Chit Chat Twenty Ninth Edition Miami Florida

Happy Friday to you! A little re-cap today of my time in Miami Florida last weekend for BlogHer Food Conference 🙂

Miami, Florida

It’s always a treat going to the annual BlogHerFood Conference. It’s in a different city every year and this year…..Miami Florida! I went with CliqueMe and hosted a couple parties with Amanda. Here’s my morning view. Heavenly!!

Miami, Florida

I arrived Thursday night and we had our first party at 8:30pm. It was pouring in Miami, but that didn’t stop us, lol! We had our friends shuttled over to our penthouse for a sushi and ice cream party. Good times and good ice cream 🙂

Miami, Florida

Friday morning we decided to go to brunch at Morgan’s Restaurant. Probably one of my favorites during my stay in  Miami. The french toast was unbelievable! Photo left:  Me, Lauren, Barbara, Summer, Amanda and Sandy.

Miami, Florida

Friday night was the night of party hopping! Amanda and I started with a Pillsbury meet up then went to visit McCormick and ended up with Stitch Fix. Great night and gorgeous South Beach Sunset 🙂

Miami, Florida

Saturday was our 2nd party “Lunch and Pampering”  by CliqueMe and Tastespotting. Amanda and I had so much fun hosting! We served Cuban sandwiches, salad, cupcakes and 2 ladies giving massages to the guests. It was a beautiful sunny day.

Miami, Florida

 Party girls posing with our cupcakes 🙂

Miami, Florida

After our party it was time to do a little bakery hopping around Miami! We stopped at Sweetness Bakery Shop for some sweet treats. Lauren caught this photo of us doing what we do best 🙂

Miami, Florida

Up next was Janette and Co Macaron and French Pastries. Their macarons were so vibrant and beyond delicious. We enjoyed every little bite sampled!

Miami, Florida

 Saturday night, closing party time! Here are my roomies and I all dressed up for one more night in Miami.

Left:  Barbara, Amanda, me and Lauren.


Lauren and I with the lovely Jaden of Steamy Kitchen at the closing party 🙂

Miami, Florida

After the closing party we ordered some hot fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies from Morgans! We had some of our girlfriends over and ate cookies. Perfect Saturday night, haha!!


We had a lovely brunch Sunday morning at Michael’s Genuine Food and Drink. These Homemade Peaches and Cream Pop Tarts were fabulous!

Miami Florida

One quick stop to South Beach. Talk about gorgeous turquoise waters! Had so much fun with all of my friends. Until next time!! Left: Amanda, me, Barbara, Deborah, Amanda, me, Lauren 🙂

Have a great holiday weekend friends! See you Tuesday with a new recipe!

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26 Responses
  1. I love reading everyones recaps of Blogher food. So many great experiences! Was great to see you again! All the best to you till we meet again! ๐Ÿ™‚ xox Sheila

  2. Kim F

    I am so excited that you went to Michael’s Genuine. I finally had the chance to go a few months ago after wanting to go for the last couple of years. When you live locally and you have kids, time away for an amazing meal simply isn’t possible. You hope for the chance and I finally snagged it. Sweetness is pretty amazing also! I hope you had an amazing trip and I guess I have to add Janette&Co to my list. Argh!

    1. We had so much fun at Michael’s!! Loved the small plates that you could share with the table. Yes, get to Janette&Co! So good!!

  3. I am SO glad that we were finally able to meet face to face after all this time!! It was fun getting to hang out with you and can’t wait to do it again!

    1. Thank you Dorothy! So good meeting you, we need to have more chit chat time next time! ….and I’ll go shopping with you anytime ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. SaraJ

    The shoes you have on with the white dress are fabulous!!! Can you tell me where you found them?

    1. Hi Sara, I found them on last year. They are from Seychelles. I’ve tried finding them online and can’t hunt them down anymore.

      1. SaraJ

        Thanks for sharing Jenny, I found the shoes @, they are on their way!! I would have got the leopard too but they are out of my size.

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