Video #4, Fourth Chance Entry for Bertolli LA Trip Giveaway!

Contest is now closed. Thanks!

Here’s your Fourth chance to enter for a trip to LA next week! Watch the fourth and final video below and leave a comment here 🙂 Good Luck, can’t wait until next week!

This is a crazy fun last minute kind of trip, but if you are free next week as in May 10-12th listen up!! Bertolli is sending me and one of my readers to LA for a culinary inspired day around LA and some time to meet and chat with Rocco DiSpirito 🙂 Bertolli is taking care of your flight, hotel and food the day of the event!! So, if you think you can take some time off next week, keep reading…..

Here’s how to enter:

1. Watch the following video and simply tell us your favorite part of the video in a comment here. You can leave a comment for each video that will be coming throughout the week, having 4 chances to win 🙂

2. Support Bertolli by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

3. Winner must be traveling from within the continental US and be available to travel May 10-12th. Winner will be chosen Friday May 7th!!

I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning!!! Good Luck!!

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51 Responses
  1. Rose

    The views of the Mediterranean were amazing! A very close second favorite part of the video was Dan’s yelling, “I have confetti up my nose!”

  2. My favorite part was them on the float with all the confetti! So funny ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cant wait to find out who won! I REALLY want to come!!

  3. Marcia

    Loved the shrimp! Had some for lunch in a pasta salad.

    Would love to go to L A. RIF teacher with too much time; ATL airport is just down the road a few miles. I love L A.

  4. These video’s are so great and I would have to agree with Dan about this one being the best meal so far. It looked so delicious and I wish I could have been there myself.
    And that Dan is hilarious. I think my favorite part was when he eats the gooey green shrimp…yuck!
    Another great video!

  5. Totally freaked out by that little wooden clown man…but once I got over that…then I saw a million CHICIKEN SUITS!
    And someone please define the word orifice! haha

  6. Ugh, I am totally not a seafood fan. Is it ok if my favorite part was Marissa looking all nautical in her navy and white striped sweater?

  7. Lynne Saltz

    I loved the carnivale and the shrimping! How much fun would that be to go out, catch your dinner and cook it that day! Talk about fresh! Mmmmmmmm.
    I have to say I’m inspired to go to my grocer and get that little taste of Italy! Bellisimo!

  8. My favorite part of this webisode was basically any part involving Dan, haha!! I finally realized where I recognized him from (What I Like About You…it’s what I love about Dan!) and I couldn’t stop smiling about it! He was hilarious talking about the confetti everywhere, how he was punked with the shrimp, and even being sea sick ๐Ÿ™

  9. Ashli

    My favorite part was watching them sit down to a delicious meal and drinking a good glass of wine together, really appreciating the day and the company.

  10. My favorite part was when they were pulling the shrimp from the net and Marisa squealed when she touched one. I would react like that, too!

  11. Pam Shank

    The views of the meditteranian were so awesome. it looked like a lot of fun the way they were cooking together in the kitchen. beautiful meal

  12. Debbie R.

    I loved when Marisa just backed up and let Dan clean all the shrimp – think I would have been there with her (don’t think I would have liked to pull the heads off!).

    Jenny, thanks so much for sharing this great opportunity!! Looking forward to seeing who wins this fabulous trip!!

  13. Well, I agree with Dan- this meal looked the best of ALL- I love shrimp! I would have been seasick right along with them on that boat, though…

  14. Lisa

    “the guys were kidnapped by a guy in a chicken costume, and I have sworn to avoid that my entire life….” awesome

  15. Lindsay

    That would be fun to ride on the boat catching shrimp and then cooking at the hotel. I like how she said “this is what you can do, when you’re strong enough” while flipping the veggies around in the pan.

  16. Ginny Fisher

    The Carnival!! Unlike anything I’ve seen around here. How fun! And how great it was to end with a seafood dish cooked along side a Michelin Star chef! Fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Melissa

    I liked when they were going “shrimpin” and then when Dan had to eat that raw piece of shrimp UGH!

  18. Rachel

    I loved what a great sport Dan Cortese was with the sea sickness, the cleaning and eating the gross green shrimp stuff. And he still loved the pasta!

  19. kacie

    Love how Marisa has sworn to never be kidnapped by a man in a chicken suit. Great life goal. These videos are so fun!

  20. oh man, my last chance, I really want to win this! My favorite part of this video was when Dan was cleaning the shrimp. I thought it was pretty funny that the chef was messing with him and made him eat some of the raw shrimp.

  21. mandy

    after watching this, shrimp grosses me out even more! but the view from the hotel was beautiful!

  22. Mary

    Dan Confetti was pretty funny. Also – I will never eat shrimp without thinking how hard it is to clean them and catch them! Never seen that before. Pick me…pick me (arms waving in the air)!!!

  23. “I think confetti is the next igredient…” haha!
    And, YUCK, I woldn’t want to eat green shrimp goo, I can’t believe he fell for that!
    I can’t wait to hear who wins tomorrow, this would be an incredible trip and I would LOVE to meet Rocco–he is an AMAZING chef!!

  24. Heather Cole

    Parties that involve any sort of food and confetti, is just a good time in general! I wish I could have been there as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I love all of the crazy hair at Carnivale, but I have to comment on that fisherman’s sweater Rocco has been sporting. Dude, too cute!

  26. Let’s see…Shrimp? Confetti? How about just FUN in general? I could use a little party! (and of course, hanging out with Mrs. Picky Palate herself would be the bomb. Never been to California before. No time like the present. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. I love it when he says…in a great, sarcastic voice “we’re going shrimpin'”

    Oh, my! I want to win! I have been a Rocco fan since the beginning….what an amazing trip this could be!

  28. As someone who really doesn’t like shrimp (ewwie!) I have to say my fav part was the party! I wanna throw confetti all over people and have it in every orifice!!

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