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Wilton Donut Pan Giveaway! 10 Winners!

Y’all know my Baked Pumpkin Ice Cream Glazed Donuts that I use that cool donut pan?  Well, Wilton is giving away 10 pans to 10 Picky Palate readers!  Yippee 🙂

I LOVE my little donut pan and have made these darn baked pumpkin donuts dozens of times in a very short time 🙂  Because I want you all to have the chance to make your own donuts, let’s give some pans away!

Here’s how to enter:

1.  Leave a comment here and tell us:  “What is your favorite kind of donut?”

2.  Contest ends Friday October 28th 8pm PST.  Winners will be chosen via and be notified by email.  US residents only.


Good Luck!

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1,516 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 501
    Ashley says:

    I LOVE bavarian creme donuts!! Yummy!

  2. 502
    Rebekah Lopez says:

    Good old glazed, occasionally frosted with chocolate.

  3. 503

    Cinnamon sugar coated raised cake donuts!

  4. 504
    Deanna says:

    Apple fritters!

  5. 505
    Kasia M says:

    Sprinkles!! And either strawberry or chocolate frosting 🙂

  6. 506
    Lizzie says:

    Any kind of dougnut is my kind of doughnut HAHAHAHA! My all time favorite is blueberry doughnuts with a light glaze!!! DELISH! 😀

  7. 507
    ColleenMarie82 says:

    I love sprinkle donuts!

  8. 508
    Aapree says:

    I love maple donuts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. 509
    Liz says:

    My favorite donut is a Glazed Donut…Drooling.

  10. 510
    Shanna says:

    Red velvet cake donuts! YUMM-O

  11. 511
    Jenna says:

    Raised donuts with chocolate glaze (and with creme in the middle from Krispy Kreme) !

  12. 512
    Catie says:

    my favorite donuts are glazed or frosted with sprinkles 🙂 I really want to make the pumpkin ones you put up!

  13. 513
    Cheryl Hopkins says:

    My Favorite doughnut is a Maple Bar or a glazed doughnut.

  14. 514
    Sarah H says:

    Boston Creme!

  15. 515
    Amy Steele says:

    Definitely pumpkin spice!

  16. 516
    Kristin says:

    My favorite kind of donut is the old fashioned kind!

  17. 517
    Thesha says:

    Its a toss up between classic glazed and custard filled with chocolate frosting on top! Yum!!

  18. 518
    Jen says:

    I want this pan because I so want to make your recipe from yesterday because by far my favorite doughnut is pumpkin.

  19. 519
    Kim Henrichs says:

    My favorite is a plain glazed!

  20. 520
    Elise says:

    Love love love old fashioned donuts!

  21. 521
    Celenia A. says:

    Glazed donuts are my absolute favorite

  22. 522
    Danielle says:

    My absolute favorite are apple cider donuts!

  23. 523
    Tosha Jacobs says:

    Im a glazed girl all the way!!!

  24. 524
    Mary says:

    Chocolate glazed!

  25. 525
    Amanda says:

    Chocolate glazed has been my favorite since I was a little girl

  26. 526

    Maple glazed – gosh I hope I win so I can try this pumpkin recipe!

  27. 527
    Marisa says:

    Apple cider donuts. I was just thinking about buy one of these pans because I want to make donuts with my boys next week.

  28. 528

    Donuts are my favorite food ever! Nothing is better than chocolate cake glazed donut.

  29. 529
    Janelle says:

    I don’t eat enough donuts to have a favorite, but whenever I see recipes, I always want to make one. I love pumpkin donuts, cider donuts, and other super-moist ones.

  30. 530
    Jennifer says:

    My favorite kind of donut is an old fashioned buttermilk!

  31. 531
    Breanna says:

    I love simple chocolate cake donuts with a chocolate frosting. (Even though my son prefers his with sprinkles.)

  32. 532
    Sandy says:

    Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts…………fresh and hot from a cider mill.

  33. 533
    Kirsten Grieser says:

    Simple Glazed! I have been looking for a donut pan, too! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  34. 534
    Stephanie says:

    The Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice doughnut is my fav!

  35. 535
    Kristy says:

    My favorite donut is a bear claw from the little Mennonite bakery in my hometown.

  36. 536
    Dina says:

    Plain ole glazed!

  37. 537
    Larissa says:

    My fave is Boston Cream. Hubby loves glazed. Daughter likes chocolate with chocolate glaze. Son likes them all…
    This would be great! Homemade is alwasy better than storebought!

  38. 538
    Victoria Williams says:

    decisions, decisions! classic glazed when i can’t make up my mind, but i just love donuts in general! 🙂

  39. 539
    Erica says:

    Cider doughnuts!

  40. 540
    shanon vetetoe says:

    Cinnamon/coconut doughnuts are my family’s favorites.

  41. 541
    Lana says:

    cream filled long johns with chocolate icing

  42. 542
    Angela says:

    I love glazed doughnuts!

  43. 543
    Amber says:

    Yummy! I like chocolate frosted ones! Fingers crossed!

  44. 544
    Christie says:

    Chocolate frosted w/ sprinkles…yum!!!

  45. 545
    Mallory says:

    I think there is nothing better than a plain sour cream cake doughnut. I can seriously slam down the entire package if I am not careful. I love them!

  46. 546
    Jennie Hawes says:

    Chocolate glazed are my fave, but apple cider are a close second!

  47. 547
    jill says:

    My fav would be chocolate glazed sprinkled with nuts. Your pumpkin donut recipe sounds delicious!

  48. 548
    S.uzanne T says:

    pumpkin–always. Well, chocolate too—but If I had a dozen donuts to pick from I always take the pumpkin. I was wondering how these worked. Love the tutorial you did!

  49. 549
    Holly Murphy says:

    welllll, I think pumpkin icecream glazed donuts are fixin’ to be my favorite. Yesterday I put find out who makes the donut pan on my to-do list…thanks so much for the info and chance to cross it off my list!!!

  50. 550
    Callie says:

    I love donut with thick chocolate frosting! I’ve been looking for a pan like this!

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