Cannon Poweshot Camera and Pillsbury Goodie Giveaway! 3 Winners!

Lots of fun in this giveaway from Pillsbury, take a look at what 3 Picky Palate Winner’s will receive….

Here are the goodies in the Giveaway:

Magnetic perpetual calendar to mark all your family’s memorable moments

Digital Camera (Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS in silver) $179.00

New Pillsbury Baking Mixes and Frostings

Brownie Mixes in Mocha Fudge and Dark Chocolate

Cookie Mixes in Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Funfetti, and Sugar Cookie

Sugar Free Moist Supreme® Cake Mixes in Classic Yellow and Devil’s Food

Sugar Free Brownie Mixes in Chocolate Fudge and Milk Chocolate

Sugar Free Creamy Supreme® Frosting in Chocolate Fudge and Vanilla


Here’s How To Enter:

1. Tell us in a comment here:  “Who do you plan on taking your first picture of? …and or “What every day moments would you celebrate with Pillsbury baking products?”

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Visit from now through November 30 to learn more about the Pillsbury People Celebrate More Photo Contest

4. Contest ends Friday November 11, 2011 8am PST. Winners will be chosen via and notified by email. Giveaway provided by Pillsbury.


Good Luck!

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2,741 Responses
  1. I always regret when taking the little ones to school that I don’t carry a camera with me. The expression on their faces when they see their friends, the way they act all ‘cool’ all of a sudden, I would love to catch that on photo without having to carry a huge camera around my neck, drawing lots of attention. So I guess that would be one of my first pictures. Although, ofcourse, I probably would shoot something totally random as the first picture, just because I wouldn’t be able to wait 🙂

  2. I love to take pictures of my cat because he actually is posing for me unlike with everyone else in my family 🙂 So the first “person” I’ll take my picture of will be my red monster 🙂

  3. laura

    Well, assuming it would get here on time, I´d shoot the lemon-chocolate cupcakes I´m planning on baking this weekend…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Sharon

    This would be for my daughter who is taking a photograpy class…. she would probably take a picture of her brother or her adorable cat!

  5. Vicki Mc

    I plan to capture a rare candid shot of my husband. He likes to duck and hide when he sees the camera coming!

  6. Laura

    I would love to win this camera for my husband. He is about to take a trip to Israel and he doesn’t own a camera, so he would take a picture there!

  7. abeer

    i would definitely take pictures of my family and all of the festive decorations that will start to roll out soon! Novemeber starts it off!

  8. Our Thanksgiving plans have gotten all scrambled up this year, and I’ve been thinking (and wondering) what we will do & where we will gather. So, I think my first picture would be of our family of four — wherever we end up on Thanksgiving. It may be just us at home!

  9. Linda

    I’d take a picture of my husband. It, of course, would not be flattering and he’d ask why I’m doing that, but it would be funny. (To me anyway.)

  10. Amy Weis

    As much as I would love to say my first pic would be of an amazing outdoor scene…I know that my first pic would be of one of my kids!!! 🙂

  11. Alina C

    First photo I would take would be of myself. I’ve lost some weight and have yet to take a photo…I know a tad narcissistic but it’s the truth 🙂

  12. Sarah

    I would take a picture of my daughters, ages 2 and 10 months. I would really, really love this camera! I have never owned my own digital camera!!!

  13. Christy H.

    I’m sure it probably wouldn’t be the first thing, but the most important photo it would take would be of my first baby due in April!

  14. Arhum

    I would take a picture of my hair since Im going on a hair repair journey and will need to be able to chart my results X

  15. Callie

    I would take a picture of my niece at Thanksgiving or Christmas, since those are the only times I get to see her during the year. 🙂

  16. Elizabeth

    I will make my husband take a picture of the kids WITH ME IN IT! I think I only have one very bad picture of me with my children.

  17. Mim

    My first picture will be of my boys. As they have gotten older we seem to take less and less pictures. I need to work on that.

  18. It would definitely be my son. At a year old he’s hard to keep still long enough to actually get a picture but he’d definitely be my first subject 🙂

  19. My “who” is probably my mastiff, Tucker. He’s definitely the most photographed subject in our house. But there’s just as good a chance that the first picture would be of dinner or decor.

  20. Sarah H.P.

    I’d take a picture of my wonderful husband first! His birthday is only a few weeks away, so it’s his special time of the year.

  21. I would take my first picture of our Christmas decorations! We’re slowly getting the lights on the house outside and I can’t wait! 🙂

  22. Mindi Dagerman

    I would love to give this to my mother in law for Christmas! She would take her fist picture of our little boy (her first grandbaby!).

  23. I’ll probably end up taking a picture of either food or myself first (I have to take photos of myself when I’m working my promotional modeling job-don’t judge me! lol)

  24. Tammy

    I would take a picture of the southern New Mexico sunrise then take a picture of what ever it is that I may be cooking that day.

  25. Jamie Graham

    I would take a picture of my daughter Kalee as we bake her Bday cupcakes to share with her Kindergarten class. Her 6th birthday is just around the corner!

  26. well … if it gets here in time then the cakes/cupcakes that I’m going to make for the kids soccer parties, season’s over in a couple weeks

  27. Marianne

    My 83 yr old Mom holding her first Great Granddaughter. Not many left in our family so I hope to take a lot more pictures if I can win this camera!

  28. Kerry

    The first thing I will be trying to take pictures of is Christmas pics for our cards! It will take a lot of tries, two dogs and a three year old…none which like to sit still for very long!

  29. Wendy R

    My first picture will be of my youngest daughter. Sad to admit I haven’t taken as many pictures of her as the other three 🙁

  30. Suzette Vermilya

    The first picture I would take would be of my 4 kids . I love looking at their smiling , beautiful faces !

  31. Becca H.

    Already subscribed to your RSS feed, too! That’s how I found out about this great contest! Thanks for the extra entries!

  32. Lyn J.

    Naturally, the first (and second) pics I’d take would be of my adorable kids!! They’re super photogenic 🙂

  33. Elisia Richins

    The first picture would be taken of my children:) They are amazing people who bring immersurable amounts of joy to my life. Yep, my kids:)

  34. Mary

    My first picture would be of my precious dogs! Two Siberian Huskies, and they are definitely like having kids 🙂

  35. jessica

    I’ll take a picture of my 2 sweet boys! They are always moving and never sitting still long enough to be in a pic together, but I’ll try!

  36. Kate B

    My first photo would be of my 4 year old chocolate lab, a sweetie I rescued from the shelter where I volunteer!

  37. Melissa C.

    My daughter is the first person I would take a picture of, because no matter how many I take she just keeps growing up ;0)

  38. Kristi S.

    I’d take a picture of my 2 girls! I don’t have a lot of the two of them together and it would be nice to have some! 🙂

  39. Tabitha Stewart

    The first picture I would take would most likely be of my two little children…as they play with our sheep. It’s great to get action photos of my little weirdos!

  40. Sonnet

    If I’m patient enough, I’ll wait to take a picture of a Pillsbury cake! But I’ll probably be too excited & just take a self-pic or one of my hubby. Maybe even the two of us!

  41. Our family yellow labrador, Bodie. He is the baby in the family and is fun to cuddle or run with. He is always the light of the party and I have missed him for almost 4 months while studying abroad. 🙂 I plan to dress him in a wonderful Christmas sweater and antlers just like Max in “The Grinch.”

  42. kira

    i’d take a picture of my new roommate, the squirrel, who has managed to remove a brick on his own and move into the outside wall. and then move on to the stunning fall leaves.

  43. Julie R.

    I am attempting my first try at fondant for my baby’s 3rd birthday cake this month- that would be my first pic, making fondant with my 3 kiddies! 🙂 Camera broke a few months ago! 😛

  44. Sonya

    I would love a little camera like this to take pictures of my smiling kids and throw it in my pocket to have at all times!

  45. I would probably take a pic of my grandma. She’s ninety! I could get some prints to send to family members who haven’t seen her in a while.

  46. I’ve just moved cross country, and am a baker through and through! I am hoping my first picture will be of the first baked item from my new kitchen!

  47. Heather Lockmanese

    The first person I would take a picture of would definitely be my new baby! He’s already 2 months old. I need to capture these moments. They’re going fast!

  48. Kathy Douglas

    The first thing I would take a picture of is the look on my daughter’s face when she sees her new camera for Christmas!

  49. Deanna Roumimper

    I plan on taking pictures of my only daughter. This is her Senior year then off to college. I can’t believe how fast time has flown by.

  50. Stacey

    I like you on FB. If I was to take the picture, it would probably still be of our dog. She’s the most willing to pose without turning her head away.

  51. Tara Troester

    Probably random things in my house just because I want to play with a new camera! This means my husband and dog would be in most of the photos.

  52. Jacqui

    The first thing I would take a picture of would probably be my dog because I’m kindaaaaaa obsessed with her and her cuteness 🙂

  53. I plan to take my first picture of my cute 18 month old, Im always taking pictures of her! And Im having another baby girl in March so I would definitely get some good use out of it!

  54. Tara Troester

    Random things around my house just to play with a new camera so my husband and dog would be in most of them.

  55. Barbara

    I think the first things I will take pictures of are the beautiful fall leaves/trees! Then probably family, and a few “self shots” 🙂

  56. Ginny Wheeler

    I would take pictures of my kids baking their favorite treats and playing with our precious kitten Luna.

  57. Stacy

    My first picture will probably be what most of my pictures of of…my kids 😉 What can I say? They make cute subjects.

  58. Naomi Dempsey

    I would take a picture of my sweet little boy. Especially since my camera is broken right now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  59. No question, my first subject will be (and always has been) my soon-to-be three year old son. He’s my favorite subject to shoot. (and he’s more willing to pose than my handsome hubby)

  60. Sarah

    I would probably take my first picture of my cat and/or dog since they are always hanging around! What perfect models to practice with. 🙂

  61. tara

    I will take my first picture of all the snow that we are getting and try to find something I like about it. Ugh, winter isn’t my favorite season.