One Day “Porky” Giveaway!

Contest is now closed, congrats to John, entry #930 who was chosen as the winner.

Hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve got a quick one day giveaway courtesy of the National Pork Board for you today. Lots of fun goodies up for grab for one lucky Picky Palate reader. Here’s what’s in the prize ($200 Value) ….

·         Pork Chops (to be mailed separately)

·         Pork Be inspired branded Apron

·         Pork Be inspired Brochure

·         Pork Branded Digital Meat Thermometer

·         Cuisinart CCJ-100 Citrus Pro Juicer

·         Vacu Vin Pineapple Slicer

·         Norpro Grip-Ez Jalapeno Pepper Corer

·         Cuisinart Grill Pan

·         Dry Ingredients (Salt, Light Brown Sugar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chili Powder)

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us, “What is your favorite pork recipe?” Pork Chops, carnitas….let’s hear it!

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Wednesday June 22nd, 8am PST 🙂 Winner will be chosen by and be notified by email.

4. Disclosure, I was provided the same prize, all provided by the National Pork Board.

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1,507 Responses
  1. Tracey

    Pork stuffed roast and a whole pork roast on the BBQ. My Mom used to make it on the weber and it has to be the best!

    Love your website!

  2. I so love trying new recipes, but when I was little, my mom would always make pork chops and applesauce and therefore, this is still one of my favorite pork recipes.

  3. Sarah H.P.

    My favourite pork recipe has to be a simple slow-roasted shoulder of pork that is shredded and mixed with a yummy barbecue sauce to create BBQ pork sandwiches!!

  4. Vicki Terpstra

    My favorite pork recipe is one I got from Paula Deen. It’s a Smoked Boston Butt Recipe and SO delicious and super easy too which is a huge plus. My entire family loves this recipe.

  5. Catherine O

    My favorite way to eat pork chops is very simple… olive oil, salt & pepper on the stove top. yum!

  6. Pamela Shank

    I also follow & Like on facebook
    the list of gifts is awesome…sure would like to win
    pulled pork is one of my favorites. tender baked prok chops are also a favorite

  7. Carolyn

    Love pork, but the first thing that popped into mind was an old fashioned bone in picnic ham baked all night.

  8. Becky P

    My favorite pork recipe is one that we make in our Dutch Oven when we go camping. It is delicious. It is made with pork chops, peaches, apricot preserves, dijon mustard, and stove top stuffing. Trust me it is good!

  9. kim ledford

    My favorite pork recipe is to take a tenderloin and cook it in a crockpot all day and then shred it with 2 forks and add cumin and mexican spices and make shredded pork tacos with corn tortillas!

  10. fran

    favorite pork recipe..any type of pork, can of whole cranberries, onion, soy sauce…put all in crock pot…delish when you get home

  11. SewLindaAnn

    Fave pork recipe is a quick sear and a long, long cook in a slow cooking pot of spaghetti sauce. Melts in your mouth!

  12. Cathy Myers

    I like to do a shoulder pork roast in the crock pot for a few hours, make my own bbq sauce and have bbq pulled pork.

  13. Valerie

    A Filipino dish called Guisado – – my family commonly calls is Filipino Pork and Beans, basically cut up pork shoulder and green beans cooked in a tomato and soy sauce broth served over rice. Mmmmm . . .

  14. I don’t cook a whole lot of pork, mostly because I haven’t mastered a recipe on it yet, but my husband grills pork chops, and occassionally I make a pork loin!

  15. Cassidy Mickelsen

    i love pork loin with ogrange vinegerette. i got the recipe off of Yum!

  16. aimee

    I love to sear the chops, then let them simmer in the crock pot all afternoon with a jar of sauerkraut.

  17. Pulled pork BBQ done in the slow cooker – it is so tender and moist. Pile it on a toasted bun with a couple of pickles …. can we say summer!!

  18. It’s been many, many years, but I used to make the most delicious stuffed pork chops. Went to the butcher and he cut them the thickness I asked for and then put a slit in each one for the stuffing. Used a typical stuffing such as the kind you’d put in a whole chicken or turkey.

  19. Michelle

    Dijon Mustard Pork chops

    6 Pork chops, or steaks
    10 T. Butter, softened
    4 T. dijon mustard
    2 T. parsley
    2 T. chopped chives
    1 tsp. Lemon juice
    1/2 tsp. paprika
    salt and pepper to taste

    Mix all ingredients together then smear on top of the pork chops. Place chops in a hot grill pan and cook until bottom of chops is brown, turn over and cook another 5 minutes. Serve the melted butter sauce over the chops. I use a fork and poke holes in the chops to allow the flavors to get down in the meat.

  20. My favorite pork recipe would have to be coca-coal pork loins. You lightly brown seasoned pork loins in a dutch oven, mix in a mixture that is equal portions of coca-cola and BBQ sauce and bake covered for about 45 min. 🙂

    Love your blog Jenny!!

  21. Naomi Dempsey

    I love to make pork loin with Catalina dressing, honey, and paprika on top. Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Natalie R

    Barbequed Pork Ribs have been a favorite of mine lately! But I usually can’t go wrong with Pork…most pork I like.

  23. Kara

    My favorite pork recipe is either my Sweet Pork or the green chili shredded pork. Both delicious! 🙂

  24. Brendon

    Just plain old grilled pork chops. Most people in my family don’t like them, so when I get to eat them, it’s heaven!

  25. Mmmm, my favorite is Mojo Pork in the crock pot with black beans and rice and plantains. It’s so easy,and SO yummy!

  26. Nichole

    Our current favorite pork dish is a version of Cooking Light’s Chipotle Pork Tacos as done by Our Best Bites.

    Traditionally though, does comfort food get any better than the pork chop? We like our thick cut, lightly seasoned with a little S&P and grilled. Yum!

  27. Kayre

    I love everything made with Pork. I guess that my favorite is Cajun-Seasoned Oven Baked Pork Chops. I serve them with potatoes (white and sweet) cubed, seasoned with Cajun seasnoning, and sprayed with Butter-flavored Pam and baked until tender. (I do drizzle a little melted butter before taking them out of the oven!) Yummies!

  28. Joan Stringham

    Kalua Pig. Salt a big pork roast and pour 3 T. liquid smoke over it. Cover with foil and slow roast at 325 for 4 or 5 hours. Shred with two forks, pour the juices over it and serve with rice. So easy, so good.

  29. Joan Stringham

    I love luau food and my favorite recipe is Kalua Pig. Use any pork roast (shoulder, butt, etc.), usually a big one of about 8 lbs. and cut off any visible fat. Salt with kosher salt and pour about 3 T. liquid smoke over the roast. Cover with foil and put in the oven for about 4 or 5 hours at 325. Shred with two forks, pour most of the juices back over it and serve with rice. So easy, so good.

  30. Gayle DuBois

    I love pork of any kind it is one of my main meats that I use most often next to chicken. One of my favorite recipes I make is using a pork loin roast that I brown
    on the stove top in olive oil and some diced onion and then put in my slow cooker and top with apple pie filling from the can and let cook low and slow…serve with
    mashed potatoes…roll’s and salad…delicious!!!! I would love to win this prize because I just bought two different pork items today at the store!!

  31. Molly

    My favorite pork recipe is a sweet and spicy pulled pork; you just cook the pork shoulder on low in a bath of rootbeer in a slow-cooker with a variety of dried adobo and other peppers (try roasted jalapeno for a kick!) tossed in. Delicious!

  32. My family loves grilled porkchops with mashed potatoes, corn-on-the-cob and cooked down green beans. There’s nothin’ better! ☺

  33. Shelley C

    I have two pork recipes that are staples around here: Sweet and Sour Spareribs (a crockpot recipe), and Tourtiere ( a French Acadian meat pie).

  34. Carol G

    I love pork (chops or tenderloin) baked with olive oil & rosemary, then top with an apricot, pineapple and horseradish sauce I make 🙂
    How can you go wrong with any pork product??

  35. Denise LaRoche

    Love your page. I recently have been all about smoking pork. We bought a nice smoker and I have begun creating different rubs and barbque sauces. So yummy!

  36. Courtney

    I love pork tenderloin. My mom has the best recipe in the world for pork tenderloin, but I’m not skilled enough to know it yet ha.

  37. Kelly

    When I was a little girl my mom would throw some porkchops in the crockpot with crushed tomatoes and onions. It always turned out so delicious, even though it was so simple. Love it to this day.

  38. Alessa

    I love pork…mmmmm…bo ssam, kalua pork, vietnamese caramelized pork. Those are my favorites and I can’t pick just one.

  39. Bootybella

    MMMMMMM Pork!!! My favorite pork recipe is Pork & Mango Lettuce Wraps! Easy peasy – and delicious on a hot summer day!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a “porky package”!!!

  40. Jenni

    I love to make this rosemary roasted pork loin. I think the recipe is originally from the Barefoot Contessa, but I got it from a friend of mine. It’s written out by hand and you can tell from all the smears and stains it is VERY well loved.

  41. I love Pork tacos in a lightly fried corn tortilla with mayo jalepeno cilantro dressing and cabbage….i’m drooling just typing this…YUM!!!!

  42. Kay

    Pork chops with peaches…recipe also has brown sugar and orange juice. Really good! Fabulous give-away. Thank you.

  43. Maria M.

    My best, best of all is oven roasted Puerto Rican Pork Shoulder with the Crunch Skin on it. It is the best.

  44. Stephanie

    Baked slow and low for a few hours with apples, onions and brown sugar! Would you guys believe I have never had pulled pork?!

  45. Sandra Taylor

    I love thick pork chops stuffed with rice! Got the recipe when I was in so-called homemaking class some 40+years ago. Still good!

  46. Megan

    My favorite pork dish (currently) is thin-sliced pork chops with a ginger-soy sauce marinade. Not so much a recipe as “throw some things together” but I enjoy it. Or, a real NC bbq sandwich.

  47. Bethany

    My favorite pork recipe is to throw a pork loin into a casserole dish, cover it in marinara (store bought or your own) and let it bake. Serve over spaghetti.

    It’s a great twist on normal spaghetti, and the marinara makes the pork loin oh so tender.

  48. I LOVE this giveaway! We eat pork chops once a week–boneless, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper and it’s delicious. It’s simple but healthy and low in calories. I really want to try making pork in the crockpot–maybe shredded pork for tacos?

  49. AmanoUsagi

    I have a great pulled pork recipe that I love. It has a little zing to it and my husband loves it.

  50. Suzanne

    BBQ shredded pork over a baked potato with yummy, vinegary cole slaw, chopped green onions, cheese, and sour cream on top!

  51. Becca H.

    When it comes to pork, I have SO many favorites, I can never decide! I guess my favorite go-to would be boneless country pork ribs. I love using the slow cooker to make them, and then shredding the pork for sandwiches the next day. YUM!

  52. Stephanie S.

    my hubby is allergic to all poultry so we eat a lot of pork. our fave is a tex mex grilled pork ceasar salad w/homemade croutons and dressing.

  53. I like all things pork but if I had to pick one, it would be BBQ baby back ribs. I start them in the oven and finish on the grill, fall off the bone goodness!

  54. Jennifer H

    Nothing makes your home smelly quite as homey as cooking pork. My current favorite is slow cooked pork, shredded and served either with BBQ sauce or as filling for tacos. Yum!

  55. I like to flour and season thin pork chops and then fry them in butter. Then I remove them, add lemon juice and honey to the drippings, cook that down, add back the pork chops and serve. Yuuummm.

  56. bryansgyrl

    I LOVE pulled pork! Also, my dad used to make a really yummy pork roast with potatoes, served with applesauce that was devine!

  57. April Kegley

    My husband and I like to make grilled spiced rubbed pork chops this time of the yr. We could make them all yr round with the grill pan!

  58. wendy

    Kahlua Pig! My grandpa built a ground smoke pit in his backyard in Hawaii. Tea leaves are collected and line the pit, a whole pig is then opened and lined with hot rocks then placed in the pit followed by being covered with tea leaves for hours and hours until it is cooked through and falls apart to touch. We mainlanders cheat… put some pork shoulder in the crock pot and add tea leaf and liquid smoke;)

  59. Tonya

    My favorite pork recipe is oven fried pork chops. If you have some caramelized onions to add, it’s even better.

  60. Our favorite pork recipe is my husband’s creation – a Mexican style pork stew we make in the crock pot. We also like grilled boneless pork chops marinated in Kalamata olive brine (another husband brain storm).

  61. Julie Ryan

    I made a mean stir-fry with a piece of pork tenderloin the other night.. have an awesome apple onion marmalade that was to die for on top of it.

  62. Cellabella

    I have too many favorite pork recipes, but some of the top ones are barbecue baby back ribs and pulled pork, NC-style, and then a french-cut pork chop marinated in honey, orange juice and sage and then grilled!

  63. Dave

    Thanks Jenny for the opportunity to win all those great prizes! My favorite way to eat Pork is a Roasted Pork Butt, seasoned with lots of garlic stuffed in it, cooked on low temperature for hours or overnite.

  64. Sunny

    Jamaican Pork recipe by Pampered Chef for their stoneware. It starts with two pork tenderloins, adds a spice rub along with veggies (sweet potato, onion, apples) roasted in the stoneware pan along with the pork tenderloins. To serve you make a sauce with the spice drippings from the pan along with added maple syrup. It is delicious! I have made it for our Christmas meal the past two years. It’s becoming a new Christmas tradition. You can take the leftover Jamaican Pork and make a great salad with it the next day.

  65. Laura

    Bacon makes everything taste better but my favorite pork dish would have to be carnitas from thid little taco place in Querétaro Mexico

  66. Oh boy! My husnabd’s favorite meal is pork chops. I just made BBQ pulled pork (with a good amount of apple cider vinegar to please me) last night and I’m loving the leftovers 🙂

  67. Tricia

    Our son smokes a pork butt….he changes the spices every time and never writes anything down. They are wonderful.

  68. Denae

    Not sure if I can pick a favorite pork recipe. My husband makes the best grilled chops, but I make a pretty mean pulled pork!

  69. My favorite way to eat pork is a roasted pork loin with an herb rub. It is so juicy and yummy, and there are always leftovers for casseroles, sandwiches and soup.

  70. Terri

    Pernil! Which I only just had this past weekend in a pernil arepa – it was, hands down, the best pork I ever ate.

  71. I love pork – some faves – bbq ribs on the grill, roast in the crockpot with a chipotle marinade, thinly sliced pork loin cooked in salsa and peach jam… Yum Yum Yum!

  72. Jennifer

    Hmm, we love pulled pork, have a great recipe that cooks in the crock pot all day. Although, my skinny as a rail 11 year old daughter would tell you she is all about anything with bacon!! 🙂

  73. Mary Ellen

    My favorite way to prepare pork is probably the simplest… layer sauerkraut, apple pie filling (one can for 4 chops) and boneless pork chops in a baking dish. Cover and bake 1 hour at 350*. Comfort food. Serve with mashers.

  74. Joy

    We slow roast a pork roast all day at 185, then let it cool then pull/shred. We put BBQ sauce on some and make nachos, sandwiches, anything. Soooo good. Love your site.

  75. My favorite way to have pork has to be a dish we simply refer to as Hot Pork in my house, it’s one of my favorite Korean dishes I grew up with. You eat it like a lettuce wrap with rice. Delicious!

  76. Carnitas is, far and away, my favorite way to eat pork. Sometimes I prepare it with cola and chipotle; other times I use a spice rub. No matter what, it’s always tender and juicy and perfect for eating in tacos and burritos, on top of nachos, or just with your hands out of a bowl.

  77. Today is my birthday! It would be so great to win!
    mmmmmmmmmmmm pork. Such a wonderful meat. Off the top of my head I would say my favorite is chunky (not pulled or shredded) pork enchiladas with chile verde sauce.

  78. Ad K.

    Brined and grilled pork chops, pulled pork for a fun get together and a big pork roast with dumplings for the holidays!

  79. Delia Vides

    So my fave pork recipe is Carne de Puerco con Chilie (Pork with Peppers)

    It’s a Mexican dish its spicy and sweet so good.

  80. I have pork in the crockpot right now! I am making your chicken sliders recipe (but with pork instead of the chicken) and then making pork taquitoes with the leftovers tomorrow.

  81. Jenn Ciniello

    My favorite pork recipe has got to be good old pork chops, you can never go wrong with those, and my husband is a master at making them.

  82. Heather Hampton

    Oh yeah, and I LIKE you on facebook (I’d LOVE you but they haven’t developed a “LOVE” button yet, lol!)

  83. Adrienne

    I love carnitas and pulled pork as well as pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon and maple syrup….yum!!

  84. Kathy N.

    Our all time fav is Hawaiian Pork Roast. DELISH! Only 3 ingredients and it slow cooks for 20 hours…..truly amazing! 🙂

  85. Marinated Pork Chops are my favorite. A little soy sauce, olive oil, and grill seasoning is the perfect marinade. Then grill them on a hot BBQ, it’s the perfect summer dinner.

  86. Samantha Shaw

    Mine isn’t very exciting, but reminds me of my mom. It’s browned pork chops baked with rice and cream of mushroom soup.

  87. Suzanne T.

    Pork! We always keep some in the freezer for fast meals. Pork chops would be my second choice….love em!!!

  88. Sheri C

    One of my favorite pork recipes is carnitas. The slow cooked in the oven and basted with OJ and milk all day! Suppose to be a true Mexican recipe …. not sure.

  89. Liz Gerstung

    I love a teriyaki pork tenderloin…Trader Joe’s makes this Island soy sauce stuff that is a GREAT marinade for the pork!!! Everyone in the family LOVES it!

  90. <