Hungry Bear Restaurant

Hungry Bear Restaurant in Disneyland is easily one of my favorite places to eat in the park.  It is nestled in Critter Country as you walk past Splash Mountain, right before the Winnie The Pooh Ride.  I love the beautiful green trees surrounding the restaurant and the view of Rivers of America as you eat.  Feels as if you are right in the middle of the wilderness 🙂 You can eat for roughly under $15.00 per adult.

As you walk through the entry over the bridge you will see a number of cashiers waiting to take your order.  Once you place your order, you wait right at the kitchen for your order.

Here is half of the menu posted on the front of the kitchen.

….and here are some more choices 🙂

My first pick is the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich.  I have ordered this a number of times and each time I like it more and more.  There is a juicy slaw over top the fried green tomatoes inside a soft whole wheat bun.  You’ll never miss the meat from this vegetarian sammy:)

You can choose between onion rings, sweet potato fries and slaw as your sides.  For the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich we chose the onion rings.  They are great.  Real onions inside, crispy and delicious.

We also sampled the Crispy Chicken Sandwich with slaw as it’s side.  The crispy chicken sandwich is just ok, however my husband discovered if you put the slaw on top of the chicken, it makes the sandwich much better.

Here’s a nice look at the slaw.  Mango, onion, peppers, cabbage.  It’s nice and refreshing.

One of my boys ordered the Kids Chicken Breast Nuggets and Apples.  The chicken is great, however I would recommend this for kids 5 years and under since this is the portion size 🙂

My other kiddo wanted a cheeseburger.  This is the Classic Cheeseburger.  Comes with lettuce and tomato.  He took off the veggies and enjoyed the burger.  I tried a bite and it was a decent burger.


We chose the sweet potato fries with the burger.  They are crispy, nicely salted and a perfect addition to any burger or sandwich.


This gives you a sense of the nice atmosphere are around the tables.  It’s open, light and relaxing with the beautiful scenery.


 Here was the view from our tables in the back.  How beautiful are the Rivers of America?

For the sake of the review (haha) we tried the desserts 🙂  First up is the little lattice cherry pie.  You could also choose a peach pie as well.

I must say, it was a good little pie.  Flaky crust and cherry pie filling inside.  They even warm it up for you 🙂

The highlight of our meal was this sparkly bumblebee topped Lemon Cupcake.  Soft cake with a sweet lemon filling.  Trust me on this, you’ve got to try this one 🙂

Here’s a glimpse of the lemon filling inside.  The four of us agreed that we are not much of lemon dessert fans, but this one changed our thoughts for sure.  Looking forward to ordering it again 🙂

We caught The Mark Twain Riverboat floating by.  Gorgeous views here at Hungry Bear.  Hope you enjoy!

Be sure to tell us all what you’ve ordered at Hungry Bear Restaurant that you’ve loved and maybe not so loved.

Disclosure:  We are in no way associated or sponsored by Disneyland.  Just a family who enjoys visiting the parks and giving you are honest reviews.

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19 Responses
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    爪のÆよりかなり長いカーブを下って、42 mmのケースを手首にタイトを得るのを許します。ブランド時計コピー私の手首の上では、多少のオーバーハングがありました、しかし、それは私が本当にだけ拾った私が撮った写真を見たときに何かです;それは、私が気づいたことさえない手首の上での間のものだった。移動に対するケース、ベゼルに来て、私は一種の二重ステップを丸くするが見ない何かでした。この基準からの素晴らしい変化のペースは腕時計を見てベゼルに角です、そして、その研磨面を紹介した鋭く対照的な毛羽仕上げの(ほぼ加工)の両側に終わります。

  3. Heather Talley

    I love these Disney posts!!! I took my kids to Disney last night and tried the Fried Green Tomato sandwich, oh my goodness, that thing was amazing! I am a huge meat eater and was totally surprised when I didn’t care that there was no meat! Thanks for sharing! I think it will be a goal of mine from now on to try one of the foods you highlight each time we go (at least the ones from the quick service places)! Thank goodness for annual passes! 🙂

  4. Debora

    I was just at Disneyland a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed the slaw at the Hungry Bear. I’m looking all over the net for the recipe. Your lovely photo of it just makes my mouth water and want the recipe that much more! It was so good.

  5. Pamela

    Ohh all the disneyland restaurants review that you posted just make me want to go back there! We went there early this year and the Winnie the Pooh part of the park was under renovation. I was so sad. We are from Australia, it’s a long way to go back but will definitely go back again! For now, I’m living vicariously through you!

  6. Melissa Stadler

    Oh you and I could be friends! 🙂 I love all of your travel posts Jenny and your adventures with food. When I went to NYC this summer, I looked on your site to get your recommendations and you were right on. I went back to Levain Bakery more times than I would like to admit but their cookies are fabulous. As soon as I got home, I went to work trying to re-create that cookie perfection. I just keep making them and its not good for my waistline. 🙂 We also enjoyed the vanilla macaroon from bouchon bakery. NYC is culinary heaven.
    You listed all of my fave spots at Disneyland. I think I may love that place more than my kids. Pooh Corner Bakery is my must hit spot and I get anything coated in their rich caramel. How fun that you live in Southern California to be able to soak up Disneyland.
    I just thought I would drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoy your recipes, blog, and fantastic tips. You definitely inspire me with your creativity, Jenny.

  7. Andrea

    Thank you so much for posting these reviews. I love reading and seeing the different restaurants. We get down to Disneyland about once a year (from Portland) and love eating in the park. We used to leave and eat at area restaurants, thinking it was to expensive to eat at Disney, but by the time we factored in the lost park time, hassle getting in and out, etc, we decided to just eat at the park. My favorite last time was Cafe Orleans, yum.

  8. Jenn Rapoza

    Yep! Hungry Bear is a favorite with my family too. Something for everyone there…my none-beef eaters and my burger lover! lol They are quick to get the food to you and reasonably priced for what you get.
    Keep the reviews coming….love this! 🙂
    Jennifer in CA

  9. Jessica

    Mmm pass me a handful of those Sweet Potato Fries, please! I am loving all your posts on Disney! If you haven’t, you really need to come visit us in Florida. So many more places to add to your lists! 😀

  10. Julie D

    We went to Disneyland in May and went to the Hungry Bear for the first time! I never knew it was there, but it was the best in-park restaurant I had eaten at! The food was wonderful and the surroundings were gorgeous! I had the turkey and provolone sandwich and the bread was perfect! As you said, it wasn’t too expensive (for DL) and everyone seemed to be happy with the options! Next time, I’m for sure getting that delicious looking lemon cupcake–my mouth is watering!

  11. Kristen

    Love your review Jenny! I hadn’t been to Hungry Bear in years after discovering Taste Pilot’s Grill at DCA and their delicious blue cheese burger. After you posted a pic of your fried green tomato sandwich on Instagram I couldn’t get it out of my mind and knew on my next trip that would be our lunch spot. I ordered the fried green tomato sandwich with sweet potato fries. I was leery of the slaw just b/c of the addition of mango so asked for mine without it. Huge mistake! The bread was really dry and the sandwich was bland without the slaw. I would try it again but this time not change the sandwich. The sweet potato fries were really good! My son had the cheeseburger with onion rings. Both were tasty! I didn’t try the lemon cupcake even though I had also seen your cute pic of it on Instagram as well. I had to leave room for the peanut butter sandwich!

      1. Kristen

        It is so good and will not disappoint! It has blue cheese and A-1 sauce on it. Plus they have a huge condiment station that you can load your burger up with all kinds of stuff. Their fries and onion rings are yummy! To me, it is the best place between both parks to eat (second is the corn dog cart).

  12. Tania

    OMG … what a kick in the memory it has been reading through your post. The Hungry Bear Restaurant has been there for years. I’ve been many times over the years, I’ll never forget the first time I ate there with a church group when I was about 17 years old, the burgers and the onion rings were the best in the park at the time, in fact it was the only place you could get onion rings way back then at Disneyland. Then my family and I went again when I remarried in 2000, couldn’t have a day with out Hungry Bear, it was still delicious food, though the surroundings had changed a bit, where did Country Bear Jamboree go? Loved it in the 80’s, loved it in 2000 and though the menu appears to have changed and progressed a bit, I’m sure I’d enjoy it today if I were close enough to pop in.

    1. Jenn Rapoza

      Country Bear Jamboree was taken apart and Pooh’s ride is there now. They took several of the bears and placed them in other rides though. You can spot them in Splash Mountain and in the Pooh ride. As far as I know there is still a Country Bear Jamboree in Florida’s Magic Kingdom. (at least it was still there when we went several years back)

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