Fun Find Today….Granola Thins!


As I was grocery shopping this morning, my eyes stopped on these new Granola Thins by Nature Valley. I picked up the box and could hardly wait to get it home to tear into it.

Inside the box, you’ll find 10 individually packed little granola thins with one side dipped in dark chocolate. Be still my heart!


I will say the dark chocolate is very mild, it tasted more like a semi-sweet actually. I also love that each square is only 80 calories.

Here’s what you’ll find when you open the little package. One side soft yet crispy granola.

….and one side chocolate! How fabulous!

Crispy little chocolate squares of goodness. I give these a 10 out of 10. I just had to spread the word 🙂

Has anyone else tried these?

*This is just me, not a sponsored post:)


Have a great day!

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47 Responses
  1. ::giggle:: one of the ‘boys’ in my office, meaning attorney, bought a bunch of these and tossed them in the freezer … I’ve not had one yet but I always hear them going on and on about it. As the only female in the office, it makes me laugh, but I’m holding out to try 🙂 Waiting for that day when I MUST have some chocolate and now!

  2. My mom and I randomly came across these at a Target while on vacation and when we realized how awesome they were we got very nervous that we wouldn’t be able to find them when we got home. Luckily, they are available… and it’s a good thing because both my mom and I munch on them regularly. 🙂

  3. Paula

    These are delish…PB ones too! Those who suggest to store these in the freezer or refrigerator are correct, as the chocolate can get melty. Also, there are usually coupons online or in the paper if you are into that!

  4. Janelle

    I first saw these at least four months ago, and I love them. Don’t try the peanut butter ones, though — disgusting!!

  5. Hmm. Guess I’m the minority here as I wasn’t terribly impressed with these. I like granola bars because they are a portable snack that I can keep in my purse. These are definitely not portable. They are super crumbly and melty. If you don’t store the bars in the fridge or freezer they melt all over the inside of the package. Total bummer.

  6. I discovered these a few weeks ago. They are a wonderful treat! I’m dieting and they are perfect when you really want some chocolate and not many calories. 🙂

  7. these are some of my favorite snacks! been keeping them in the pantry since they first came out!! perfect size for a chocolate craving! the pb ones are yummy too!!

  8. Sherrie

    They look marvelous, but thanks to you I probably won’t be able to find them in the stores for months! They’ll be on backorder and I’ll go hungry. I can see a layered dessert, made with Granola Thins, in your near future! 🙂

  9. I love these! They’re great for a 4 pm work snack when I want a little something sweet without spoiling my dinner. 🙂

    I agree Sandie, though–they get melty quick, so refridgerating or freezing them might be advisable!

  10. Sandie Gallagher

    yes… I got mine at Costco.. (cheaper, larget box) and I keep a few at a time in the freezer because the chocolate will melt all over your fingers.. try that.. Mmmm.. so good.

  11. Tracey

    They’ve had these at our local Costco/grocery stores for awhile. My kids actually prefer the peanut butter version. Pft!

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