different kits. I would get the All American BBQ kit…that would be a fun way to end the summer BBQ’s. I love the lego toppers to…and all the different sprinkles(etable glitter look so fun!)

  34. I would by far pick the Pirate theme cupcake decorations! My dad has his big 56th b-day coming up and he is a pirate at heart. He started an underwater recovery company called Deep Blue Marine that works alot out in the Dominican Republic bringing up parts of old ships and my sisters and i have been trying to plan a pirate themed party for him. He has always made our Birthdays AMAZING and this year we want to repay him and give him the greatest pirate party EVER!

  35. OMG! I LOVE all the cute items they have at layer cake shop. I want to buy everything! ๐Ÿ˜‰ If I had to pick, I’d get the pirate, and halloween kits. All the twine, most of the cupcake liners. The polka dots, swirl, electric, stripe, and flower are toooo cute to pass up. Also, the royal icing eyes are a MUST for halloween. Thank you for sharing this site with us. Also, keep up the great work on your site. Love it!

  36. Laura

    I found your blog through another blog I follow and am so glad I did!

    LayerCakeShop is a great site! I love the hula cupcake kit and some of the holiday toppers.

  37. Katie

    I would get one of the mini baking cup stacks (probably polka dot) plus some of the favor boxes and the “Fat Free” label stickers ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Michelle

    Wow! You are right! Everything is so cute! I love to bake cupcakes! I would definately buy liners, sugars and sprinkles and some kits. Thanks for the website…it is in my favs now!

  39. I’d definitely pick up some white foil cupcake liners (first time ever seeing those!), a selection of sprinkles, and some single cupcake boxes. Too cute!

  40. Kelli S

    I just love the Christmas Cupcake set…my grandbabies are in Italy and have never been here on Christmas – well they come home in Oct and it will be my first Christmas with them and can’t wait to make Christmas Cupcakes with them!! So cute!

  41. It’s all so cool! My mind is whirring with the possibilities as I look. Those cupcake liners would be perfect for making refreshments for my ladies group or a girls night in…but my little girl is sitting here with me saying, “The pirate stuff! The pirate stuff!”

  42. Kristin

    I love cake decorating, so I am glad you shared this site with us. I would choose the pistol toppers, because I will be having a cowboy themed birthday party for my twins who are turning two later this year. I also love all the cupcake kits. So fun!!

  43. I would get everything miniature, pink and blue as I have so many baby showers coming up. Mini cupcakes in cute cups dipped in pink/blue edible sugar would be perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. Kayce

    OMG….I found a new favorite website!!!! I would definately get a cupcake kit, probably the pirate one since I am considering doing a pirate party for my son’s birthday. But they are all super cute!! And I could really go crazy with some cupcake liners, probably too crazy!!

  45. Jan Miller

    I love, love, love the cupcake kits but also love the cupcake liners. Wonderful website, I can’t wait to win:)

  46. Karen D.

    Definitely the Christmas toppers. My husband’s family makes a Christmas cake and it is tradition for the kids to decorate it with toppers of their choosing. My kids would love to help pick out several for use this year.

  47. Jessica

    All the stuff is so cute and cheap I’d get at least one of everything! The pirate toppers are way cute and the pokadot cupcake holders. Along with many other things!

  48. Lauralee McCloskey

    I am from canada and I was recently married on august 8th… I used the bake shop for cupcake wrappes and sugar flowers.. You can’t find anything fun like this here in canada! I love love love this shop!

  49. crystal

    Wow!!! I really like everything…. But my favs are the homemaker cupcake kit & the dog cookie cutters. :O) You know how hard it was to pick a favorite!!? :O)

  50. Jennifer Larsen

    I would choose the Halloween kit and the animal print cupcake stack. My daughter loves to cook cupcakes with me! She has also been into drawing ghosts lately so the Halloween kit would be perfect for her!

  51. KELLY

    Since my husband is an avid hunter and cupcakes are his favorite treat……….I totally NEED the deer and shotgun cupcake toppers. I’d be happy to have it all in my baking cabinet. Where’s my money tree when I need it!?

  52. Jennifer

    My cat’s b-day is on Halloween, and we always celebrate his birthday with a cake. Yeah I admit the humans eat the cake, but the thought counts, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ This year I think we will go with mini cupcakes so animal print cupcake wrappers with Halloween color sprinkles would be perfect!

  53. I love everything, I could pick something in every catagory, I love the sprinkles and pearls but I would have to pick the pots and pans toppers. They would be perfect to put on cupcakes for my Pampered Chef parties. Such a fun website, thanks for sharing.

  54. S Javid

    Oh my gosh. I would choooooose…
    My latest love is polka dots. I would have a polka dot party and choose all of the Polka Dot Baking Cup Stack and then…I would choose the Animal Print Baking Cup Stack and have a baby shower “Baby’s Gone Wild” Theme. And that’s only $10.75. So THEN I would choose the sewing machine and spool cookie cutters and I would make cookies to bring to Quilting group each month. That’s $15.75. Holy cow you can get a lot for $20 from this little shop. So to top it off I would get…the pink chunky sugar sprinkles and glassine Bakery. My $20 gift certificate would be well spent. Although then I would have to spend another $20 on all the other cute things I found.

  55. Dawn M

    Wow! What a cool site. My daughter wants to have a pirate and princess birthday party. The skull and crossbones cupcake toppers are so cute and then some glittery sugar and flowers for the princesses.

  56. Sara H.

    You want me to choose my favorite??? Too many to choose from. My kids and I love to bake and give treats to friends so I would choose something fo halloween. There were some cute Halloween picks!

  57. Mary Lou Kemp

    Okay, my list isn’t too long but I would get the Skinny Sparkle Candles, Tulip Baking Cups or the Polka Dot Cups Stack and the Orange Swirl Mini Baking Cups, plus any of the Sugars or Jimmies. Whoa, so many choices. I also loved the cupcake kits. What a great idea those are. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  58. You were right it is difficult to chose. I think, though that it is a toss up between the Swirl Baking Cups and the Candy Stripes Baking Cups. I love all the colors of each of these

  59. Lisa McCoy

    baking cups baking cups and more baking cups … one of each please! Love those animal print ones!!! And the Halloween cupcake kit is fab too! Thanks for the opportunity :]]

  60. Julie

    The Halloween kit for sure! My 11 year old daughter wants to have a Halloween party with all of her cute little friends. These would be so fun!

  61. Julie

    The Halloween kit for sure! My 11 year old daughter wants to have a Halloween party with all of her cute little frinds. These would be so fun!

  62. How nice of the ladies at the Layer Cake Shop! These are all absolutely adorable–from fun to sophisticated there is something for every occasions! Fingers crossed that I am the lucky winner of this wonderful give-away!
    PP-As always…still loving your blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Marisa

    I love the orange swirls, they remind me of candy corn & would be perfect for Halloween or even Thanksgiving. I also love the pirate ship cookie cutter, my boys are into pirates too!

  64. Debbie

    Hmmm… where to begin… super cute tags, love the Halloween kit, and I love the cupcake liners, and I’ll take one everything…

  65. Sandra

    Oh freak!!! Those animal print cupcake liners are to die for!! I might have to order some of the soda pop picks too….simply adorable!!

  66. Jessica

    What a fun website! I love the zebra cupcake liners and the ornament cookie cutters. The cupcake kits are fabulous too. And the sprinkles…ahhh!

  67. Amber

    I would love to do a play date with some of my sons friends and make those pirate cupcakes. And I also love the poka dot stackers

  68. It will be sooo hard to choose when I win, but I know for sure that I’ll have to get the Pirate Cupcake Kit. I teach the 3rd grade and we have a pirate-themed classroom… those would be a perfect treat!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. christina

    ooh i just found your site and love it! also love the link u posted-it would definitely be the bakery boxes and tags!

  70. Jura Leak

    So darling! I’d love the animal print cupcake liners and the Halloween kit would be so fun to win. I’m hoping to host a fun Halloween party this year!

  71. Anna A,

    I would DEFINITELY get the pirate cupcake kit – my soon to be 3-year-old wants nothing more than a pirate birthday. Great site – thanks for the link!

  72. Michelle

    Love these… so many to choose from, I think I would have to get the christmas kit and also some wrappers I have a baby shower that is going to be coming up for a close friend.

  73. Laura Burton

    I would buy all sorts of cupcake liners! They’re so cute and it’s hard to find different ones in my area. I love to purchase fun ones online to up the look of my cupcakes!

  74. I would pick the beehive and scottie dog cookie cutters, the sweet flower baking cup stack, gold sugar pearls, and orange and lemon yellow gel paste food color. What a great site! I love it!

  75. Liz

    Wow! I love that website. I have never seen so many cute cupcake things. I would choose the valentine cupcake kit and some of the poka dot liners.

  76. OOOO the sprinkles! I’m obsessed with sprinkles and that is what I would go for first! Then the baking cups. The Animal print ones are my most favorite for sure! How did I now know about this website?!?!

  77. Ann Tortora

    Oh my Goodness! LOVE the happy hula cupcake kit…also, any of the halloween toppers…I am shopping now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. I LOVE this shop! I’m CONSTANTLY stalking it and looking at things to buy!

    I love love the Happy Homemaker kit, the zebra cupcake liners & the fall cookie cutters.

  79. Ashley

    Enjoyed looking at all the fun cupcake stuff! I think I would have to choose some cupcake liners and maybe some of the toppers. They would be great for my almost 2 year old’s birthday party.

  80. I would get the gel paste food coloring which is actually a pretty great price from where I am from, the peas & carrots candy, any of the bakery boxes because it makes giving cupcakes away so much more fun, and of course the red velvet labels (Red Velvet is the best!)

  81. I love the cupcake kits and would definitely Baby Cakes cupcake kits as well as the orange swirl baking cups, which are perfect for Halloween treats!

  82. Mellisa W.

    Too cute. It makes me want to go bake right now. I think I will wait until I get the cute cupcake wrappers. Thanks!

  83. There were so many awesome things to choose from! My sons 1st birthday is in a few months, so there are a couple different baking cup choices I would pick. I love the stripes and dots cups. I would definitely need to get some rainbow sprinkles (for me) and those leopard baking cups are TO DIE FOR!

  84. Alexandria R

    you are right it is hard! But..I just had a little boy who is 10 weeks old and im already starting ideas for his 1st birthday! My top two…the cars and blue polka dot baking cups. I could use the pink a ton too! The holiday themed kits I love to. Halloween baking is my favorite because you can make it so fun!

  85. m vivian

    I would probably pick out the Halloween cupcake kit!!! so cute! Thanks for the giveaway; I love your blog!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Sara

    I would get some baking liners, and some cute sprinkles. All the Layer cake stuff is sooooo adorable! I love your blog, and thanks for having this fun giveaway!

  87. Sarah

    I absolutely love the Layer Cake Shop! I would love to get the pink polka dot baking cups or the pink zebra baking cups. They are too cute!

  88. Jessica

    I love all the cupcake kits. But the cutest is the All American BBQ one! Those little hot dogs were adorable! The Halloween one is cute too!

  89. Kaitlin

    Wow, thanks for the giveaway! I would definitely get some polka dot cupcake liners–I’m a big sucker for polka dots!

  90. Nichole L.

    I make muffins for my kids at least 1 or 2 mornings a week, so I would definitely gets lots of cupcake liners (love the animal print!!)

  91. I would definitely want some of their really cute cupcake liners, but also that Halloween kit!!! My husband is a school teacher and always is asking me to make stuff for his kids! They would love these!

  92. anna

    hmmm. This is a hard one. If I had to choose, I would select the cupcake liners. What fun! Thank you for this great contest! Anna

  93. Jayna

    Love that website! I think I would also pick the Halloween Cupcake Kit (perfect for all the October parties) and some of those black and white baking cups. So fun!

  94. Margaret

    I love the happy Homemaker cupcake set..but I also love so many of the cookie cutters – the sewing machine and spool of thread, the sweet tooth and many others. What a great place!

  95. Dawn

    Thank you for sharing this site with us and offering a chance to win a gift certificate. As soon as I saw the bicycle cookie cutter, I knew that would be the first on my list. Last year for Christmas I was looking for a bicycle ornament to give to my daughter for learning to ride your bike. I could not find one anywhere. When I looked online they were all racing ones and $30. I just wanted a simple bicycle. I looked everywhere, with no luck. I saw this cookie cutter and knew that this would be perfect. Because its so perfect I better get two so that when my son would earn his two wheeler ornament, I would not have to have the same struggle.

    As, you said, this was a very hard choice. I think the sugar and icing toppers are wonderful. My favorites for fall are the sugar leaves. My daughter would love the violets and I found many ideas for my son’s birthday with I am going to have to start planning in a couple months. So many things to do! How do we find time to do them all.

    Thanks for sharing.

  96. Chris Therrien

    I would order as many of the fun sprinkles as I could. My daughter loves adding sprinkles to our cupcakes. I really love the giant dolka dot ones!

  97. I placed an order from that original post – such good free advertising – I would order a lot more of everything I ordered a few weeks ago! I have to admit – the order came beautiful packaged and very quickly – good business.

  98. Hmmm…and I just realized my original comment never saved!

    What is said was: OMG, those are so cute!! I would go for the Halloween cupcake kit b/c I adore Halloween!

    Then I’d stock up on some pearls and the polka dots…love the jumbo rainbow polka dots. My son loves to help me decorate cupcakes, pancakes and every other kind of cake so I’m always looking for fun sprinkles!!

  99. Alysha Smith

    I would get the Electric (NEON) Pink Gel Paste Food Color and the Royal Blue Gel Paste Food Color for boy and girls! I would get some ADORABLE baking liners too! Brown Leopard Baking Cups, how cute would that be with PINK frosting?!? Pretty much any animal print would be amazing and the Orange Swirl Baking Cups look like candy corn and would be perfect for Halloween! I better stop there or else this could get out of hand! LOVE this website!

  100. WOW! This site absolutely blows my mind!! It WAS hard to choose, you’re absolutely right, but if I won this is what I would get:
    Sweet Flower Baking Cup Stack
    White Cake Ruffle (how sweet is this?!)
    and TONS of SPRINKLES! Pink Sugar Pearls, Green Edible Glitter, and Jumbo Bright Polka Dots are all my favorites!!
    I’d love to win this sweet giveaway.

  101. Sumin Kim

    Since I love baking for my kids they would love the polka dot cupcake liners as well as anything to do with Halloween.

  102. Amy R.

    What a cute website. I think I would have to order The Sweet Flower Baking Cup Stack, and lots of cookie cutters…super cute!

  103. Hi Jenny!! Many thanks to Bakerella for pointing me in your direction. I just looked at the Layer Cake Shop’s site and would kill to have the retro halloween picks. They are just to die for. My circle of friends just love Halloween and get dressed up every year – it’s our favorite holiday and we LOVE LOVE LOVE cupcakes.

    Anyway, thanks for the giveaway and pointing us to Layer Cake Shop!

  104. I would get toppers and matching cupcake cups and all that goes with it to make adorable cupcakes for my daughters fourth birthday party in December. So hard to decide which design to go with though because they’re ALL so cute!!

  105. Oops I forgot to spend the rest of the 20! I would use the rest to buy the hot pink bakery boxes with the open window. This would be great for take home cupcakes, or gifting baked goods!

  106. Katie

    There are so many things to choose from and I LOVE the prices of everything! I would get the food coloring because I can never find the right color I want! Also, LOVED the cookie cutters! So cute!

  107. Hands down I would have to pick the animal print baking stack! I am obsessed with animal print and I would LOVE to have this set to feed both my baking addiction and my animal print addiction!

  108. Amy B

    Great giveaway! How fun! I would def pick the Baby Cakes cupcake kit! I am expecting #2 and my 2 closest girlfriends are expecting their first babies, so we have a ton of baby fever going on! The baby cupcake kit and chocolate together are a preggo girls dream!

  109. Tricia Davis

    Paper heaven! I have never seen so many adorable baking cups. If I must make a choice for my favorite it will be the tulip baking cups…mini of course!

  110. Janae

    I would get the pink polka dot cupcake liners for my daughters and the the train topper for my son. But boy was it tough to chose.

  111. oh man, that site is awesome! I’m a new follower of yours, i found you through bakerella! love your site too! everything looks so yummy!

    but if i won, i would DEFINITELY have to choose the candy mustaches, and sugar button toppers! SOO fun! haha.

  112. Wow, that is hard to decide. What a cute, fun company and awesome stuff! We love sprinkles at our house, so I’d have to pick some sprinkles and I love making cookies and giving them away, so I’d probably also pick some of the bakery bags. LOVE the green gingham ones.

  113. Alicia & Drew

    I would buy the Halloween cupcake kit($12), a pirate ship cookie cutter($3), a mitten cookie cutter($2.75), and a pumpkin cookie cutter($2.50)! What a fun store! Thanks for sharing!

  114. HeidiAnn

    I’ll take one of each please!! It was almost painful narrowing it down to one item, pretty sure I NEED the glittery sprinkles. Seriously, what girl doesn’t like things that sparkle!?!?!

  115. Cathy

    Oh my goodness… so many to choose from!! I think I’d really like the homemaker kit, it’d help with the shower I’ll be throwing in a few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ but there are so many other things I LOVE!!!!

  116. Jen M

    Wow, that’ll be hard to choose if I win. I would probably get the halloween cupcake kit, and some cute cookie cutters like the snowflake, bird, and rocket

  117. um, let’s see here…I will take one of everything please! will the $20 cover it all ๐Ÿ™‚

    I especially love all the edible glitter, animal print cupcake liners, and the cookie cutters!

  118. Lindsay

    You’re right! How can you pick? I love all of the cupcake wrappers. I’d get the princess flower cups for my 3 year old, the blue sweet flower cups for the baby boy baby shower I’m throwing, the zebra print for me, and the halloween print for a fun halloween bash!!! Plus, I’d have to get a few cookie cutters and decorations! I could go crazy!!!

  119. Love that site! I would definitely pick some of the blue flower prints, and a couple of different Christmas theme cookie cutters for my annual christmas cookie bake-off.

  120. I’d definitely pick the Candy Blocks for my son’s upcoming Charlie & the Chocolate Factory birthday extravaganza!
    meg (dot) wilson (at) gmail (dot) com

  121. Wow! I would definately get the cake boards and the jumbo polka dots, and there are lots more things I am sure! I could look at this stuff all day! Please sign me up!

  122. Oh that’s easy. I’m throwing a surprise bridal shower for a coworker with a Hawaiian theme (that’s where they will be honeymooning. The Happy Hula Cupcake mix is exactly what I’m looking for.

  123. Sarah

    I love ALL the cupcake kits. All the accessories are great! I would also love the tooth cookie cutter! (husband is in dental school).

  124. Andilu

    Oh shoot, what a great site!
    I think I may have to place an order whether I win or not!
    Polkadot cupcake wrappers, cherry cutter,
    And I love the bakery labels, though I’m not sure what I’d use ’em for! Hehehe

  125. CJ

    I don’t know if my comment went through or not so I will resubmitt for entry.
    Brown Leopard Baking Cups, polka dot baking cups, Acorn
    cookie cutter and sprinkles.
    I’m a follower.

  126. CJ

    I’m a new follower to you great and inspiring site.
    I would select the acorn cookie cutter, the Brown Leopard Baking Cups, the polka dot baking cups and some sprinkles1

  127. Renee

    Hands down the Halloween kit. I absolutely LOVE the idea of those kits. They’re perfect for every busy mother out there!

  128. Michele Brand

    Probably the Halloween kit. We have all the family over to our house at Halloween and do a party so that would be a great addition!!!!!!!

  129. Heidi F.

    My favorite is the Halloween cupcake kit. We love decorating for Halloween and this would be a fun project with the kids.

  130. Vanessa

    My husband and I work with college students at the University of Arizona, and often times I can’t go to our night meetings because I am taking care of the kids. So, I usually bake something from scratch that I can send to the hungry (and sometimes homesick students). So, I’d get: the swirl baking cup stack & the mini polka dot baking cup stack to liven up the cupcakes I send. And then I’d get the Happy Homemaker Cupcake Kit to make cupcakes for bridal showers for a few of the girls I know who are engaged! This site is great, thanks for sharing!

  131. Kelly

    the jumbo red heart sprinkles are so cute, but I think that I would still have to buy the cookie cutters. The fall cutters are adorable, and I have been waiting patiently to bake some fall/thanksgiving cookies!

  132. Maggie

    With Halloween coming up i’d have to say the halloween cupcake kit, but i so need zebra cupcake papers in my life!

  133. Wow what a great shop! I would totally stock up on picks- the retro Halloween picks, the silver trees, the bats, and lemon slices… And some edible glitter for sure!

  134. Kate

    I would either get the pirate or Christmas kits! Or any of the cute cupcake liners will do. There is too much to choose from!:)

  135. Debbi

    The cookie cutters are adorable and I like the Lego candy pieces, my boys would love those! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  136. Beth

    Mini red candy striped cupcake papers to set my white chocolate dipped-candy cane dusted peppermint truffles in during the holidays.

  137. Wow, what a great site! I would definitely get the Hallowe’en cupcake kit, and probably the ballerina cookie cutter and mini tulip cupcake papers =)

  138. lisa

    I’d buy cupcake liners and cupcake kits! Actually – after searching thru the site for about 10 minutes there is nothing that I would not want!

  139. Michelle

    I would get the halloween kit and some of the fun cookie cutters. Especially since halloween is one of my fav holidays.

  140. Zeina

    We are Halloween junkies at our house so I’d have to get the Halloween Cupcake Kit plus I love all the sprinkles. Any of the rainbow or even neon sprinkles. I’ve never seen so many pretty colors in baking cups too!

  141. Oh my goodness!

    I AM having a hard time deciding what I’d use the $20 certificate for. I have always been a sucker for anything and everything orange, so any of their orange baking cups (miniature of course).

    Those tulip baking cups though…TULIP!! Talk about spunk for your tasty cupcake.

    I’m TOTALLY crossing my fingers for this one. EEEE!!!

  142. Heather

    I love cookie cutters so I would get all the Christmas one and the Halloween ones! Plus I love Halloween and I love the Halloween cupcake kit. I am getting that even if I don’t win!!

  143. Erin

    I love anything fall or holiday related…also being from a cyclist family the bike topper was awesome! My husband may need that one for his b-day!

  144. Krystal

    First what a cute concept to do the cupcake kits. But I would pick some of the liners, because I hate the regular ones you get in the store. Very cute.

  145. Chelsey Ercanbrack

    I’m loving the edible glitters! I have a baby shower coming up that I’ll be buying the purple and black glitter. Sooo cute! I also enjoy your website! I’m a newby and I’m enjoying it.

  146. Joan C

    What a fantastic site! I had trouble deciding! Since I’m the class party planner at my daughter’s school, I would order the Halloween Cupcake Kit and some of the halloween Royal Icing Toppers!

  147. Suzanne

    Oh, the sprinkles are so fun (LOVE the candy cane sprinkles and the neon polka dots)! And the cookie cutters…I could have lots of fun with those!

  148. Shelley Andersen

    I absolutely LOVE this site! I would love to get the Happy Hula cupcake kit for my daughters 11th birthday Luau this month. How fun cupcakes are!

  149. Bree

    So cute…and definitely hard to choose! I think I’d stock up on some fun cookie cutters like the ice cream cone and cherries…and of course some of the cute baking cups!

  150. I would get a head start on supplies for Christmas Baking. Among other things I would get Holly Picks, Holiday Tree Picks, Santa Picks, Snowman Picks and Pine Tree Picks. In addition, I would order Holly Baking Cups and Red Polka Dot Baking Cups (regular and mini).

  151. With Halloween around the corner I’d have to get the Halloween cupcake kit for starters… then, I’d need some sprinkles, but I’m going to go over the $20 since there are so many fun one’s to pick from!

  152. Ashley L

    I would want lots of mini baking cups for all of the cake balls I make. I would also like sprinkles for my cake balls, cupcakes, and cakes. I am now in LOVE with the website!

  153. dymphna

    o my goodness that’s not enough money for everything i would want!!!! But i guess i could start with the polka dot backing cup stacks and the solid electric stack

  154. Lenae Trent

    Such fun things. I love the cupcake liners and the cupcake kits! I will have to get one or two of these. Thanks for sharing this website!

  155. First of all… thanks for showing off this website. Now I’m in love! I have told my husband that in my next life I’m going to be a baker, and I’m always looking for new decorating ideas! I am loving the baking cups ,both regular and mini! (especially the polka dots), and I would also shop the cookie cutters. They are great for cake decorating. I especially liked the holiday cutters!

  156. Lenae Trent

    I love the cupcake liners and the cupcake kits! I will have to get one or two of these. Thanks for sharing this website!

  157. Shanna Murrell

    Oh my….soooo much to choose from! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Halloween picks…and it would make me the hit of the cake walk at the fall carnival! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  158. OMGoodness! SUPER CUTE! Ok seriously, even if I didn’t win, I’m just glad you turned me onto this site! I LOVE baking and my favorite is decorating cakes for my kids birthdays parties! Where would you even begin…? I’m with you I totally love the Pirate cupcake kit, but I would use that for my hubby’s birthday (he has a pirate fetish, it’s quite cute!) Then there’s the sweet flower and swirl baking cups, not to mention the neon polka dots, butterfly, and tiny heart sprinkles! I love the skinny candles and the daisy, button, and heart sugars are awesome! I totally think they are reasonably priced! Thanks for the info, I’m adding them to my favoite sites for sure!

  159. I would get a variety of the baking cups and the icing flower toppers. So fun & so pretty… just in time to celebrate my birthday too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. Brandi

    My oh my! Too many cute things to choose from! I love all of the adorable cups, especailly the wild animal prints! The ghost picks are adorable. I’d probably go with something halloween, since it’s coming up soon!

  161. April

    Gosh, where do I even begin!! There are so many things that I would like to have! I cannot believe I never new about this website before!! I would choose…Pearly pink icing roses, royal iciing eyes, Electric (NEON) Pink Gel Paste,Super Black Gel Paste Food Color, Cupcake Candle Cutter, Guitar Cutter…lol I could go on & on! I will be ordering soon whether I win or not!!

  162. Jeannie

    What a great site! I would have to pick the 6-cupcake boxes,
    acorn/leaf sugars and the Halloween cupcake kit……for starters. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  163. This site is so cute!!! I would have to say the mini cupcake liners with all the different colors of polka dots and the ghost cupcake toppers are my favorite. It was really hard to choose!!

  164. Julie

    I am opening a used book store and have a red and black theme. For our grand opening I am planning on making sugar cookies cut as books. The Layer Cake Shop has the perfect decorations for my cookies. I would get the red polka dot cello bags, the red and black sanding sugar, the red and black jimmies, red round labels, and the black and white bakers twine. Can’t wait to start decorating!

  165. I am thinking I would pick a few different cupcakes liners that I cold use to make cupcakes for special people in my life to bring a smile to their faces.

  166. You’re right, this was hard! But their baking cups are adorable! And the big fat colored sprinkles are so cute! I could pick at least a dozen or two other things I’d want!

  167. Barb Moyer

    YIKES these are amazing! I MUST MUST MUST have those zebra cupcake liners….my daughter’s soccer team has zebra socks and zebra print letters/numbers on their jerseys! I’d be a rockin’ soccer mom if I’d make cupcakes in those bad boys!
    Barb Moyer

  168. TOO COOL!! I would get Swirl Baking Cup Stack for my Colorburst Cupcakes I made a few weeks ago (on my blog)!! I was looking everywhere around town for BRIGHT, FUN liners and couldn’t find anything… these are PERFECTION!!

    Thanks for sharing Jenny!!

  169. la-la-lisa

    Oh where to begin? It just so happens my soon to be 5 yr old son was talking about his birthday cake. (we plan these months in advance). I’m thinking either the pirate cupcake set or the halloween set would be perfect for his pre-k celebration. His birthday is just after halloween and we may actually have his party on the 31st this year since it’s a saturday. So many choices though. Love their site and will bookmark it for sure!

  170. Jen Kelly

    I would get a bunch of adorable sprinkles! I love the white sugar pearls and the candy cane ones, how cute would those look on little Christmas cupcakes??

  171. Rebecca Adler

    I would get the happy home maker kit! I am expecting my first grandchild (a GIRL) and that looked like it had the perfect items to do cupcakes for my son and his fiancee’s new home and even a babyshower cupcakes! So cool!

  172. Betty in SCal

    I LOVE the royal icing eyes…and there are two size options. Wow…they would be so cute on top of cupcakes this Halloween!

  173. What a fun place to browse! I’d choose the Candy Stripe Baking Cup Stack (which would please my whole family) and The Sweet Flower Baking Cup Stack (which are just too pretty to pass up). Thanks for the chance to win!

  174. Annie

    Wow! Thanks for showing us this cool website. I loved the Halloween cupcake set as Halloween is one of the favorite holidays around here. A close second is the pirate cupcake set. I have two girls and believe it or not they love pirates!

  175. Stephanie

    So many cute things to choose from! I’m a sucker for unique cupcake liners, so I think the baking cup stack choices are great! And I *love* the dachshund cookie cutter–looks just like the outline of our little doxie Jake.

  176. Rebecca

    I love ALL the halloween stuff. My son turns 2 at the end of October and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of what to do for goodies! This would be perfect. I would love all the fun halloween stuff!

  177. Amber

    I just found your blog yesterday and I’m so in love it with it already! I love this give-a-way!! If I were to pick something I’d go with the rocket cookie cutter, or even the gnome, or even mushroom, or… oh there are too many to choose from!

  178. O.M.G.
    I love it all!!!

    First, I’d get the Halloween cupcake kit. I adore Halloween!!!!
    Next, I’d go for an assortment of pearls and polka dots, I’m loving the rainbow jumbo polka dots. My son loves to help me decorate cupcakes, pancakes, cookies and everything else with sprinkles. I could seriously go nuts in that section!!

  179. My daughter’s birthday is later this month….the theme is “Bring on the Bling” and she loves zebra print and hot pink. I would definitely have to get some zebra print cupcake liners along with some metallic hot pink cupcake liners….oh wow….you weren’t kidding…there is absolutely too much to choose from! I hope I win so I can get a few goodies for the party~ Kim

  180. Becky

    I love the sweet cupcake cups, but I think that I’ll have to go with the sprinkles, specifically the colored sugar variety package.

  181. Karen

    I love the cookie cutters….I would definitly have to get the snowflake and mitten cutters. My husband is always saying that Groundhog’s Day is his favorite holiday so the groundhog cutter could lend itself to some fun! Who can pass up royal icing eyes and chunky sugar…purple of course in a house with 3 girls!

  182. Ashli M

    I would start with some of those adorable cupcake liners. Then, some of the sprinkles, some of the icing toppers, and finish with some cute boxes and tags. Love it all!

  183. Carolyn

    I’d never seen that place before! But I love it! I’d go for the polka dot baking cup stack, the candy stripe baking cup stack, and some bright polka dot sprinkles!! (oh and then I’d go back and buy a whole bunch more!)

  184. Kameron

    What a FUN site! I’d have to get several packs of the mini liners (blue swirl, mini candy stripe…), the Halloween cupcake kit to give my sister-in-law, the chunky sugar assortment, oh! and probably some of their gel paste. *sigh* I LOVE baking! รœ

  185. Jennifer

    You weren’t kidding! They have some great stuff! Hard choice, but I think I’d get some of their sprinkles to use for my annual Christmas tea-rings (cinnamon roll wreaths). Thanks.

  186. Jamie Hodgkin

    OH WOW! These are SO SO CUTE!!! I would be thrilled to recieve such a gift. I never win things but I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one anyway. I can’t wait to check out their website.

  187. Louanne

    I love the fall cookie cutters! They would be so much fun for my 4 year old son to make for his Pre-K Halloween party!

  188. I’d have to pick sprinkles of all kinds..I LOVE sprinkles on cookies! And what a wonderful variety they have….
    Love the cupcake liners too-I wonder if some of those would help my cupcakes? They need all the help they can get! ๐Ÿ™

  189. Barb

    I love the animal print cupcake wrappers…perfect for book club with the girls. Thanks for introducing us to this site….now I know where to go for adorable cupcakes!!

  190. Oh what a wonderfully fun site and giveaway! I would have to go with the Halloween cupcake kit, just because the holiday is right around the corner, and I could bake em’ for all my college buddies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. Definitely the black zebra cupcake cups (for my b&w and green wedding) since they are so spunky and cute! I also love the horseshoe cookie cutter- Go Colts! Wish they had a pug cookie cutter though- dog discrimination! ๐Ÿ™‚

  192. KJonezin

    I would definitely get the Baked With Love Cupcake Kit to use for my parents anniversary coming up. What a great website! Thank you for this opportunity!!!!!!! (This is a repeat post with my foodie friends userid name) ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. Kristen

    I would definitely get the Baked With Love Cupcake Kit to use for my parents anniversary coming up. What a great website! Thank you for this opportunity!!!!!!!

  194. meg

    i’m baking red velvet cupcakes for my bff’s wedding. the brown sweet flower baking cups would be a perfect match for them.

  195. Oh, those dog-shaped cookie cutters would be perfect for the the “puppy” themed birthday party we are having in a couple of weeks. I found this cute cupcake recipe that uses Milano cookies as puppy dog ears and those colored baking cups would make them look really special. Will definitely bookmark that website!

  196. I can not narrow it down….I love the mini tulip baking cups, as I am a mom of boys – I love having girlie stuff every now and again. The swirl baking cups look good enough to eat and the skinny sparkler candles are the coolest things ever!

  197. I would pick some of those beautiful cupcake liners! I am tired of the same old ones I find at Michael’s. The Happy Homemaker Cupcake Kit is so cute also!

  198. Oh my! What fun! They don’t sell any of this super fun stuff in France! I would just so need the Garden Gnome cookie cutter, some of those retros cake picks and definitely some super cute mini cupcake papers! Fabulous give-away!

  199. OK, I have been looking at that site for like 30 minutes when I am supposed to be out rototilling my garden. So in case I didn’t mention it earlier…. you are a stinker! I asked her about shipping some of the decorative items to Phx in our ridiculous heat and then I’m going to get an order off. When I win your giveaway I’ll do the second half of the ordering. HA! Actually thanks…you are neat to share this!

  200. Mary

    I checked you blog out from Bakerella! Very nice Blog!

    I loved so many things! Being a room mom, will be getting things for the fall party! Loved the little sugar pumpkins and fall sprinkles!

  201. I’m a teacher and I often bake for my students when they meet class goals. I would LOVE this stuff for Halloween treats: Orange chunky sugar, Skull sugars, Royal icing eyes,
    Pumpkin orange, glassine baking cups, Gunmetal black baking cups. The kids would just be amazed!

  202. mary allison cates

    it was fun to go pretend shopping over at layer cake. i’d buy some assorted lables (so cute!) a sewing machine shaped cookie cutter, and maybe one of those fabulous cupcake kits. fun!

  203. Oh you stinker. My granddaughters would love the Halloween one. My daughter would love the woodland set. I would love the homemaker set. AND now I must have all the cupcake papers. I bookmarked her site to share and to peruse when I have a longer moment.

  204. I need the pirate cupcake kit. My son turns 4 in November, and that would be perfect for his party. We’re even going to walk the plank, arrrgggg! Please pick me!

  205. ok,ok,ok so I will admit…. I’d never heard of that baking site before (sigh…) but I tell ya, I am in TROUBLE now! What would I pick you ask? Geesh, what WOULDN’T I pick. Everything just yells out, “bake with me” I love the simple brown cupcake wrappers, and I would fill them with super yummy chocolate cupcakes, then I would top them with their cute rose pedal icing flower….and then (i know right) I would sprinkle hot pink sprinkles on top, and then….. Tragedy happens. I would eat it. ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. LOVE YOUR WEBSITE. I just baked cookies (chocolate peanut butter duos) and my husband encourages me to visit often. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks.

  206. Wow I’m so glad I found out about this shop. They ship internationally woop woop! I adore their sprinkles and icing topper collection. If I had to choose just one thing it would have to be the icing sugar buttons. Too cute for words. ๐Ÿ™‚

  207. Joyce

    everything is so cute !! i think id get the baby cakes cupcake kit, id be fun to make with my 2 girls with the new baby on the way.

  208. oh my….what to choose, what to choose! I think those polka dot baking stacks would be just perfect with your chocolate chip stuffed cookie cupcakes! I’m going to have to order me some kits too!

  209. It would be so very hard to pick just one! The pirate cupcake set is adorable…my son is on a major “pirate kick”! I also love all of the cookie cutters!!!!

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