Creamy Fire Roasted Tomato and Bacon Soup

I was in the mood to make soup again after I saw an episode of How to Boil Water with Tyler Florence while I was at work this week. I have a TV in my little dental space and unless my patients say something I keep it on Food Network most of the day, I know, I’m a brat! Tyler and his assistant Jack, were making Tomato soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. It looked so yummy that day, I wanted to go home and make a version of my own.

I really love the bacon I added in this soup. It’s tastes kind of like a BLT minus the lettuce. So delicious and my whole family enjoyed it. Grilled cheese is the perfect combo with this, my boys have learned to be good dippers!

I know this isn’t a low fat soup, but everything is moderation is my motto! Have a great weekend everyone!

A bowl of Creamy Fire Roasted Tomato and Bacon Soup

Creamy Fire Roasted Tomato and Bacon Soup

An easy and creamy tomato basil soup with crispy, smoky bacon.
Course: Dinner
Cuisine: American
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 50 minutes
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  • 12 strips of bacon cut into ½ inch pieces
  • 1 cup white onion finely chopped
  • 3 medium carrots peeled and chopped
  • 2 stalks celery chopped
  • 1 serrano pepper seeded and chopped
  • 4 cloves fresh garlic minced
  • ¼ cup flour
  • 3 14 oz cans reduced sodium chicken broth
  • 28 oz can Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
  • 10-12 fresh basil leaves with stem
  • Few pinches of salt to taste
  • ¼ teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
  • 1 cup half and half or heavy cream


  • Place bacon pieces in a large dutch oven or pot over medium heat. Cook until browned and crisp. Remove bacon with a slotted spoon to a paper towel lined plate.
  • Add onion, carrots, celery and pepper to hot bacon grease. Cook until vegetables are softened, about 5 minutes. Stir in garlic for 1 minutes then stir in flour for another minute.
  • Slowly stir in chicken broth. Add tomatoes, basil leaves, salt, pepper and half of crumbled crisp bacon.
  • Remove basil leaves from soup and carefully transfer soup, in batches, to a blender and blend until smooth. Pour back into pot and stir in heavy cream. Simmer on low for 15 minutes. Top each bowl with remaining crumbled bacon pieces. Enjoy!
Keywords: homemade tomato soup, soup tomato, tomato basil soup


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19 Responses
  1. Cecile

    This page certainly has all of the information I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know wwho to ask.

  2. Jenny

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for catching that, I never realized it wasn’t specific until now. My husband is always catching my typos.

    I cooked step 3 for about 20 minutes before adding the soup to the blender. I removed about 3/4 of the basil and left a few leaves in. You can certainly blend more into the soup. The person I was making it for, wasn’t much of a basil fan.

    So, the 20 minutes of simmering gives the soup a nice basil flavor without overpowering it by blending all the leaves in.

    Let me know if you have any other questions. This is a great soup.

  3. Jaime

    jenny – i have a question about step 3 – how do you cook that step? seems like you add the basil for only a moment and then remove it to puree it? also, did you add the basil back in at the end?

  4. Jenny

    Thanks Kandice,
    Glad you and the kids enjoyed the soup. It’s about time I made this one again! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Kandice

    This was a wonderful recipe. I found your blog a couple of days ago and had all of the ingredients on hand. My 3 and 6 year old LOVED it and dh said it was a keeper. Thanks!

  6. Jenny

    Thanks Sharona May!

    Hope the soup warms you up. I’m so greatful for the weather in AZ right now!

    Those fire roasted tomatoes are always in my pantry too. They are great in everything!

    Thanks Kevin!

  7. Jenny

    Sounds perfect! I hope you enjoy! I just had a bowl for lunch today, mmmm!

    Glad your found my blog. Hope you find some recipes for your family. Feel free to share my blog.

    I’ll have to check out that Bacon website. I love bacon in almost anything!
    This soup is so heavenly with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches on the side! Enjoy girl!

  8. Catherine

    That’s my girl! BACON is the best food ever! What a wonderful soup…I’m making it tonight!
    And grilled cheese sandwiches…! I might faint! You gotta check out “The Bacon Show”…the link is on my blog somewhere…it’s a bacon recipe a day.

  9. Jaime

    Hi! I got to your blog in a kinda funny way and I am so glad I did. I love cooking for my family and they are ALL picky eaters. What a fun site. Do you mind that I share your blog?

  10. Jenny

    Hi Karen,
    Me too, hope you enjoy!

    Mrs Presley,
    I am a Dental Hygienist a whopping 1 day a week.

    I love this soup, I’ll be making it again soon. The bacon crumbles on top are my favorite!

  11. MrsPresley

    oh my! i am going to HAVE TO make this soup! i love tomato basil soup and the addition of bacon sounds amazing!!! i can’t wait to try it 🙂

    are you a dentist or hygienist? my brother is a dentist in southern CA…

  12. Jenny

    Hi Deborah,
    Yah, I wasn’t going to add it in the soup, but I threw some in the blender with the last half of the soup and was glad I did, it’s really yummy!

    I seriously have a great job. Granted it’s only once a week aside from being a mom!

  13. Emiline

    Sounds good to me. I’ve been craving bacon, lately.

    I would love to watch Foodtv at work! I’m jealous. I like Tyler Florence’s show.

  14. Deborah

    I would have never thought to add bacon to tomato soup, but what a great addition! I really want to try this!

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