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Fluffernutter Cookies, 3 Ingredients!

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Phew, what a whirlwind this week has been! I need one of these cookies while I unpack! More about my trip later, we’ve got to talk cookies!

Seriously, wait until you try this recipe. I am literally talking 3 ingredients and about 5 minutes of prep before they are in the oven! Woo Hoo!

I have had this idea in my head for over a week now and had NO idea how they would turn out. Peanut butter and marshmallow are 2 of my favorite ingredients so I had to play around with a cookie! Come to find out they are awesome! My oldest said, Mom these are the best cookies in the whole world! Ok I wouldn’t go that far, but for as easy as they are…yes they are super yummy!

Grab a tall glass of milk and treat the family to these way too easy and oh so fun cookie gems! Hope you all enjoy 🙂

Yes, you heard me right….3 ingredients! Peanut Butter, marshmallow cream and a Large Egg 🙂

Mix, mix, mix

Ready to bake!

Bake 12-15 minutes

Fluffernutter Cookies

1 Cup creamy peanut butter

1 large egg

1 cup marshmallow cream

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a large bowl mix the peanut butter and egg until well combined with a spoon. Slowly stir in the marshmallow cream until just combined. You want to see the marshmallow cream not fully incorporated, almost like swirled through. With a small-medium cookie scoop, scoop dough onto a parchment or silpat lined baking sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until baked through. Let cool for 5 minutes on cookie sheet before transferring to a cooling rack. Definitely grab some milk with these bad boys and Enjoy!!

about 18 cookies


Have a great rest of your week and weekend! Stay tuned for pictures of my trip and as always new recipes!!

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  1. 101

    Talk about an easy cookie! Gotta pick up some Marshmallow Creme – and then think about how they might be with Biscoff Spread instead of Peanut Butter.

  2. 102
    Jordan says:

    Do you think this would work with Nutella instead of PB? or half Nutella, half peanut butter?

    The possibilities are endless…

    • 102.1
      Will try again soon! says:

      It’s just my opinion, but isn’t nutella more oily than peanut butter? Also, i thought nutella melted in the oven. I did think about this, but ended up using peanut butter, so it would be cool to try it out

  3. 103
    Marie says:

    Hi there really want to make these ordered the reese’s peanut and fluff, very excited i live in the UK very difficult to get these ingredients. My fav food EVER is reese’s peanut butter cups mmmmmmmmmmmm

    But if someone could please tell me how much 1 cup is in grams or ounces PLEASE!!! lol desperate to make them.

    Thanks Marie 🙂 x

  4. 104
    Will try again soon! says:

    As soon as I saw the recipe, I put the ingelredients together and *tried* to make them. Problem is, I split the amount of pb and fluff, but I forgot to split the egg. This resulted in weird cakey rubbery “cookies”.

    But will try again! Lol.

  5. 105
    Sam says:

    Made these cookies today…came out flat and crumbled when I tried to eat them. I measured everything out fine and used the right sheet pan. There’s so much peanut butter it’s almost inedible…thought these would be good for christmas, but I’m disappointed. 🙁 Maybe I did something wrong.

  6. 106
    Jennifer says:

    Do you think this would work if I replace all of the peanut butter with nutella? Or maybe half of it?

  7. 107

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  8. 108
    Katy Muir says:

    Hi, l made the flutternutter cookies and have a question. What type of PB did you use. The batter tasted great, but my cookies spread out so far they were touching each other in the pan. Very flat cookie. I’m thinking it might be the PB?

  9. 109
    sarah says:

    Mine flattened and tasted burnt even though they weren’t. I even put them in the fridge for an hour before baking to prevent flattening. 🙁 So I ate spoonfuls of Fluff instead. Lol

  10. 110

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  11. 111

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  12. 112

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  13. 113
    Laura says:

    These tasted great! But never puffed up like your beautiful pictures…next time I think I might add a little baking powder. Maybe it some of that high altitude business.

  14. 114

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  15. 115
    Gwen says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this amazing recipe in my post 102 Gluten Free Cookie Recipies. I’m also pinning it to my Gluten Free Cookie Madness Board. 🙂

    You are more than welcome to share this amazing resource with your readers or link to this post if you’d like! Thanks so much for the inspiration! Here’s the url: 102 Gluten Free Cookie Recipies

  16. 116
    Allyson says:

    Can you substitute the peanut butter with Trader Joe’s Cookie butter? I know that the consistency is a bit stiffer but didn’t know if that was an option for people with nut allergies.

  17. 117
    sherise says:

    I’m wondering why mine came out flat and they are a little greasy. Love the flavor though.

  18. 118

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  19. 119
    marlene says:

    wow sounds awesome and there really simple to make! I’m defiantly going to try these

  20. 120
    Red says:

    I just made these. I used a heaping tablespoon to drop them onto a dark cookie sheet with parchment paper as I don’t have a cookie scoop. It def made the cookies bigger than they probably should have been. They did spread out and go flat. The first batch I left in for 12 min. They looked done so I took them out and left them to cool. They weren’t done and completely fell apart when I tried taking them off the tray. I left the second batch in the oven for 16 min. and they came out better, but we’re still breaking apart a bit. The third batch was in the fridge while I was making the first 2 batches. I left these in for 16 min as well because it smelled like they were starting to burn. These also turned out flat and some of them crumbled slightly. All 3 batches had an “uncooked” taste and appearance so it was difficult to tell if they were done. They did taste good, but I consider this an epic fail. Total bummer!

  21. 121
    Arielle says:

    do you think I could sub peanut butter for soy nut butter? I teach a baking class at a nut free school.

  22. 122
    kyyjtr says:

    Is it possible to substitute the marshmallow creme for melted marshmallows?

  23. 123
    Amber says:

    My first batch burnt after less than 10 min! Second batch is completely raw inside..didn’t work for me.

  24. 124
    Ashlea says:

    While looking for 3 ingredient cookies, I came across this one… Looks delicious. I am in the process of making them right now. The first batch is out of the oven and look nice and fluffy! My oven made them a little browner than yours turned out, but they look delicious! I put the second batch in on the lower rack, hopefully this doesn’t make them melt or burn!

  25. 125

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  26. 126
    Tess says:

    Just wondering…I want to merge this recipe with a Christmas Mouse cookie recipe so they look like little mice. If I mix all the ingred. very thoroughly so there’s no swirl effect, will the cookie still turn out and bake properly. I’m trying to get a uniform color, no swirl but keep the flavor. What do you think?

  27. 127
    Jae says:

    We didn’t have marshmallow flush this time I made them, so I just melted down some mini marshmallows and added a bit of milk to create a cream texture, and they tasted just as good!

  28. 128
    alexis says:

    i added a pinch of sugar and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. very good. 🙂

  29. 129
    Christine says:

    Such a disappointing recipe! Thought they sounded delicious, however this is the worst tasting cookie I’ve ever had! The “dough” spread like wildfire and the cookies were brittle, stuck to the parchment paper and were basically inedible. Waste of good ingredients!

  30. 130
    Shahannah says:

    Can i make these as bars?

  31. 131
    Rosanne says:

    I sure would like to put in some chocolate. How would they turn out if you put a cup of chocolate chips in batter?

  32. 132

    I think the reason some bakers had a problem was because of the I cookie scoop…the density infusing the cookie scoop keeps them from spreading..My first batch looked like pancakes, as I do noon a cookies coop, but the second batch,I “mounded” the scoops and they came out perfectly..and we’re delicious!
    However, a cookie scoop is now Number One on my next shopping trip!

  33. 133
    janice says:

    Made these but used extra crunchy peanut butter. Delicious

  34. 134

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  35. 135
    Babs says:

    I made these cookies and they are delicious……….but they do not look anything like your pictures. Mine are very flat & thin. I was disappointed that they were not like your picture. I made two batches and they both turned out thin and flat but tasted delicious! Any idea on what I did wrong?

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