What’s Cookin Up For Superbowl?

I am sooo not a football fan, but one of my favorite things about Superbowl Sunday is the yummy food. The ladies in my family just chit chat around the food while the guys get crazy over the game.

I’ve been playing around with some ideas to make for this weekend at my moms and knew I wanted to bring a fun dip of some sort. I love hummus, but have never made my own before, so thought I’d give it a shot. Went shopping yesterday and while I was talking out loud to myself, searching for things, my 5 year old says, “mommy what are chicken peas?” I thought it was cute, my kids are so funny! They must take after their mother. Ok, totally kidding!

After I got all of my ingredients, I decided to try out some homemade hummus this morning with my 2 year old sitting on the counter with me. He helped me put everything in the food processor and enjoyed pushing all the buttons and watching it mix up. Note: The garlic and red bell pepper can be made ahead of time. I usually stick them in the oven in the morning, then they are on hand when I need them. It’s not a big deal and it adds huge flavor to this dip!

I don’t know why I waited so long to make this, talk about yummy and healthy. Me and the little guy were dipping Triscuits at 9:00am this morning saying Mmmmm!

If you are looking for a good dip to bring this weekend, I assure you, you’ll love this! Enjoy!

I know, I got a little carried away with the pictues this morning! It’s just a Triscuit.

Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Hummus

16 oz can Bush’s Best garbanzo chick peas, drained (or chicken peas as my 5 year old calls them)
Juice of one lemon
6 cloves roasted garlic cloves *see notes*
3 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 small red bell pepper, roasted, chopped * see notes*
Salt and Pepper to taste (I added a few pinches of each)
Parsley sprigs to garnish
Box of Triscuits or Pita chips for dipping

1. Place chick peas, lemon juice, roasted garlic and olive oil into a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. Remove and transfer to a serving bowl. Stir in red bell pepper and salt and pepper. Garnish with parsley or finely chop and sprinkle it on top. Serve with Triscuits or Pita Chips and Enjoy!!

**Roasting Garlic and Red Pepper**
1. Wrap bulb of garlic (skins and all) loosely in foil. Place red bell pepper on foil. Place both into a preheated oven at 350 degrees F. for 1 hour. Remove garlic and let cool for 10 minutes. Gently cut off one end, then sqeeze roasted garlic into a bowl. Mix until smooth.
2. Remove bell pepper from oven and place into a brown paper bag for 15 minutes. Remove darkened skin, then finely dice/chop.

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17 Responses
  1. eatme_delicious

    Great way to make hummus even better! I haven’t tried roasted red peppers in it before but now I must.

  2. Tracy

    I’m with you — the best part of Super Bowl parties is the food (unless the Bears are playing). I’ll be taking a couple of PBO finalist recipes!

  3. Kyle

    Jenny this looks so good. thanks for posting all of these yummy recipes so we can all learn from you…you’re awesome.

  4. Jenny

    Hi Leah,
    Welcome to my blog. Great to have you. I’ll have to check out your blog too!

    Mrs Presley,
    I was pleasantly surprised with the turn out of this hummus. Easy and delicious!

  5. MrsPresley

    i love both roasted garlic and roasted red peppers! this hummus sounds great; i’ve never made my own hummus before.

  6. Leah

    I just found your blog today while I was surfing through the Foodie Blogroll — love all your recipes! I’m going to bookmark yah.

    My kids love hummus — they call it ‘yummus’. 😉 ~Leah

  7. Jenny

    Cool Catherine,
    Hope your nephew wins!

    I am a huge hummus fan now, I especially love the roasted garlic.

    Hey Kimmy,
    I’ll definately be making more for Sunday. Mine is all gone!

    Hope the kids like it!

  8. Proud Italian Cook

    Great dip Jenny! My kids love hummus, maybe I’ll shock them and make it for the game! I too, have a ton of chickpeas in my pantry!

  9. Kevin

    I have made roasted red pepper hummus and it was good. Adding roasted garlic to it sounds like a great idea!

  10. Catherine

    This sounds and looks perfect!
    Triscuit art!!! Girl, your photos are just being amazing! I’ll be making this, but not for The StupidBowl…I’m going to the FBR! Our nephew is playing…he won last year!!! So I’ll take your dip to the family get together on Saturday night!
    Go Aaron!!!!

  11. Melanie

    I love hummus and can’t wait to make this recipe. It looks delicious! And the triscuits were so cute, it was probably too hard to pass up not photographing them…I understand!

  12. Jenny

    Hi Emiline,
    I’ll be making this again for Sunday, I’ve just about polished this one off. I’d definately double the recipe if you’re bringing it. I bet the tahini gives it a hint of sesame. Probably would be good too.

  13. Emiline

    Hey- Triscuits can be beautiful, too.

    I love hummus, and I have never made it from scratch. I think I might try this for the big game. I wonder what tahini does for the spread? (I’ve never purchased tahini) Maybe it just adds sesame flavor.

  14. Jenny

    Hi Deborah,
    I noticed tahini in lots of hummus recipes too, but as I was whipping this up this morning I found it didn’t need anything other than these ingredients. Plus I didn’t have tahini on hand either!

    Yes, I drain the chickpeas before blending them. Thanks for catching that, I’ll go back and edit the recipe to say drained.

    If you want to thin it out a little, try adding olive oil slowly until you get a good consistency. Enjoy!

  15. Jenny A.

    Do you drain your chickpeas before adding them to the blender? I tried making hummus a few weeks ago and mine was really thick, and I drained them, so I was wondering if you did or not because yours looks better!
    (P.S. I love your blog)

  16. Deborah

    I’m so glad you posted this! I keep buying chickpeas to make hummus (I probably have about 15 cans in food storage right now!) but haven’t made it yet. Mostly because most recipes I find call for tahini, and I always forget to pick it up at the store. This recipe calls for things I usually have at home!

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