Crisco Father’s Day Coleman Roadtrip Grill Giveaway!

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Hi Everyone!! Happy Wednesday!

Still unsure of what to get Dad this Father’s Day? Crisco wants to make sure Dad’s has all the right tools and products to fully take advantage of the grilling season while making shopping for a gift a little easier this year. The very nice folks at Crisco are offering one Picky Palate Reader the following Prizes:

1. Coleman Roadtrip LE Grill, retails close to $200

2. Crisco Original No Stick Cooking Spray

3. Crisco Olive Oil Spray

4. Crisco Butter Flavor No Stick cooking Spray

5. Crisco Re-Usable Shopping Bag

6. Crisco Grilling Tongs

7. Crisco Hot Pad

8. Crisco Basting Brush

And if you’re not sure what to throw on that grill, or need a little help with a recipe, check out the new how-to video tutorials on New recipes and how-to videos include:

·         NEW! Grilled Beef and Vegetable Kabobs

·         NEW! Barbecued Chicken with Grilled Asparagus

This month, consumers who upload a cooking chronicle at have another chance to receive a basket of Crisco products and $500 for kitchen supplies.

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment here telling us, “What is the best thing your dad cooks on the grill?” Anything? Let us know 🙂

2. For 4 extra entries Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, Google Reader, “Like” Picky Palate on Facebook, and Subscribe to my RSS Feed. Leave 4 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Saturday June 12th 8am PST. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email. Giveaway provided by Crisco.


Good Luck!!

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748 Responses
  1. Lindsay

    My dad likes to stick to the basics. On the grill that means hamburgers, hotdogs and, best of all, steaks. There’s just nothing better!

  2. Alison

    My dad doesn’t grill.. but my husband does! And I love when he does breasts… uh, chicken breasts!!!

  3. Kelly Gomez

    Gabe is getting this grilling thing down. My favorite thing he grills is bbq chicken and grilled herb zucchini. Yum!!

  4. Bee

    heyyy! THanks for this wonderful opportunity! : )
    My papa makes the most deliciousssss chicken breasts on the grill!

  5. melissa l.

    My dad doesn’t grill too much he leaves the cooking to my mom.
    BUT my husbands a grilling machine & I like when he grills pizza’s, yum!

  6. Jennie Gift

    lol- we are lucky if my father doesn’t burn the burgers or way over cook the steak. But we love him anyways! 🙂

  7. The best thing my hubby cooks on the grill is teriyaki chicken. My Dad makes great burgers. I love them both…food and hubby and Dad.

  8. My poor Dad burns everything he grills…….my husband on the other hand is a wiz with a bbq, he does an awesome job with ribs and wings

    Wishing all the Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day!

  9. Andrea Riddle

    My favorite thing my Dad cooks on the grill is just about ANYTHING! Well, shrimp is probably my absolute fav! 🙂

  10. Sue

    I’ve always thought my dad did steak on the grill better than anyone I know! Thanks for the giveaway.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  11. Birdie S.

    The best thing Dad cooks is LONDON BROIL STEAK ..don’t knwo how he gets that big slab to perfection EVERY time but hes a master at it…YUMMY with Teriyaki & garlic glaze….

  12. Priscilla Zobler

    My husband cooks up the best steak shish kabobs around. He makes up his own marinade and always uses fresh veggies, yum!!!!!!

  13. Steele

    Steak.. my Father had it down to an art… he used a stopwatch to time the turning of the steak.

  14. Jackie

    My dad made me a turkey burger the other ay, and though it was only his first try, I thought it was delicious!

  15. Jackie

    My dad made me a turkey burger the other day, he knows I like eating healthy. It was his first try, but it was the best one I’ve had yet!

  16. Kimberly

    My dad never grilled anything as we didn’t have a grill, but my favorite thing is lemon pepper chicken.

  17. Kristine

    I have to say the only thing I have ever eaten from my dad’s grill are hot dogs and they were good!

  18. My family makes the best burgers around. When I was younger, my mom used to make the patties and my dad used to grill them. These days, I do the patty-making and my brother does the grilling but my dad’s always buzzing around with some constructive criticism. It’s one of our favorite weekend activities if my brother and I make it home!

  19. Elisabeth

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway!! My fave food my dad makes on the grill is Chicken! That man can cook some mean chicken!

  20. William

    My dad makes the best hamburgers on the grill! This is something I look forward to eating during our family bbq’s.

  21. Susan B

    Dad makes the best rotisserie chicken-rubbed with olive oil, garlic, salt, & pepper. He’s a great Dad!

  22. Melissa

    My dad can grill just about anything to perfection. I love his burgers! No on can do a burger quite like him.

  23. Meagan

    My dad taught me how to grill steaks, BBQ potatoes, and hamburgers. He’s not the best cook, but boy that man can grill!!

  24. My family is a bunch of steak eaters, but my dad will always barbeque swordfish for me. The things dads do for their daughters!!

  25. kelly mcnichol

    In the past I might have said nothing…but now he has gained some serious skills….would have to say grilled pizza!

  26. Danielle Stroinski

    My dad cooks AMAZING ribs! They are so juicy. And he makes his own homemade BBQ sauce! Mmmmmmm makes my mouth water.

  27. Steph

    My dad makes pork chops, steaks, and hamburgers on the grill. But my favorites are my husband’s marinated steaks. Yum!

  28. Jamie

    My dad is not much of a griller, but I would say he is not too shabby with good ole burgers and hot dogs.

  29. My dad is the king of grilled chicken. That was often our Sunday night dinner in the summer and it still makes my mouth water today!

  30. Debbie R.

    My Dad normally just grilled the basics – hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken. I would have to say burgers were the best.

  31. Tracy

    The best thing my dad cooks are hot dogs! Not too burned for my liking! 🙂

    tracystandage at gmail dot com!

  32. Gina

    Hmmm…well, my husband makes awesome grilled chicken! Super yummy! We don’t see my dad much and growing up my mom was always the one who grilled. She made yummy hamburgers!

  33. Cecilia

    My dad is no longer with us, but my husband makes the BEST grilled tri-tip. Seriously, it made me give up being a vegetarian.

  34. angie Santini

    My daddio makes THE BEST smoked salmon on the grill. sweet and smokey and perfect! Love to be able to give him this for fathers day.

  35. Juliana

    My dad doesnt touch the grill… but my husband makes great steak, chicken, really anything on the grill!

  36. Beef and burgers are delicious, but my favorite is my dad’s grilled corn on the cob! The grilled husks make the neighborhood smell a little different, but the corn is sooo good!

  37. My dad makes the BEST grilled chicken. And I gave him a cookbook called “Pizza on the Grill” for Christmas and can’t wait for a summer of grilled pizzas!

  38. Sarah

    Maybe I should proof read before leaving comments. S/b My Dad is great with steaks on the grill and my hubby always turns them into hockey pucks. 🙂 I also pushed the Like button on Facebook.

  39. My family’s new favorite thing to BBQ is pizza! I had no idea you could BBQ pizza dough, but you totally can. My husband and I could definitely use a grill like this.

  40. Angie

    My dad grills fruit, and it is amazing! Pineapple, apricots, apples, you name it. He usually cuts them into chunks and stakes them on skewers, then we eat those fantastic fruit-kebobs!

  41. Nicole

    My dad is fantastic on the grill, but my favorite thing he makes is carne asada. It’s so yummy and I love to come over when he makes it.

  42. Hillary

    Hamburgers. I love my Dad’s hamburgers on the grill. And he and I have collaborated on several other yummy grill items: shrimp, Korean BBQ, grilled veggies, fajitas. I’m salivating just thinking about it!

  43. Thanks Jenny! this is a great giveaway! The best thing my Dad does with the grill……………is eat whatever comes off of it!!! Love him, but he is not much of a cook!

  44. Katie

    My dad cooks pork roasts then shreds the meat to mix with his homemade BBQ sauce. We eat this on buns with cole slaw made from my mom. To die for would be the words to describe.

  45. ann

    The best thing my dad cooks on the grill is NOTHING. And we give thanks every summer day for that. He can’t cook worth a darn. But I make a mean BBQ chicken, and my grilled vegetables can’t be beat.

  46. I have to be honest, my dad has NO BEST THING that he cooks on the grill – this man hate all meat! He would rather have a baf of Fritos in his hands! LOL

  47. My dad cooks just about everything on the grill from meats to veggies to bread. I think his favorite thing is beer can chicken, he does one about once a week.

  48. Sullygirl2009

    My dad makes the best roast chicken on the grill. When my son and I went down to TN to see my parents in April he made us one….oh boy was it great!

  49. Sarah

    My dad does a great grilled mushroom on his bbq and my husband marinades steak in a ‘secret’ sauce made out of italian dressing, raspberries, and (again) ‘secret’ spices. It turns out soooooo good!

  50. tamara henry

    My dad’s been gone a long time, but he loved to grill. he had a little hibachi grill and he would do wonderful things with it. he would have loved this grill! My husband would use this for turkey brats and chicken breasts! Thanks! I like you on FB

  51. Kristin

    Hmm…all I remember my dad cooking on the grill when I was younger are burgers. They were super yummy though!

  52. My dad doesn’t really cook anything on the grill…but he cooks really good mexican food 🙂
    However, my husband is GREAT at cooking steaks on the grill!

  53. my dad — not so much into cooking of any kind. my father-in-law, however, makes delicious grilled teriyaki chicken with boneless, skinless thighs. my two-year-old scarfs it up.

  54. Katie K

    I would love to get this for my husband….I bought him a cheapy grill from wally world and he looked at me like I was crazy!!! I would love to make up for that!! I love his steaks…they always come out perfect!!!!

  55. Jennifer Goodman

    My dad can cook hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill like no other. Gotta love our Dads!!!

  56. Christy

    Just added PP on FB. Also my father-in-law makes an amazing teriyaki marinaded flank steak on the grill…yummmm.

  57. Kimm Geria

    My Dad is no longer here with us, but he made the best filet mignon. It just melted in your mouth. My hubby BBQ’s now and he is specialty is steak as well. Just cooked right with kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper.

  58. Jessica B.

    My husband makes some mean fish tacos on the grill. Throw some tilapia and whole peppers on the grill…spice up…wrap up in corn tortillas and enjoy.

  59. Michelle Stuckey

    My father-in-law grills the best chicken. Its extremely moist & tasty. It doesn’t even have BBQ sauce on it. The best I’ve ever eaten. If you had it, you wouldn’t want any other.

  60. bebeblues

    The best thing my father made on the grill was toasted marshmallows. He wasn’t much of a griller, but the time spent toasting marshmallows brings smiles to my face til this very day. Good Times :o)

  61. Sarah

    My husband does a great job grilling onions and peppers, they are just beautifully simple and delicious!!

  62. Niki

    The best thing he can grill is a flat iron steak. He completely coats a flat iron steak in Montreal Steak Seasoning, puts it in frig for a while, then straight to medium grill for 6 minutes each side. Then he lets it rest for a few minutes before slicing it thin. It is perfectly med-rare and oh-so-tasty. Even my young children can’t get enough. Sounds simple? It is. (He’s a man after all.) But sometimes simple is best, so why mess with perfection?!

  63. Molly Harris

    My dad is not a great griller – he tries but he overcooks everything. My husband is an awesome griller especially steaks!

  64. Shauna Vallery

    As a kid my dad cooked the best pork chops! We would love to win the Coleman Roadtrip grill to take with us in our Motorhome.

  65. Becca

    My Dad taught me the secret of grilling killer marinated chicken breasts. My husband also loves to grill, and his specialty is pork ribs with a dry rub.

  66. Grilling is the only way my dad cooks and every year we have a big cookout and he grills turkey tenderloins marinated in Italian dressing… simple but delicious and its about the only time of year I have them. This grill would be perfect for tailgating – he would love it!

  67. My Dad isn’t awesome at grilling – he usually over cooks everything, but he’s my dad and i eat it anyway:) However, my Husband (who is a dad – and the best dad I’ve ever seen!) is awesome on the grill – he cooks meat just perfect. And he grills corn and broccoli… he’s fantastic. Unfortunately, our grill is broken and I’ve been going through withdrawls because since the baby has been born we haven’t been able to afford to buy a new one… so this would be PERFECT!!