Picky Palate Givaway!

Hi Everyone, out of appreciation for everyone’s great comments and emails I’m excited to have my very first Picky Palate Givaway! I’m no Oprah, but I’m giving away 3 separate prizes, here’s what you do…

Since, I have a terrible sweet tooth, I thought it’d be fun to hear what everyone else’s “sweetest” weakness is. Maybe I won’t feel so bad about mine! So, post a comment (one comment per person) with your favorite treat that you just can’t resist. Make sure your email is there so I can contact you if you are chosen as a winner.

Hurry, you’ve got until Monday the 23rd at midnight, then I’ll randomly pick 3 winners and post the outcome Tuesday morning. Can’t wait to hear about all your favorite indulgences!

I’ll go first……I can never resist a good Dark Dark Chocolate bar or the gooey pizza cookie with lots of vanilla bean ice cream. Good Luck Everyone!Prize #1

2 All Clad Oval Bakers

These are great little bakers. I love them for mac and cheese, roasting potatoes/veggis, you name it, they are awesome!
Prize #2
The Chocolate Deck by Lori Longbotham, 50 great looking picture/recipe cards of fabulous chocolate recipes
Ice Cream and Sorbets cookbook by Lou Siebert Pappas, great for summer!
Cute Popcorn Boxes

Prize 3
A church cookbook that I helped put together over a 2 year period that turned out great. I love all the family friendly recipes it has inside.

Thermador Taste of America 50th Anniversary Cookbook. I was lucky enough to have one of my recipes published in this gorgeous cookbook. It has some of the most beautiful photography I’ve seen. I hold this book near and dear. You’ll love it!

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515 Responses
  1. Shelley

    Anything BAKED! Cookies, Cakes, Pies,…oh my weakness!! Wish I could say it was carrots, or brocolli,…isn’t just simple NOT! 😉

  2. Cat

    With my love for eating warm cookies and ice cream, my all time favorite is the Skookie. They are fun to get at restaurants, but it’s so much fun to make them at home! I have two cast irons that are skookie skillets. The possiblities are huge by combining any soft cookie recipe, ice cream, syrups and toppings. Don’t you like it when warmth meets cold and the vanilla bean ice cream starts to melt? I do! Thanks for putting on something fun and the prizes are fantastic to say the least.

  3. Lorrie

    With my sweet tooth usually anything chocolate will do but my absolute favorite has no chocolate whatsoever. It’s called Ivory Torte. It’s made with a jellyroll crust and the custard-like filling inside is so light and fluffy I could eat the whole cake myself. To make it even better it’s topped with fresh raspberries. It really is to die for!

    Lorrie (lg1@quarles.com)

  4. Colin's Mom

    OMG do I really have to narrow it down to one?! Girl, I have to have a dessert every night or I feel like my world is coming to an end. I prefer anything baked, i.e. cookies, bars, cakes, pies. Right now, I’m really big on black and white cookies!

  5. Allison

    My guilty pleasure is….oh man..do I really have to chose just one? I would say WARM chocolate chip cookies!

  6. Amy

    Love your blog!! All of your recipes that I have tried have been wonderful!!

    I love most everything sweet, but I could eat an entire batch of chewy homemade carmel corn in one sitting.


  7. Melissa

    What’s not to love with Sweets? With me if there is sugar in it I’ll eat it & usually love it! I love homemade thick hot fudge, piled onto top of ice cream with banana’s and nuts on top! Yum! And of course no cals, right?

  8. Lauren E.

    my guilty pleasure is chocolate chip cookies AND any combination of peanut butter and chocolate!

  9. Linda

    Hi! and thanks for hosting such a fun give-away!

    I HAVE to have chocolate every single day. My favorite guilty pleasure is vanilla ice cream with melted peanut butter, hot fudge and whipped cream on top. Anything w/ PB and chocolate is a slam dunk for me! Thanks!!

    Email: lindadirksen at hotmail dot com

  10. Kaime Smethurst

    I ABSOLUTELY love any combination of Peanut butter and chocolate. Yes, those are my favorite so those brownies you have made in the past gets made about every week. They are amazing!

  11. Cam and Bri

    I think that I could eat snickers candy bars all day long. But, then I would be huge! Oh how I love them. I also love anything with cream cheese and chocolate.

  12. Jacque

    i’m in complete and total love with ben & jerry’s chunky monkey ice cream. oh, and i can never pass the dove dark chocolates in the store without taking some home. my 2 1/2 year old son even woke up recently saying, “cohen eat chocolate”. wonder who he gets that from???

  13. Ainsley

    Well as I have a dessert obsession I would have to choose cherry cobbler with a large scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. My mouth is watering! Love the website by the way.

  14. Along this path

    My guilty pleasure is homemade apple pie! I always ask for an apple pie on my birthday instead of cake. It’s even better with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


    mistyhall02 at yahoo.com

  15. Spencer and Menolly

    Like many of us…I am just in love with desserts! Especially if chocolate is included. But my ultimate weakness is toffee. I have an easy toffee recipe that you sprinkle almonds, choc chips, white choc, malt powder, and milk choc on it before it cools. Yummy! When I make a batch it calls to me from the fridge and I constantly sneak pieces all day until it makes me sick, but I just can’t stop myself. It is a disease…

  16. katskitchen

    Wow, 422 comments already! What are the chances of me winning one of the three…hey, I guess you never know!

    I love a warm chocolate brownie or cookie with a nice scoop of good vanila icecream on top, Yum!


  17. Tara LaRue

    Mine are Cling-ons. Crispix and Golden Grahams cereal coated with a gooey butter/peanut butter/marshmallow delight, tossed with salted peanuts and peanut butter M&Ms. Oh the joy…

  18. Hilary

    Mrs. Fields semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies…..I can not pass one without buying 3 or 4 and they are gone before I get back to my car!

  19. Meredith

    UUUUUMMMMM! A Good ole’ Brownie Sundae: Gooey Brownie, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Caramel and a sprinkle of nuts! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  20. Michaiah

    Hi Jenny – I love your blog (especially the fact that you take pictures of the food you make)! My guilty pleasures? I cannot resist gooey butter bars, or the chocolate pudding cake my mom made when I was growing up!


  21. Chrissy

    I have quite a few guilty pleasures so I will narrow it down to just these: anything chocolate, especially milk chocolate, gooey brownies and lately it has been blondies too!!!!

  22. The Swensons

    My guilty pleasure is buttery movie popcorn, with butter in the middle so that when you get past the top layer there’s still plenty of butter left for the bottom kernels. I can’t go to the movies without a bag of movie popcorn beside me.


  23. suzof7

    My weakness is cake. Rum cake is my absolute favorite, a specialty from the local bakery. It is a light brown, almost the color of spice cake but with the delicate flavor of rum instead of spices, and it’s layered and frosted with heavenly pastry cream, covered with chocolate cake crumbs and chocolate shavings.

    But nearly any cake will do, unfortunately. What a wonderful giveaway – thank you! I lurk in my google reader, you have such pretty pictures and terrific recipes!

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