Harbour Galley Review | Disneyland

Harbour Galley: Located in Critter Country

Harbour Galley Review Disneyland

Harbour Galley is that small seaport building you always pass when heading to Splash Mountain.  This is the place when you’re craving soups, seafood, or baked potatoes.   Many like the clam chowder.

Harbour Galley Review Disneyland

Here’s the menu–filled with a few options for stuffed baked potatoes, soups, and sandwiches/salads.  Being from Arizona, Jenny and I are moderate seafood eaters.  We’re just not going to provide you with any expert critique here.  Regardless, we’ll give you our take and you can decide if this is the place to spend your money.

Harbour Galley Review Disneyland
Clam Chowder – $9.59

Jenny felt their clam chowder is decent.  The one gripe we had is that the lid of the bread bowl was stale–so where Jenny loves to pull the bread apart–the staleness ruined it for her.   Generally, I am not a clam chowder fan but I liked this chowder soup.  With my taste buds though, I probably won’t order this again.

Harbour Galley Review Disneyland
Barbecue Chicken & Slaw Stuffed Baked Potato – $6.39

I was really looking forward to trying this dish.  Potato, slaw, chicken, BBQ–yum!!  It didn’t disappoint.  It was a good dish that we would order again.  Although, not a mind shattering meal, the combination of these foods made for a good lunch.

Harbour Galley Review Disneyland
Lobster Roll – $13.99

This lobster sandwich didn’t provide us with confidence to recommend it.  I actually liked it–but is it a great seafood sandwich?  I just don’t know as I rarely eat lobster clawed between bread.  Also, it didn’t get any better with Jenny–she was not a fan.


WHAT WORKED:  Stuffed baked potatoes,   Clam chowder,

WHAT DIDN’T WORK:  Lobster roll,   Stale bread bowl top

We give Harbour Galley 3 STARS.

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5 Responses
  1. Rebecca

    I too had the lobster roll after reading positive reviews. My first bite was underwhelming. I then had one of the accompanying chips and found it over-seasoned. Then I realized the solution; the chips are not a side-dish, they are a condiment. You need to take a bite of lobster and then shove some chips in your mouth before you finish chewing. You get a mouthful of toasted bread, crunch, nice seasoning and lobster goodness. You won’t look pretty eating it but it will be delicious. Lobster Roll has made my Disneyland food repeat list.

  2. Kristine

    I had the Lobster Sandwich after reading rave reviews about it. It was just ok. And by that I mean I was starving so I bet it was even worse than ok! My husband had the baked potato. He said it was “all right” which also translates to “I was starving and it wasn’t terrible”. 🙂 Last visit to DL was Oct 8-11 2014. Kristine

  3. Kristen

    I have never stopped at this place or realized they had a pretty good variety on the menu. We miss when that little stand used to just sell McDonald’s French Fries and soda and that was it. I guess that is why we won’t give it a try. HA!

  4. Heather Talley

    My husband and I ate here just after you were here on your kids Spring Break (I believe). I was waiting to hear what you thought of this place! We loved the baked potato. We also tried the roast beef salad. It was just okay. My big problem with it was that it was a huge piece of roast beef (the kind you get sliced at the grocery store deli,so basically sandwich meat) rolled up, plopped on top of the salad. It was a nightmare to try and cut with only plastic knives available, was a bit too fatty for my liking, and too much meat for the small salad. Had it been chopped then put on the salad, and had a little less meat, the salad would have been alright. But, I will definitely be going back for that potato!

    1. Jenny

      Heather, thanks for commenting. It’s funny how such a seemingly small thing (i.e. cutting the roast beef) can cause such a difference in whether one likes a dish or not….and, true that the little details can make or break a dish.

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