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Let’s face it, it’s tricky to keep the family healthy ALL the time. We are constantly trying to stay on top of good health whether it’s running around outside, riding bikes or walking through Disneyland…often 🙂  There’s no secret, it’s a challenge, but we try to have fresh fruit and vegetables on hand so we can eat as much as possible. It’s nice when there is so much goodness packed into orange juice like Tropicana, I know my kids are getting their fruit serving just by drinking a big glass of juice!

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385 Responses
  1. Joanne Schultz

    I keep lots of fruits and veggies in the house.
    Sometimes it’s easier to serve foods in a different way if your family doesn’t like them the way they are normally prepared. Cooked spinach- yuk, cooked spinach in cream sauce – double yuk! But put spinach leaves in a salad and that’s ok!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Francine

    I keep my family healthy by having them eat LOTS of Fruits and Vegetables. I get them to eat their Vegetables by seasoning them with good seasonings and herbs. Sometimes I will add a light cheese sauce to their vegetables. They LOVE Fruit, so it is never a problem to get them to eat it. I also buy Organic and Whole Grain Foods.

    aliaskys (at) yahoo . com
    Thank You! 🙂

  3. Susan Smith

    We talk walks to the park for excercise and I always keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the house for snacking.

  4. Anne

    I try to set a good example by eating healthy myself. I also keep very little junk food in the house, so they don’t have a lot of options.

  5. Betty C

    We made a rule of no more than 2 cookies a day of “store bought” products. When I baked I knew exactly what went into the cookies and could control the nutrition and allowed extra cookies then. Fresh fruit was unlimited and it was hard to keep it in the house because it seemed like someone always had an orange or a banana in their hand. Real juice instead of sodas or “fake juice” tastes better and is so much healthier.

  6. Donna

    I make sure we eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and I keep plenty of healthy snack options on hand. I also limit sweets, sodas, fried foods and other junk food. My son has always loved all fruits and veggies so getting him to eat a healthy, varied diet has never been an issue.

  7. sy

    we eat fruits for breakfast and add them to yogurt. we try to cook lots of vegetables with our meals, but need to add lots of seasoning to make them tasty.
    songyueyu at gmail

  8. This year we’re taking care to grow more of our own veg. And we’ve got a deal with the neighbors to pick their plums in exchange for carting them away [lucky food bank, getting what we can’t use!]

    And we’re all doing better about getting more sleep.

  9. Debra F

    I am very lucky. My kids love love love fruit. Never any problems getting them to eat fruit. They also like quite a few veggies, so I don’t push it and force them to eat what they don’t like. I do introduce and reintroduce new and seasonal veggies all the time and my oldest especially will try more and more.

  10. Robin

    I bought that cookbook – Deceptively Delicious, and have been secretly adding good stuff to lots of recipes.

  11. Susan E.

    I keep only healthy snacks in the house including lots of fruit and veggies in the house and most of our meals are cooked at home, rather than eating out.


  12. Lisa

    To keep the family healthy I like to make sure everyone gets adequate sleep, plenty of fruits,vegetables, and water in their diets, and enough exercise.

  13. nan

    my son refuses veggies so i grate carrots and put them in muffins and i buy fruit/veggie blend drinks to sneak them into him
    nannypanpan at

  14. pixie13

    Drinks lots of fruit smoothies & eat lots of fresh veggie salads & stir fries. Now that the weather is getting nicer, we’re spending as much time outside as possible. No sodas in the house, juice, water, tea if we’re thirsty 🙂



  16. Wanda M

    We try to avoid processed and fast foods. We drink alot of water, eat fresh veggies and fruit daily along with a yogurt.
    wbailey113 at hotmail dot com

  17. ria

    we eat wholesome foods, drink lots of juice and water, exercise and try to get a good night’s sleep most nights
    rmartinclarke @

  18. Christy

    We play outside a lot. We take our daughter on bike rides, we play catch in the backyard, and we are teaching our daughter how to play tee-ball and soccer.

  19. Terry Nguyen

    I like to cook and eat homemade meals with a variety of colors. I’m always a huge advocate for water. I think it’s the best thing to drink when trying to stay fit and healthy.

  20. Demetra Mensah- Bonsu

    We use only natural/organic products, from skincare and haircare to what we consume. I grow my own vegetables and we buy everything else at whole foods or a multitude of online vendors.

  21. Suzanne

    We often enjoy spinach and fruit smoothies. It’s the only way I can get any vegetables into my kids’ bodies! They’re super delicious.

  22. Alisa

    Definitely cutting out meat and increasing dark leafy greens, exercising, and reducing sugar consumption (it’s hidden everywhere!)

  23. chelsea rose

    i make sure to incorporate plenty of protein and fiber in my diet, and make sure to eat at least a piece or two of fruit every day. it’s a work in progress 🙂

  24. CrysB513

    Starting in January, I began tracking the foods I was eating through a calorie counting website. By doing that, I began paying much closer attention to the foods I was purchasing, picking healthier ingredients for dinner, and making sure my primary (and only!!) drink was water. This has allowed for more fruits and vegetables in our diet too!

    Healthier eating combined with exercise helped me drop 15lbs!

  25. sheila k.

    I’ve taught my kids to enjoy high nutrition dishes like broccoli and spinach salads. When we eat I usually point out what nutrients are in each of the foods we are eating. My eldest daughter has even thanked me for teaching her about nutrition and how to choose the best foods.

  26. Carrie

    I cook from scratch and we do not keep soda in our home. Occasionally my kids have soda if we are out to eat but I limit that. Fast food is a rarity for us also. They stay active by playing sports – in our house there is no “off season”!

  27. Linsey

    I sneak in extra colorful veggies when I can…seems like everyone is more willing to eat healthy of its pretty!

  28. Joannah

    We try to give them lots of fruit and for “dessert” it’s frozen gogurts or homemade smoothies. We also buy organic when we can. Especially eggs and milk.
    We also have a constant supply of Tropicana. No joke!

  29. Kimberly Stevens

    I’m in college so often it’s very hard to eat healthy between classes and work. I try to always keep a bottle of water with me and always have fresh fruits and veggies in the fridge in grab and go containers so I will always have a healthy snack (even if I don’t have time to make one!)

  30. Diane from SoCal

    Try to have fresh fruit, celery and baby carrots available for snacking. Always have some delicious OJ in the fridge. Keep everyone active and excercising!!

  31. Vicky

    I live in another state for college, but I talk to my family nearly every day. Those conversations include a run-down of what we’ve eaten & the healthy choices we’ve been making, as we’re all trying to lose weight. It helps us stay accountable & share in our little “victories!”

  32. Whitney

    I cook most of our food from scratch…no more cream of chicken/mushroom soups, velveeta, or boxed dinners. We hardly ever eat out. I make sure we always have plenty of fresh fruit and veggies on hand for snacking. We also eat whole wheat bread, pasta, and rice. I’m doing my best to make sure my children (3 and 5) grow up with healthy eating habits.

  33. I buy fruit and make sure I cut it shortly after I bring it home from the grocery store, so we always have a nutricious snack on hand.

  34. Debbie

    I prepare home cooked meals several nights each week & we sit down around the kitchen table to share our meals together at least 3-4 nights/week depending upon sports schedules. Being around the table for mealtime allows us to stay connected with each other & reinforces to the kids that we want to spend time with them.

  35. We eat a lot of fresh foods. I try to make sure they have plenty of time everyday to play outside in a fitness kind of way (bike rides, tag, sports) and I try to be a good example!

  36. We carry water bottles with us everywhere we go and we try to skip the french fries and other greasy side dishes. It isn’t much, but every little bit helps!

  37. Amanda Thompson

    We try and avoid pre-packaged “box” food and make what we can from scratch or at least with ingredients we can pronounce 😉

  38. SewLindaAnn

    I put the food on the plates for us. I know, it’s sounds lame. There’s only 3 of us and so it’s not any trouble and this way I know the veggies and fruit are on the plate with a balance of carbs and proteins. When I don’t do this I see huge platters of pasta and nothing else or frozen corn dogs. Ugh!

  39. Ronna F

    We eat fruits and/or vegetables with every meal, and munch on baby carrots and celery sticks for snacks. We walk our dog every night and that is healthy for her too!

  40. lots of outside play time, healthy snacks, no soda in the house (or barely even juice), vegetarian meals often…. good luck to me!

  41. My family eats healthy and stays active. We grow our own vegetables in our garden, raise chickens for our own eggs, buy local produce, and we also drink Tropicana Orange Juice. One of the few non-local indulgences we splurge on, because it’s so good! Super big fan!

  42. Megan

    Eating a lot of fruits and veggies, keeping away from sweets and bad foods as much as possible! Playing outside and exercising too!

  43. Brittany C

    I steer clear of refined sugar, white flour, and processed foods as much as I possibly can! I also try to have a veggie with every meal.

  44. linda

    i bake healthy muffins using egg substitute, apple sauce for sweetener & mash up bananas into the rolled oats & whole wheat flour & apf!

  45. Shaura

    Wash our hands! I stop my kids at the door when they come home from school and direct them straight to the sink!

  46. I try to buy one fresh fruit or vegetable a week for us to eat. It doesn’t sound like much, but it is hard as we do not like the same things.

  47. Jamie

    I show them by example to eat right and exercise. They in turn learn to love fruits and vegetables (most of the time) and they have a desire to be active.

  48. Jamie

    I show them by example to eat right and exercise. They in turn learn to love fruits and vegetables (most of the time) and have a desire to be active.

  49. Lorraine

    I try to keep our family healthy by watching portion size and by starting each day with a good breakfast. I make up a healthy breakfast casserole at the beginning of the week which can be reheated, add juice (Tropicana 50 is our favorite!) and out the door. In the middle of the week, I make up another casserole, and we are good to go. Easy easy for a family of five.

  50. We try to always get in a little outdoor time (even if it’s just a game of chase!), and I try to use whole foods in our meals as much as possible.

  51. Daisie Dance

    We start out the day with a good breakfast (we try to avoid sugary cereals!), get active outdoors when the weather is nice, and eat fresh (as opposed to processed) foods! Also limit fast food restaurants to once per month!!

  52. Amanda

    We have a smoothie every day with frozen fruit or what is in season, a banana, almond milk, flaxseed,and some baby spinach.

  53. yeni

    I have a picky toddler with texture issues, so I’ve learned to incorporate as many fresh items into one-pot wonders. I make tons of meals that include healthy items that he would never touch otherwise. We also stay away from store bought-prepackaged snacks or baked goods.

  54. Jennifer

    Two of my four kiddos had very odd and unexpected food allergies, after reading labels and educating myself about ingrediants we switched up our eating some…although we always ate a lot of homecooked food, fruit and veg we switched to whole foods, organic produce and dairy and no processed foods.

  55. Dawn P

    We try to take stroller walks alot, have races in and outside… a veggie and fruit at every meal…along with a complex carb and protein….minimize all the sugars! I’ll tell you though………whenever they see the ‘juice cup’ they come ‘arunnin!!

  56. Hadessa Mullane

    I try to keep my family healthy by giving them mostly healthy options. Like I keep yogurt and fruit in the fridge and try to have whole grain crackers on hand instead of sugary things. I do bake alot but we give most of it away to others to keep our treats just that a treat!

  57. Brooke

    I use the “Deceptively Delicious” cookbook to add additional veggies to the meals. My kids are GREAT eaters, but sometimes I add some extra stuff and they love it!

  58. Cellabella

    I make sure we always have fresh fruits and vegetables in the fridge and encourage activities outside together with the whole family!

  59. Chriss lilleskov

    I let my kids have one candy treat a day. Not full size…mini tootsie roll or gum. They don’t feel they never get candy and they know toy save it for when they want. Many times they forget.
    We also offer healthy bedtime and normal snacks…cheese, fruit, applesauce etc. Their friends like our snacks better!

  60. M.j.

    Tropicana is the only juice we drink in our house.Exercise 5x week and walk. Eat a green salad at least once a day maybe two.

  61. Janell

    Just like the majority of kids, my boys love apple juice. But instead of giving them glass after glass of juice, I give them a cup of water with just a couple tablespoons of juice. And they are totally happy with that!

  62. Elaine

    I remind everyone to take their vitamins, drink water and choose fruit, juice and veggies over chocolate! And mine are all grown up!

  63. I always buy “diet” or “eating right” or “lose weight” cookbooks. My husband and I aren’t using these books for losing weight – i just can’t cook without a recipe to save my life. Having these diet/lose weight cookbooks guarantees that we’ll have lots of veggies, low calories, and proper vitamins in all of our meals. I cook and don’t think twice about it, because I know it’s good for us. That and we drink lots of water and try to hit the gym 3x a week.

  64. To stay healthy I keep myself and my kids active. I workout on my own, walk to and from school with my daughter everyday and try to get outside to play with my kids as much as possible. Jumping rope together is one of our favorites! Also, I cook from home the majority of the time, utilizing lots of vegetables, and sneaking them in if I have to! 🙂

  65. Liza

    I cook our foods from scratch, even most of the kids snack foods, I even grind my own wheat flour. The kids are nice and healthy 🙂

  66. I am the only person in my family so it’s pretty easy to stay on top of things. I make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, take multivitamins, exercise for at least 30 minutes a day and start my day with some OJ!

  67. LeAnn

    Lots of natural, whole food, goodies made from scratch and not processed garbage, plenty of water, exercise, and sleep!

  68. NancyR

    Moved out all the white and replaced with whole wheat. Working on getting all the processed out and just use whole foods as much as possible. Veggies and or fruit with every meal.

  69. Vicki N

    We take our daily vitamins, exercise in some form everyday, and try to eat healthy (make the best choices) at every meal.

  70. To keep our place healthy, I only keep healthy foods in our house. Most of our cupboards are empty, but the fridge is packed full of fresh foods.

  71. ashley ledford

    I have a 6 month old and I love making his baby food! Its so healhty and I love knowing exactly what I’m feeding him! 🙂

  72. Dina

    I try to make sure we eat a variety of foods and minimize the junk. I’ve always tried to teach my daughter about moderation when it comes to sweets and even at 6 years old, she knows if she has too much sugar she just feels “icky.”

  73. cathy myers

    We play Just Dance 2 on the wii, take walks, play outside, and try to eat healthy foods… oj is always present in the house

  74. Julie Ryan

    I do the majority of the cooking since my husband and I have different ideas of “healthy” foods.

  75. Erica

    try not to even bring junk-type food into the house. If it isn’t here- we won’t eat it. If it IS here – we will

  76. Lindy

    I tell my kids to try and “eat all the colors of the rainbow” (and skittles don’t count). We drink mostly water and all exercise/participate in sports regularly. No couch potatoes around here!

  77. Kay Bastian

    We plant a garden and eat fresh vegetables from June through November. I also can and freeze vegetables to use year round. Last year I made spaghetti sauce, salsa, chili tomatoes, green beans and applesauce. I plan on canning more this year.

  78. sharilyn

    they love peanut butter and banana smoothies – and I always throw in some spinach – in any smoothie.. makes ’em green – but they don’t taste a thing 😉

  79. Leana

    All ways have banana’s and oranges on the counter. The strawberry farm is now open so their will be fresh strawberries in the fridge along with other fruit. No soda in the house unless it is to celebrate a bday, thanksgiving or Christmas. The kids play outside when every day when the sun is out – riding bikes or just running around enjoy the day no sitting and watching TV all day when it is nice outside. The kids are pretty good about eating dinner that I make.

  80. Rachel

    I try to cook mostly healthy dinners throughout the week, and we will exercise often. My husband and I are both involved in sports teams to make it more fun!

  81. My very active tribe of 11 children always play outdoors either in our backyard, swim or football teams, and we never let them drink soda! Tropicana is a big treat as they usually have milk or water, so we love OJ!

  82. Judy Jursch

    We get lots of Vitamin C from our daily glass of orange juice and we started eating smaller portions and have incorporated more vegetables, less meat.

  83. Chrissy

    I take the kids for walks and bike rides, send them outside to play a lot, show them that exercise is good for you and can be fun also, and we make good decisions with our food choices.

  84. Shelly

    We drink lots of water so we aren’t drinking our calories! I don’t have unhealthy foods in the house, so we are not tempted. We spend lots of time outside 🙂

  85. Kayla

    We get outside in the sun as often as possible & I make my 9-month old daughter homemade food as much as I can.

  86. Tara Hunter

    To keep my family healthy, I make sure that we incorporate a variety of fresh fruits and veggies into our daily meals.
    I also try not to keep junk food around.

  87. Christina

    My 13 month son loves to be on the go, so we play outside a lot and he loves him some plain old water and amazingly he eats his fruits and VEGGIES with NO hesitation. He hasn’t turned away any veggie I have given him and that includes asparagus, peas, and broccoli.

  88. lori

    I try to make as many healthy and wholesome home cooked meals as possible with as little “fake” food as possible.

  89. I try my hardest to avoid having any “junk food” in the house and when I cook, I’m always finding creative ways to sneak in veggies! God love my husband, but he’s like an overgrown child and doesn’t have an ounce of self-discipline when it comes to sweet/salty foods!

  90. Nicole

    First and foremost, I make sure we all get plenty of sleep. When we start going to bed too late, and not getting the rest our bodies need, that’s when we start to get sick. My kids need at least 12 hours a night. I know that sounds like a lot, but if they don’t get those 12 hours, they are cranky, and tend to get the sniffles more often.

  91. Michelle

    We try to eat as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. I try to limit the amount of soda in the house.

  92. Lisa

    I do my best to lead by example. We shop for produce together, and decide on meals to prepare together! 🙂

  93. bri

    i try to cook at home when i can so i dont have to eat out at restaurants, where i dont know what they add into the food!

  94. Recently I’ve been trying to make sure that we’re drinking enough every day – mainly water, but also counting juices/milk. Stay hydrated! 🙂

  95. Jessie

    I try to cook as many meals as possible. That wasy I know there’s no bad ingredients sneaking into our food.

  96. Michelle Riebeek

    We buy lots of fruits and veggies at the beginning of the week to go with our meals throughout the week

  97. Rachel TF

    We try to keep all goodies out of the house. As long as they don’t come in, it’s a lot easier not to consume them!

  98. Sarah H.P.

    My husband and I do a lot of walking and I try to incorporate as many fresh, whole foods into my cooking as possible. I enjoy making tasty smoothies too, which is a quick and easy way to get servings of fruit and veg.

  99. My motto in life is – moderation in all things. I think it applies here as well. We definitely try to get outside and play, run, bike ski, explore etc.. everyday and I cook healthy meals most days. But we also like to give our kids the opportunity to make good choices without forcing it on them. I keep mostly healthy foods in the house but we also have treats. My daughters are learning that they feel better when they eat better. We talk about what it means to be healthy and be the best examples that we can for them. However, we love a good doughnut once in awhile and a little bit of chocolate doesn’t hurt either.

  100. I try to drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat lots of fruits and veggies (and limit meat intake), and we’ve switched to good carbs (whole wheat, whole grain, etc.)

  101. Brandi Jex

    We try to eat whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies, limit our meat intake and exercise regularly!

  102. Mindi

    I try to cook the majority of our food instead of eating out, and we try our best to not eat much processed food.

  103. I don’t have a family of my own yet, but I’ve found that a good way to stay healthy is to cook for myself! That way I can decide how much sugar and fat goes into the recipe–not the fast food chain or frozen food factory!

  104. Lindsay

    We make sure and eat every 3 hours at our house. It keeps us all happy and never hungry. We also make sure and get at least 30 minutes of exercise for the whole family!

  105. Other than the usual exercise and trying to eat well, we eat a small salad packed with veggies right before dinner every night. It helps fill us up, and we get a hefty dose of veggies.

  106. pamela

    We have lots of activities outside, working wi farm animals and pets…always something to do…drink lots of spring water, juices, and milk…we have access to plenty of fresh fruits and veggies grown in our area..

  107. Julie N

    I make sure we drink plenty of water, eat as fresh as we can and get out and about too. During the winter, we have lots of little dance parties to keep ourselves active.

  108. To stay healthy, my husband and I eat fruits and vegetables everyday- mostly grapefruits and salads, and exercise together at the gym! 🙂

  109. We all take a daily multivitamin. We also keep Emergen-C and Zinc on hand for when we start feeling a little under the weather to try to beat it.

  110. It is so hard, but I try to limit the amount of sweets we have in the house. I have a sweet tooth though so I’m not always perfect, but every little bit helps.

  111. Jazmin

    I live far away from my family, but I cook balanced meals with my roommates and we run and go to the gym several times a week.

  112. April in CT

    We exercise, cook at home with real foods avoiding processed junk and eating out as much as possible!

  113. BridgetSoup

    I buy fresher ingredients and try to keep them tasting fresh by not overdoing the “fixins” 🙂

  114. I love to exercise and eat healthy and before a meal I will drink 8oz of water. I try and be as active as I can throughout the day and eat plenty of fruits and veggies!

  115. Every Sunday I boil up a week’s worth of sweet potatoes, skinless boneless chicken, green beans, hard boiled eggs, etc. I chop up a head of lettuce too for the week. Then, every day for a meal I have a salad with chicken & hard boiled eggs and then a meal of chicken, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Keeps my diet on track to already have things prepared!

  116. Bethany

    I’ve reduced the amount we eat out (ESPECIALLY take-out) – I found that most of the time it was a substitute for thinking ahead. Instead, eating out has become a time to have fun and enjoy fabulous food. I feel healthier, and it’s helped the budget too!

  117. DELANEY

    I made a homemade dinner most nights of the week. I know exactly what’s in the food I make, it’s good for us, and it saves us money.

  118. I try to limit the amount of sugar and fats I use in cooking. Everyone is bombarded enough with sugar and fat from all the little things we eat, a little less I give my family is less they eat overall.

  119. Elizabeth Miracle

    We try and eat well and get as much excersise in every day as we can. We also love our Tropicana ;).

  120. Lisa

    Waiting for the weather to get nice so we can play outside more. We take multivitamins and try to go to bed early.

  121. Amanda

    I sneak veggies or wheat germ (my best friend) into everything I make and take vitamins like a crazy person!

  122. We try to stay healthy by eating as many healthy foods as poosible, lots of home cooked meals, the kids are all very active through dance and/or sports activities, we try to take walks or ride bikes as a family, and if one of us do get sick we lock them downstairs till they get better!! Just kidding…..we also take a daily vitamin C, practice good handwashing and try getting plenty of rest!!

  123. Mellisa W.

    I put out a plate of raw veggies while I am finishing up cooking. The kids find it and dig in. More veggies, less meat and starch. Yeah!

  124. Katie

    I try to cook new and healthy-ish foods for the fam so we can eat TOGETHER! My daughter and I also like to have dance parties…She runs circles around me, but it’s gets us movin’!

  125. WyKate

    We try to just live a healthy all around lifesyle and try not to stress being super healthy or super not-healthy. 🙂 So far so good.

  126. Aysley

    I’m at college so most of the time I just have to worry about keeping myself healthy by keeping portions in check and going to the gym. However, when I’m home I always offer to cook so I can pick healthier dinners 🙂

  127. The main thing I do to help keep our family healthy is buy lots of fruits and veggies from Sam’s – if we have a large quantity in the house we work harder to incorporate them into every meal so nothing goes bad! Fruit and veggies are ALWAYS provided as snack options, and always included in my son’s packed lunches for school every day (and usually in mine too!) I work on meal planning each week to try to help ensure a balanced diet and we focus on trying to get out and play together and take walks together when we can!

  128. Alicia B

    I make sure to always have everyone’s favorite fruits and veggies around to snack on, and we go on lots of walks.

  129. By making sure everyone stays active and gets enough exercise, from the kids to myself, not too much time in front of the TV, and lots of healthy home-cooked meals.

  130. Cheryl

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    We try a “new fruit or veggie” every week (I let the kids pick it) and try to incorporate as much colour as possible into our food! Multi vitamins are a daily thing too!

  131. Kate

    We only eat out once a week so we have greater control over how our meals are prepared. Plus, it saves us money!

  132. I subscribe to a CSA – having a box of pre-paid vegetables every single week forces me to up the amount of veggies we consume by leaps and bounds!

  133. Tara

    My two babies and I walk where we can. The doctor’s, the park, the post office, the pharmacy, friends’ houses.

  134. Christy

    I limit my kids’ video game time and make sure they spend time outside playing as much as possible. If they want a treat, or something sugary, I try to make sure they eat something healthy first, like a fruit/veggie.

  135. I have picky eater in my house so I do sneaky things like hide shredded zucchini in meatloaf or cook with half ground meat half ground turkey, same with pasta I hide whole wheat pasta mixed with regular pasta. Sometimes you just have to be sneaky.

  136. Sara S.

    Well I don’t have a family YET, but I monitor my caloric intake and be sure to take my vitamins every day 🙂

  137. Georgianna

    I make sure to cook for my parents. I like to use “faux” recipes like baked chicken instead of fried. They don’t even realize it most of the time!!

  138. My favorite trick is to add spinach to everything I can think of – soups, pastas, scrambled eggs, stuffed chicken, and so much more!

  139. Erica Tanner

    I keep fresh fruits and veggies in the house at all times for the GO TO snack items! We try to go to the gym 6 times a week, sometimes it is only 4-5 but that’s ok!

  140. To stay healthy, we prepare healthy homemade meals and snacks, or in other words, we eat REAL food! It’s not always convenient, but we definitely feel like it is worth the effort!

  141. Stefanie

    We participate in our local CSA program which helps me to incorporate more veggies into our diet. We also have a juicer that we use all the time which helps us get in those vitamins! 🙂

  142. sophia

    I do try to encourage exercise, note the word encourage! 🙂

    And I try to cook healthy. Getting them to eat healthy is another story!

    I do try!

  143. Kati

    We try to play outside and getour exercise in while biking to the park. We also don’t buy many snack foods (chips, crackers, fruit snacks), just veggies and fruit so that those will be the snack!

  144. Chloe

    My roommate and I try to make more meals together than eating out. And to use veggies and herbs from our patio garden

  145. What do you do to keep your families healthy?

    My boyfriend and I love doing activities together like biking and hiking. Whenever we go on vacation we try to incorporate physical activity. For example, we spent a week in Arizona recently and while we indulged a bit on some local food (BBQ and Southwestern) we balanced it out with physical activity every day. We hike Sabino Canyon, Catalina State Park, I ran twice, swam in the nearby outdoor pool and he went golfing. It was a great way to enjoy “Treats” and not worry about being unhealthy!

  146. Shannon W

    I’m training to run a 5K, and we visit the local farmer’s market every weekend to get fresh fruits and veggies to help us stay healthy each week! 🙂

  147. Amy

    Well, in our house, we believe that you are what you eat! I try my hardest to feed my family the healthiest foods I can…that includes grass-fed beef, organic milk and as much organic produce as we can afford.

  148. Kimiko

    I usually try to incorporate vegetables into my dishes whenever I can! And I don’t keep a lot of over-processed snacks, or anything sugary/salty in the house. I try to keep things like fresh fruit, nuts, and natural popcorn available instead. Oh, and NO sodas!

  149. Jey

    We try to eat healthy by cooking with lots of vegetables and whole grains. And we try to snack on things like fruit and cheese instead of highly processed foods. 🙂

  150. Emily

    I think my family keeps healthy with family meals and family exercise time. If the kids are out playing in the yard, I am too!

  151. Lindsay

    Eat well (lots of veggies and fruits) a majority of the time, exercise.. and I keep the house clean, but not crazy clean. Same with antibacterial hand stuff. You need to be exposed to SOME germs.

  152. corinne

    Don’t live with my family, but I make most of the stuff I eat from scratch (and try to make more yogurt and sandwich bread than chocolate coated donuts…), and I either bike or run every day.

  153. My family lives 2000 miles away, but I try to keep my roommates and myself healthy by cooking healthy, balanced meals, and always inviting them to come to the gym or running with me everyday. We are poor and in college though, so its a work in progress.. Haha 🙂

  154. Brandy

    Eat throughout the day in small quantities. You never feel starved and your body has a chance to digest as it goes.

  155. Lachelle B

    I try and have cut up veggies before dinner for the kids to snack on while I’m making dinner! It helps them get their veggies in and from bugging me while I’m cooking. 🙂

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