Wonderland Bakery Newport Beach, CA

An absolute favorite stop during me and Amanda’s  foodie weekend was was the adorable Wonderland Bakery in Newport Beach. I am so lucky because this bakery is right down the street from me, I get to go whenever I want! Next time you are in Southern California, definitely make time to stop in this bakery, especially if you have little girls. It’s a dream inside. Let’s take a look 🙂

Not only does Wonderland Bakery have delicious baked goodies, but it has so many cute foodie things to buy. Plates, dolls, books, cake stands, cups, mugs ornaments just to name a few.


Love the fun bagged candy. Perfect for gift giving.

These birthday hats are about the cutest things I have ever seen.

Love this ornament!


How fun are these mugs?!

Wonderland Bakery also makes customized cookie tins/cookies for businesses. Love this.

More adorable cupcake ornaments.

The dessert case is absolutely stunning. Cookies, cupcakes, strawberries, brownies, rice krispie treats…..Mmm!


Closer look at the deliciousness 🙂

Amanda and I had the pleasure of trying a number of delicious treats. First up was this Hazelnut Cupcake. To die for.

This Chocolate Peanut Butter Chunk Cookie Sandwich is sweet and perfect. A must try.

The Chocolate Cupcake with Buttercream Frosting…..another winner. Soft and perfectly chocolaty.

The Rocky Road Brownie was as good as it looks. Packed with chocolate, marshmallow and walnuts. Love!

There are dozens of beautiful sugar cookies to choose from. This cupcake sugar cookie was soft, buttery and sweet. Wonderland Bakery has Gingerbread Men Cookies available all year round. Whoopie Goldberg named them the best Gingerbread cookies in the world 🙂  They were tasty!

I’ll leave you with this mouthwatering Brownie shot. Be sure to stop at Wonderland Bakery next time you are in Southern California!!

Be sure to pop over and see Amanda’s gorgeous photos of our time at Wonderland too!

Wonderland Bakery

1314 Bison Ave

Newport Beach, CA 92660

949 640-9095


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13 Responses
  1. Regina

    I had no idea you lived in Newport Beach! I live right down the road from Wonderland Bakery as well, but I’ve never been in there! I go to the Chipotle and Panera in that center all the time, I’ll be sure to stop in when I’m there next!

    1. Jenny

      You’ll have to check it out next time you are in need of a sweet treat. Such a fun sparkly bakery!

  2. Grace

    I want to crrrryyyyy!! California is all the way across the country!! It’s to faaar! LOL! 😀

  3. Amy

    I think I got a vicarious sugar high by just looking at these photos! I am now wiping the drool off my keyboard and putting this place on the plan for my next trip to the States. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous picture, they will give me sweet dreams tonight for sure 🙂

  4. Jennifer

    OOOOH MY YUMMIENESSS!!! Those pictures made my mouth water!!!! What a beautiful place, I’m gonna have to put that on my next to do list on my my next socal vacation.
    Just wanted to let you know my family and I made it to Bruxies and it was divine!
    Everyone enjoyed it and on the long raod trip home we all wished we had more!!
    My toddler LOVED her yummy waffle plate and ate it all!
    Thank you for your constant inspiration and yummy new places to try :O)

  5. Nicole P

    I clicked on their website and I was wondering if you ever had their Raspberry Chocolate cookies? They look really good. Maybe a good cookie for the future??

  6. Amanda

    Oh my goodness, I am still dreaming about this fun bakery! Had so much fun on our foodie tour of SoCal, can’t wait to share our recipes on Monday!! 🙂

  7. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Just saw Amanda’s post, too..

    Sprinkles everywhere, including the floor, the desserts themselves…it’s like a dream. Wonderland for sure! I MUST bring my 5 year old here! She’d be in heaven!

    The PB sandwich cookie that looks like an oatmeal cream pie…wow…wow. And the Rocky Road brownie. Must go there!

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