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Hi Everyone!! To start our weekend off right, I’ve got a fabulous Giveaway to share with you today courtesy of Bertolli!!

To celebrate the third “Webisode” of Into The Heart Of Italy, Bertolli is offering one Picky Palate Reader a Pasta Prize Package worth $125! The Winner Receives:

Here’s How to Enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us your absolute favorite Italian Dish.

2. For an extra entry follow Picky Palate on Twitter, leave a separate comment for this.

3. For an extra entry become a fan of Picky Palate on Facebook, leave a separate comment for this.

4. Contest Ends Tuesday April 20th, 8pm PST. Only US Residents please. Winner will be chosen from Random.org and will be notified by email.


In this webisode, Chef Rocco DiSpirito, Marisa Tomei and Dan Cortese track down Italy’s “Egg Man” and learn to cook a traditional rustic dinner.

Good Luck Everyone!!
Disclosure:  The nice folks at Bertolli sent me the same prize pack as the winner receives. Thanks Bertolli 🙂

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537 Responses
  1. I like the valuable information you supply for your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I am relatively certain I’ll learn a lot of new
    stuff proper here! Best of luck for the following!

  2. suzanne

    Wow, hard to decided what is my favorite. I love all Italian. If forced to pick I would say ravioli with marinara. Yummy!

  3. Kara

    This is an awesome giveaway! Choosing one favorite Italian dish is tough, but I love a good Pizza Margherita! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. My favorite Italian dish is eggplant Parmesan because it makes me think of my mom. She loved to make this dish for us when I was growing up, and now that she’s gone I find myself making it on days when I miss her. Although I will admit I do it a little different then she used to. She liked the skin still on the eggplant, and I like it off. I also now use egg whites for dredging and I broil the eggplants instead of frying. And *horror*! Sometimes I use store-bought jarred pasta sauce. Although I won’t make her lasagna recipe without making her homemade sauce. It’s delicious!

  5. Mary

    My absolute favorite Italian recipe has to be my mom’s stuffed shells. She gave me the recipe, but it just doesn’t taste the same when I make it…but I’m going to keep trying!

  6. AlisonV

    I love all sorts of pasta, but love the simplicity of pasta tossed in garlic and olive oil with some chicken and spinach thrown in. So yummy!

  7. Kara

    Hmmm, Italian food… I pretty much love it all. But a favorite? probably a basic like alfredo or lasagna

  8. Amy

    Pizza!! Fridays are homemade pizza nights and the whole family pitches in! I love having my kids help cook.

  9. Camille

    I just became a fan on facebook – I really enjoy the recipes I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to try the peanut butter and jelly cheesecake bites for my sister and future brother-in-law’s rehearsal dinner.

  10. My favorite Italian dish is by far some kind of short pasta noodle (penne, farfalle, mostaccoli, etc), with grilled chicken, in a creamy pesto sauce!!! YUMMM!

  11. I love chicken marsala but I am not sure that is entirely Italian so as a backup, I would have to say baked manicotti with lots of cheese! God I love pasta and cheese!

  12. Carrie

    Really can’t choose just one….ravioli, cannoli, tiramisu, lasagne, fettucine alfredo….I could go on!

  13. Sallie Sullivan

    I love Italian food so it’s really hard to choose but I think I have to go with fettuccine alfredo with chicken.

  14. Sharon

    My favorite Italian dish is Chicken Parmigiana. In fact, we had it for dinner tonight! Giada’s recipe–good stuff.

  15. So hard to pick a favorite…I love Italian. I love the chicken scampi at my local restaurant; I make a pretty mean lasagna myself too ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow I’m trying Sunday gravy for the first time, so it might be my new favorite. Great giveaway.

  16. Jessica Gray

    My family is part Italian so I love pretty much everything Italian. My favorite would probably be my grandma’s family recipe for homemade manicotti.

  17. Priscilla Myers

    Love to make lasagna roll ups…..much easier to
    make than the traditional way….easier to eat & a
    great presentation….love the website!!

  18. Michele K

    I love lasagna! Now I make it in a bread loaf pan…its good portion control for DH and I and the extra loaf pans go into the freezer for 3 more meals!

  19. My absolute favorite pasta dish is one that unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to make yet. It’s called Alfredo the Dark and it’s from this restaurant called Oregano’s! It is heavenly!!! Although I do love any kind of alfredo and I did make this really yummy pumpkin pasta during the fall that was so yummy. Basically if it has pasta and a cream based sauce . . . I’m in. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. We have this veggie lasagna that my husband and I both love. I try to make it homemade as possible, even the sauce, but I’ve never tried making my own noodles. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Aapree

    I love love love this alfredo recipe I have! I also am a big fan of your Southwest chicken pasta! I love almost anything pasta!

  22. Shannon

    I love it all, but I’ll always like classic spaghetti with Italian sauce my dad makes that he learned to make while he lived there.

  23. Oh! What a fabulous giveaway. I would LOVE to win. My favorite Italian dish is currently gnocchi. They just soak up the sauce so well. And, my favorite sauce is a gorgonzola cream sauce, sometimes accompanied by mushrooms.

  24. Stacie

    Awesome! I love Italian… some of my favorites are eggplant parmesan, Chicken Bryan, and Pasta Primavera! YUM!

  25. Barb McLaughlin

    My favorite pasta dish is baked ziti. I always double or triple the batch to freeze for future crazy nights!

  26. Megan Izatt

    My favorite Italian dish? I don’t know I love Italian! I love spaghetti and Manicotti, my mouth is just watering thinking about good food!

  27. Emily

    My favorite is vegetable lasagna with eggplant, tomatoes, all kinds of good stuff–I sometimes let the long ingredient list keep me from making it, but now that it’s on my mind it will probably be on the menu soon!

  28. Beverly

    Wow – picking just one Italian dish?? I can’t – I love them all but I suppose I’ll have to go with Garfield on this and pick lasagna! ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. I’m such a lasagna girl!

    Side story…I so wanted to serve it for our wedding, but my MIL didn’t think it was sufficient of a meal for a sit-down reception. I let her get her way…after all it was her checkbook ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol

  30. Stephanie

    I am Itallian and have yet to taste a dish I dislike! I could have pasta every night for the rest of my life and be satisfied. However, my favorite dish (besides ravaoli and lasagna) is four cheese stuffed manicotti! This was not an easy decision though!

    Thanks for the chance to win. I follow your recipies on Facebook all of the time!

  31. Taylorbunch

    Spaghetti or Fetticuine Alfredo with lots of veggies. I really can’t answer such a difficult question.

  32. I grew up in an Italian family and my favorite meal included grandma’s cheese ravioli with her pasta sauce. Nobody can duplicate it to taste just like hers… and then her salad with her special dressing. I wish I had paid better attention when I was younger! ๐Ÿ™‚


  33. alinna

    i love giada de laurentiis’ orecchiette with spicy italian sausage and broccoli rabe. filling, hearty and great for cold winters.

  34. I love to eat al dente penne with just butter and salt and a little cheese, but I also love ziti al forno. I keep meaning to make it myself, but all the ingredients are so expensive!

  35. I have always loved lasagna. Every year I asked for it for my birthday and I cook it at least twice a month. What a great giveaway!

  36. Erica Williams

    Anything with pasta is my favorite, but I do have to say that I have a new found love for Egg Plant Parmesan. It is fabulous!

  37. I love Lasagna. Whenever we were having birthdays growing up this was our requested meal instead of going out to dinner. I will follow you on facebk as soon as I get home to do it.

  38. Gnocchi with a mushroom white sauce. Any pasta with fresh pesto is also fabulous. I love love love Italian desserts, but that of course does not go with the pasta theme.

  39. Janell

    I’m no Italian food expert…I’m just in love with Italian food! My favorite? Probably lasagna or fettucini alfredo. Basic, good, Italian food!

  40. Just a dish, what about Italian wine? Mmm. While I love all forms of pasta, I adore a really good Insalata Caprese with ingredients that explode with flavor.

  41. I love boring old spaghetti. Meatballs no meat in the sauce and angel hair pasta…it’s best the next day straight from the fridge!

  42. Tricia Folsom

    One of my favorite Italian dishes is Spaghetti with Mizithra cheese and browned butter from Old Spaghetti Factory. I have actually made it a couple of times and it isn’t bad but definitely not as good as what you can get Old Spaghetti Factory! Yum!

  43. my fave Italian dish would have to be, no doubt, lasagna! I’ve never made homemade pasta before…would definitely try if I won this!!!

  44. Pat

    What a fabulous giveaway! Would love that!
    My favorite Italian dish is probably my homemade stuffed manicotti with my own sauce accompanied by meatballs and Italian sausages, although I love most Italian food.

  45. It varies from day to day… Spinach lasagna, Bowties with roasted garlic, bacon and mushrooms in a Cream sauce, or Pesto and chicken linguini.

  46. Margaret

    I was going to say lasagna, but after reading everyone else’s comments, I have to add gnocchi and eggplant parmesan to the list as well!

  47. I would have to say that my favorite dish is eggplant parmesan, but I love lasagna too and how fun would it be to make your own pasta? Pick me!

  48. Amy L

    When I went to Italy I ate Pizza and Gelato at every meal! I would love to learn how to make a good cream sauce for pasta. YUM.

  49. camille

    I love my penne pasta with lemon and olive oil. I don’t have a real name for it, we call it “wiggle noodles” at our house to get my 2 yr old to eat it.

  50. Sonya

    Cannelloni. YUM. And I don’t have a pasta machine yet, so I’d love to win!! I would use it to make homemade cannelloni and ravioli.

  51. Kimberly

    I make super tasty meatballs we have with spaghetti. Growing up we didn’t have meatballs in our spaghetti, so this was new to me and I love it!!!

  52. Gina

    Mmmmm…Italian! Is there any Italian dish that isn’t good?Favorite though? Hmmmm….probably eggplant parm or stuffed shells. YUMMY!

  53. Whitney

    I don’t think anything compares with a fabulous plate of lasagna. It doesn’t get much better than noodles, cheese, meat, sauce, and more cheese!

  54. Tiffany

    My moms lasagna, but she refuses to give me the recipe b/c shes afraid I wont go home anymore if I can make it myself ๐Ÿ˜›

  55. Joy

    Eggplant parm. – My hands down favorite Italian dish! I also love to make my own ravioli, but make them with wonton wrappers – sure would love a pasta maker to do it up the right way!

  56. Liz

    Pumpkin tortellini with a marscapone and sage cream sauce and lots of freshly grated parmesan. Can’t beat that!

  57. Susannah

    My grandmother’s spaghetti sauce! She wasn’t Italian (she was actually German), but her spaghetti sauce recipe is out of this world. She passed it on to my father and my father passed it on to me – I can’t get enough!

  58. Catherine

    Hi! I love your blog. It’s hard to pick a favorite Italian dish because there are so many I love, but if I had to pick I’d say fresh gnocchi with sage & butter.

  59. my favorite is cioppino! my husband and i love making it from scratch with tons of fresh seafood and wine! but, if i had to go with a pasta dish it would be lasagna made with italian sausage rather than just ground beef!

  60. aburge

    Hi! I am now following you on Twitter!! Love your blog and I am making your crunchy caramel reeses cookie bars for my mom tonight – she is recovering from surgery! Thanks!!

  61. aburge

    My favorite Italian dish to make is a new recipe I found called “Chicken Tortellini” – it’s a casserole type dish that feeds all six of our family members. This prize would make a great birthday present for me on the 23rd!!

  62. My fave italian dish is something I concocted just yesterday!! It’s basically a chicken alfredo pasta bake. It was so yummy and comforting. I love pasta. It makes my heart happy ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. what a fabulous giveaway!!!
    My favorite Italian dish is one my Italian mother makes – little chicken cutlets, rotini pasta, broccoli topped with a warm balsamic vingegrette and freshly grated pecorino romano cheese. It is so good.

  64. Anna

    I love pasta puttanesca!! After trying it in a restaurant, I have found a recipe that I love to make at home. It is my “go to” meal when an unexpected dinner party is planned at 4:30 in the afternoon. haha!

  65. Karen U

    My favorite Italian dish? How can someone only pick one? For a long time it was linguine with clam sauce. Baked ziti was always an easy choice. Now, I let the calories speak to me before I pick my meal. Sad, huh?

  66. when i was pregnant all i could eat was Ravioli from an amazing Italian restaurant. When i go there for lunch i still get it. It’s one of my favorites. It was beef stuffed ravioli with a yummy tomato sauce. Ok i think i just made myself want Ravioli for lunch today.

  67. I love ravioli’s! I have been seeing recipes for pumpkin ravioli and other ones that I have been dying to try. I just need that pasta maker but way too broke to buy one! Thanks for another great giveaway! I love your blog and have posted several of your recipes.

  68. Courtney

    My favorite dish would have to be my mom’s homemade lasagna. I would love to win that pasta machine so I could make lasagna as good as hers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. I’m having a hard time thinking of an Italian dish that I DON’T like … unless it contains mushrooms. My favorite, though, is probably pasta with Alfredo sauce. Totally decadent, but totally delicious.

  70. I might be Irish, but I love to eat Italian! Pasta Primavera is always a tasty dish – simple and yummy! Of course, I would never discriminate against ANY dish with pasta!

  71. I love anything PASTA! I’m basically 80% noodle. And I love veal – there’s a restaurant here in Houston called Vincent’s that has an amazing dish called the Veal Vincent – yummy breaded veal served alongside the BEST fettucine alfredo you’ll ever have! Soooooo good!

  72. My favorite Italian meal is lasagna! I love my mom’s recipe the most. I cook it whenever I can. ๐Ÿ™‚

    amandabroadway at hotmail dot com

  73. Stacy

    Anything with pesto. I am addicted. I put it on my spaghetti. I put it on my fettucini alfredo…mmmmmm…


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