Jif Giveaway, 2 Winners!

So excited to share this quick giveaway with you! Jif is offering 2 Picky Palate readers a fun assortment of prizes, take a look below to see what’s up for grabs. Hurry, giveaway closes at midnight tonight!

Here’s what’s included in the Giveaway:

  • Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Slow Cooker
  • Le Creuset Revolution 6-Piece Silicone Utensil Set
  • Recipe Card Box
  • Assortment of Jif products

Total Giveaway Value: $150

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us, “What is your favorite dish to cook in a crock pot?”

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Friday January 21, 2012 Midnight PST. Winners will be chosen via Random.org and be notified by email. Contest provided by Jif.


Good Luck!

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967 Responses
  1. Aubrie

    I love making pulled pork sandwiches in the slow cooker. Watching the meat just fall apart after cooking makes me happy, plus they are delicious.

  2. Michelle L.

    I follow you on Twitter. (Apologize if this double-posts…I did it the 1st time between my last 2 comments & now I don’t see it. Weird. LOL)

  3. Vicki Mc

    My favorite dish to make in the crockpot is pulled pork! There’s nothing like slow cooking to make the meat tender and juicy!

  4. Sarah

    My favorite thing to make is some pulled barbeque chicken or pork. I love playing with combinations of sauces and other ingredients to see what you come up with 8 hours later!

  5. I’ve only made a couple things in the crock pot–I think my favorite so far is chicken and biscuits. But I know a lot of people make chili in it and it turns out amazing.

  6. Tiffany Larsen

    My most favorite dish is Crock Pot rice pudding. It is super easy to put together and my kids love it.


  8. miranda

    I love when my husband makes pork barbecue or chili in our crockpot. When I use the crockpot, I make an overnight breakfast casserole; especially when we have people visiting. We have a nice hot breakfast in the morning but we can spend all of our time visiting, not cooking!

  9. Ashley

    I love to do the Pioneer Woman’s Pot Roast in the Crock Pot. So easy and easy to forget when I have a long day ahead of me!

  10. Sarah H.P.

    My favorite dish to cook in a crock pot is probably chili! It’s the cooking and serving pot at get-togethers, so it’s ideal for me!

  11. Rachel C

    My FAV crock pot recipe is “Kevin and Amanda” mighty meaty cheesey dip! So easy and such a crowd pleaser : )

  12. Blanca

    I like to cook New Orleans style red beans & rice with sausage in my crockpot..so easy & yummy! thanks for the chance to win.

  13. CR

    Definitely would have to be any kind of berry cobbler or slow cooker buffalo chicken– two of my favorite foods and I love that they can be made in a crockpot!

  14. William

    Chilli. In my opinion you Have to cook chilli in one of two things, a crock pot is the best if you really want all of the flavor to pop.

  15. Jennifer G.

    I love to cook up split chicken breasts in the crock pot all day, then shred it up for chicken salads, chicken tacos, etc.

  16. Thesha

    The meat and au jus for French dip sandwiches. I’m sure there is actually a name for it but this works for me!

  17. Mitra

    My favorite thing to cook in the crock pot is barbeque chicken! It’s so easy and it makes my whole apartment smell delicious while it’s cooking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Allison R.

    My favorite dish to cook in the crock pot is Taco Soup! It’s delicious, low-cal and keeps for days!

    – Allison

  19. Trisha

    I love to cook a whole chicken and then when it’s gone I add the carcass back in with carrots, onion, celery and maybe some garlic with water to make stock.

  20. Leah B

    I have just embraced my crockpot within the past year. I love making soups in it, perfect in the winter. And I love Jiff PB ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Kristen

    I LOVE my crock pot and use it all the time, especially in the winter. I love making Tomato Bisque in there as well as pulled pork sandwiches. Yum!

  22. I like making slow cooker bbq chicken, and I need a new crock pot so bad because my current one boils things on low and only takes 2-3 hours. ON LOW!!! High burns things.

  23. P.J.

    I love to make wine & tomato braised chicken. It’s delicious and seems like you’ve been slaving for hours when the crock pot’s done all the work!

  24. Goodness that’s a beautiful Crock Pot! This is hardly a recipe, but I like to put in chicken breasts, a jar of salsa, a can of black beans, and frozen or canned corn. At the end of the day, shred the chicken. You can serve it on rice, in burritos, on potatoes, however makes you happy!

  25. Adrienne Gillespie

    I love the classic pot roast and potatoes – what better thing to come home to after a long day at the office. Comfort food at its best!

  26. Teresa

    My favorite thing to cook in the crock pot is chili- I go for a classic beefy beany spicy chili and fill the pot to the brim!

  27. Tina Larkin

    Shredded Beef. I put a roast in the crockpot, puree 2 cans of rotel and pour it over the roast, add a little salt & pepper and let it cook on low while I’m at work. When I get home, I shred the roast and we can have, tacos, burritos, enchiladas or whatever strikes our fancy. Works great with chicken too. :o)

  28. I love to make my Grandma’s beef stew in the crock pot. Mine is broken so I’ve been without for quite some time…winning this would make my winter much better!


  29. Kristin

    I love to cook italian beef in the crockpot! I add a head of garlic with the roast and 8 hours later there’s lots of good garlic flavor and the head is all soft and roasty; you can use it as a spread on your sandwich for extra garlic goodness! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Amy Schwarz

    My favorite dish to make in my slow cooker is super easy beef tips! One can French onion, one can roasted garlic cream of mushroom soup and 2 pounds chopped beef tips. I also add one bay leaf and some liquid beef bouillon for extra flavor. So simple and easy and yet so delilsh! One of the few dishes my one year old will always eat! Lol

  31. Tonya

    I would make soup, glorious soup! I love the combinations I come up with and the flavors from all day cooking! YUMMY!

  32. Kelly B.

    My favorite crock pot recipe is Chicken Taco Chili. I found it on pinterest a few months ago and have made it a few times…it is delicious!

  33. Jamie

    I make a wonderful “tuscan chicken” which is just chicken, peppers, onions and some spices that you shred to have sandwiches. great for parties!

  34. Ooooooh! The crockpot has been, hands down, the best wedding present we received!! We use it at least once a week, usually to make yummy creamy italian chicken!

  35. Vaishali

    Chilli would be my favorite thing to cook in a crockpot, I haven’t owned one yet so may be there are more crock pot recipes that I will try.

  36. I love cooking soups on a cold day. But my favorite make and take in my crock pot ( i have had mine for 12 years it’s small) Chili, I take to pot lucks and family parties.

  37. In my crockpot, I like to cook boneless pork roast until it falls apart, then mix in raspberry-chipotle bbq sauce. I serve it as pulled pork sammies. Delish!

  38. Libby

    My favorite is Kalua Pulled Pork followed by Baked Potato Soup…yum!!

    I need a new crckpot so bad, the lid to mine broke a while back and I’ve been using another lid that kinda sorta fits, but not really….not ideal….

  39. Lori C

    Our family life is very busy, so I use my crock pot all the time, but my favorite thing to make is a roasting chicken with veggies. It’s a great way to teach my son how to throw together a few simple ingredients to make a delicious meal without a lot of fuss. By the time he’s ready for college (four years!!!), he’ll have plenty of know-how to feed himself something other than ramen noodles and easy mac.

  40. Gina

    I love doing chicken in the crock-pot at the beginning of the week and then I use it in different recipes for lunch/dinner throughout the week.

  41. Sam H

    I’m not sure what my “favorite” is, but I absolutely love the convenience of cooking dried beans in there! You just stick them in and don’t worry about them… then they’re DONE!!

  42. Regina

    I like putting a whole chicken in the crockpot. They come out so tender you can mash the dark meat with a fork.

  43. Jen P

    My husbands absolute favorite this is a crock pot roast, so that’s what get the most crock pot action on our house!

  44. Dara

    EVERYTHING, because I’m a) a grad student (aka poor), b) about to graduate (aka writing my dissertation and have no time to cook, and c) a vegan (aka I eat beans, lentils, and rice in every combo imaginable).

  45. Anne

    Buffalo chicken: bag of frozen chicken breasts, bottle of wing sauce, packet of ranch; cook on low for 6 hours. Yum!

  46. Theresa P

    Pulled chicken! I love experimenting with different flavors. My favorite is adding a jar of salsa and making all sorts of Mexican dishes ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. Adrienne

    My favorite thing in a crock pot is super easy delicious pork chops…in fact, we are making them now for tonight!

  48. Ashley M

    My favorite crock pot recipe is Spanish olive chicken. Garlic-stuffed olives, tomato sauce, and one bottle of beer served over rice – SO delicious!

  49. I love making pot roast with carrots and potatoes.. so comforting and delicious! I always love making a huge batch of buffalo chicken dip for parties in the crock pot, too!

  50. Beth

    My favorite dish to cook in the crock pot is definitely my Mom’s Chili Recipe- It is delicious & perfect in the winter!

  51. I have recently found a list of 365 Crock-Pot recipes on Pinterest and would love to have a new dish every day… I am also dying to try a chicken soup crock pot recipe my friend gave me, but alas, I don’t own a crock pot yet…

  52. Laurel

    Carnitas are definitely my favorite in the slow cooker! I could eat them plain once they are done, but they also are yummy with toppings and tortillas!

  53. Kay

    Just bought one of these red ones for my (ex) boyfriend! Love it, should have gave him my old one. My favorite is pinto beans and ham.

  54. Holly H.

    I love to make pot roast, pulled pork, and shredded beef or pork for tacos. I am in love with my crock pot ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. may lynn mahler

    I love cooking a simple rice and chicken dinner in my crockpot- but I would love to win this crockpot! I could cook a whole meal with two!

  56. I love crock pot cooking-just set it and forget it until you get home from work. My favorite dish to cook in a crock pot is a low-fat version of the Indian dish Tikka Masala, it is so delicious! Hope I win!!

  57. Carly

    My new favorite slow cooker recipe is Red Beans and Rice. Delicious! We also love a good old roast, potatoes and carrots. Yum!

  58. Haley

    My favorite crock pot meal is Pulled Pork Sandwiches. I throw a pork loin and a bottle of barbeque sauce in the pot, set it on low, and let ‘er ride!

  59. I love cooking whole chickens in the crock pot with a couple apples and onions thrown in. The chicken can be used for many meals.