Soda Stream Giveaway! 3 Winners!

Contest is now closed. Winners have been notified. Thanks for participating!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with Soda Stream. I remember hearing all about this little machine that you can make your own soda right at home, thinking I would love to try it. When I received my kit over Christmas Break, I quickly got to work and the whole family is having so much fun.

I love that you can mix and match flavors or just keep it traditional. They’ve got every soda flavor you can imagine available for your machine.

My boys really love it too. Come see our favorite recipe, Orange Flavored Gingerale, on the Mrs. Fizz Blog where I show you step by step how it’s done ๐Ÿ™‚

Soda Stream has offered 3 Picky Palate readers their very own Soda Stream Kit. How fun is that?!

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us….”What is your favorite kind of soda?”

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Saturday January28th 8pm PST. Winners will be chosen via and be notified by email. Contest provided by Soda Stream.

Good Luck!



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1,110 Responses
  1. Katie

    I love Diet Coke… but since the Soda Stream probably doesn’t have a “Diet Coke” syrup, my second fave is good ol’ orange soda. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Monica

    I’ve seen this product demonstrated at Costco before and am very intrigued by it. I love anything diet…cola, cream soda, lemon/lime…I love it all!

  3. Gin

    I love vanilla cola–like a real one, not Vanilla Coke from a can. I also love Wild Cherry Pepsi because it reminds me of high school.

  4. courtney

    I am a diet coke FANATIC! AND I WOULD LOVE one of these! I keep on reading and reading about them… but never pull the trigger!


  5. Heather BH

    I am addicted to real Coca Cola – I probably will try the soda stream version. Most always taste like pepsi or RC cola when they are generics but I have high hopes. I love that they have Dr. Pete and a whole Natural flavor selection ^^

  6. Stephanie

    I have looked at these at Bed, Bath & Beyond a lot over the last few months. I always think that I would make so many different flavors, instead of just the diet I usually drink, if I had one. Would love to win it in your giveaway! I love your blog and want you to know that I have fixed your Reese’s chocolate cookies at least 6 times since Christmas, they are truly my favorite cookies now and my family thanks you too!

  7. Kirsten

    Cherry Coke has always been my favorite soda. I don’t buy it for the house, so it is something special when I go out. Awesome give-away, thanks!

  8. Kristle Connell

    Nesbitt’s Strawberry was always my favorite but I don’t think they make it anymore. Now I love Pepsi!

  9. Courtney G.

    Orange has to be my all time favorite as of late, however, when I am having dinner out, I like to mix a little cherry coke with diet coke. It tastes like Cherry Coke but with a lot less calories ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Marlys Shombe-Jones

    Man I would love to win one of these! I can’t keep the boys in soda at home. (One of the boys is 55 years old too)

  11. Christina

    Well, real soda (or pop as we call it) is off of my menu entirely. BUT, I love soda water. My favorite is plain soda water with lemon and lime ice cubes on a hot summer day. It’s so fun and refreshing.

  12. Stephanie

    And now following on Facebook. Hoping to find something my 4 year old wont boycott. She’s getting a bit skinny.

  13. Carrie

    Diet Coke, hands down! My brother’s family has one of these and my kids are so jealous. I love that they have diet syrup options as well. Hope we win!

  14. Brian Connor

    Over the years, I have become a bigger and bigger fan of ROOT BEER! So yummy. My kids would love to have one of these…

  15. Paula

    My favorite is Diet Dr. Pepper, however I was at a friend’s house on Friday. She made the yummiest drink with the Soda Stream! It was a mixture of fizzy water and pomegranate juice! I knew right then I needed one!

  16. Lane

    I love most sodas…and the real deal. No diet stuff! My fave is probably cream soda, black cherry, or orange! Yum!

  17. whitney

    If I’m throwing caution to the wind, its something like those fun artisan sodas, but I usually stick with diet coke!

  18. Marsha Ragan

    My favorite is Coke Zero. My teenage son keeps saying mom you really should get one of these! It does look fun and no cans to return!!!

  19. Sheila

    This soda maker is so intriguing to me, I hope one day I can sample some soda from one. I love root beer, it’s so yummy!

  20. I love Dr. Pepper! I’ve seen a flavor that is probably the same at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Does it help that I do a mean impersonation of the kid from the commercials every time I see a Soda Stream?

  21. I am mostly just a rootbeer float kinda gal (I’ve never even tasted any of the colas), but my husband loves a Mountain Dew while hanging out with his buddies or a Dr. Pepper with dinner.

  22. Cathy Hodge Smith

    I just learned about you on facebook (of course I LIKED you right away). Your recipe for the Kiss Pies is wonderful and now I will be a star when I make these =]

  23. Bev Jones

    I love any citrus soda – lemon/lime, orange, grapefruit, etc. I have dreamed of having a soda stream for several years!!!!!