Tips For Capturing Meaningful Moments on Family Vacation

I am thrilled to share our tips for creating meaningful moments on family vacation today! There’s nothing I love more than heading out of town with my crew of boys on a new adventure!

I am thrilled to share our tips for creating meaningful moments on family vacation today! There’s nothing I love more than heading out of town with my crew of boys on a new adventure. We are counting down the days to our next family vacation to Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in a couple weeks with Mom It Forward. Stay tuned for our newest adventures!

For starters…

Involve the kids in planning your family vacation. Show them pictures of where you are going, let them pick some of the activities and start a countdown calendar to get everyone excited!

Family Vacation

Family vacations should be fun so enjoy the little mements. It can be stressful getting everyone ready for the trip, so once you are packed take a deep breath and enjoy the adventure. Your positivity and attitude will rub off on the entire family.

Family Vacation

Take pictures! I always regret not having more pictures from our trips, so I warn the family in advance to just let mom take pictures. It is important and the quicker you smile, the quicker it’s over, lol!

Family Vacation

Take advantage of your hotel’s free activities. We LOVE hanging at the pool, game room and exploring the hotel grounds!

Family Vacation

Try something new as a family, whether it be a new activity or new restaurant. These are the things that create lasting memories.

Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Family Vacation

Most importantly don’t expect a perfect family vacation. I’m not sure there’s such a thing. The kids will probably fight and even drive you nuts at times. It’s ok! Make the best of your time together, limit technology,  and don’t sweat the small stuff. I remind myself how lucky we are to be able to travel together as a family and laugh…a lot!

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19 Responses
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  2. Michelle @ Life on the Horizon

    There is definitely no such thing as a perfect vacation! I love this post! I learned this summer while my daughter was home from college to put the camera down and spend time in the moment – we took lots of selfies on our outings and I saved my picture taking for scenic and nature photos.

  3. The Educational Tourist

    It looks like you had a fantastic vacation making family memories!

    Planning and not sweating the small stuff…great ideas! Visit for tips on traveling with the kids and learning along the way.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Natalie, The Educational Tourist

  4. jyl from @momitforward

    I love the encouragement to not expect to have a perfect family vacation. When I was growing up, we drove from AZ to San Diego every single summer to vacation there. About halfway there (every single time), my dad would pull over (because we were all fighting), pretend like he was turning around to go back home, and we’d all scream in unison and beg for him to keep going to San Diego. From that point on in the trip, we’d get along great (at least on the drive). To this day, we tell and retell that same story, cracking up every single time. It was the “not so picture perfect” moment that ended up being our favorite memory. It really is the little things and just letting everyone “be” that helps us enjoy the journey the most, right?

    So excited to see you and your family in just a few short days!

  5. Jill Greenlaw

    I love all your tips, especially to not sweat the small stuff. This is so important. If you are relaxed and easy going, the whole trip seems to go more smoothly. See you next week at Family Forward.

  6. Vanessa, DeSuMama

    I’m excited to have all our families spend time together next week! The resort looks awesome!

  7. Aimee @ Simple Bites

    Jenny, these are solid tips. It IS stressful getting out the door, but it’s always worth it. 😉

    Pinned to my travel board!

  8. Julie @ Table for Two

    Love these tips! Photos are always worth a million words years down the line so you can look back and see how much fun you had!

  9. Heather Christo

    I love your pictures Jenny- and what wonderful tips for treasuring those special vacations. I especially love to try and keep memories of these times when the kids are really young- I know it won’t last long!

    1. Jenny

      I know Heather! It’s already gone so fast! Can’t believe my oldest will be 12 years old this week!

    1. Jenny

      We are so excited to stay at the Portofino Hotel! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures 🙂

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