Smuckers Ice Cream Party Giveaway! 3 Winners :)

Contest is now closed and the winners have been notified. Thanks.

I’ve got a “cool” giveaway to share with you today for 3 lucky Picky Palate winners! Such fun goodies in this prize pack. Love Love Love the Anthropologie Ice Cream Bowls!

To celebrate July as National Ice Cream Month, Smucker’s will be sharing tips to help consumers top every moment with sweet and savory recipe ideas at and on the Smucker’s Facebook page.


Here’s What 3 Winners Will Receive:

$75.00 gift certificate to to purchase whatever additional ingredients you need.

Set of four gorgeous Anthropologie  ice cream dishes

Smucker’s ice cream scoop and New Smucker’s ice cream toppings varieties including  spoonable Blueberry Topping and Microwavable Hot Caramel Topping and our classic Microwavable Hot Fudge Topping

Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk and other ingredients to make homemade ice cream – it’s easier than you think!

Adorable Smucker’s Goodies!

$75.00 Gift Card to Fun!

Set of 4 FABULOUS Anthropologie Bowls, perfect for any ice cream 🙂


Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment and tell us….“What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor?”

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Thursday July 28th, 8am PST! Winner will be selected via and will be notified by email. Giveaway provided by the Smucker’s team.


Good luck!!


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1,829 Responses
  1. Jordan

    The local dairy farm in my town makes this ice cream called Sally’s Coffee Grounds, it’s coffee ice cream with oreo cookie crumbs. Delicious :o)

  2. Nancy Bowen

    My favorite flavor is Butterscotch Ripple, but it is an “old” one, and nobody makes it anymore. There used to be a flavor called “Cherry Orchard” (I think) that had cherries and nuts in a vanilla ice cream, but, again, no longer exists. The one I buy the most now is “Banana Split” from Friend;y’s. It has strawberry ice cream with pineapple pieces, vanilla ice cream with a chocolate fudge ripple, and chocolate ice cream with nuts. Yummy! We make our sundaes at home with Smuckers strawberry and pineapple toppings, hot fudge sauce and whipped cream. We have even been known to have sundaes for supper! Would LOVE to win the ice cream bowls!

  3. Andrea W

    Hmmmmm….I always waver between a chocolate peanutbutter and any type of cheesecake ice cream! Delish!

  4. My favorite used to be just plain chocolate. Sometimes with a little whipped cream. But I’ve recently become completely addicted to Starbucks Java Chip Frapuccino (or however you spell it). Coffee and chocolate, does it get any better?

  5. Shani Ablicki

    My all time fave is one I can’t seem to find anymore, Heavenly Hash. Has chocolate and marshmallow in it.

  6. Sarah H.P.

    My favourite ice cream flavour is probably chocolate peanut butter! But I could say any flavour really, ice cream in general is one of my favourite sweets!

  7. Carrie

    Not sure how to choose a favorite between Tillamook Marionberry Pie, Tillamook Brown Cow, coffee flavored or just plain ol’ chocolate. Ice cream rocks!

  8. Bernie Legerski

    My favorite ice cream is Moose Tracks. Vanilla icecream with ribbons of chocolate and chocolate covered peanutbutter candies. YUM YUM

  9. Carolina

    ooh normally it’s a tie between mint chocolate chip and neapolitan, but i’ve been feeling nostalgic recently, so i’m leaning toward the neapolitan, since it reminds me of my days as a kid at my grandparents’ house, when my grandpa would hide it in the freezer and sneak it as a midnight snack 😉

  10. Denise O

    Favorite ice cream…I can only pick one right? Um, vanilla ice cream with peanut butter & fudge running through it with pieces of peanut butter cups!

  11. Rebecca Burgos

    I love Pina Colada ice cream. The smooth coconut and the chunky pineapple- wht a great combination. This is to be enjoyed on a warm summer’s eve, 🙂

  12. Marie

    I could live off ice cream! My favorite flavor has to be Butter Pecan. My Mom tells me my Dad feed it to me as a baby!

  13. Lori C

    My favorite flavor of ice cream varies with where it’s coming from… Yeah, I’m that girl. 🙂 With store bought ice cream, I tend to go for Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun. My favorite ice cream shoppe, however, leads me to NY Cheesecake or Chocolate Blackout (sometimes both).

  14. Diane Jarvis

    Chocolate chip cookie dough … or mint chocolate chip … or cookies and cream … I just don’t know if I can choose a favorite!

  15. AEC

    Ben and Jerry’s has a new one, I thinks it’s called Fluffernutter? It’s AMAZING (and calorie free I’m sure!)

  16. Ashley

    My favorite ice cream would have to be Blue Bell’s Homemade Vanilla! Putting any toppings on top would be a disgrace to the deliciousness of the ice cream! Yum!

  17. Heathere W

    not sure if this is a flavor, or a concoction – vanilla with cinnamon, agave syrup, and melted peanut butter.

  18. VickiT

    Wow. What an awesome giveaway. Thank you so much for this chance to win.
    My favorite flavor really does change quite often depending on my mood. But, I suppose the one flavor (many would disagree it’s even a flavor though) would have to be the one I tend to get more than any others; and that would be French Vanilla.

    But I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate ice cream and coffee ice cream used to be the only thing I would eat at all so those are in the running for my favorite too.

  19. What a cool giveaway! I’ve been wanting to get a ice cream maker so we can make our own sugar free ice cream. And my favorite flavor would be good butter pecan!!

  20. Vanessa

    I get your new posts sent by email. I get excited when I see them because I know it’s going to be a yummy recipe. 🙂

  21. Patty Z

    I love Mint chocolate chip with Hot fudge on top.
    Liked you on FB and follow you on google reader too 🙂

  22. Vanessa

    I am grinning ear to ear about this giveaway!! I can promise you that nobody loves ice cream more than me. I eat it every single night!! % I run alot everyday too,haha. Anyways, I’ve tried almost every single flavor imaginable. My favorite brand is Schwans. It’s a food company who sells awesome food and the best ice cream in the world! Look them up online. The Raspberry rumble is my favorite kind I’ve eaver had. I’m mean this with all my heart when I say I’ve never wanted to win a giveaway more! I mean my kitchen is ice cream themed for crying out loud loud!! 🙂 If I do win I will celebrate with my ice cream eating brother on his birthday on Aug. 13th.

  23. kristin m.

    truly, i don’t have a favorite flavor of ice cream, as i prefer not to discriminate… (hehe), but hand me a bowl of ice cream with any type of fresh fruit, or chunks of chocolate or nuts or other goodies and i promise, i will totally be your best friend! kristinmik at gmail

  24. Sherre'

    I love chocolate ice cream all by itself. But for ice cream with a delicious hot fudge or caramel (or both!!) topping, Vanilla Bean is my favorite.

  25. Jackie

    Soft serve = twist. Hard serve = Monster Mash (vanilla with caramel swirl and M&Ms, oreos, and whoppers)! Delicious!

  26. Brooke

    I love plain vanilla ice cream, with a huge chunk of peanut butter swirled in it! It’s the best! 🙂

  27. Lindsay

    I love anything with chocolate ice cream! My favorite is probably “Half Baked” by Ben and Jerry’s 🙂

  28. Becca H.

    My favorite ice cream is Extreme Chocolate Moose Tracks! Can’t get enough chocolate and I love the mini PB cups in there!

  29. smed4747

    Gotta be chocolate ice cream. Straight up chocolate. . . possibly something crunchy on top like grapenuts or pecans!

  30. Leigh

    My favorite ice cream flavor is Chocolate Chip cookie dough. I also like Carmel Critter from a local place in my hometown. I miss it so much!

  31. Rebecca

    It’s always a toss-up between Butter Pecan and Pistachio. If I’m ever faced with both at the same time, I’m in big trouble!

  32. Elizabeth Lucy Wilkinson

    I also get your rss feed… don’t want to miss one of your yummy recipes! Thanks for the chance!

  33. Elizabeth Lucy Wilkinson

    I LOVE chocolate dipped waffle cones with Royal Copenhagen (rich vanilla with toffee bits) with cream, hot caramel topping and a sprinkle of peanuts..

  34. Layne Kula

    My favorite flavor ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns: an amazing mix of fresh cinnamon ice cream with chunks of cinnamon bun dough and a cinnamon streusal swirl…unreal!

  35. Annie

    For me, it’s not really a flavor so much as it is a full sundae. I have an obsession with vanilla ice cream with hot caramel sauce and spanish peanuts. It can be with or without the whipped cream and/or cherry. I know it’s pretty plain, but again, I’m obsessed! However – if I had to pick a flavor, Jeni’s Ice Cream here in Ohio has the best flavors that are completely unusual. My favorites would be Goat Cheese with Red Cherries or the Rhubarb with Lime Cardamom.

  36. Andrea Thompson

    Don’t laugh but I Love, Love, Love Cotton Candy flavored ice cream!! I never outgrew loving this childhood favorite!!

  37. Megan

    Cookies and cream is my favorite standby, but I really loved the White Chocolate ice cream that Cold Stone used to have, with raspberry and brownie chunks mixed in. It was sooo good!

  38. My favorite ice cream ever is an Almond Joy clone hand-made at this teensy shop in Siesta Key, FL the name of which I can never remember. Ben & Jerry’s “Everything But The…” runs a close second.

  39. Camille

    My favorites are my husbands homemade vanilla. (I know vanilla sounds so boring, but until you have my husband’s… you can’t talk). And I love home made chunky monkey. yum!

  40. Lauren S

    I love anything with chocolate, my local shop sells a “box of chocolates” flavor that is delicious.

  41. Ana Murphy

    Not my favorite flavor, but I have really been trying to imitate chunky monkey ice cream, since it’s my husbands favorite.
    I really love plain vanilla with added toppings (strawberries, bananas, nuts, and whip cream)

  42. Anne

    My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate peanut butter! Yummy! Also liked you on FB:) Thanks for all you do!

  43. Lindsay

    It’s really hard for me to narrow since I love ice cream so much but I think my all time favorite is black raspberry.

  44. megan

    Haven’t had it in a long time, but I’m totally craving chocolate peanut butter ice cream right now.

  45. Sarah

    It’s normally toss up between Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Mint Chocolate Chip. The mint lover in me usually goes for the latter. 🙂

  46. Megan

    Butter pecan! Every time you bite into a creamy, slightly salty nut, it’s such a beautiful contrast to the sweet ice cream. Yum!

  47. emily willingham

    I “LIKE” Picky Palate on Facebook. please enter me in the Smucker’s Ice cream give-away, thanks!

  48. emily willingham

    My favorite ice cream flavor is my home-made banana walnut – so good! please enter me in your give-away, thanks!

  49. Green tea ice cream, or Ben & Jerry’s Half-Baked. One sophisticated flavor and one guilty pleasure 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. Leah B

    This is a very yummy contest! My favorite flavors are tied between Orange Chocolate and Mint Chocolate Chip.

  51. Stephanie S.

    i get your email updates…is that the same thing as the rss feed? i’m techno challenged! 🙂

  52. Laura

    I love anything with lots of “stuff” in it–Ben and Jerry’s Concession Obsession is one of my favorites (though I haven’t seen it for a while).