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I am thrilled to be reviewing V8 V-Fusion Juice with all of you. Not only am I reviewing this great product but am also offering a $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway for my readers!

Sometimes I feel like I’m pulling teeth to get my kids to eat all the fruits and vegetables they should everyday. What a pleasant surprise to find all the fruits AND vegetables packed inside V8 V-Fusion! Take a look at these flavors:  Pomegranate Blueberry, Strawberry Banana, Peach Mango, Tropical Mango, Acai Mixed Berry. Each of them are packed with between 6 and 10 fruits and vegetables! How nice to see that there is no high fructose corn syrup or added sugars.

As my kids were rummaging through the fridge last week looking for a snack as they always do, their eyes lit up when I said, “Hey guys I want you to try this new juice.” You certainly don’t have to twist their arms to drink juice, especially a new juice. I waited for for their response and first was a big smile then they both asked for more. The juice was a huge hit with the boys and they had no clue how healthy the juice was for them! My husband and I enjoyed our juice with dinner and both agreed we would definitely buy this product.


Now for the $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!! Here’s how to enter…

Leave a comment here on this post telling us, what is your favorite variety of V8 V-Fusion or if you haven’t tried it yet, what variety are you most excited to try? You can also go HERE for a $1.00 off coupon for V8 V-Fusion HERE.


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There are 8 other reviews of V8 V-Fusion and 8 other chances to win the Visa Gift Card, check them out HERE!

Learn more about V8 V-Fusion HERE and get a $1 off coupon!

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934 Responses
  1. Christy

    I drank a lot of the Acai Mixed Berry while I was pregnant- trying to get all those fruit and vegetable servings in from something that did not make me nauseous!

  2. I’ve never tried V-fusion but the flavors sound great. I’m going to pick up a bottle of pomegranite-blueberry next time I’m grocery shopping.

  3. Christina

    I want to try the strawberry banana flavor. I love the combination in EVERYTHING else and since this will be healthy it will be all that much better!!!!!! Thanks for the review!!!

  4. Lisa

    Would love to try the Pom Blueberry. How about a breakfast recipes using one of these juices. Great way to start the day!!!

  5. I also love the Acai Berry flavor! I drank a glass every day when I was pregnant with my first son. It was one of the only things that I couldn’t drink in the morning that would stay down!

  6. Erika

    Right now, we are loving Tropical Mango. Last favorite was PomBlueberry! What can I say, the kids love these juices and I am ok with that.

  7. I have tried the acai mixed berry and loved it. I would love to try to pomegranate blueberry. Thanks for the giveaway. I would totally stock up on juice with the gift card. Our kids go through juice like crazy! Staciele(at)netins(dot)net

  8. I’ve never tried V8 fusion, but those flavors sound amazing – it’s hard to pick one! I think either the Blueberry Pomegranate or the Peach Mango would have to be my first picks!

  9. Jessica B.

    My favorite is tropical mango. This is my go to item when my picky 3 year-old won’t eat a vegetable. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Janelle

    I’ve never had V8 Fusion…I’m not big on juice…but I think I wouldn’t mind trying the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor.

  11. I discovered V8 fusion a while back. I started giving my very picky now 2 year old some of the Strawberry/banana juice and he loves it. I sort of water it down a little just like I do with his normal apple juice because it is pretty sweet. But again, i love that he can drink a sippy cup full and I feel good about it and know that he has gotten some servings of fruits and veggies!

  12. I just bought V8 V-Fushion for the first time last week (because there was a good sale and I had a coupon) πŸ™‚ My favorite by far was the Pomegranate Blueberry! It was DELICIOUS!

  13. angie Santini

    We love peach mango in our house. My kids can’t get enough, and they even call it the “special” juice! score one for me.

  14. Lisa Fink

    My daughter absolutely loves the Peach Mango! It’s so nice to find something my kiddo will drink – and it’s healthy!

  15. I’ve never tried these juices but would like to try the Acai Mixed Berry one first. I’ll have to take advantage of the coupon and give it a try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  16. I just bought my first bottle, Tropical Mango. It’s so delicious. I bought it because the commercials made me want to. It’s awesome to get a full serving of both fruits and veggies in one glass.

  17. Like most people here- I LOVE the pomegranate blueberry! It tastes sinfully delicious but it’s a great way to get some extra nutrition for sure.


  18. Alessa

    I haven’t tried it yet, but would love to try the Acai Mixed Berry. It would probably be a good way to get my picky vegetable non eater daughter to get some good stuff in her body too!

  19. Diana

    I love the Pomegranate Blueberry, though it’s a little potent to drink straight. Try mixing it with Simply Orange Pineapple juice for another delicious flavor!

  20. Trisha

    I always get the peach mango and have liked it so much that I honestly haven’t tried anything else. I stick with what I like.

  21. sleepdprived21

    Hm, I’m gonna go with Pomegranate Blueberry. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m always a fan of pamegranate

  22. I’ve only tried the Strawberry Banana one since it seemed like the safest choice. I love the V8 Fusions whether i’ve tried one or all, but i’m definitely a huge fan of V8 period.

  23. What perfect timing for this post – I have been trying to incorporate more fruits and veggies into my kids diet. Which is proving to be quite painful for Mommy! I use to buy this juice and don’t know why I stopped. Our favorite was the Pom blueberry also.

  24. Sarah

    Strawberry Banana is my favorite. I like that combo for just about anything. Their V8 splash is really good too.

  25. I want to try the peach mango and I’m sure Collin and Matthew will love the Strawberry Banana. I think I’ll grab some at the store today!

  26. We LOVE V8 VFusion & have for a year or 2 now! We LOVE all the flavors but Goji Raspberry is our current favorite! A perfect way to get your kiddos to eat their veggies :0) Tabitha

  27. Mmm my daughter loves them all! I like Peach Mango the best though. I have a hard time getting my daughter to eat veggies..and me too πŸ˜› Thanks for the chance to win! πŸ™‚

  28. Tricia Davis

    We have tried almost all of the V8 V-Fusions and have loved all of them so far. Our favorites have been the Passionfruit Tangerine and Tropical Orange. I picked up the Acai Mixed Berry this morning and will be serving it with breakfast tomorrow. I love that my kids are enjoying a juice that’s incorporating fruits AND vegetables. Plus I have been been able to buy these on sale with a coupon each time – even better.

  29. Stacie Aho

    I really like V-8 fusion. I believe I’ve tried Acai Mixed Berry and really liked it. I haven’t bought it for a while because it’s pretty pricey, although I saw it in Costco for about half the price in the regular stores.

    I hope I win!!!! (don’t we all, though?)

  30. They all sound DELICIOUS! Anything to get my kids to consume more fruits and veggies, I’m all for! We’ve tried the V-8 Splash, now for the Fusion! Peach Mango, yumm! Or, the Gogi Raspberry, Acai Mixed Berry, too many good flavors!

  31. Gina

    I’ve only tried the Pomegranate Blueberry, but it was YUMMY! I haven’t looked at the labels of all of them, but my son is allergic to tomatoes so can’t have most of the V-8 things, sadly. Will definitely have to look at the labels of others to see if they contain tomatoes!

  32. Wendy

    I LOVE the Acai Mixed Berry! It’s just sweet enough that I can drink a glass for dessert to handle my sweet-tooth. But it’s not so sweet that it leaves that sticky-sugary feeling behind. LOVE it.

  33. Lisa

    There are actually 2 other flavors that they recently introduced…Goji Raspberry and Passionfruit Tangerine. I’ve tried all 6 and love them all, though! My kids do too.

  34. Britta

    I’ve tried the peach mango and it was tasty. But I seem to remember one of the top ingredients being high fructose corn syrup, so I don’t think it’s as healthy as it’s marketed.

  35. noah is 3 and has refused anything but ham, cheese, or hot dogs. we discovered this juice on accident. his fav is the banana and strawberry (i actually buy the light). recently i have started using it as frozen ice cubes for our smoothies!

  36. Acai Mixed Berry is my husband’s favorite. I need to switch back to buying this. We took a break back to just regular apple juice but this is so much better for you!

  37. Suzanne

    I’ve only tried the Strawberry Banana, but it’s yummy! I’d love to give the Tropical Mango a whirl, though.

  38. Wow! Those juices sound great. I bet my girls would like to try those. We’ll try the Peach Mango or Pomegranate Bluberry next time I go to the store.

  39. My kids LOVE Strawberry and Banana, but we are excited to try the Cranberry one that is in our pantry. My kids are not good with their veggies, so I have them (4, 1) drink at least one glass/day.


  40. Daurie

    The Acai Berry is my absolute favorite! Also, I love your blog Jenny! I think it’s so fun, and I love to try your recipes.

  41. Lucyinthesky

    We love the strawberry banana as it is wonderful to make smoothies for the kids. I think the goji/raspberry sounds interesting and would try that.

  42. Rachel

    Pomegranate Blueberry sounds AMAZING! Thank you so much for this opportunity, and for your delicious, unique meal ideas! You’re the best!

  43. Cheryl W

    I have tried and love all of the V8 Fusion flavors, but I have to pick the Pomegranate Blueberry as my absolute favorite. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway.

  44. Steph McCord

    I love the Pomegranate Blueberry – my new fave combination that you can find in so many different products!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. I haven’t bought this juice because the flavors they had at my grocery store had sweet potatoes and my little is allergic. Bummer. But it looks great. We like regular V-8.

  46. Nicole

    I have never tried V8- Vfushion, but I want too!! I have the same problem trying to get my kids to get all of the fruits and veggies they need. But they both love juice, I would have no problem getting them to drink this. I think I am going to go and get some today. Thanks for the review, as for the flavor I would try, I think I would try all of them but I would start with the Goi raspberry one.

  47. Julie McGahan

    I think the strawberry one appeals to me the most. But most of all you caught my eye when you said it doesn’t have any high fructose corn syrup — I am allergic to corn — so that is AWESOME! I can’t wait to go to the store and read the label to see if it is something I can try.

  48. I have been itching to try this juice!!! I know my husband would LOVE the Pomegranate Blueberry and my kids would go crazy for the strawberry banana! Thanks for the link for the coupon…I’ll need to pick some up next time I go to the grocery store!!! (Or, I might just have my husband stop on his way home from work tonight!)

  49. Christy

    I’ve had Strawberry Banana and Acai Mixed Berry, but would love to try Peach Mango next time. I just LOVE that this doesn’t have high fructose corn syrup in it!! Never can go wrong with juice πŸ™‚

  50. Sara Z.

    I love the Strawberry Banana…but its the only one I’ve tried so far. I need to taste some of the other flavors too!

  51. Angela

    Sounds super yummy! I haven’t tried it yet but am thinking Acai Mixed Berry sounds the most interesting πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  52. I’ve never tried these…my entire family cringes when I buy regular V-8. :o) But I have been tempted…maybe I”ll go get the coupon and try it out. There are some yummy sounding flavor mixes.

  53. Kim F

    Our family absolutely loves the Pomegranate Blueberry. This is the only juice my kids ask for. I too appreciate it tasting good and it being healthy for you.

  54. The acai mixed berry sounds great! I actually had no idea that V-8 was making these drinks. I like to drink the regular V-8 juice drinks….I am sure that these will be great! Yum…thanks!

  55. Kira

    I love the blueberry pomegranate flavor. I am pregnant and have been VERY sick – this is a great drink b/c it is all juices and NO sugar!! Love this drink!

  56. Rachel

    I haven’t tried the V8 V-Fusion Juice yet, but being pregnant, I’m sure it’s a wonderful way to get extra nutrients and vitamins! The Blueberry Pomegranate sounds the best!

  57. Tirsa

    I am excited to try strawberry banana. I too have a hard time getting all my fruits and veggies in and this would be a good way to supplement my nutrition. Thanks for the coupon!

  58. Stephanie

    I have never tried it but I’d love to try the Acai Berry Flavor! Thank you for the chance. I love your site adn I wish I knew how you stayed so tiny around all this yummy food! πŸ™‚ {Post your secrets!)



  59. Lisa

    Promegranate Bluberry sounds the best!! The perfect blend of sweet and tart! I have not tried it but look forward to it.

  60. Bev

    I have never tried it, but would love to try the Passionfruit Tangerine! Thanks for posting about this great giveaway!

  61. Allison

    This stuff IS so good that you do forget that it has good things in it! My kids love it too (although buying juice is a special treat since it’s so pricey!) I love the Peach and Tropical Mango! πŸ™‚ Yum-o! πŸ™‚

  62. Jolynn Elliott

    My favorite used to be a strawberry Kiwi. But it looks like they dont make this anymore.So I will probably be trying the peach mango. That sounds really good too.

  63. christy vance

    I think they all sound Delish!! I gotta go with the Pmegranate Blueberry…thats top on my list to try!!

  64. Brooke

    I think the Pomegranate Blueberry sounds the best! I am a sucker for Pomegranate in any form πŸ™‚ YUM! THANKS!

  65. Nachelle

    I want to try the Acai Mixed Berry, I have tried other flavors before and love them, but don’t know names off the top of my head

  66. Denise

    My kids absolutely love the Pom Blueberry! I’m thrilled that
    they are getting fruits and veggies without knowing it. I have
    even used it to make muffins for breakfast/snacks.

  67. We have tried the Blueberry Pomegranate and Peach Mango. The Peach Mango was gone in less than a day. My kids absolutely loved it and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed either. Great stuff and great giveaway.

  68. Kim in Minnesota

    My son loves strawberry-banana V8 Fusion! He set a goal of getting more vegetables, and this juice is one of our new tactics to reach the goal. Love it!

  69. I haven’t tried the V-8 Fusions, but the Strawberry Banana sounds yummy. I like the idea of getting fruits and veggies into my kids in a healthy drink.

  70. Kimberly

    I have tried V8 fusion and I do like it. I didn’t realize it didn’t contain high fructose corn syrup or added sugar. That makes me want to drink it more often.

  71. Amy

    We haven’t ever tried these juices, but the pomegranate/blueberry is the one that sounds the best to me–even though I’d love to try the others, too!

  72. What a fun giveaway. I am loving the acaiberry V8 fusion these days. We have actually been having quite a bit lately and I will be checking out the coupon. Thank you so much. I am doing my first giveaway if you have a second to participate. You blew me away with all the veggies in your chicken noodle soup. I will have to add the squash and what not next time. Yum!

  73. Lori

    These all sound so good. I printed out a coupon to try the Pommagranate Blueberry, sounds yummy.. but they all do.

  74. Katie

    I have not tried them yet…but the first one I would like to try is Peach Mango! Sounds great. I love anything with Mango! I also didn’t know that they make the drinks without HFCS. Awesome!! πŸ™‚

  75. Casey

    I would love to try all of them, but if I had to pick one it would be strawberry banana. I love that flavor combination.

  76. Olivia VanCott

    I believe this would be perfect for my husband, he could use more nutrients in the gallons of juice he drinks πŸ™‚ I would love to try the Tropical Mango.

  77. Sarah McCoy

    Mi kids (4 and 2) LOVE V-Fusion and it makes me feel better knowing that they are getting some veggies and not just fruit. They love the Aqui Berry one…yum.

  78. Emily

    It has been a long time since I have tried a v8 juice. But I know that my mom made me a smoothie recently with some v8 Fusion and it was REALLy good!

  79. Suzanne

    We love the pomegranate blueberry! My kids think it tastes great, and loved the awesome color! We already buy this product, and will love the coupon!

  80. I’ve never tried any fusions because I never liked straight V8. But I’m making it an official 2010 resolution to try it! and I’d love to try all of them!

  81. Winston Liao

    Hey Jenny,

    I have tried all the varieties of V-8 Fusion, though nothing best satisfy my stomach than the original V-8 Vegetable Juice. Something about that sweet, tangy, yet hint of saltiness helps quench my hunger at odd times of the day.


  82. I have not yet tried V8 fusion. I have had V8 Splash, which I loved! You cant go wrong with V8. I think the flavor I am most excited to try is Peach Mango…I love Peaches! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your day so that I have a place to look when I am bored, hungry, or need a good recipe for a party.

    Lacey Port

  83. becky s

    I have seen V8 Fusion in the stores but have not tried it. With the coupon offered, I will give it a try. Thanks!

  84. Lesa S

    Thank you for the generous giveaway. Pomegranite Blueberry. They all sound yummy. Healty too? Cmon? Perfect for my immune system!


  85. Lesa S

    Requested FB and commented on mine (Lesa Steele). Forgot to mention I grew up in Irvine…saw the Newport site.

  86. I haven’t tried it yet, but Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Banana both sound like something that me and picky little eater would love! He never turns down a cup of good juice!

  87. Sandy

    I’ve tried the pomegranate blueberry and it is amazing, but I’d love to try the Acai Mixed Berry, it sounds wonderful!

  88. I retweeted your tweet for this @MommyImHungry (I can’t get a direct link for a retweet)

    PickyPalate Don’t forget to enter Picky Palate’s V8 V-Fusion review/giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card!! http://tiny.cc/FBc7h
    about 2 hours ago from web
    Retweeted by you

  89. I’ve never tried V-8 V-Fusion, mostly because I thought it did indeed have corn syrup. Thanks to your post, I now know differently. I’ll have to check it out! I’ll probably try the Pomegranite Blueberry or Peach Mango first.

  90. Larisa

    My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tropical Mango! I’ll never tell them they are drinking veggies ;-)! I have liked all the flavors that we have tried!

  91. Kathy Rambousek

    I’d never tried this before – guess I’d been afraid of the taste. However the strawberry banana flavor sounds kind of yummy

  92. Love the blueberry pom one and mango. Great giveaway, I drink VB vegetable often. Much too very often as salty as it is. And the low sodium stuff just doesn’t cut it.

  93. kathy steadman

    I’d try the Pomegranate Blueberry. Not only does Pomegranate Blueberry sound totally delicious but both considered a super food loaded w/nutrition! Yum.

  94. kris

    We have like them all – but I think the boys love the Pomegranute the best – something about that blue! Thanks for the chance

  95. krk436

    I just tried Strawberry Banana yesterday!! I liked it and would probably purchase again. I thought the drink was ok but I think I most want to try the pom-blueberry because blueberries are my favorite!

  96. Stehanie Curtis

    We really don’t have a favorite fusion. We have found that we like them all! We have also used them to make smoothies, adding a little milk and yogurt. YUM!!!

  97. Hey Jen, it’s Becky McCleve (Traeger now) from High School… my sister told me about your blog… LOVE IT! and I LOVE V8 Fusion juice for my kiddo too! He refuses any and all vegetables and will only eat an apple (every once in a while) He really likes the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor and he has no idea how many vegetables are packed in there! ha ha

  98. natalie e

    I would love to try the Acai berry one! I think it sounds delish! Or maybe the Pomegranate…. I can’t decide!

  99. aimee

    I would love to try the Pomegranate Blueberry or Peach Mango. May need to pick me up some at the store today.

  100. Nicole

    We love V8 fusion in our house!! The kids love to drink it straight, or mix it with some frozen fruit to make a smoothie. The best part is that they don’t even realize that there are veggie’s in it.

  101. Kara

    I haven’t tried these yet, but they sound great, especially the Peach Mango. I like that it comes in both a regular and a light version!

  102. Whitney

    This is so sad but I have never tried the V8 mixes, but after reading about them, I’m definitely going out to buy some. Anything with pomegranate is very tempting πŸ™‚

  103. I have never tried it… but I think I should because I’m one of those crazy adults who doesn’t eat many fruits or vegetables!! I think the pomegranate blueberry sounds delish!!

  104. julie Doddridge

    I would love to try pomegrante blueberry. I have tried a few and liked them all just not sure which one it was.

  105. Sharon Rooney

    I have not tried V8-Fusion but I think I would like to try the Cranberry Blackberry flavor, it sounds yummy.


  106. Robyn

    I haven’t tried it yet…definently have been looking at it in the store but I needed someone else to tell me it tasted good! So thank you!

  107. Betty Stevens

    I’d like to try Strawberry Banana. V8 used to have another fruit drink that was Strawberry Banana but I haven’t seen it for a while

  108. Tracy Simons

    V8 VFusion is awesome! Our daughter loves her “purple juice” the pom blueberry! Can’t wait to try the Cranberry!

  109. Joann Jacquin

    Just saw these in the store the other day. Would love to try the Passion Fruit Tangerine!! Sounds delicious!!

  110. I LOVE the Peach Mango “Light” version. I’m not one who likes to drink their calories, but with only 50 per serving, I indulge with this juice, it’s nice to get the veggie bonus as well!

  111. Vickie Palmer

    Tropical Mango is my fave. Reminds me of growing up in Puerto Rico and our backyard mango tree. Oh so mess y and good!

  112. Lenae Trent

    I would like to try them all! The pomegranate/blueberry sounds wonderful as does the peach mango. MMMMM the tropical sounds great too. Maybe I will have to try them all at once. Thanks.

  113. Jen in CO

    Peach Mango…I mix it with a bit of ice, none fat yogurt and give it a whirl in the blender, yummy and healthy!

  114. Dianne

    they all sound great! Going grocery shopping tonite, and picking up the pomegranate / Blueberry!! Can’t wait to try it!

  115. Joy

    It is a toss-up between Pomegranite Blueberry and Peach Mango… I love them both. Strawberry banana is also delicious. I haven’t tried the Acai Mixed Berry but now that I know it exists, I think I will head to the store πŸ™‚

  116. raygon

    This juice is so yummy, and sneaky. Who knew it was packed with so much good stuff? We are fans of the strawberry banana.
    Thanks for the chance!

  117. Gina

    I haven’t tried it yet but I love any flavor with pomegranite juice, so I am anxious to try the blueberry pomogranite mix.

  118. Tana Nachampassack

    My kids are crazy about the V8 fusion. We tried the Strawberry/Banana last week. They like freezing it on popsickle sticks in the summer. Their favorite is jello. So I used the gelatin packs and made jello from the V-Fusion Cranberry Blackberry juice. I’m thinking about putting frozen fruit in it next time. Try it! They will want it forever. πŸ™‚

  119. Sheila Weisel

    I love V8 Fusion. I drink it all the time. I love all the flavors and except for being allergic to strawberry and not being able to drink the strawberry banana, I have tried them all.

  120. Julia

    I love the Stawberry Banana flavor! I’ve been drinking the V8 fruit juices since they came out (ok, and I used to drink the veggie V8 when I was a kid like there was nothing more delicious!) and have always had a soft spot for the Strawberry Banana flavor. I don’t drink it as often as I could, but I look on it as my comfort juice when I’m ill or homesick.

  121. Rolyndia

    I have not found one that I don’t like to drink. Depending on my mood at the time is what I grab. They are all really good.

  122. Christina Madison

    My kids LOVE the V8 Fusion juices and since they don’t eat veggies I don’t mind! I guess their favorite is the tropical orange flavor. But they are all great!

  123. Kim

    My kids love the Pomegranite Blueberry and the light Strawberry Banana. It is a delicious way to get some more fruit and vegie vitamins in their growing bodies!

    Love your blog by the way!

  124. Stephanie

    LOVE this juice and my kids love it too! So happy that there are coupons to use along with the sale this week!!

  125. Andrea

    I have been reluctant to try anything V-8 (I can be as picky as a 4 year old when it comes to veggies), but I have been very curious about the V-8 fusion. I’ll probably start with something safe, like the Strawberry Banana…however, the Cranberry Blackberry sounds so yummy!

  126. Brittany Johnson

    I have actually never tried A V8 Fusion before, but the cranberry/blackberry looks great! I’m excited to try it! It looks very refreshing! πŸ™‚

  127. Deb Anderson

    Since I already love cranberry, anything that mixes cranberry with another flavor is something I automatically want to try. Cranberry Blackberry sounds delicious!!

  128. I will soon be undergoing chemotherapy and have been told even though I will loose my appetitie that I must keep eating…what better way to do it? V-8 Fusion! I love strawberry banana and plain ole V-8 so now I’m going to love them all.

  129. Brenden

    I haven’t tried it yet, but I want to try Strawberry Banana… it’ll be the perfect complement to a morning breakfast!

  130. Sheila M. Toby

    I drink the light, due to weight issues. I must tell you I am a 52 year old woman who does not eat like I should. So I thought I would give it a try, figuring that way I would at least get some vitamins and fruit in me. Now I must say—I am PICKY! V-8 fusion was won over my taste buds!!!!! I love it and I am drinking it on a daily basis. So is everyone in the household. I love the Strawberry Banana. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to get the veggies and fruit I need!