Get Your Reservations Set….

I know bathroom humor is lame, but I just couldn’t resist this email I got this email from a good friend I used to work with. Living with all boys in my house, I’ve had to learn to laugh at more things than I used to. Check out this restaurant in China. Would you be caught dead eating here?! Gross. Clean out the toilet bowls and Have a great weekend!!
Modern Toilet is a restaurant in Taipei . It accommodates 100 seats with each made from toilet bowls. The specialties at the restaurant accompany sink faucets and the food is served in mini plastic toilet bowls. The toilet rolls that serve for wiping hand and mouth are hung above the tables, which may resemble glass-topped jumbo bathtubs.

This is just wrong? Chocolate ice cream!?

Ok, who’s bringing this idea to the US?

Have a great weekend! See y’all Sunday night!

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52 Responses
  1. PaniniKathy

    Oh wow!! How do they ever keep people from actually USING those, um, seats?? That’s so hilarious.

  2. Jenny

    Hi Lisa,
    No, I haven’t heard anything more about the pup. The officer said he would call if the guy got sited. I’m assuming the guy showed up shortly after we left and the dog was not in distress. I hope at least he got a rude awakening to see the officer at his car. Loser!

    Thanks so much for the award Anne, you are so awesome!

  3. Lisa

    I agree, that is just totally wrong.

    Did you ever hear any more about the dog that was left in the car?

  4. Culinarywannabe

    Oh that is just wrong! I don’t think I could ever eat there, although I’m sure this would make a killing if it was put in Times Square here in nyc. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog – really like yours as well and look forward to stopping back in!

  5. HoneyB

    LOL, OK, I could not do it. Still, funny to see. Bet the kids would think it was funny though!

  6. Jenny

    Too funny! Love all the comments. I figured most people wouldn’t want to eat there. It would be fun to tour the place, but I don’t know about sitting down to eat!

  7. k.m.b.

    my friend actually just went to an ice cream place in Logan UT that served ice cream in kitchen sinks. If your group successfully “cleaned the sink”, you got a bumper sticker. Kind of the same idea, but not nearly as horrific!

  8. Amanda

    All three of my brothers have served Asian missions–and those cultures all seem to have an interest in bodily functions. The Japanese even have all those tech toilets that do EVERYTHING for you. So, it doesn’t surprise me that there is a toilet themed restaurant. I’d TOTALLY eat there!

  9. Lisa

    OMG! This is so funny! My kids were looking over my shoulder and cracking up. I don’t think my son (who is king of potty humor)would like to eat there. He had this awful look on his face:)

  10. PheMom

    Yeah, I had heard about this place – freaky! Very funny though. It is funny having all boys in the house, isn’t it!

  11. Dawn

    Ok the sitting on a toilet is ok, then I saw the ice cream shaped turd. Umm no, don’t know if I could eat it. LOL
    Thanks for the laugh, that was pretty weird.

  12. carol

    Uh……..walking in here would definitely leave me speechless….and heading back out the door!
    This is just…….wrong!!!
    The things people come up with……

  13. Clumbsy Cookie

    Ahahahahahahahah! This is just too funny Jenny! Thanks for sharing! I would actually like to try it and I’m sure it would be a big it in the US or anywhere. Kids would go crazy!

  14. Colleen

    that is so funny. i so want to go there just to say that i have. to bad it is on the other side of the world.

  15. Leslie

    OK..that made me laugh!!!!
    WHo in their right minds come up with this stuff.
    Where is the Tampon shaped couch???

  16. RJHnrksn

    I was ok until I saw the chocolate ice cream, at least put it in the bowl differently!!

  17. Lo

    Yikes! I’m not sure I could deal ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the other hand, this is a great idea for a blog post. So, kudos to you for bringing something new to everyone’s attention!

  18. Laurie

    LOL!!! That is just plain wrong. I don’t think that I could stomach eating out of a toilet bowl. Who would have ever thought this would be a good idea for a restaurant, they must have really clean toilets.

    Thank you for such wonderful recipes. I love your blog and share it with everyone I can.

  19. Brooke

    Oh my! That is totally awful. I don’t think I would be caught dead in there.

    BTW, I love your blog and I’ve added you to my blog list. Your recipes are absolutely divine!


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