Napoleon Portable Grill Giveaway

Contest is now closed, the winner has been notified.

AJ Madison is about to make your summer even better! They are offering one lucky Picky Palate reader a gorgeous 26″ Napoleon Portable Gas Grill valued at $399.00 .

I love that you can pack this baby up in your vehicle and take it to the beach, the park, or even a friend’s house.

AJ Madison is the #1 independent online retailer of appliances. They ship nationwide and have the best deals on the market.

Some information about the Napoleon Grill:


  • Fuel Type : Liquid Propane
  • Style : Portable
  • Cooking Grates Material : Stainless Steel
  • Color : Stainless Steel


  • Width : 26″
  • Depth : 15 3/4″
  • Height : 16″

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment here telling us….“What is your favorite food to grill in the summer?”

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. For additional extra entries Follow AJ Madison on Facebook and Twitter. Leave 2 separate comments for this if desired.

3. Giveaway is open to US residents only and shipping will be covered by AJ Madison. Giveaway provided by AJ Madison.

4. Contest ends Sunday July 3rd, 8pm PST. Winner will be chosen by and notified by email. Winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize or another winner will be chosen.


Good Luck!

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1,298 Responses
  1. Maura

    Love Steak and Ribs on the grill with grilled peaches, plums, and pineapple for dessert! Just discovered Picky-Palate (ate your amazing s’mores brownies at my sisters) can’t wait to try so many things! First up-Gooey White Chocolate Fluffernutter Cake Bars!

    Thank for the great treat recipes!
    Maura in CT

  2. Angie

    I love to grill ribeyes. My hamburgers don’t turn out well for some reason. I would love to take this grill camping.

  3. The best food to grill this summer? Clearly hot dogs! Hamburgers are year-round food, but hot dogs taste best hot off the grill in summer.

  4. Alison LaCava

    Today I am grilling ….well smoking…18# of Boston Butt for BBQ this weekend. Happy 4th of July!!

    But my all time favorite grilled summer treat is hotdogs at the lake….

  5. Nicole K

    We love to grill beer can chicken with a jalapeno in the neck and corn on the cob. It’s been a summer staple for as long as I can remember!

  6. Sarah H.P.

    One of my favorite foods to grill in the summer is definitely homemade burgers!! You just can’t go wrong!

  7. Brittany C.

    My favorite things to grill are veggies! Zucchini, squash and onions! YUM! I could eat them every day!

  8. I might be in the minority, but I love,love LOVE to grill peppers and onions ( if I must pick one……onions wins!) I love how swee they get and the change in texture is scrumptious!!
    It might be the ONLY time you will ever catch me licking my fingers!!

  9. Audra

    I absolutely LOVE grilled eggplant. Olive oil, garlic and italian seasoning… there is seriously NOTHING better!!!

  10. Becky ABC

    I love grilled shrimp! My husband loves a good steak grill and my son loves to roast marshmallows on after we are done with the grill. Kind of traditional, I know, but always so yummmy!

  11. Suzi Geisler

    We love to grill salmon, chicken, burgers of all kinds, veggies and we made pizzas once that were delicious!

  12. Debbie Moore

    My favorite item to grill is a yummy tender skirt steak accompanied by grilled corn on the cob.

  13. Alanna

    My favorite thing to grill is actually something my mom came up with when I was younger. Fresh peaches(we had a peach tree at our house) and blueberries with a little brown sugar and wrapped up in tin foil and put on the grill. It’s amazing!

  14. Michelle Ingram

    My favorite food to grill in the summer is yellow squash and onions with shrimp! Any fresh vege’s will do! Asparagus with vege’s burger’s-YUM!

  15. Julie S.

    I love, love, love BBQ chicken with homemade BBQ sauce. I’d rather grill that than anything else!

  16. Marilyn G

    Our favorite grilling food is kabobs-using green and gold peppers for our Green Bay Packers!

  17. Lori C

    Steak of all kinds! Whether it’s for kabobs, fajitas, or just steak with a baked potato, it’s ALL good! πŸ™‚

  18. What is your favorite food to grill in the summer?
    I’m a traditionalist, I love a good hot dog. πŸ™‚ This grill would be great for the new place we move into next week…one finally with a patio!

  19. Brittany

    Gosh, so many things! Chicken, corn, and pizza… But I’d have to say a nice Bratwurst is just my favorite.

  20. brooke

    Kabobs! We love the variety of ingredients and using different marinades and spice rubs for the meat.

  21. Ad K.

    I love any kind of kabobs or salmon. For dessert, grilled pineapple, peaches or apricots are yummy! I would love to try a grilled pizza this summer.

  22. Tracey

    We like to grill hamburgers….pretty basic, I know. Nectarines are great for a quick and healthy dessert.

  23. kel mcnichol

    Can I just say…love at first site? Is it wrong to be in love with a grill? Then I don’t want to be right. I am such a grill fantatic! I love to experiment with everything. Lately, been doing alot of pizzas and desserts/fruits over the grill…I love summer!

  24. Betty

    One of my favorite foods on the grill is chicken. Grilling gives it such a wonderful taste compared to the oven or cooktop.

  25. Alexis

    Lately, I’ve been really into grilling bread and then topping with whatever I’m in the mood for. Last night, it was sharp cheddar and fresh peach slices. Mmmmm.

  26. Lynnette Bradley

    We love grilling Chicken. And are very much looking forward to trying a new recipe we found, “Grilled Banana Smores”! Yum!

  27. My favorite grilled food is grilled chicken and veggies. YUM and perfect for summer! I would love to be able to take that to the park or lake with me. πŸ™‚

  28. Laura Burkholder

    we love to grill steak, but frequently have a juicey burger on the grill. πŸ™‚ yum.

  29. Susie Q

    Corn on the cob with lime and Parmesan. And salmon. And fish seems so much better grilled! Fantastic giveaway, thank you! Have a great 4th!

  30. Peggy Jo

    Even though I live in the midwest I love to grill out year round. Seafood on the grill is my favorite, especially salmon!

  31. Lisa Tyler

    And I just liked AJ Madison on Facebook! I actually used them a lot when my husband and I were building our house… great deals on our appliances!

  32. Molly

    My favorite summer food to grill is fresh pineapple! It’s a perfect topping for a fresh hamburger.

  33. davethefish1

    My favorite is smoked brisket on low fire for 5 or 6 hours, depends on internal temperature. thanks for opportunity to win it!

  34. sarah

    I love to grill chicken with a homemade grill rub. We also grill a lot of veggies, like mushrooms, asparagus, zuchini, tomatoes, onion, corn! YUM!!!

  35. Corisa

    I have never actually grilled myself but i can’t wait to this year ! I love enjoying grilled BBQ chicken with some baked beans and corn!

  36. Lindsay

    What don’t we love grilling??? My favorite right now would have to be salmon though – yum!

  37. Sue M.

    Our family enjoys fruit (pineapple and peaches) and
    veggies (corn on the cob, peppers, eggplant, squash)
    cookjed on the grill. Oh I can taste it now! I am off
    to the farmers market in a little bit to buy some things that
    are in season here in Southwesten PA and grill it up on the 4th!
    How nice it would be to have a new grill to use.
    Have a safe and happy 4th of July!!!

  38. Emily

    Kabobs….they are so healthy and everyone can make theirs to their exact liking. I love it when everyone is happy at dinner. They get us outside too.

  39. ileana

    Seriously? Everything tastes better grilled! Love grilled pizza, vegies, fruit, everything! Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. emily willingham

    my favorite food to grill in the summer is fresh veggies right out of the garden – squash, zucchinis, eggplant, corn on the cob, and beets. please enter me in the portable grill give-away. thanks!

  41. Tricia

    Any vegetable that is growing in our garden. Now, we have an over flow of squash, peppers and tomato’s.

  42. VickiT

    I’m just plain old fashioned and cannot resist a well grilled steak. That is an awesome looking grill. What a great prize for someone.

  43. corine

    victory dogs!
    i am not a fan of hot dogs, but wrapped in bacon with some grilled bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms…YUM!

  44. Cheryl

    I love grilling marinated chicken…leftovers are great in many other recipes. My husband loves grilling tri-tip. You are Liked on FB, so is AJ Madison!:)

  45. Tiffany Hawkins

    I am horrible on the grill, but my favorite food to eat that someone else grills is a toss up between corn and turkey burgers!! Hungry just thinking about it πŸ™‚

  46. Lauren

    My favorite grilled food is a good old fashioned cheeseburger, but I am loving grilled pineapple rig now, too.

  47. Carrie

    My husband’s favorite is tuna wrapped in bacon with garlic butter…I like shish kebabs. Either would be great on that grill when we go camping!

  48. Favorite food to grill: Italian steaks! Make a paste from garlic, Italian herbs, and olive oil, marinate steaks to room temperature, then grill!

  49. heather

    if i had a grill it would be steak and corn on the cob. before ours died that is what we loved to grill.

  50. Shannon

    Love, love, grilled veggies and fruit – But nothing better then a nice steak on the barbie!

  51. Kimiko

    We don’t do any grilling because we don’t own a grill! But if we did, I would love to try making a grilled pizza! I also LOVE grilled corn on the cob.

  52. Andrea Thompson

    I love to grill chicken and steak during the summer. I love to not have to turn my oven on and heat up my house!

  53. jULIE UrbAN

    I love to grill Chicken Fajitas and Shish Tawook in the summer and coffee crusted steak and veggies and….and ….and…pizza….everything!!!!!

  54. I love to grill chicken using my mother’s marinade recipe. Warms my hear to think of her when we use her recipe. thanks for the opportunity to win. ~Ann

  55. Gayle

    My favorite thing to grill is a big ol’ steak, with diced veggies such as peppers, squash, zucchini, asparagus, and onion in foil. MMMMMM!

    1. rusthawk

      I just registered here at your site. Mu subsequent entries will all be under the username rusthawk. Thanks!

  56. Lauren Caron

    I love to grill lots of chicken and steak on the weekends. Besides being yummy, there are plenty of leftovers for quick dinners during the busy week. What is better than grilled chicken or steak salad with French bread on a hot summer evening?

  57. Sandie Gallagher

    I love to grill Salmon…but we do plenty of dogs and burgers too.
    this is the coolest thing I have ever seen for a portable ! ~~~ I’m lovin it ~~~

  58. mim

    We use our grill year round but my fav thing to grill in the summer would have to be classic bbq chicken legs and corn on the cob. Yummm, I can’t wait for that sweet corn harvest.

  59. Brenda

    I don’t use the grill, but my husband does. We really like grilling tri-tip steak. We make steak sandwiches with it.