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Some Sweet Love For Your Valentine

I am so excited to say I’ve found another jackpot winning recipe. I have been eying these on Bakerella’s blog and finally got around to making them. She has done some amazing things with these if you haven’t checked her site out yet, Yum!

These little gems are a must try! They look like a truffle but taste like a little Oreo Cheesecake. You can’t go wrong with cookies, cream cheese and white chocolate! Your Valentine will be thrilled to take a bite out of these treats.

It’s hard to believe something so incredibly easy to make tastes so yummy. I know I’ll be making these often!

I tried the same recipe, but with Nutter Butter Cookies. Both are great, I can’t decide which ones I like better. I’m going to try Chips Ahoy next time and maybe the mint Oreos.

Nutter Butter Cookie Truffles
1 Bag Nutter Butter Cookies
8 oz softened cream cheese
1 package Chocolate Bark (dipping chocolate in blocks)
1 square of the Almond Bark for drizzling (white chocolate blocks for dipping)

1. Mix ground oreos and cream cheese until well combined. Roll into 1 inch balls and place onto baking sheet or tray. Refrigerate overnight or until very firm.
2. Melt white chocolate according to package directions. Using 2 little spoons, dip balls into chocolate and place onto parchment paper to harden. Once dry, melt square of almond bark and spoon into the corner of a ziplock baggie. Snip the corner of the baggie and drizzle chocolate back and forth over the truffles. Let dry.
3. I enjoyed mine chilled in the refrigerator, but may be room temperature as well.

Oreo Cookie Truffles

1 bag Oreo Cookies, ground in blender or food processor (filling and all)
8 oz softened cream cheese
1 package Almond Bark (white chocolate candy coating)
1 square of the Chocolate Bark for drizzling

1. Mix ground oreos and cream cheese until well combined. Roll into 1 inch balls and place onto baking sheet or tray. Refrigerate overnight or until very firm.
2. Melt white chocolate according to package directions. Using 2 little spoons, dip balls into chocolate and place onto parchment paper to harden. Once dry, melt chocolate bark and spoon into the corner of a ziplock baggie. Snip a small corner and drizzle back and forth over the truffles. Let dry.
3. I enjoyed mine chilled in the refrigerator, but may be room temperature as well! Enjoy! Thanks for the great recipe Bakerella!

About 30 truffles each recipe

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  1. 1
    Melanie says:

    Wow! These look so great…I wanted to make an Oreo treat for my hubby for V-day so it looks like this might be it. Thanks!

  2. 2
    The Ricks Fix says:

    Hey Jenny-
    It’s Holly (Fulkerson). I’ve been enjoying your blog for sometime now. I’ve tried a bunch of recipes and love them all. These look really good! I will definitely try them.
    Do you have a great sugar cookie recipe (and frosting)? I want to make cookies for Valentine’s Day. I’m looking for a soft cookie with a yummy homemade frosting.
    Stacy said she loves your sugar cookies, so will you share your recipe?

  3. 3
    LeAnne says:

    Where did you find your Almond Bark? These look so tasty!!!

    • 3.1
      gilgamesh says:

      I found you can get a 1 or 2 pound almond bark at Aldi for a couple of bucks or you can get a larger amount at sams club i do not suggest walmart because its a small amount for a lot of $

      hope this helps

  4. 4
    Tressa says:

    Jenny, I am a lurker on your blog (blame Cami! LOL). Anyhow, my sister Mindy made these after Christmas and we changed their name because they are SO good. They are now known (to us at least) as Heavenly Balls of Yum. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have to try the nutter butter variety though. Thanks!

  5. 5
    Emiline says:

    Yeeahh! These look so good. What a great idea.
    I have to make something for a Valentine’s Day bakesale, but I don’t know what. These might be good, but maybe not, because of the cream cheese.

  6. 6
    Jenny says:

    Hi Melanie,
    Your hubby will love these!

    Hi Holly!
    Click on my profile, and get my email. Email me and I’ll send over my sugar cookie recipe. I need to make them soon so I can post them here. I haven’t seen Stacy in so long, tell her I said hello!

    Hi Leanne,
    I found some almond Bark at Walmart and another local grocery store her in AZ. Check in the baking isle, it should be close to the chocolate chips.

    Hi Tressa,
    Thanks for commenting, aren’t these the best?!
    I couldn’t help but to post them!

    Hi Emiline,
    If it’s chilly out, I think these would do fine at a bake sale.

  7. 7
    Jill says:

    Hi Jenny, Jill let me go through her site to get to yours. I would love to try some of your recipes. Do you mind adding me to your list of invites?

    [email protected]

    Is that all you need is my email?

    Thanks, : )
    Stacy Summers (Jill Coons friend in WI)

  8. 8
    Jenny says:

    Hi Summer,
    You don’t need an invite at all. Just jot down the URL and you can pull it up anywhere. (

    Hope you find some good recipes!!

  9. 9
    Summer says:

    I just found your blog and love it, I check it out all the time! These are so good…I made some at Christmas time and I dipped them in melted Andes mints. They were Yummy. Thanks for sharing all your amazing recipes, can’t wait to try them!

  10. 10
    Melanie C. says:

    These look great! I am excited to try them=–thanks!

  11. 11
    Karen says:

    Oh my oreo goodness! Thanks for sharing this amazing looking recipe. I will be trying these soon.

  12. 12
    Claire says:

    I’ve seen the oreo ones but nutter butter…OH MY!!!! Yum! I’m going to have to try these soon. About how many does each recipe make?

  13. 13
    MrsPresley says:

    i made these around christmas time and they were SO good! you should try the cookie dough truffles in my blog – i can’t decide which i like better ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. 14
    Kevin says:

    Cookies, cream cheese and chocolate. These sound so amazing! Bookmarked

  15. 15
    Proud Italian Cook says:

    Wow Jenny, these little jems could be very dangerous, so easy, yet so decadent!! Yummm
    P.S. Was that you with your hair up on the promo’s for the new show??? The 17th, right?

  16. 16
    koryshar says:

    Hey Jenny,
    I have been making these for a while now and have taken them to get togethers and the variety that seems to go over the best are the truffles made using the mint oreos (I can only get them in a double stuff variety here) with a semi sweet chocolate coating. I sprinkle a few Andes Mint baking bits over to embelish them a bit. I don’t use almond bark b/c I like actual chocolate better and it sets up just as well. You’ll have to give this version a try.

  17. 17
    BJ says:

    My family loves these. Try them with the peanut butter Oreos-that is our favorite. Great recipes-thanks

  18. 18
    Maxfield Family says:

    awesome recipe, thanks!

    come check out tasty sensations at

  19. 19
    Pat says:

    Your Blog is the BEST, Jenny! Those truffles made my mouth water and I will definitely try them. Of course, everything sounds great. Keep up the great work.

  20. 20
    Catherine Wilkinson says:

    Holy Cow, Jenny.
    These look amazing!
    You need to open a bakery and call it “Jenny’s Gems”!

  21. 21
    Kim A says:

    Please tell me these will ALL be out of your house before we come over tonight!!!

  22. 22
    Leah says:

    Uhhm, how approximately how many Weight Watchers points do you think these are? I’m totally kidding. I realize these are not on my plan…..but a girl’s gotta dream, right?

  23. 23
    Deborah says:

    Ooohh, I’ve seen the oreo truffles on other sites – but what a great idea to try other cookies! They look so good!!

  24. 24
    Tracy says:

    Oh man, those peanut butter ones are calling my name!

  25. 25
    Brilynn says:

    I’ve been wanting to make these too and yours are certainly encouraging, they look amazing!

  26. 26
    The Harris Family Daily Chat says:

    Holly made these and I am addicted. So good Jen!

  27. 27
    The Dalton Gang says:

    Hi Jenny,

    I figured I should send you a little message since I adore your blog so much. I found your blog because I went to high school with Skylar Stock and saw your page on theirs. You’ve inspired me to get back into cooking/baking (which I’ve always loved!) and to revamp my entire cuisine! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve basically printed off your blog and have almost tried everything. Today we are making the cheesecake oreo bites, the PB banana bread (again!) and whatever else we can concoct from the remainder of the ingredients. I’ve also discovered that creating my own dishes can be a lot of fun and my husband loves having more than the same old thing for dinner every night! So, thank you! Keep those recipes coming!!!

    Lisa Dalton

  28. 28
    What A Dish! says:

    These are just great!! I made the Oreo ones and can’t wait to try the Nutter Butter ones. They are so easy and I had fun making them. I gave some away and they were just raving about them! Thanks! I love reading your blog.

  29. 29
    John and Marissa says:

    Oh my goodness!! I found your blog when I was “blog-hopping” about a year ago. I love your great ideas…and these Nutter Butter chocolates are to die for! I was looking for an original idea (not up for baking this year) to give as Christmas treats. I just drizzled red chocolate instead of white. Holy cow! They were a hit!! Thanks for sharing!

  30. 30
    Lx says:

    Can I use candy melts for the coating?

  31. 31

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  32. 32

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