Pioneer Woman’s Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Pioneer Woman’s Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies are a staple cookie in our house. A fun twist on chocolate chip cookies, theese crispy treats are to die for!

Pioneer Woman’s Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook “Food From My Frontier” is available for purchase today! Myself and some of my fellow bloggers are highlighting some of Ree’s recipes from her new book today. Yay!!

As I was deciding what recipe to make from Ree’s new book, my eyes were quickly drawn to her Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies. I love a good thin crispy cookie so I knew this was the recipe for me!

More Delicious Recipes to Try

Ree’s new book is gorgeous as you can tell by just looking at the cover. It’s hard to know what to make because every single one of the recipes look so darn good 🙂

Be sure to visit my friends featuring Ree today too:

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Amanda of Kevin and Amanda making Pasta with Pesto Cream Sauce

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Amanda of I am Baker making Coffee Cream Cake

Bev of Bev Cooks making Chicken Tortilla Soup

Shaina of Food For My Family

I was so happy to get a signed copy from Ree a couple weeks ago. How sweet is that?

Ok, back to the cookies 🙂  These cookies took no time at all to whip up. The dough was absolutely delicious! Yes, those are my PJ’s in the reflection of my KitchenAid, lol!

I was so excited to get these babies in the oven!

Perfectly crisp and buttery. A must try cookie!

Pioneer Woman’s Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies



Ree is offering 3 Picky Palate Readers a signed cookbook!! How sweet is she?

Here’s How To Enter the Giveaway:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us, “What are you making for dinner tonight?”

2. Contest ends Thursday March 15th, 8am PST. Winners will be chosen via and be notified my email. Giveaway provided by Ree, The Pioneer Woman.

Have a great day! Come back soon!

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1,854 Responses
  1. Emma S.

    I haven’t really thought about dinner tonight, but it’s going to be in the high 70s or low 80s today in Pennsylvania. So, I’m thinking about something summery, probably just grille some burgers and enjoy the weather!

  2. Rebecca

    Surprisingly, I haven’t totally made up my mind yet…possibly our take on a johnnycake with shredded pork, peppers and onions baked in.

  3. Kay

    Dinner? Oh man.. need Ree’s book for ideas!!! πŸ™‚ Tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches on the menu!

  4. Anna B.

    Breakfast for dinner tonight. My hubby is getting dental work done so waffles will be easy for him to eat. πŸ™‚

  5. Stacie

    I actually am making the Pioneer Woman’s Frito Chili Pie!!! My husband and I made the chili last night because I have a late class today (I’m a second year law student…all I do is go to school…), and we will pour it over the Fritos when I get home! We love everything the Pioneer Woman makes, so I’m sure this will be great also!

  6. Robin

    I wanted to make BBQ chicken in the crock pot…but it looks like I’ll be grabbing something fast for dinner tonight.

  7. Elaine

    I am a lucky girl… my hubby is taking me out to dinner tonight! But last night we had grilled brats, oven roasted potato, and coleslaw. I got raves from the fam!

  8. Linda Moore

    I am making shredded pork enchiladas for dinner tonight – and Ree’s chocolate cake for dessert!

  9. I wish I knew what I was making (Probably something with ground beef because I have some ready to go). We’ve had such a busy week, I forgot to make a menu! yikes!

  10. Jennifer

    We are having steak on the grill and coleslaw. Its been beautiful here in wv the last few days. 70+ temps.

  11. Jaqueline

    I’m making a moroccan tagine with chicken and olives with a yummy Amish bread..

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  12. Pam D.

    I’m making quiche and salad for supper tonight. Thanks for the giveaway…what a great way to celebrate Ree’s newest book!

  13. Brenda

    Tonight we’re eating leftover of the delicious BBQ pork chops that I cooked last night. Loving the sunny and warm March weather in the Northeast. It feels like summer.

  14. Kitt

    It’s so unseasonably warm here, I think I’ll barbecue on the grill! (I live in MN.) I will make hamburgers and grilled veggies for dinner.

  15. Pamela

    I made Meatloaf and Cheddar Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli…It was Yummy!! Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing cookbook!! I absolutely love Ree!!! πŸ™‚

  16. Joanna K.

    Turkey Reuben Sandwiches (Homemade Light Thousand Island Dressing) and strawberries with vanilla yogurt — Yum!!

  17. Brenda L

    Mexican Chicken! So easy but so good – chicken, nacho doritos, onion, bell pepper, cream of chicken soup, cream of celery soup, grated sharp cheese & roi-tel.

  18. debbi

    giant lunch today so went chop salad, even though i didn’t have all the ing-ree-dients.

    (it must be getting late as the poor puns are beginning….)

  19. Deborah

    For dinner I made corn pasta, with red pepper, sausage, kale. Pretty yummy! Thanks for the chance to win Ree’s book!

  20. Jill

    I made Ree’s Comfort Meatballs. My husband made some pasta to serve with them. My son ate nine of those meatballs. I tried but couldn’t keep up. Sad.

  21. Donna H

    BBQ feather bones! My hubby’s favorite! They just fall off the bone and are soooo messy to eat you need to wear a bib!! I just make him wear something dark and old, lol! Thanks for the opportunity for this giveaway!

  22. Elaine K

    Actually cracker Barrel as we were out for the day during spring break. But i still cooked chicken breasts & made what we call Aunt Maria’s salad to take to the office tomorrow.

    Iceberg, tomato, cuke, drizzled with canola oil, white vinegar, lots of garlic salt & pepper. SO DELISH!!

  23. Erin K.

    As weird as it is, we actually had Ree’s Shredded Pork Shoulder tonight. My husband and I had a fun time last night preparing this yummy dish and altering it slightly by using the crockpot. Super good and a huge hit! <3

  24. Liz

    It is 80 degrees in Columbus, OH today so we are firing up the grill and making bacon cheddar sliders. YUM!!!!

  25. Lois Schultz

    Tonight I made Lemon pepper chicken wraps ! It’s a great wy to get my husband and son to eat more vegies !!

  26. Barb K

    It is so nice outside that I am grilling hot dogs and brats, and having coleslaw and beans with it. Root beer floats for dessert.

  27. Jennifer Booth

    I luckily didn’t have to cook my friend who is Arabic gave my family some of the best Arabic food I have tried.

  28. Melissa R.

    I made chicken strips and french fries. Lazy night so I just grabbed food out of the freezer to throw in the oven.

  29. Always Wright

    Earlier for dinner I made some quick ham sandwiches from the ham I cooked Sunday. Plus we had some homemade potato salad and I prepared some fresh asparagus.

  30. BrookeOB

    We made italian sausages with peppers and onions all stuffed inside a roll! yum!
    I have been a follower of the pioneer women for years now and can’t wait to get her new book! or win it!

  31. Brenna

    Turkey meatloaf with basil, parsley, parmesean, sun-dried tomatoes with a red currant/wine glaze. Delicious!

  32. emily nice

    fortunately its not my night to cook, but my roomie put together some beautiful, tasty, and healthy tabuli stew.

  33. Oh, I can’t bear to tell…scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. But the funny news? For dessert: Jenny’s Giant Hershey Kiss Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie. Can’t get enough!

  34. Debora57

    Mixed brown/wild rice with chicken, pecans, dried cranberries,drizzled with balsamic vinegarette atop a bed of lettuce.

  35. Katie

    Reminiscing my college days- mac and cheese with hotdogs… obviously I am in dire need of Ree’s new cookbook πŸ™‚

  36. Bluegrass Mom

    Supper tonight was a delicious roast, mashed potatoes, pineapple cheesebake, steamed broccoli and rolls. The leftover roast got returned to the pot for more ingredients for my husband’s beef stew lunch tomorrow at work.

  37. Tracy

    I’ve made Ree’s Malted CC Cookie recipe after seeing her make them on her show. Yummy! I also use malt powder in Perfect Diner Pancakes on the Tasty Kitchen link on her site.

    Tonight I copped out in the kitchen…picked up a panini to heat at home. It was that kind of day at work.

    Thank you for offering the cookbook!

  38. Denise Friedlander

    Tonight I made chicken pockets with perogies. This was at my 3 years olds request. He’s a picky eater and promised to eat this if I did make it…yay he ate! Thanks :)!

  39. Abby H.

    I grilled some asian marinated chicken and made broccoli, red pepper, onion stir fry with rice…. So yummy!!!

  40. CJ

    Making the good ol’ stand by… burritos : ) It’s the one meal that all three of my littles will eat consistently!

  41. Katelyn

    Tonight I’m making homemade pizza w/mushroom tomato sauce, ground turkey, green pepper and then fresh basil. Fresh mozzarella cheese on top w/a little garlic. Yummy!

  42. Karen Lynch

    Chicken pot pie for pi(e) day. thanks for the giveaway. Been wanting to make these since seeing them on her show. I bet they are yummy.

  43. David Lowe

    Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, with homemade tomato soup. Gotta get the last of the soup out before it really starts to warm up!

  44. Sami M.

    Tonight we are having breakfast for dinner- trying something new and making bacon/ sausage and egg sandwiches using homemade waffles for the bread…..why have we not that of this before??? Excited πŸ™‚

  45. Nikki

    I still have no clue what I’m eating tonight,but after a certain point in hunger, anything sounds good.

  46. Barb from Duluth

    Ha! My husband is bbqing steaks outside since it is 66 degrees in Northern Minnesota. I am just enjoying not having to make dinner!

  47. Alexandra

    Tonight is my main man’s special night. I’m cooking up some steaks, herb roasted fingerling potatoes, and really going for the gold and making oven roasted bone marrow with roasted garlic. My kitchen is going to smell so good tonight!

  48. Lynn S

    Not positive – either left over pulled pork and leftover pasta primavera (one for me, one for the hubs) or I’ll make some Pasta Carbonara!

  49. We’re having leftover soup from last night! I made a huge pot of ground turkey and veggie soup with kale and pasta, so that should get us through a few more days. Yay leftovers!

  50. Lab Mama

    Sorry but tonight we ordered out – Chinese food. Not half as good as whipping up something but it was a rough day and neither my hubby nor I felt up to cooking.

  51. Julie

    a great salad, its 86 degrees (!!!!!) and perfect weather for some light fare. tossing artisan greens with tomatoes, avocado, onion, and salmon with a house dressing

  52. Nikki H

    Tonight I am not cooking! We are having a salad bar at our daughter’s house, to help them clean out the frig before they leave on a quick week-end getaway!

  53. Mary

    Almost too embarrassed to say – salad and a frozen pizza. It’s just my husband and me tonight so I’m taking it kind of easy.

  54. Norma

    I am cooking bean soup with smoked sausage to take for Wednesday night Church meal. It smells awesome simmering on my stove.

  55. Catherine

    I’m making grouper (sauce has soy sauce and green onions), jasmine rice, asparagus, and green beans πŸ™‚

  56. kara

    Oh – I don’t do the cooking very often – I can, but my BF is a chef, and he LOVES to do it, so I don’t fight it πŸ™‚

    My BF is making a wonderful dinner though – roast pork stuffed with cranberries and walnuts, quinoa salad and some veggie πŸ™‚

    I love a chef!

    I love loving a chef!

  57. Brenda L

    Going to grab fast food after church tonight, but we did have spaghetti and meatballs for lunch today!

  58. Abigail Holt

    Since I’m busy and in need of a grocery store trip, it will probably be leftovers of spaghetti and meatballs.

  59. Tracy

    I have two chickens in the oven. One for dinner and one to cut up and freeze for dinners later in the month. Probably making mashed potatoes and corn because I am in need of a comfort food night.

  60. Jennifer B.

    We are in fact making Ree’s fried chicken from her first cookbook, mashed potatoes, gravy, and roasted cauliflower. Mmmm

  61. Sarah O.

    I am in college, so I’m eating crappy cafeteria food tonight. :[ But as soon as I graduate and move into a place with a kitchen, you can bet I’m whipping up these cookies! :]

  62. Laurie A.

    Since today is March 14, it is “Pi” day (3.14) and I will be making pizza tonight for my family. I just celebrated it in my classroom today with 4 different kinds of pie (and my students had to taste them and vote on their favorite one). I will be taking home some leftover pie too. So it is pizza (margarita pizza, turkey pepperoni and olives and mushrooms pizza, and pesto tomato pizza) and pie for Pi day. =)

  63. Kristi

    We are having spaghetti and meatballs, but I’m trying them with turkey burger and sausage instead of ground beef. Hope it tastes good!!

  64. melle

    I’m making grilled salmon and asparagus. And to round it out, we’ll be making that pesto cream sauce pasta. Yum! So glad I had all the stuff on hand already! It was going to be plain old pasta al fredo until I saw that recipe. Mmmm!

  65. Theresa

    Since it’s raining here in Northern California, finally, I’m making chicken and homemade noodles…yum!!

  66. Emily H.

    We’ll probably be having hamburgers for dinner tonight. Maybe turkey quesadillas. Would love to be having some of these cookies – my fiance and I made them a while back with malted Ovaltine and they were A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

  67. Jenny C

    Tonight is a simple dinner night–grilled turkey and provolone sandwiches, mixed greens with green olives and feta, strawberries with Nancy’s whole milk plain yogurt. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. kelly s

    another ‘fend for yourself night’ everybody has woodshop or welding class tonight…great fun, not great food. πŸ™

  69. AshleeG

    I’m not making dinner tonight. Our church is having a cookout, so we will be partaking there instead of eating at home!

  70. Amy K

    It’s my birthday, so I am making maple cupcakes with chicken nuggets (chick-fil-a) and mini waffles on top. It’s a southern thing….

  71. Leah Mae

    Dinner. Huh. Thanks for reminding me. πŸ™‚ I think I’ll make chicken in an italian sauce, super easy as I can throw it into my crock pot frozen and come back a few hours later to a dinner my whole family will eat!

  72. Megan

    In honor of the gorgeous weather we are having grilled portabella burgers and asparagus. Time to bust out the bbq!

  73. Georgina Conwell

    I am making Ree’s Chicken Tetrazzini that I saw her make today on “The Chew” it looked so good and hearty! I can hardly wait, I’m drooling.

  74. if i had any food in my house it would be veggies and grilled chicken, so i’m trying to think of a restaurant that serves good veggies until i can get to the grocery store

  75. stephanie w

    I think I’m going to make chicken curry for dinner tonight. And those cookies look totally delicious! I love a thin, buttery cookie!

  76. Jess Marie

    Tonight, I will be either making a simple salad or warming up leftover stuffed peppers from last night. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  77. Melissa M.

    I’m planning on making Ree’s chicken enchiladas. Thanks for the oportunity to win…would LOVE this cookbook!!

  78. Debbie Meyer

    Ohhh so glad you asked. I went to the market and bought some really good steaks for the grill. Weather is beautiful.

  79. Melissa B

    I was going to do chicken noodle soup, but it’s turned off hot, so I might do a chicken pot pie instead. I have leftover chicken I need to use and a paucity of other ingredients.

  80. Stephanie from CT

    Chicken Pepperoni, but I should admit that my daughter made it, and I am just warming it up …..

  81. Vicki (piggledy)

    I’ve already made it – Pulled chicken, which we’ll have with steamed brown basmati rice and sauteed green beans with walnuts and garlic. Thank you for hosting this drawing!

  82. Jessica H.

    Hubby is out of town, so it’s just me. I might just pick up a sub sandwich so I don’t have to dirty my clean kitchen. πŸ™‚

  83. Lauren Mayes

    Chicken and broccoli pasta with cream cheese sauce. One of the few things everyone in my family will eat!

  84. Kristina

    Tonight I will be making a roasted cauliflower that is spicy with a hint of seasalt. I love cauliflower.

  85. Chelsea O.

    Pot roast in my Dutch oven. I made it in my Dutch over for the first time last week let’s just say it was amazing and I want more πŸ™‚

  86. We just brought home a baby, so dear friends have been bringing us meals each night. Tonight on the menu is Chicken and Dumplings- should be arriving shortly. Aren’t I spoiled?!

  87. The verdict is still out on dinner tonight, but it’ll probably be a dish that features chicken and curry. πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  88. Justine in CT

    Making Breaded Tilapia & veggies tonight – probably not something they eat much of on the ranch!!

  89. Tonight’s menu will be:
    Pork Chops (pan-fried) with a pan sauce made with Port, Dried Cherries, and Rosemary.
    Alongside that will be served Garlic roasted green beans with shallots, cranberries & almonds.

  90. Loretta Gilbane

    Not sure what to make tonight … I still need to go shopping, but we usually have pasta on Wednesday nights (for some reason!).

  91. Kim L.

    Probably frozen Indian food from Trader Joe’s. We have a new baby and time is tight after work so we have to do quick dinners during the week.

  92. Kim

    I made cabbage rolls last night and cooking them on low in the crock pot! This was a first for me. Cant wait to try them!

  93. Micah

    I think we are going out to dinner tonight. It’s spring break and I’ve taken a break from the kitchen this week.

  94. Donna C

    Chocolate malt balls–melt in your mouth & remind me of my youth. combinded with choc chips–this is a winner.

  95. That is a good question-I got a panini maker for Christmas and I love using it, so…that is probably dinner tonight. A sandwich that has crispy bacon, oozy melty cheese,tomato and spinach on sourdough. Yummy-that’s it!

  96. amy patterson

    I cook for everyone at church on Wednesday nights. So tonight will be grilled cheeses for 70 people

  97. Tina Rhodes

    Well I was going to make White Chicken Chili but Ree’s Chicken Tortilla soup looks yum so I may make that instead πŸ™‚

  98. Soyon

    Tonight’s left-over night! I made balsamic chicken with mashed potatoes earlier this week and that’s what we’re eating.

  99. Belinda R

    Tonight I will make Ree’s Pesto Pasta because it just looks so yummy and I can pair it with some leftover chicken….

  100. Evelyn

    We’ll be having Chicken and Cheese Casserole. It’s chicken breasts covered with Mozz. Cheese slices, then cream of chicken soup, all topped with stove top stuffing. Bake for 50 minutes and ooey-gooey deliciousness unfolds!

  101. Jenny Martin

    The Hubby is out of town, the kids are at the MIL’s…so a class of wine, some Parano cheese and crackers…and a good book!

  102. Cara

    Dinner tonight will be wine and cake with some friends! Oh, and some healthier snacks, like hummus and other things…

  103. Kimiko

    I think tonight will be some sort of light garden salad topped with chicken. its so warm out that a nice light meal seems right… and hey, maybe I’ll end it with some of these cookies. yummo!

  104. Rachel Osowski

    I’m actually making Ree’s Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken that she made when they did the Bush’s Grilling Beans promotion!

  105. Jen H.

    Dinner tonight is turkey burgers on the grill, because it is sunny and mid-60’s in March in NE Ohio!

  106. Judy

    Since springtime has arrived in MO and it will be in the 80’s today – cooking on the grill (chicken or burgers) will be in order at our house.

  107. Panko crusted chicken cutlets with Parmesan mashed potatoes, crispy green plantains and a fresh strawberry/spinach salad.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  108. molly r

    i’m making pw’s chicken parmigiana! i’ve planned on making it for a few days so i’m excited!!

  109. Debbie D

    I have west coast swing dance class tonight and won’t be able to have dinner before I go so it will be leftovers of veggies when I finally get home tonight.

  110. Jenny

    I’m not making anything tonight! Hubby is in charge of cooking (and clean-up) on Wednesday and Thursday nights so HE is making chorizo and bean burritos. I just get to eat it! I love Wednesday and Thursday nights- even if it is my later night at work….

  111. Carolyn

    For dinner tonight, I made roasted chicken sausage, potatoes, and veggies. A one dish, easy prep meal and so tasty!

  112. Karen Lewis

    My husbands our cook so I’ll eat anything he makes us. I’m a lucky gal! But I’ve wanted to make these cookies since Ree showed them on her site. Hmmm….maybe it’s time?

  113. Shannon

    Tonight we had peachy pork picante. It’s an old fave that we haven’t had in a while. Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. Ad K.

    We’re having chili and tamales and fresh fruit, unless hubby wants to finish off the leftover cherry cobbler. These cookies sound so good, can’t wait to whip up a batch. I’ll be trying these out on company this weekend!

  115. Cathy Cunningham

    I’m sick, not making anything…but having the leftovers of the gallons of homemade chicken soup I made for my dear husband, who was sick all last week. Guess he shared.

  116. Amanda K

    Although we already ate dinner, tomorrow I’ll make a quinoa veggie salad for my dinner! Trying to convince my mom to make one of Ree’s recipes for tomorrow night but we’ll see πŸ™‚

  117. Susan

    I made Cynthia’s Spicy Shredded Pork for dinner, from PW’s website! So good it is in regular rotation at our house.

  118. Heather

    I LOVE Pioneer Woman! I have her first cookbook and watch her every sat. morning. What did I make tonight? Clam Chowder and breadbowls. Yum!

  119. Emily E.

    Tonight I made homemade fish sticks w/cod, oven roasted sweet potato fries, and sauteed broccoli with lemon and garlic!

  120. Haley J

    I actually made the Pioneer Woman’s sour cream noodle bake!! It was delicious!! Looking forward to her new recipes πŸ™‚

  121. Najira A.

    I’m living in a dorm, so no cooking tonight but I had a breakfast pizza from a cafe as my dinner!

  122. Caren in TX

    Potstiker soup using homemade vegetable broth. First time. Hope it is as good as it looks in the magazine.

  123. Janie Moore

    Tonight I drove through Wendy’s and picked up a small chili then I drove through McD’s and picked up a bowl of oatmeal. Sounds whacky but I’m dieting so I didn’t want to order anything with too many calories. πŸ™‚

  124. Christine L.

    I made two different dinners…My little guy had chicken fries and silly fries. His pet name for these (popular at our house) dinner items…onion rings = silly fries. Chicken fries are homemade thin sliced pieces of chicken breast breaded and deep fried.

    His Daddy had french toast fingers. Egg dipped french bread sticks, deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar, served with a side of maple syrup.

    Mommy had a mini combo of both – some french toast, some chicken and a couple of onion rings. Deep fried night not so healthy…will be a yogurt and granola morning πŸ™‚

  125. Heather K Miller

    Sadly, it was a tough and busy day so we had cereal for dinner. Yes, Rice Crispy treats cereal and Peanut Butter Cheerios…sometimes days like this are necessary for me though.

  126. I’ve made those cookies!! from her website… they are so yummy! πŸ˜‰
    We had science fair tonight so dinner was frozen burritos!! sad but true!
    I did cook them!! ha ha

  127. Beverly

    Tonight we had a plate of nachos with onions,red bell peppers, hamburger meat, beans,
    jalapenos, picante sauce, cheese and lettuce. Yummy!

  128. Becky

    I splurged tonight and went out to dinner with my roommate tonight, and I had the best sweet potato fries in town!

  129. Denise Terry

    I didn’t have to make dinner tonight…my husband took me out! But I wil be back to cooking tomarrow. I’m thinking of grilling, it’s going to be in the low 70’s!

  130. Sarah

    After a nasty bout with a shellfish allergy, I’m not feeling 100% yet or up to cooking, and husband is working late tonight…so I made the kids pancakes with strawberries. Not very exciting but the best I could manage tonight.