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New Sara Lee Cookbook Giveaway, 3 Winners!

Hey everyone, check out this great new cookbook up for grabs to 3 lucky Picky Palate readers by Sara Lee. I have spent the last few days flipping through the book and it is incredible! It’s a beautiful hardcover cookbook, full of great photography and health conscious recipes. Here’s some info on the book:

Sara Lee
is partnering with The Heart Truth Campaign to raise awareness of heart disease among women and encourage them to make heart healthy food choices every day to take care of their bodies and their families. One of the best things a mom can do for her family is take care of herself. One of the easiest ways to take care of herself is to establish a heart healthy eating routine.

Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment and tell us all what your favorite healthy snack is. Fruit, veggi’s or whatever you can enjoy that’s healthy, let us know!

Contest ends Sunday night, midnight PST. I’ll post the 3 random winners first thing Monday morning.


Best of luck everyone! Have a great rest of your weekend!! See you Monday morning for the winners.

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  1. 251
    Jake and Heidi says:

    I love steamed asparagus with a little bit of spray butter! simple but my favorite!

  2. 252
    Lauren says:

    Hummis. Love the hummis. I don’t think I’m spelling it right, though – will that disqualify me? 🙂

  3. 253
    Anonymous says:

    my favorite healthy snack is wheat thins with a little cheese on them.
    Kayla T.
    [email protected]

  4. 254
    Tammy says:

    My favorite healthy snack is red delicious apple wedges with a touch of Smart Balance crunchy peanut butter on top. You could add yellow raisins, too, if you like those.

  5. 255
    Kara says:

    I would have to say apples and string cheese. Because they are quick and easy!

  6. 256
    Charlene says:

    I try to eat an apple and/or blueberries every day. Both have great health benefits. An apple with a little peanut butter or plain yogurt with blueberries and a little Xagave are delicious and nutritious.

  7. 257
    Lindsey says:

    I love snacking on hummus with veggies!

  8. 258
    Carla says:

    I love any type of fruit or veggie tray with dip.

  9. 259
    Janae says:

    Smoothies are my favorite snack. 1 cup frozen fruit, 1 cup juice and some yogurt. Mmm, delish!

  10. 260
    JAIMIE says:

    My favorite snack is FRESH pineapple! OH SO JUICY! = )

  11. 261
    Katie says:

    I love fruit. my daughter and i will eat just fruit for breakfast sometimes.

  12. 262
    Robin says:

    I think my FAVORITE snack food has to be baby carrots with caesar dressing YUMMY!!!!!

  13. 263
    Angela says:

    I love Edamame–steamed or I just found some dried ones at Costco that are a little salty and crunchy!!! Yummy.

    This cookbook looks awesome!!

  14. 264
    Sarah or Stephen says:

    Blueberries and walnuts, easy and delicious!

  15. 265
    Tiff says:

    My favorite snack is a stick of string cheese. I will eat one before going to the gym.

  16. 266
    EB says:

    I love carrots with roasted garlic hummus.


  17. 267
    Meghan says:

    There’s a lot, but I’d probably say plain strawberries or cut up apples with a little fruit dip. The women in my husband’s family have a strong history of heart disease, so it’s a cause that’s important to me. Great giveaway Jenny!

  18. 268
    Brandon and Melani says:

    Hmmm…I have many, but I love Laughing Cow cheese(the onion flavored one is the best)!!! I usually eat it with either an apple or a serving of crackers or pretzel crisps.

  19. 269
    Anonymous says:

    A big bowl of fresh fruit salad with all the summertime fruit!

  20. 270
    Janie says:

    Our favorite snack in our house is Granny Smith apples with peanut butter. You get the great sweet/tart taste and crispness of the apples, with the savory taste of the peanut butter. A little carb, protein, and fat all rolled into one. It’s amazing at curbing those awful cravings!

  21. 271
    cathy young says:

    cottage cheese and strawberries!!

  22. 272
    John and Marissa says:

    My favorite healthy treat is frozen red grapes (Costco has the best grapes!). They are really good at curing that sweet tooth!

  23. 273
    Tirah says:

    Light Laughing Cow Cheese wedge spread on wheat thin high in fiber vegtable crackers. YUM!

  24. 274
    Justin & Jennifer Olsen says:

    My favorite snack is strawberry yogurt with granola mixed in. Yummy!
    [email protected]

  25. 275
    Mom24 says:

    My favorite healthy snack? Fruit Salad

  26. 276
    Becky says:

    Laughing Cow Garlic and herb cheese with pretzel chips

  27. 277
    Anonymous says:

    Almonds are my new favorite heart healthy snack. mmmm…

    Lisa Detig

  28. 278
    Angela A. says:

    Vanilla yogurt with granola and bananas sliced on top or fruit smoothies made from frozen fruit or canned and vanilla yogurt. Both are quick and easy!

  29. 279
    Anonymous says:

    smoothies are my favorite.

  30. 280
    sezbse says:

    oops, the last comment saying smoothies are my favorite heart healthy treat is from me.

  31. 281
    msumommie says:

    Pretzels and hummus!

  32. 282
    Josh & Leisha says:

    I recently dried some canned pineapple (in its our juice) everyone in our family love it.

  33. 283
    Nadine says:

    Apple slices dipped in yogurt dip. The best yogurt dip I make is plain yogurt(light) and mix in some cinnamon as much as you like. Dip fruit slices as you like but my fav is apple slices.

  34. 284
    Steph says:

    Apples and oranges! I can never get enough of them.

  35. 285
    Jessica says:

    Fresh raspberries…if only they were available all year round.

  36. 286
    Katie R says:

    We love fresh fruit. Sometimes we have apples with peanut butter…very yummy. Or frozen bananas.

  37. 287
    Anonymous says:

    My favorite healthy snack is edamame. It is plain, but filling and healthy. My kids love it too!
    [email protected]

  38. 288
    Nick and Deanne says:

    I love fresh fruit from the road stands in the summer!

  39. 289
    Kristin says:

    My favorite snack is fresh strawberries

  40. 290
    Kacy & Adam says:

    Fresh pineapple…always delicious! I also love a good fresh garden cucumber or tomato 🙂

  41. 291
    Topher says:

    apples. i love apples

  42. 292
    Jon, Launa, & boys says:

    This is what I totally enjoy, although I haven’t named it. You get the pouch tuna flavored smoked salmon add only the whites of boiled eggs and mix in sliced celery. Add some mustard and salt and pepper (maybe a dash of vinegar), mix up well and wrap it in lettuce. I totally love it. Thanks

  43. 293
    Shawn and Tasha says:

    Chilled homemade salsa, delicious at any time of the day/night! It never lasts long in our house AND it’s healthy. And when we have a sweet tooth, we make fruit salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips. Yummy yum yum!

  44. 294
    Lindsey Springfield says:

    almonds (just a few), apples, & carrots. I hope i win! :o)

  45. 295
    Lynda says:

    I love fruit or lowfat blueberry yogurt for snacking. Then, of course, there’s always chocolate!

  46. 296
    Gooches says:

    We love homemade fruit leather. It takes a day to make it and is gone in 60 seconds!

  47. 297
    Trinette McCrary says:

    We love popcorn, fruit and nuts!!

  48. 298
    schnebly says:

    The favorite snack at our house is raisins and almonds. . crunchy and sweet just like a snack should be!

  49. 299
    Erica says:

    It’s too hard to pick one, so I’ll say grapefruit, string cheese, and apples with peanut butter. I also LOVE the Skinny Cow ice cream bars, which are low in fat and calories for those of us with a killer sweet-tooth. 🙂

  50. 300
    Becki Madsen says:

    Tomatoes and fresh peas

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