Wilton Donut Pan Giveaway! 10 Winners!

Y’all know my Baked Pumpkin Ice Cream Glazed Donuts that I use that cool donut pan? Well, Wilton is giving away 10 pans to 10 Picky Palate readers! Yippee 🙂

I LOVE my little donut pan and have made these darn baked pumpkin donuts dozens of times in a very short time 🙂  Because I want you all to have the chance to make your own donuts, let’s give some pans away!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us:  “What is your favorite kind of donut?”

2. Contest ends Friday October 28th 8pm PST.  Winners will be chosen via Random.org and be notified by email. US residents only.


Good Luck!

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1,515 Responses
  1. Kristin

    I love pumpkin donuts, but my all time favorite from childhood that I woul like to replicate is – The Maple Bar!!!

  2. Kalie

    Jenny, I love love love your website! It is my go-to place for treats. So thank you for all the recipes you post. My favorite donut is a white cake vanilla frosted donut with shredded coconut. I worked at a donut shop in high school and these were always my go-to indulgence.

  3. Celeste Goetz

    My favorite doughnut is a glazed chocolate cake doughnut covered in coconut! YUM! and I would love to make some plus your pumpkin ones in this pan. Got my fingers crossed again!

  4. Liz M.

    Cake donuts, in particular chocolate with a glaze. They are awesome! I’ve been wanting one of these for a while now so I can make my own and hopefully get them a bit healthier than the average donut.

  5. Kim

    My favorite is your pumpkin ones in this post. We made them this morning. They are awesome!! I hope to win the pan.

  6. Melissa Naegeli

    I have been training for bodybuilding competitions for the better part of this year. One of my favorite donuts is apple cider rolled in sugar made at a local orchard. I would love to celebrate my “off season” by making those pumpkin donuts in a Wilton donut pan. Thanks for consideration.

  7. Tara F.

    I absolutely LOVE Pumpkin donuts. It’s my favorite fall flavor. If it weren’t that season, I love Jelly donuts.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  8. Annette

    My favorite kind is a plain baked doughnut, no flavors or decorations. However, I like a glass of apple cider with it!

  9. Kim B.

    Ohhhhh I was just eyeing this at Target!!! Would LOVE to win one 🙂 My favortie doughnut is a Boston Creme…YUM!! GREAT giveaway 🙂

  10. AmberAutumn

    My favorite donut would probably have to be a maple and bacon bar! Sweet and Salty are the perfect combination. 🙂

  11. Angel Black

    I LOVE and and all donuts! I really do. I hate to admit this but there have been times in my life when I could sit down with a dozen of Krispy Kreme glazed plain and/or chocolate and eat all 12, I kid you not! Fortunately I don’t do that too often! I have never made my own donuts because I don’t have a pan to make them in but have always wanted to try especially when I saw this pumpkin glazed, oh my word could there be anything better.!?!?!

  12. Michele

    My favorite donut is a jelly donut from Max’s donuts in my hometown in Pennsylvania. Every year when we go home to visit I take my little boy there and feast on the most delicious home made donuts!!!!! Something about fall that makes you want to eat them!!!

  13. Jennifer Branham

    Donuts are dangerous!!! I have always loved “long johns,” my husband introduced me to custard filled and I love them. I also love cake donuts, and pumpkin ones would definetly become a fast favorite!!

  14. Tammy P.

    Wow, well glazed, chocolate, creme filled, sugar, cider, custard filled, anything in the form of a doughnut, etc., etc.

  15. Cheryl

    Pumpkin! This is the only time of year I even go to the local coffee shop…and it’s just for their pumpkin donuts!!

  16. Kelly

    My all time favorite donut is the bravarian cream filled! I also LOVE a good sour cream cake donut YUMMY!!! Dying to try the pumpkin ones you posted with the pan <3

  17. Mim

    Oooo this is tough. Hmmm, I’m going to say sour cream cake donut but I love me a good glazed. But give me a good crispy on the edges moist on the inside apple fritter and I’m melting.

  18. wadsworth gardener

    I just love chocolate donuts with chocolate glaze. The
    pumpkin donuts sound like a run at knocking off the chocolate!
    Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  19. Debbie R.

    Krispy Kreme donuts, but fresh right out of the glaze machine! But, I love pumpkin and am going to try your recipe – can’t wait!! Thanks for the giveaway opp!!

  20. marla

    Ohhhhh – I sooooooooo want this pan. I absolutely LOVE donuts. I told my husband if I only had a week to live, I think I would eat 2 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts EVERY day! – what a way to go 🙂

  21. I’ve had my eye on this pan for a while, but felt guilty buying it for myself! As for my favorite donut, I’d have to go with Bavarian cream…yum!!!!

  22. Dee W.

    I love, love, love Boston Cream, and if it’s not available I’ll go for glaze. They’re the only 2 donuts I’ll eat.

  23. Stacy Arnold

    Im sure there isn’t anything better than a warm chocolate bar that was just made. Since I work in law enforcement and work shift work I am happy to report that I could be an expert on this matter.

  24. Tina

    My favorite kind of donut is a Krispy Kreme glazed donut. I have never had one that is hot and fresh but boy what I would give in order to do that.

  25. allenbach5

    Oh, how I love pumpkin spice cake donughts… and fritters… and jelly filled… and… oh, this could be bad.

  26. Sylvia Seaver

    My favorite is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. But after you sent me this new recipe my life has changed to “Baked Pumpkin Ice Cream Glazed” donuts! I shared it with all my friends and we were running out to buy the Wilton donut pan!
    I can’t wait to make them with my grandkids…they will love them right out of the oven! I can already see my 3 and 4 year olds with glaze all over their cute little noses! Happy Baking…and thanks for making my life a bakers dream for Grandma’s Kitchen!

  27. Tasha B

    I am from Portland Oregon and you just can’t beat the donuts at Voodoo Donuts. They are all scrumptious and unique, but my favorite would be Bacon Maple Bar 🙂

  28. Ok, chances are slim for me to actually win this but I really, really, REALLY want one of these!!! My fav donut is good ol fashioned glazed donuts BUT with this pan I could actually bake donuts and I would be doing all sorts of weird science experiments….lol. Thanks for a chance to win!

  29. Jill

    Plain old vanilla cake donuts are my favorite… no icing, no sprinkles, no cream, nothing fancy. Just oh so yummy! 🙂

  30. kayleigh

    my favorite are either lemon iced or peanut butter glazed, they’re both from a custom donut place where they make them right in front of you. no other donuts do it for me after having those!

  31. Sabrina

    I do like me some apple fritters, but I think my favorites are chocolate cake donuts, with chocolate icing and sprinkles.

  32. Pam Shank

    I have been looking at these pans too. awesome! Glazed donuts are my favorite but I would probably try Picky Palates pumpkin donuts first thing.

  33. Vanessa

    I was hoping to receive a donut pan for Christmas!!! I’d love to win and make pumpkin donuts (my favorite) with cream cheese icing on Thanksgiving morning.

  34. Paula Evans

    Oops I forgot to tell you what kind of donut I like the best. I love just plain glazed donuts the best. But having a sweet tooth, I like pretty much anykind.

  35. Paula Evans

    I love your blog and check it everyday through FB. I have tried a ton of your recipes and have gotten great compliments on the ones I have tried. Thank you for making cooking fun.

  36. donnaa1374

    I love the Pumpkin donuts that Dunkin’ Donuts has this time of year, but the glazed original is the best year round.

  37. Jackie

    Oh, my favorite is Pumpkin donuts! Each fall when my boys were young, I would take them to the local donut shop for these special donuts…such fun!

  38. I like my Grandma’s homemade donuts the best. But let’s face it…what donuts aren’t good? Especially if sprinkles are involved!

  39. Donna Amerson

    I love the pumpkin donuts Dunkin’ Donuts has every fall, next to that i like the chocolate cake donuts. Can’t wait to make my own.

  40. Keshakeke

    I would love to win this pan so I could make my most favorite doughnuts!!! Chocolate cake doughnuts with a vanilla glaze!!!!!

  41. Leslie Day

    A donuts pan would make a great addition to our new home. We love making donuts as a family and then eating them. My favorite donuts are chocolate glazed ones!

  42. Heather Talley

    I pretty much eat donuts like I eat ice cream…like a 5 year old! I most definitely do not have adult taste buds when it comes to sweets! I love white cake donuts with white or pink frosting and sprinkles (the jimmies to be exact)!

  43. holly

    I love a good pumpkin doghnut in the fall- but my all time fave is a maple bar with a thick layer of maple frosting. Also love old fashioned and butter bars. YUM

  44. Pat

    My favorite donuts are warm Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, pumpkin cake donuts and toasted coconut cake donuts! Yummy!

  45. Tiffany Chilvere

    Donuts, donuts, donuts! I just love donuts. My favorite would have to be apple fritters, or apple cider crumb donuts…or just anything with apple!

  46. Melanie

    My favorite would probably be an apple fritter. I have have been wanting one of these donut pans for a while now. I make buttermilk donuts in my muffin pan a few weeks ago. Yeah, not the same!

  47. I love baked blueberry donuts! Well, actually, I haven’t met a donut I didn’t like! I can’t wait to try the your pumpkin recipe! I love anything with pumpking! I would love to win one of these pans!

  48. Sarah

    My favorite donut comes from a small donut shop in Indian Rocks Beach, FL called “The Lighthouse”. (The building is shaped like a lighthouse). It is key lime flavor. It’s a yeast type donut that is filled with a key lime custard and has a glaze/icing on top that is dusted with crushed graham crackers. YUM! I used to live close to the shop but have since moved north. 2 years ago my husband and I got married on the beach about a mile from the shop and we used those delicious donuts as our wedding favors!

  49. I love chocolate and creme filled donuts – just wish I knew how to make them. I definitely want to try this recipe of yours because I love pumpkin goodies!

  50. Jessica

    Oh my gosh? How can I choose one? I have been stopping myself from buying a donut pan! However, I have bookmarked you baked pumpkin donuts, some cake batter donuts, peanut butter cup donuts…really…just one? 🙂 Love your blog!


    o wow would I get some good use from the doughnut pan! I have lots of grand kids and great grandkids that visit me lots and we could so have fun making home made doughnuts. they all love donuts even the quick kind from canned bisquits, but real donuts from our own hands would be fantastic fun.
    love and hugs from grama sally

  52. Jennie Hughes

    I love a chocolate frosted doughnut with vanilla fluffy frosting filling, none of that Bavarian cream stuff.

  53. wanda

    My favorite kind of doughnut is a Krispy Kreme glazed original- thankfully something I can’t make myself!! I grew up less then 30 minutes away from the “world” headquarters of Krispy Kreme- yum!!! However, I have a “mixed” marriage and my husband is Dunkin’ Doughnuts handdown. I would like to try and make thier chocolate cake ones……

  54. Alexandra

    I’ve always loved the cake crumb donut, but I haven’t tried those pumpkin ice cream donuts yet so I may have a new favorite! 😀

  55. I want to win so bad. I just love doughnuts and being able to make them in the oven (instead of frying them) would make so I can have them even more. I love yellow doughnuts, chocolate frosting (vs chocolate on chocolate)

  56. Laura

    My husband is the big sweet-eater in our family, so he would love this doughnut maker. My favorite doughnut is absolutely chocolate!

  57. Michelle Reeves

    My absolute fav. is plain ole sour cream doughnuts! Yum….can’t wait to make my own with this cute little pan.

  58. Amanda

    Pumpkin, Ice Cream and Donuts are 3 of my favorite things so I’m pretty sure your recipe you posted will be my new favorite! But a cake donut w/cinnamon & sugar is my usual go to.

  59. Katie

    My favorite donuts are blueberry cake donuts. But I’m thinking pumpking donuts could soon become a close second! 🙂

  60. Naomi Dempsey

    Apple donuts from the cider mill! I look forward to them every year. This is perfect timing too because I have been wanting to try my hand out at making some donuts. Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

  61. Lori W.

    I love this! My husband always teases me that my family has a doughnut gene because we all LOVE doughnuts! My favorite doughnut is a chocolate glazed, and then comes pumpkin spice. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  62. Laurie

    My favorite is Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, and they have to be hot! 🙂 Me and my husband will always look for the hot sign! Also, a chocolate glazed cake donut is good too!

  63. I’m entering for my 9 year-old, Bailey, and she says any kind that is available. We have a local place that makes a maple bar where the maple is a mousse consistency, soooo good!

  64. Sheryl Hoyt

    My favorite was Donutlands Chocolate Chip. Haven’t had one in years because there are no Donutlands anywhere around.

  65. Andrea D.

    I love cinnamon sugar coated apple cider donuts. Yummy! Always best with a glass of apple cider. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  66. Megan Haight

    I adore the cinnamon sugar doughnuts you can only get at the cider mill. Fall if my favorite time of year! 🙂

  67. nicole

    my fave type of donut is anything glazed. I’m dying to try making a batch of pumpkin donuts with burnt caramel glaze… :]

  68. Suzanne

    Apple cider donuts or maple donuts are hands down my favorite…although the recipe you posted yesterday looks mighty yummy! I’ve wanted one of these pans for a long time–thanks for the giveaway~!

  69. Heather D.

    My ultimate favorite donut is a powdered donut filled with cream and strawberry. It’s like eating a powdered strawberry shortcake in donut form.

  70. Amanda

    I’m going to have to say lemon filled donuts with cream cheese frosting and poppy seed on top are my absolute favorite…followed closely by the cinnamon roll donut topped with caramel frosting. YUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!! 🙂

  71. Adrienne Y

    I would have to say my all time fav is sugar donuts. They are just sweet enough and the dough tastes so light. I feel like I am eating air, that goes straight to my thighs!

  72. Avery

    I can never say no to a fresh cider doughnut. No sugar, no glaze, just a traditional cider doughnut from the neighborhood mill.

  73. I have been seeing so many baked doughnut recipes that I pretty much NEED one of these pans at this point! 🙂 My favorite is a maple glazed, but I also love Krispy Kreme’s pumpkin spice doughnuts.

  74. Megan

    My main doughnut loves are old-fashioned glazed, buttermilk bars, maple bars, and fritters. I’m pretty sure doughnuts are my weakest link of self-control….

  75. Truly, my grandmother’s home-made buttermilk doughnuts are my fave – but if I’m buying them? I’ll take a warm Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut any day!

  76. Mmm! Never had a pumpkin donut! I LOVE apple cider donuts…but prob Maple glazed is an all time winner!
    I have seen so many baked donut recipes lately! Can’t wait to try!

  77. Erin

    No matter what donut shop, chain or local, you can never go wrong with the “old fashioned” donut. Not sure what makes them “old fashioned” but the glaze is always hard and doesn’t stick to your fingers.

  78. Amy Presley

    The pumpkin donuts look yummy….can’t wait to try them! My usual fav is bavarian creme with vanilla icing.

  79. lilah dobbs

    This past weekend I had apple cider donuts. They are my new favorite but I have never met a doughnut of any kind that I would pass up!

  80. Sarah Incorvaia

    Chocolate glzed donuts are my favorite. The pumpkin glazed donuts look great too. I can’t wait to try them.

  81. Jennifer

    My favorite donut is Krisspy Kreme galzed….man, my mouth starts to water ordering though their drivethru!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  82. kelly woodland

    MY favorite donut is for sure a cake donut with vanilla frosting and SpRiNkLeS! But my HUSBAND loves a maple or chocolate donut {so I guess I will have to use my *new pan* to try out all different kinds of donuts!}

  83. Sheree

    I love chocolate cake donuts with crushed pistachios on top.
    But your recipe for these pumpkin ones has me VERY intrigued.
    Love all your pictures and stories, and look forward to your updates!

  84. Lari

    I would love to try the pumplin as my daughter and I both love anything pumpkin.. but the Good ole Chocolate has never let me down.

  85. Deb Sheffield

    Mmmmm…pumpkin…hands down! I would love to try your recipe, though, for our fall fair at church in three weeks. Winning a pan would make that happen! Love your recipes and blog!

  86. toni

    I have always loved sprinkled cake doughnuts. Ever since I was a little girl, the first doughnut I would reach for was a chocolate frosted cake doughnut with sprinkles. Yum!

  87. Jen B.

    Hmm? I love apple fritters and good old fashioned donuts, and umm I guess it’s hard to pick just one. That recipe you made with the pumpkin donuts looks AMAZING too! I’ve never made my own donuts, but you’ve inspired me to try someday. My kids would flip at the idea of making our own donuts! Thanks for sharing!

  88. Karen

    This pan looks like alot of fun!!! Would start with the glazed pumpkin recipe!!! My fav would have to be a warm, fresh chocolate glazed doughnut!!!

  89. Melissa Petersen

    My favorite kind of donut??? The good ol’ cake donuts with chocolate frosting & sprinkles. Mmmmm…Guess I’m a kid at heart!

  90. sharon

    I really love your site! I go crazy here at work when I see some of the crazy-but amazing things you come up with, and your photography is first rate. Donuts: Pumpkin, and sour cream…. we should combine the two! If anyone can figure that out…I’d be willing to bet that you can! Love ya! Sharon

  91. Mishelle

    My fav kind of donuts is chocolate with chocolate glaze… If I could find a way to stuff it with chocolate I would too!


  92. Diane Jarvis

    Old fashioned cake donuts are the best. Sometimes with chocolate, sometimes wit maple, and sometimes just plain!

  93. Lisa G

    I don’t eat donuts very often but when I splurge I love the apple filled cinnamon ones from Dunkin Donuts 🙂 I desperately want to try making red velvet ones however! And pumpkin 🙂

  94. Claire

    Pumpkin donuts are totally where it’s at! We made some for the first time this season, and would love to have one of these pans to try a baked version!

  95. Such a dilemma. I tend to be align my food choices with the holidays, so around Halloween, Christmas, and even St. Patrick’s day, a cake doughnut with chocolate frosting and color-themed sprinkles (it is more mental over taste). On any other occasion, a delicious chocolate old-fashioned where I can break each edge off, savoring the flavor and leaving the remaining ring to dip in my milk.

  96. Kim Fleming

    My favorite is chocolate glaze, but I can’t wait to try your pumpkin donuts. I love anything made with pumpkin!!

  97. Lynne K.

    It’s a toss up – classic glazed, just a little bit warm. Mmmm. I also like chocolate glazed because really, what’s not to like about chocolate.

  98. Amy F.

    French Cruller Donuts with Frosting or Cake Donuts with frosting! I would love to make some of my own with one of these awesome pans! Thanks for the chance!!

  99. melissa

    my favorite donut is chocolate but my dids like sour cream glaze so they always win!! maybe if i win the pan i can make my own chocolate hahahaha

  100. Brandee

    Hands down, my favorite donut s glazed with white frosting on top and rainbow sprinkles. Simple, but spectacular!

  101. Pamela Washington

    Chocolate cake donuts. The best ever. If I had a donut pan I could stop making the fried biscuit ones that are yummy but not too healthy!

  102. Anything with sprinkles. Seriously! Chocolate with sprinkles, plain with sprinkles, glazed with sprinkles. No matter…I just love the rainbow goodness of sprinkles!

  103. Glenda Baumann

    I love glazed doughnuts They can be chocolate,plain,pumpkin,cherry etc…Would love these pans. A great way to reduce fat from your diet.

  104. I was wondering were to get that pan when I read through the recipe, and thought I needed to go shopping. Thanks for providing the brand name, so I can look for it. WOULD LOVE TO WIN IT! My favorite donuts are maple bars… just love them. Thanks for the chance to win the donut pan! Love your site!

  105. Jenette Marie

    My absolute FAV is a strawberry filled, powdered sugar coated donut! It’s so sad that you can’t find them anywhere in the state I live in now.

  106. Jessica H

    Oh man, my all time favorite donut is found in Utah, it is a Dunford Chocolate Cake donut with chocolate frosting! They are so darn tasty! I ate one pretty much every morning of my last trimester with my first baby! I still Crave those things today, 7 years later! YUMM!

  107. chris bennett

    Would love to try the donuts and don’t have a donut pan………sure would love to be one of the winners! Thanks Jenny for all the nice things you are able to give away!

  108. Liz Cook

    I love any kind of donut but my favorite at Krisy Kreme is the glazed that is stuffed with cream and chocolate on top! YUMMM! My favorite at my local Parson’s Bakery is their cake donut. Soft on the inside and just a little crisy on the outside…especially when they are just a little warm!

  109. Doni Reece

    Growing up in NY it was called a “headlight”…plain donut with cream filling, chocolate icing and a dollop of cream on top. MMmmmmmm!

  110. Nikki

    I like the old-fashioned buttermilk “loaf” donut or anything with sprinkles. Awww, man! Now I want a donut >.<

  111. Tonia Smith

    Mmm.. my favorite donut? All of them! Pumpkin spice, jelly filled, maple frosted. I think donuts are amazing and I can’t seem to get enough of them.

  112. GinaE

    Hard to pick a favorite donut. Of the cake variety, chocolate is a winner, but your pumpkin recipe is a “must try”, if I were lucky enough to win a donut pan. Many thanks for the chance to win!!!

  113. Micheline

    I’m just a plain doughnut girl. I will eat other kinds – but I prefer the plain, glazed doughnuts – especially homemade ones!

  114. Sarah

    Mmmmm…I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these pans! My favorite is the good and simple chocolate glazed!

  115. Darci Wills

    My favorite kind of donut is the lemon filled jelly kind. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Have a wonderfull weekend!