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Tropicana Orange Juice and another $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

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This is a sponsored post from BlogHer and Tropicana.

Let’s face it, it’s tricky to keep the family healthy ALL the time.  We are constantly trying to stay on top of good health whether it’s running around outside, riding bikes or walking through Disneyland…often 🙂  There’s no secret, it’s a challenge, but we try to have fresh fruit and vegetables on hand so we can eat as much as possible.  It’s nice when there is so much goodness packed into orange juice like Tropicana, I know my kids are getting their fruit serving just by drinking a big glass of juice!

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Pledge to squeeze more fruits and veggies into your day & Tropicana will
help kids in need. Tropicana will donate one 8-oz glass of orange juice to
the USDA School Breakfast and Summer Food Service programs, up to 184,375
8-oz glasses. Please pledge by going to . Promo will
end 12/31/11.

How To Enter:  $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

1.  Leave a comment here telling us, “What do you do to keep your families healthy?”


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  1. 151
    Brandi Jex says:

    We try to eat whole foods, lots of fruits and veggies, limit our meat intake and exercise regularly!

  2. 152
    Jessica K says:

    I try to drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat lots of fruits and veggies (and limit meat intake), and we’ve switched to good carbs (whole wheat, whole grain, etc.)

  3. 153
    kayleigh says:

    lately, we have put a huge emphasis on not eating food with ingredients we cannot pronounce!

  4. 154

    Take vitamins and immune boosters like Moducare and active C

  5. 155
    Jenny says:

    My motto in life is – moderation in all things. I think it applies here as well. We definitely try to get outside and play, run, bike ski, explore etc.. everyday and I cook healthy meals most days. But we also like to give our kids the opportunity to make good choices without forcing it on them. I keep mostly healthy foods in the house but we also have treats. My daughters are learning that they feel better when they eat better. We talk about what it means to be healthy and be the best examples that we can for them. However, we love a good doughnut once in awhile and a little bit of chocolate doesn’t hurt either.

  6. 156
    Tabathia B says:

    I now bake more versus frying and reduce the amount of red meat and pork we eat and we take walks every afternoon
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  7. 157
  8. 158
    Kelly says:

    Exercising regularly!

  9. 159
    Heidi says:

    I sneak pureed veggies into their food. We also make smoothies quite regularly and we are active.

  10. 160
    Tracy says:

    We try to just keep moving and not sit in front of the computer/TV all of the time! 🙂

  11. 161
    Clarissa says:

    I try to help my husband I to not eat super late in the night and to always exercise! 🙂

  12. 162
    marisa says:

    We take our vitamins and kick them outside!

  13. 163
    Sarah H.P. says:

    My husband and I do a lot of walking and I try to incorporate as many fresh, whole foods into my cooking as possible. I enjoy making tasty smoothies too, which is a quick and easy way to get servings of fruit and veg.

  14. 164
    Rachel TF says:

    We try to keep all goodies out of the house. As long as they don’t come in, it’s a lot easier not to consume them!

  15. 165
    Michelle Riebeek says:

    We buy lots of fruits and veggies at the beginning of the week to go with our meals throughout the week

  16. 166
    Kristen says:

    We honestly drink lots of orange juice and take our vitamins. 🙂

  17. 167

    to keep my family healthy I buy tons of fruits and veggies and we eat loads of them daily!

  18. 168

    I try and keep lots of fresh fruit and veggies around!

  19. 169

    tweeted about it

  20. 170
    KellyO says:

    I try to find alternatives to the less healthy after-school snacks and we are outside playing a lot!

  21. 171
    Krystal says:

    My Fiance & I both gave up soda & bought a Brita water filter!

  22. 172
    Jessie says:

    I try to cook as many meals as possible. That wasy I know there’s no bad ingredients sneaking into our food.

  23. 173
  24. 174
    Nathan R. says:

    I try to reduce the fat and sugar in our food as much as possible. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables too.

  25. 175
    Sarah says:

    My husband and I go to the cycling class at our gym together. We also have cut out all sodas, and mainly drink water and juice!

  26. 176
    Anne S. says:

    Recently I’ve been trying to make sure that we’re drinking enough every day – mainly water, but also counting juices/milk. Stay hydrated! 🙂

  27. 177

    I always try to have plenty of fruits and veggies in the house, all easily ready to eat. It helps to keep from snacking on unhealthy things!

  28. 178
    bri says:

    i try to cook at home when i can so i dont have to eat out at restaurants, where i dont know what they add into the food!

  29. 179
    Lisa says:

    I do my best to lead by example. We shop for produce together, and decide on meals to prepare together! 🙂

  30. 180
    Michelle says:

    We try to eat as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible. I try to limit the amount of soda in the house.

  31. 181
    Nicole says:

    First and foremost, I make sure we all get plenty of sleep. When we start going to bed too late, and not getting the rest our bodies need, that’s when we start to get sick. My kids need at least 12 hours a night. I know that sounds like a lot, but if they don’t get those 12 hours, they are cranky, and tend to get the sniffles more often.

  32. 182
    Rachel says:

    I try my hardest to avoid having any “junk food” in the house and when I cook, I’m always finding creative ways to sneak in veggies! God love my husband, but he’s like an overgrown child and doesn’t have an ounce of self-discipline when it comes to sweet/salty foods!

  33. 183
    lori says:

    I try to make as many healthy and wholesome home cooked meals as possible with as little “fake” food as possible.

  34. 184
    Tina Knudson says:

    We love to play outside together. We do cartwheels, play t-ball and walk together.

  35. 185
    Rebecca says:

    I try to cook healthy on top of exercising.

  36. 186
    Christina says:

    My 13 month son loves to be on the go, so we play outside a lot and he loves him some plain old water and amazingly he eats his fruits and VEGGIES with NO hesitation. He hasn’t turned away any veggie I have given him and that includes asparagus, peas, and broccoli.

  37. 187
    Tara Hunter says:

    To keep my family healthy, I make sure that we incorporate a variety of fresh fruits and veggies into our daily meals.
    I also try not to keep junk food around.

  38. 188
    Kayla says:

    We get outside in the sun as often as possible & I make my 9-month old daughter homemade food as much as I can.

  39. 189
    Shelly says:

    We drink lots of water so we aren’t drinking our calories! I don’t have unhealthy foods in the house, so we are not tempted. We spend lots of time outside 🙂

  40. 190
    Chrissy says:

    I take the kids for walks and bike rides, send them outside to play a lot, show them that exercise is good for you and can be fun also, and we make good decisions with our food choices.

  41. 191
    mland29 says:

    An apple a day…it really seems to work!

  42. 192

    We eat a lot of whole wheat pasta and brown rice, and I cook a lot of fresh vegetables. I always have fruit with our meals too!

  43. 193
    Corbett says:

    Eat lots of fruit and veges

  44. 194
    Judy Jursch says:

    We get lots of Vitamin C from our daily glass of orange juice and we started eating smaller portions and have incorporated more vegetables, less meat.

  45. 195
    Holly says:

    My very active tribe of 11 children always play outdoors either in our backyard, swim or football teams, and we never let them drink soda! Tropicana is a big treat as they usually have milk or water, so we love OJ!

  46. 196
    Danielle says:

    I sneak veggies into everything I possibly can (carrots in spaghetti sauce!) and walk as much as possible. When I can’t walk outside I ride my bike inside while watching the news.!/muffinator/status/57815061867139072

  47. 197
    Val says:

    We ear or attempt to eat healthy limiting red meat and we all paricipate in various forms of exercise.

  48. 198
    Rachel says:

    I try to cook mostly healthy dinners throughout the week, and we will exercise often. My husband and I are both involved in sports teams to make it more fun!

  49. 199
    Leana says:

    All ways have banana’s and oranges on the counter. The strawberry farm is now open so their will be fresh strawberries in the fridge along with other fruit. No soda in the house unless it is to celebrate a bday, thanksgiving or Christmas. The kids play outside when every day when the sun is out – riding bikes or just running around enjoy the day no sitting and watching TV all day when it is nice outside. The kids are pretty good about eating dinner that I make.

  50. 200
    sharilyn says:

    they love peanut butter and banana smoothies – and I always throw in some spinach – in any smoothie.. makes ’em green – but they don’t taste a thing 😉

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