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Good Morning!! How great are Saturdays? I seriously look forward to them all week. Kids are still asleep, so let me tell you about this great giveaway quickly while I have 2 more minutes!!

Jane Doiron has offered one Picky Palate Reader a copy of her beautiful new cookbook! Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms is practical and so needed for busy families 🙂  Jane was so kind to send one to me so I could flip through it. It features 140 recipes for meals and sides that can be prepared in advance and frozen or refrigerated until you’re ready for mealtime. Y’all will really enjoy it!

If you’d like to BUY IT: You can purchase Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms online at or (ARV $16.15). You can also purchase the e-book on Jane’s website. (ARV $12)  Thanks for the giveaway Jane!!

Here’s How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment Here, telling us… what is your “go to dinner” when nights are crazy and the family is hungry!

2. For an extra entry follow Jane’s Blog HERE, and become a member of Picky Palate’s “Foodie Friends”. leave a separate comment for this.

3. For 3 extra entries follow Jane and I on Twitter…HERE and HERE. Leave 3 separate comments for this

4. Contest ends Monday March 8th, 8pm PST. Cookbook is provided by Jane Doiron, this is not a compensated review.


There you have it, 5 possible entries for this beautiful cookbook 🙂  Have a great weekend!!

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303 Responses
  1. C.M. Wood

    I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, plus other health issues, so EVERY night is a manic night for us. Some days even when there is only two of us around, it’s hard to get up the strength to make a decent meal. Learning how to make meals ahead on those good days sound perfect for me!

  2. Niki

    Being a single working mom with 2 kids who are in activities every night of the week (gymnastics, softball, piano lessons, etc), I have a LOT of quick go-to recipes. The first one that popped into my head are: Cuban Black Beans and Rice. It’s a dish I used to eat in the cafeteria at a place I worked in south Florida many years ago. Seriously – 2 cans black beans cooked with some chopped onion, a dash of parsley, a dash of garlic powder, a bit of water, and a tsp of chicken bouillon served with a bag of Vigo’s Yellow Rice and top with a dollop of sour cream – it couldn’t be easier. I know it is the EZ version and probably could be better with more time and ingredients, but its pretty darned good as is and my kids love it!

  3. Elisabeth

    Our go-to meal is either beef enchiladas or breakfast burritos, because they are family favorites and my husband is so excited to eat them that he volunteers to help ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Deanna

    We love tacos for an easy weeknight meal! Always have the ingredients on hand. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! Can’t wait to make the Chicken Tostados Upside Down Bake…sounds delicious!

  5. Vanessa

    My usual go to dinners are usually spaghetti with meatballs from the freezer, taco salad using canned chili, sloppy joes, stir fry on top of top ramen noodles, or whatever else i have on hand!

  6. Pogen1

    Our can of everything dinner is ground beef cooked with a chopped onion and green bell pepper, can of drained corn, can of mexican style tomatoes, can of drained kidney beans, and a can of drained sliced olives. Add everything once the meat is browned and drained and heat thoroughly. Serve with tortilla or corn chips and a dollop of sour cream.

    1. Pogen1

      Goodness, forgot you can add a cup of any cooked pasta and a little shredded cheese to this and it’s terrific.

  7. Chicken & dumplings. Make up a recipe of biscuts (what, five minutes?), take some of my leftover shredded chicken from the freezer (always make extra chicken for easy meals later), pour in some canned broth or cream of chicken soup, bake for fifteen minutes. Even put in some vegetables if you want. One of my favorites.

  8. Shari

    Go-to dinner is definitely pasta. Can’t get quicker than pasta, it’s easy to make even with a toddler underfoot, and everyone likes it.

  9. Great giveaway! My ‘go to’ dinner on busy weeknights or even during the weekend is my Bisquick Reduced Fat Chicken Pot Pie! It’s so delicious and easy to make!

  10. Chicken breast and rice w/ caramelized onions mixed in.
    It takes seriously 20 mins to make and it is soooo yummy. I never gt sick of it

  11. On busy nights I cook Mex-Fest. Just make some taco meat, and those who want nachos can make those, those who want soft tacos can make those, and those who want taco salad can do that also. That way I just cook up one quick pan of seasoned hamburger, and everyone can use it they way they like it best.

  12. Lisa

    My go-to dinner is shoyu chicken. Just boil up some chicken in a sauce of soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, green onions, and water. Serve with rice and canned veggies and you’re done. Quick and delicious.

  13. Potatoes and Corn… Wash, pierce and nuke 5-10 small red potatoes until slightly overdone and wrinkled. Use a fork to smash/cut the potatoes into bite sized chunks. Place pats of butter liberally on the potatoes. Open a can of Niblet’s Corn and drain, then dump directly onto potatoes. Use desired amount of Ranch Salad Dressing and Lawry’s seasoned salt to finish it off. It really is yummy. My family loves it!

  14. Our fav last minute meal is tacos or burritos. I usually have the cooked meat already frozen so it’s a cinch to throw together =)

  15. Jennifer

    This looks like a great one! i have a few go to meals! Breakfast for dinner & Spaghetti are probably the fastest and the ones I always have ingredients for on hand!

  16. On those last minute meals, Tacos. They are quick and easy. I always have on hand my spaghetti stuff. I make the sauce myself, and make a huge batch because it freezes well, so I can quickly make spaghetti with left over sauce.
    I also keep frozen cheese pizzas on hand, I can throw it in the oven and ass my own fav toppings.

  17. Tacos or spaghetti are my quick go to dinners when I haven’t planned anything else and we are all starving; because I usually always have the ingredients on hand.

  18. My go to meal is probably MAcaroni & Cheese with hot dogs. Mostly because when my night is crazy, my husband gets to cook. But, we also do lots of make ahead freezer meals, so we often eat from the freezer when I know its gonna be a crazy night.

  19. Suzanne

    Two of our favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches or quesadillas (served with fruit and a vegetable or salad). Easy and yummy.

  20. Melissa

    My go-to recipe is usually breakfast for dinner – egg burritos or pancakes/waffles. I would love the cookbook – we are a very busy family that needs help! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. James Vanderhoof

    My Go To meal is grilled cheese sandwinches but not just any. I spray the bread with butter flavored Pam, american cheese, and also put creamed cheese on them. The cream cheese is the kicker and makes them good and a break from the usual. I use a griddle and done in minutes! Fries or beans to accompany. Family loves this!

  22. Our go-to meal is usually either tacos or some sort of chicken stir-fry with whatever veggies are sitting in the fridge. My mom always has an extra lasagna sitting in the freezer in the basement for such emergencies.

  23. risa west

    go to dinner is pizza. i use the betty crocker pizza dough packets and bottled sauce and add toppings. it’s a treat because we love pizza and cheaper than getting it for take out. i keep toppings, cheese, sauce and dough packets on hand every week just in case. not gourmet but we like it ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Elaine

    My go to recipe on busy week nights is pesto pasta w/ ceasar salad and hot, crispy bread. Everyone loves it and I can get it on the table in 15 minutes.

  25. Julie Bogart

    My go to meal is TACOS! I usually keep taco meat in the fridge ready to go. Anyone can start dinner!!

  26. Amy Burge

    Our go to meal is a recipe I have for super easy potato soup – it comes together really fast and is always delicious!

  27. C Cole

    For the past few months, because of the cold weather, my go to meal has been hot soup of some sort.

  28. My Go To Meal is Crockpot Chicken, cause I’m all about quick and tasty and if I can do it in the morning and not worry… SO my jam!

  29. Liz

    I would have to say breakfast for dinner. I always have everything to whip up some quick pancakes and scrambled eggs.

  30. Tricia McShane

    My goto quick meal would be what my children call “mush”. Quickly cook ground beef(we usually use turkey) add cream of mushroom soup and milk and some worstershire sauce. Cook till comes to boil. Add minute rice. put lid on for 5 minutes to cook rice. Dinner is ready! add green beans and salad to complete meal. Quick and yummy.

  31. Taco Salad if I have chips, otherwise spaghetti. I love make-ahead meals and try to keep several on-hand in the freezer for those lazy days.

  32. Carrie

    Breakfast for dinner is my go to dinner on a busy night. Usually it’s cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and fried potatoes. Man that sounds good!

  33. Spaghetti, because it is easy and I always have the ingredients. Except sometimes the sauce doesn’t have ground beef because I am out of ground beef.

  34. One of my standard last-minute meals is a simple stir fry. Usually with chicken, and with whatever veges are lurking in the back of the crisper.

  35. My go to easy meal is stir fry. It’s an easy way to clean out the fridge with leftover veggies and chicken, shrimp or tofu! What an awesome book, thanks for a great giveaway!

  36. My go to meal is Mac and cheese! I have an older daughter that can make it herself! We eat it with veges and homemade bread. Totally fattening and a comfort food to boot!

  37. My fave go to meal when it is a crazy day is one of two meals — is red beans and rice with link sausage that I heat up in the skillet or on the grill. If I have time I make some corn bread to go with it (Jane has a great corn bread recipe).

  38. Lyn

    Mine’s definitely an upside down day-pancakes, egss, bacon, waffles, etc. So easy and everyone will eat it!

  39. Danielle

    My go to meal is eggs, sausage, toast, and fruit. We love breakfast for dinner and it’s so quick and easy!

  40. Ginny

    My go to meal is homemade sloppy joes made with ground turkey and I put them in the mini tortialla chip bowls served with a salad. My kids love this! I’m always looking for new healthy and quick recipe to feed my kids we are the go a lot.

  41. Mary W.

    Entry 1 – I have an asian noodle recipe that takes only as long as I can boil noodles (and I pick thin spaghetti or cellphane noodles so it’s even faster!).

  42. Our go to meal is Crispy Chicken Salad w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette- everyone loves it and I can use frozen popcorn chicken to make a normal salad more filling!

  43. I’m a spaghetti and meatballs (or meat sauce) person too. I don’t eat red meat, so it’s turkey meatballs. Fresh baked Italian bread from the store bakery, Dei Fratelli or Mids jarred sauce, salad in a bag, good to go in very little time.

  44. Karen Mack

    Chili is always my go to recipe…my secret ingredient is a can of tomato soup! Kids love it, hubby loves it…can’t beat that!

  45. Janice

    My go to meal is pizza using Trader Joes’s pizza dough. Throw on a few toppings, pop it in the oven, and a few minutes later dinner is served.

  46. Alyse

    Our go-to-dinner is almost always omelets loaded up with veggies. Not only is it fast, but it’s also very healthy!

  47. shirley

    My go to meal is a not anything I have a specific name for but a mexican flavored hot dish. Egg noodles, black beans, corn, stewed tomatoes with green chiles, hamburger throw in some onions and spices for flavor and a little cheese on top. Takes me about 20-30 minutes and my boys love it.

  48. Holly

    If I’m lucky, leftovers. If I’m not, SOP (my parents’ term for Seat Of the Pants) pasta. I can always find something to put on pasta. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Carol

    My familiy’s go to dinner is my home-canned stew, salad and pilsbury biscuits….takes less than 20 minutes and is super yummy! I would love to win the cookbook….summer is coming and a very busy time for us—wouldn’t mind some ideas on making meals ahead of time. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Lindsey S


    But homemade, although I use Pillsbury canned pizza dough, I plop on BBQ sauce, cooked chicken (rotisserrie if in a real time crunch!), pre-cooked bacon, sliced red onions, and throw on mozzarella. Yum…

  51. I make homemade mac and cheese using Betty Crocker’s white sauce recipe and adding 2 cups cheddar cheese. Steam some broccoli and call it dinner!

  52. My go to meal has recently become Shrimp & Chicken Stir Fry! So easy to just cook some rice, throw veggies & meats in the skillet & add some seasonings & soy sauce. Super quick & easy & delicious!

    I would so love this cookbook!

  53. Julianne

    My go to meal is homemade pizza. I always have the ingredients I need without having to go to the store.

  54. Our go to meal is mac and cheese…for extra nutrition, I add sweet potato puree! It makes it more orange, but I tell the kids its all the different cheeses that I put in! They love it! And they’re eating veggies without a fuss!!

  55. Jessica

    I have a house of picky eaters so my go to meal is one that is plain and simple so everyone will eat. I always have shredded rotisserie chicken in the freezer so I will defrost that and whip up some potatoes and a salad or veggie.

  56. I already make meals ahead of time at the beginning of the month, so on hectic nights, I just pull something out of the freezer! Sometimes this is a casserole or enchiladas and other times, it might be all the stuff for pizza…all already chopped, frozen, etc, and even the dough just has to thaw out.

  57. My go-to dinner? Enchilada casserole. It’s dandelicious, and it’s easy to make.

    Either that, or else turkey & Swiss sandwiches (made with sourdough bread) grilled on the Foreman. YUMMO! (Did you know that melted Swiss is the best melted cheese in the whole world?!)

  58. Christina

    Unfortunately, I make frozen raviolis. They’re fine, but I’d love to have something better for crazy nights!

  59. My go to dinner would be spaghetti because I can eat pasta morning, noon and night. My husband is more of a meat and potatoes guy tho so I usually make a grilled chicken and salad type thing to get some protein and some veggies.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. No matter what meat we have leftover, hamburger, ham, chicken, turkey, I make my mom’s noodle casserole to use it all up! The kids love it and it reminds me of home!

  61. Megan

    My go-to quick dinner is usually some sort of breakfast food. Pancakes, breakfast burritos, french toast…something along those lines. Quick and yummy!

  62. Tacos or bean burritos are our go to dinner. Quick and easy and we always have the stuff around for them. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  63. My go to dinner would probably be Quesadillas. My family loves them and they are great for leftover chicken and veggies!

  64. Our go-to meal is usually spaghetti since. I bottled our own sauce so all I have to do is cook the veggies, meat and noodles and we’re good to go!

  65. Annie

    My go to dinner is a cuban picadillo as I usually have all the ingredients on hand and it’s quick and easy to make.

  66. My definite go to meal is Tacos. Chicken or Beef. I usually have all the ingredients on hand and LOVE to make them. My family loves them too!

  67. Barb McLaughlin

    My go to meal is whatever we have on hand! Chicken wings, homemade pizza, pasta, even macaroni and cheese. I love preparing ahead and freezing. This cookbook sounds like a winner!

  68. Kim Martin

    Our go to meal is Hamburger Helper .. usually Beef Noodle! It’s fast, easy and always a big hit for my 8yr old son!
    wins4kimmy at

  69. Megan H.

    anything that is a wrap or already has pre-cooked chicken. I made a southwestern chicken wrap and threw it on a skillet on both sides..deeelicious. and healthy ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. Stacey

    My go to meal is usually having breakfast for dinner! But not just any breakfast . . . we go all out having breakfast tacos. We have to have tacos because we fill the tortilla so full of eggs, sausage and tater tots that we can’t fold it into a burrito. Then we top it with sour cream and Macayo’s taco sauce (only in AZ) and tons of cheese! I would love to win this cookbook because I work full time outside the home as well as in the home and my husband goes out of town a lot for business so having meals already prepared would be EXCELLENT!

  71. Andrea

    By the way I love your site, I am now fully addicted, and my family is loving it!!!! Except those darn cinnimon sugar roll cookies are way toooooooo addicting, you can’t help but have more that one….or two……or three…….But my favorite go to meal after working that the kids like is a hamburger rice dinner that my g-ma used to make. Really easy with brown rice, cream of mushroom soup, onions, milk and gravel “aka ground beef”. Thanks again for all the great ideas! I have my husband running to Sur La Table today to pick up the cute frosting decorater for the cupcakes:)

  72. Seems as if I make any type of noodles with ground beef and some sort of veggies and sause. That is my ” I didn’t plan out my meal” for the day dinner !

  73. Chelsy Plowman

    My go to meal is Hamburger Helper! Being a married college student, it is the fastest thing I have when we have to run off to classes, or go to the library to study! I love cooking but rarely have time!

  74. Kelly

    My go-to meal is panko-crusted baked tilapia. The fish defrosts quickly, and cooks in only 10 minutes. Easy!

  75. Natalie Whiting

    My go-to meal is Chicken Wraps with mayo ,cheese, and lettuce!!! We have 4 boys in baseball and 1 girl in ice skating…. it’s busy and busy!! I love cookbooks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  76. jan

    I always have a rotisserie chicken in my fridge. There is so much you can do with it… chicken enchiladas, chicken noodle soup, fajitas…

  77. My go to meal — sautee up whatever veggies are in the fridge, add a can of beans and a cup of brown rice, a little spice, and mix it all up.

  78. Thank you so much!!!

    My go to meal is homemade hamburger helper…
    Cook ground turkey… add some seasoning… some dried pasta, water and cheese then put on the lid… throw a load of laundry in the wash… fold the ones in the dryer… put away… then eat!!

  79. My go to meal is probably stromboli. We start with a loaf of Pillsbury French bread and can usually find other ingredients to stick inside.

  80. Jess

    Our go-to meal for the weeknights is homemade pizza…so quick and easy! I always have all the ingredients on hand and my huband LOVES it!!!!

  81. My ‘go to’ is either chicken taco’s cuz I always seem to have chicken, salsa, cheese, and totillas OR these yummy baked ham and swiss sandwiches.

  82. Janelle

    My go-to recipe is just taco salad. It goes together pretty quickly and easily and it’s always a crowd pleaser. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good freezer right now for storing meals, but I want the book anyway because we plan on buying a deep freezer someday.

  83. Nicole

    My go to meal is usually spaghetti with meatballs. It’s a family favorite and so quick and easy to prepare. This cookbook would be great to have. My husband is about to leave for 6 weeks and it would be great to have meals on hand for the kids and I in a pinch. Thanks for the chance to win!

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