Gourmet Summer Picnic Basket by Alouette Giveaway

Contest is now closed. Congrats to Kelsy, entry #443 who was chosen by random.org as the winner. I’ve sent you an email Kelsy!!

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Timestamp: 2010-08-12 23:12:17 UTC


Hi Everyone! Here is a fun Summer Giveaway for you brought to us by Alouette Cheese. This Picnic/Basket Roller is awesome! Here’s what one Picky Palate Winner will receive 🙂

  • A Deluxe Picnic Basket for Four (Valued at $100) It includes:
    • Picnic Pack for 4 , blue with black zippers and blue binding.
    • Constructed with 600 denier nylon
    • A large 48-can cooler with eat sealed, leak resistant liner has heavy duty trolley wheels and telescopic handles.
    • A removable storage compartment
    • Includes a place settings for four:  plates, silverware settings, glasses, and napkins.
    • A cheese cutting board with a cheese knife
    • A wine key
    • Two utility compartments and adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Alouette Cheese coupons good for all varieties of cheese including Baby Brie, Spreadable and Crumbles (Valued at $35)

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment Here on Picky Palate telling us….”What is your favorite type of cheese?”

2. For extra entries follow Picky Palate on Twitter, Google Reader, Like us on Facebook and Subscribe to our RSS Feed Leave separate Comments for each of these 🙂

3. U.S. Residents only. Contest ends Tuesday August 10th, 8pm PST. Winner will be chosen by Random.org and notified by email. My products and Giveaway provided by Alouette Cheese.

Love that this Picnic Basket is on rollers! The boys love it too 🙂

Good Luck Everyone 🙂

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659 Responses
  1. Erin Woods

    Oh, cheese! Love just about all of it! I love soft creamy textured cheeses. Havarti and gouda cheese…yum!

  2. Beth

    I LOVE cheese. Choosing a favorite is tough! I like a really sharp cheddar, or a brie, or a nice tangy chevre.

  3. Lindsay

    Feta Feta Feta Feta ( to the tune of money, money, money, money!!). It is so wonderful on salads on anything else for that matter. Thank you Greeks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love Alouette Garlic and Herb! I’m more of a soft cheese kind on girl, Brie and Cream cheese with fresh herbs…I know what I’m having for dinner tonight!

  5. Amy

    My FAVORITE cheese Cambozola. My boyfriend says it’s a brand not a type… He’s telling me is a triple cream blue cheese. Whatever it is, it has been my favorite cheese since forever. Sooooo yummy!

  6. Eric

    My favorite cheese varies from week to week, but I would really like a nice Havarti right now.
    Thanks for the chance to win the picnic set.

  7. Stacie Jo

    This basket is awesome! I love cheese so much it’s a toss up. For soft cheese my vote is goat, for a slice-able cheese my vote is Havarti.

  8. Sara

    Oh my goodness, yay, yay, yay! …That is what I thought when I saw this giveaway. Cheese… I enthuse over it. I can stand to plug my nose as I cut in to the most pungent, powerful, and praise-worthy cheese; but I also thrive for simple unpasteurized cheddars, cream-based cheeses, and mild but flavorful cuts for sandwiches. The cheese/wine shop lady recognizes me and converses with me every time!

  9. I love this cheese ball thing they sell at Sam’s and Costco, I can’t remember the name . . . but it is divine. And as for real cheese, I love provolone.

  10. Tricia

    Do you remember the commercial for the lottery….the winner say’s “now I can buy all this cheese”, while looking at the cheese aisle? That is me….my favorite if I had to choose….Fontina…

  11. Sarah

    I love gouda. I used to be scared of cheese, but I work at Panera Bread, and after someone gave me a bite of their Bacon Turkey Bravo, I couldn’t get enough ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Vanessa

    Wow! That is a tough question, but I’d have to say my favorite cheese is bleu. I loved it in huge salads!!

  13. kelly mcnichol

    I love a variety of cheese…yet I loveity love mac n cheese so extra sharp cheddar is right there at the top.

  14. Jennifer

    I love Farmer’s cheese to eat just straight up. I don’t even know if it is considered a “real” cheese, but it is a wonderful snack.

  15. Salma

    Our favorite cheese is from Norway called: Ekte Geitost! It is goat cheese that tastes like chocolate! Yummy

  16. Megan H.

    MMM cheese..I love good ole Colby jack.. but i just used some asiago in a pasta last night and holy crap it was delish…Cheese in general is amazing.

  17. We lived in WI for 5 years – so we love all cheese! But my favorite is a sun dried tomato and basil cheese at a little cheese maker outside Madison, WI. Miss it!

  18. My favorite type of cheese right now is feta. I’m loving some serious salads right now but we eat a lot of Alouette cheese with pita/bagel chips in our house at snack time!

  19. I do not really have a favorite and I have never had a cheese I did not like, but for my family it is sharp cheddar – even my 6 and 3 year old love it.

  20. Jill A.

    Let’s see…for sandwiches it is swiss, for crackers I like colby jack, and just because, I love mozzarella and most other cheeses…..

  21. Cheryl R

    Haven’t met many cheeses I didn’t like. Currently it’s feta, as it is great in the summer dishes I’ve been making.

  22. Kelsy

    my favorite type of cheese is EVERY TYPE!!! but i LOVE pepperjack…the heat! ohh ya or FETA! yummmm always adds the right taste and texture! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I LOVE cheese! I love cheddar, Havarti, white cheddar, muenster, Parmesan, feta, pepper jack, jack…

    Prolly like Havarti the best. Ooh it’s so stinkin’ good!

  24. Janelle Belka

    I love cheese! It’s hard to pick a favorite but I would have to say Gouda is one of my top choices.

  25. I love love love cheese! Picking just one is too hard. My favorite cheese to eat on a sandwich – pepperjack. My favorite “appetizer” cheese – brie. My favorite for macaroni – sharp white cheddar.

  26. I LOVE sharp cheddar cheese, I could just eat it plain all day long. I also recently tried Romano cheese and oh my goodness… it might give cheddar a run for its money!

  27. Heather Langeland

    I love brie, especially in a yummy recipe we found with brown sugar and cashews- all wrapped up in a puff pastry. Yum!

  28. I just absolutely love the Manchego cheese that they serve at Texas de Brazil on the salad bar. I can’t seem to find it anywhere locally. It’s imported from Spain, but it has a slightly tangy and nutty flavor and is somewhat of a harder cheese, although definitely not as hard as parmesan.

    I even been tempted to sneak a piece into my purse to eat in the car on the way home from the restaurant (sssshhh!)

  29. Libby

    Favorite cheese at the moment would be Havarti. Love it melted on toast for breakfast! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. Jenni M

    I’d have to say that my absolute favorite cheese is Colby-Jack… there’s something about it that is AWESOME! It’s great plain, with crackers, or melted on a burger! Yummmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. My favorite type of cheese depends greatly on what I’m using it for. Burgers? Blue cheese. Grilled cheese? Sharpest cheddar I can find. Italian sub? Provolone. Summer salads? Well, either Feta or Mozzarella, depending on the other ingredients. General snacking? Brie.

    Okay, so pretty much every cheese is my favorite for one thing or another.

  32. Danielle Stroinski

    My favorite is Brie stuffed with Bleu Cheese and wrapped in Puff Pastry. Then baked so it is warm and delicious! Oh it is so good. It’s almost like a cheese pie. YUMMY!

  33. Oh how I would just ADORE to win this giveaway!
    We take lots of picnics here on Bainbridge Island!
    And this would be SO fancy to pack a picnic in!
    Thanks for the chance!
    Now about that cheese!
    Well! The fave is PARMESAN!
    I sprinkle freshly grated PARMESAN cheese on EVERYTHING!
    Popcorn, salads, veggies, PIZZA, soups, breads!
    Love this giveaway!
    Have a FAB time in NYC with Amanda Jenny!

  34. Lauren Howell

    I think with out a doubt my favorite cheese is Parano or Dubliner ohhh hard choice I think I am going to have to go with the Irish Dubliner

  35. Valori Infanger

    I LOVE fresh mozzarella! The kind that is soft and comes in a liquid… fantastic! Oh! And I love brie and camembert too! Oh… I am getting hungry just writing this…

  36. Jessi

    I’m actually a big fan of Swiss!On a small piece of french bread with some Fig Jam it is just to die for. Love it!

  37. I’m a sucker for blue cheese or gorgonzola on anything. (yesterday’s recipe made me drool!) But, any creamy spreadable cheese is a close 2nd.

  38. Jenny Hunter

    Favorite cheese is Colby Jack. I need to branch out some since I am sure there are really yummy ones out there I have never tried!

  39. Amy McKillip

    Well, since I grew up in Tillamook, Oregon, the obvious choice for me would be Tillamook Cheese! I’m so glad I found your site/blog, I love to try new recipes!

  40. I LOVE cheese! My husband calls me a cheese snob, but unfortunately, I’m preggers right now and can’t indulge in all the delicious soft cheeses.

    My favorite cheese to date is one I don’t even know the name of. It was part of the continental breakfast offered at a hotel in Denmark and was so utterly delicious – and I have searched and searched for it since and not found it.

  41. Shauna

    My favorite cheese is Chedder .. I couldn’t eat it for 9 months while I was nursing my son and I thought I was going to die!!

  42. Carrie

    Havarti with basil is so delicious. For a while my favorite lunch was a boule of sourdough, havarti with basil and a sparkling apple cider. I can’t find that cheese anymore, though. Sniff, sniff.

  43. Niki

    Havarti is my favorite cheese with crackers, but Edam is my favorite on sandwiches. I’m sure BOTH will be lovingly packed in my picnic basket (FINGERS CROSSED on the MY part!)

  44. I absolutely love Colby and Monterey Jack cheese….of course Feta comes in a close 2nd!! Awesome giveaway, perfect for soon to be fall!! =)

  45. Kati

    There was a type of cheese we ate in Spain that we called “Squeaky Cheese” it was delish!
    Here in the US I can settle for provolone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. we are boring when it comes to favorite cheeses…provolone and colby jack! We have them in our house at ALL TIMES ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope I win this fun giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Donna

    Love the picnic basket! For cooking I love cheddar cheese bu t for snacking it’s brie! Follower on FB too!

  48. Since I can’t eat cheese right now because I’m nursing my baby who’s intolerant of milk, I would KILL to eat any kind of cheese! But the one I miss the most is a good sharp Cheddar. Love it! Oooh, and Asiago and Parmigiano-Reggiano and brie and gouda … I could go on and on!

  49. Cindy Leeson

    OMG! Selecting a favorite type of cheese is hard, I love all cheeses. If there were a table full of cheese and had to pick just one, I’d have to go with ….. …. Brie, since this can be used for both sweet and savory dishes. I love your blog, btw. I’m always excited to see what you have posted.

  50. Favorite cheese… that’s a hard one. I pretty much like it all. I guess I’ll have to say colby jack just to put something down. = ) Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  51. Carie Ledbetter

    My favorite type of cheese is Brie, spreading it on crackers is the best, or melting it on french bread in the oven is even better.

  52. sheri grennille

    creamy Camembert is my favorite cheese, followed closely by brie. there is no cheese i’ve ever tried and not liked.

  53. Leah

    I love cheese ๐Ÿ™‚ it depends on what I am eating… I like provolone on my turkey sandwiches and I like feta in my salads.

  54. Jessica Porterfield

    Any kind of cheese is great!! Love brie’ though, especailly when it is hot!!! Mix it with some strawberry jam, wrap it in a crossant, and bake!!! Yummy yummy!!

  55. Katie Rose

    Ooh, give me some sharp cheddar, a crisp apple and some crusty bread and we’re good to go! Cheddar is good with everything!

  56. Yvonne

    I like cheese. All cheese. A favorite? Just one? I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but I do eat a lot of feta.

  57. anna p.

    What a tough question!!! I love all cheese, but the first one that popped into my mind was pepper jack.

  58. Mary W.

    Wow, how to choose between Parm-Reg, Pepper Jack, and Muenster! Okay, if I win the picnic set, then I’ll make a decision. ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. Kimm Geria

    My favorite cheese is Gouda, its so soft and creamy and yummy!!! 2nd would be Brie. I cut a triangle of Brie into cubes (no rind) and then put in micro bowl. Add 4 oz cream cheese cubed to bowl. Microwave on low to melt. Add tablespoon of white wine and stir well. Put in a baking dish and bake till bubbly. Serve with bread slices OMG yummy! Sorry I got a bit ahead of myself hee hee.

  60. AppleTree

    Choosing my favorite cheese is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child…Each and every is my favorite, depending on the quality I am looking for and the situation we’re in…

  61. Julie @ Essential Simplicity

    I have always liked the little spreadable flavored cheeses that are everywhere in Europe (you can find them in the grocery stores here now too with the good cheeses)…but lately I’ve loved baked brie with really good crackers, YUM!!