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Contest is now over. Congratulations to Shelley Mitchel entry #334 who was chosen by random.org. I have the best memories of bringing my lunch to school because my mom would go out of her way to put special touches inside. Whether it was a sweet note on my napkin or my favorite treat tucked inside, I will always have fond memories of sitting down to eat my lunch at school.

Now that my boys are in school I try to make their lunches special too. We make a special trip to the grocery store each week to pick out their favorite healthy treats to put inside their lunch boxes. There is nothing like being excited to pop open those lunch boxes when the bell rings. Both of my boys love to draw and create artwork so I will sometimes draw silly pictures to tuck inside their lunches so they can laugh at what a horrible artist Mom is! On special occasions, I LOVE popping in during lunch to eat with the boys and their friends. They know when I come eat lunch with them that I usually bring some homemade cookies with me to share 🙂  I hope that these little things will create memories for my boys just like my mom did for me 🙂

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1. Leave a comment here on Picky Palate telling us….What is something special you do for your kids lunch or what is something special your mom did for your school lunch? See Official Rule Page HERE.

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525 Responses
  1. Debbie

    My mom always made a special plate for me because of my allergies. She worked hard to make sure I felt special and not weird because I couldn’t eat what other kids ate.

  2. Henria O.

    I like to give my children choices. They pick the foods they like and then get to help me make lunch and/or set the table!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  3. Kimberley W

    I try to always have on hand exactly what my daughter wants for her lunches – whether it’s lunchmeat, tuna, pb&j, or maybe just lunch money! Within reason, I never want her to think she has to settle for “whatever’s available” instead of what she really wants.

    Many thanks!!

  4. Chrystal

    My mom always made me what I wanted for lunch, instead of just throwing something together at the last minute.

  5. Amy Delong

    I make him peanut butter and marshmellow sandwiches&make shapes out of them&skin apples!

  6. R Hicks

    We always throw in a little surprise in their lunch box whether its a different type cookie or just a note.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  7. barbara wright

    When they were little, I used to put notes in their lunchbox. Now they are thrilled that I DON”T – LOL

  8. Elaine

    I sneak treats into their lunches. Like chocolate hearts or gummy kisses. They love the forbidden treats that end up in their lunches.

  9. Susan Smith

    I leave my daughter a note and a special treat in her lunchbox, my Mom did the same when I was going to school.

  10. Nicole

    I remember my mom cutting our sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters. She often left notes in our lunches too, usually written on a napkin. Some days, she would include a special treat as well, like a sticker or a piece of our favorite candy.

  11. Lisa G.

    My children love our homemade peanut butter chocolate cookies so I love making them after they have gone to bed and sneaking them into their lunch boxes.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  12. Joanne Schultz

    The kids often get unexpected goodies in their lunches, to let them know that I am thinking of them!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Athena

    Our oldest starts kindergarten on Monday and I have been thinking about this for awhile. Haven’t come up with anything besides notes on his napkins. πŸ™‚

  14. My daughter isn’t old enough yet to go to school, but I always make sure my husband has one of his favorite treats to go along with his healthy lunch!

  15. When I pack my sons breafast/lunch to send to daycare, I leave a little preprinted sticky note in it..I have several kinds..Dr Seuss, Love notes..Just cute little notes to let him know that mommy misses him when she’s at work!

  16. My little one is only 19 months old, but she thinks it is so awesome when I DON’T cut her sandwich into little bites – she loves holding the whole huge thing! She also thinks its awesome when I let her use “Mommy’s” plates and forks instead of her plastic ones. πŸ™‚

  17. Kerrie Mayans

    I make bento lunch boxes for the kids to take to school. I cut special shaped sandwiches like dinos for my son or butterflys for my daughter and decorate the food in such a way to make it fun to eat.

  18. Terri L

    I don’t remember my mom doing anything too special for my lunch. I think I actually really liked it when we had hot lunch and I could have that. I do remember taking spaghettios in my thermos, too. When you opened them up they smelled bad at first!!!

  19. kimbly

    My mother always put special notes and treats in my lunch – I felt very special and carried the feeling of her love throughout the day

    kimbly at g mail dot com

  20. Geoff K

    I always like to throw in some kind of surprise to the lunch bag – either a dish or item that they’ve never seen or tried before or a little note or gift to try to make their day a little brighter (like baseball cards, gift cards, and the like). Thanks!

  21. Justine

    I always make sure to present the lunch in a great way so it looks appetizing πŸ˜€ I cut their sandwiches in squares and put a pickle on the side….!

  22. Betty C

    My mom didn’t put notes in my lunch. She put them in my books. I was always studying and she knew I would always find them.

  23. Michelle H.

    When I prepare lunches, I just try to make nice meals that I think they will enjoy. When we are at home, I try to engage in fun conversation with my kids.

  24. Crystal F

    My parents weren’t the type to do anything special for us so I don’t have any special memories. I do have 2 girls but don’t pack their lunches. I know, bad mommy here. We do go out to eat lunch on the weekends and take our time enjoying ourselves and talking. Our week is really rushed with school and ball so there’s not a lot of time to sit down and talk. We use the weekends to slow down and catch up. Thank you!

  25. pam

    my kids were always picky lunch eaters (no P&J for them!) so I really had to get creative. I’d throw a small cold pack in their lunch box so I could add refrig things, like yogurt. Main thing I tried to do was mix things up a bit…

  26. Jay F.

    Mom used to give me bananas with stickers. I would put the stickers inside my lunchbox until I had totally covered it. One year I also covered the outside of the lunchbox with stickers.

  27. Maybe this is mean to say, but the most special thing my mom did for my lunch was letting me get an actual lunch box instead of just a brown sack.

  28. Jessica Kaufman

    My mom had to deal with a picky eater. When I was in Middle school I became a Vegetarian. She made my lunch special by making a tossed salad everyday for me. They were not boring bag salad but a real salad with chopped veggies or fruits and nuts. My school mates were envious of my lunches and it made me feel special my mom went out of her way to make me a nice lunch.

  29. Rosey

    I make a big deal out of the dinosaur-shaped bread cutter when I make their sandwiches, and they love that.

  30. Vicki Andrew

    back when I was in school I always got homebaked cookies so getting something like a twinkie was a real treat

  31. Julie K

    It may not be special to some but I know that packing my sons lunch in the exact order that he likes it everyday makes it better for him. thanks!

  32. Dee

    My mom used to cut all my sandwiches into a perfect star shape because she knew that was my favorite shape of all! πŸ™‚

  33. Karen

    My mom always made sure we had milk money for lunches in school, and made sure that we ate.

    Thanks for the chance at winning.

  34. Holly C.

    I was the 5th of 6 children and my mom raised us by herself for most of my life. There was no special ritual, but when my younger sister and I came home for lunch, it was always waiting on the table with a cold glass of milk. I thought that was special.

  35. Jessica

    I love leaving them little notes and packing fun surprises like stickers or gummy bears or things I know they love.

  36. Lisa Woods

    My kids eat lunch at school but sometimes I like to send an extra .25 to school with them so they can have a popsicle with their lunch.

  37. MamaKat

    I had to make my own lunch growing up, as do my kids. Once in a while DH will make them sandwiches and write them notes on the foil.

  38. rebecca

    Even when my granddaughter was a toddler, she liked to have her lunch made and put in a lunch box. She requested her sandwich being cut into four pieces when she was real hungry. Funny how the four pieces filled her up more than two.

  39. Pam

    My kids love eating outside so even when we would go get fast food, we would go and make a picnic out of it at a park where we could play after lunch.

  40. Laura Benjamin

    My grandmother always cut my sandwiches into four pieces and would draw a little picture in the middle of them. She would also add a piece of homemade pie or homemade chocolate chip cookies. Everytime I saw the lunch I could picture her baking with a smile. The lunch just always made me feel so loved.

  41. Barbara

    My mom tried sending ice cream in a thermos for my lunch once. It really didn’t work very well, but I still drank my ice cream.

  42. Paula Hafner

    My Mom would put notes or stickers in my lunch box. She would also surprise me sometime with chocolate milk in my thermos or a Little Debbie.

  43. Janice Crespo

    The only one that takes lunch is my oldest – she is attending nursing school. I can sneak in a treat now and then and get a text message when she sees it – but if I do it more than once a week, she tells me I am corny – LOL

  44. Kelly

    My mom used to give me extra potato chips with my bologna sandwich so I had chips to put on the sandwich. To this day, I still add chips to my bologna sandwiches! πŸ™‚

  45. Tesa S.

    I send his favorite sandwiches; either PB&J with lots of Smucker’s jelly, or bologna with the red plastic around the edges. I also trim off the crusts for him.
    tesashel225 (@) aol (dotcom)

  46. Jaque

    I do leave notes in my children’s lunch boxes, not everyday, it would not be a surprise if I did that. When I know they will have a particularly stressful day, test, hump day, Fridays, etc. I also glue a Hershey’s kiss to the note, a kiss from mom. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  47. Emily H

    I make my son peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with NO CRUST. I swore I would never be “that” mom, but I am. He also loves to get special napkins in his lunch with his favorite cartoon or action figure characters on them. It is always a surprise to him what napkin he will get and be able to show to all his friends!

  48. Melissa B

    My mom loved her garden and loved her veggies from the garden. She would make cute little shapes out of veggies for me so I would eat them. LOL

  49. April

    Lunch is always more special when they get to help make it. Do you want juice or milk? Do you want pb&j or baloney. Take time out on the weekend and prepare the whole week’s lunches at once with the kids helping. You can sneak in the extras later (notes, comic strips).

  50. Kirsten

    I used to love making special treats for my daughter’s lunch. Now she is 15 and eats at school. So now my granddaughter, 3, and I have living room picnics and bake treats!

  51. Pauline M

    My kids get school lunch so I don’t usually pack a lunch for them. However, once in awhile, they would ask for a cold lunch so it’s always some PB&J, chips, frozen yogurt and a smiley face cookie!

  52. Jill Myrick

    Every since my daughter was two she wouldn’t eat a sandwich unless it had no crust and was cut in half so that she could eat it from the inside out.
    At five I still cut the crust off of her sandwich and make sure that it is cut in half before placing it in her school container.


  53. Stephanie Hodges

    I always give my daughter a choice of what we can have for lunch. One hand be one thing and in another hand, be something else. Gives her some choices, independance, lets me know what her preferences are and allows her to interact in the making process. She is only 1 years old, so she isn’t quit ready to help mommy and daddy on preparing lunch. But she sure is good at eating what is infront of her lol. Never knew such a tiny body can eat eat and eat when she wants to. We don’t allow any distractions (cells, tv etc) and make sure we have conversations to make meal time fun.

    clc_little_britches @ yahoo dot com

  54. Kathy Scott

    My son has nut allergies and has to sit at a special table in the cafeteria. I send him notes in his lunch box telling him that he is special.

  55. Debbie

    Notes on the napkin usually. Sometimes a fun treat…my first just started 1st grade and insists on packing a lunch. I’m just looking for fun and creative things to make his lunches special!

  56. momznite

    My thoughtful mom always included fruit in my lunch box. I often traded it for a friend’s graham cracker iced with pink frosting.

  57. I still leave notes for my youngest (she’s 17!) and since they are older text or send ecards with them all the time. Even when we’re in the same room.

  58. Tonya

    I make my girls special bento boxes most every day…I like doing little hello kitty rice cakes….hot dog octopuses….fun shaped little jello molds (I have tiny molds that make little animal shapes) and of course a little note for each lunch! I know the girls love it and I love taking the time to make them and knowing how much they appreciate them!

  59. Sarah L

    Sometimes when I was growing up my dad would be home at lunch time. He’d make great grilled cheese sandwiches with a dill pickle on the side. Thanks for the contest.

  60. For two years my mom worked about four blocks away from school. Some days she would pick me up for lunch and we would spend that time “just the two of us”. I loved it!

  61. Debra F

    On Fridays, I pack a special treat in my son’s lunchboxes. It is usually something homemade like a brownie or a rice krispie treat. The boys always look forward to it.

  62. Theresa Clift

    I used to love ketsup fried Bologna Sandwiches on toast in my lunch. This doesn’t sound like anything special but every morning my grams would fry two pieces of bologna for my lunch. Now that’s love

  63. Katherine M.

    My son begged me not to put notes in his lunch because it embarrassed him. I didn’t get to make his lunch often. When I did, I tried to make sure it was special with his favorite foods.

  64. Gerlinde S.

    What lovely Stories, My kids allways ate at School so did not fix any Lunches, but I see we missed alot and never even thought to just sent little notes.What a great Idea.

  65. Nancy

    During the summer we try to make lunch special by taking it outside under the tree or taking sandwiches to the park.

  66. Suzanne K

    I make my daughter something that she really enjoys but doesn’t get all the time, like mini bagels with cream cheese.

  67. Amy V

    My poor Mom thought it was special to include stewed prunes to help me poop. Well, not so special when you have to eat them in front of all the kiddies.

  68. Corin

    My mom would leave a note in my napkin to brighten my day. She also would pack a special treat each time as a special surprise.

  69. Jeanine B.

    My kids always like notes in their lunchbox…and sometimes I even get one back! They also love it when I cut their sandwich bread with big cookie cutters–stars, hearts, flowers.

  70. Jessica

    I cut sammys in strange shapes…sometimes to make puzzles out of them! I have a 3 1/2 year old that takes pb & j everyday – I sure hope we don’t end up in a peanut free classroom in elementary school!

  71. Jean D.

    My son loves to go bowling with me. Sometimes in his sack lunch I include a note letting him know we’re BOWLING after school. He’s so excited to get home. And I’m pleased he enjoys spending that time with me.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  72. Erin Walsh

    The thing that my did that was special for us, as kids, was to make each of our three lunches individually, using our favorites. She knew that lunch wasn’t a one size fits all deal.

  73. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I wrote something very similar on one of the other blogs…but, it’s what I think most accurately addresses your question. My kids think the fact that I make their lunch is special; while I think eating lunch together is special. During school, they usually eat in the cafeteria; but, if they ask for a sack lunch, they are very grateful if I make it for them. I think I will start putting notes in more regularly.

  74. Katy V

    I don’t have kids, but I do enjoy making my Dad lunch. He works out of the house, and often doesn’t have time to come down and get something to eat. So I like to bring him a plate up to his office.

  75. Brandy

    I use cookie cutters to cut their sandwiches and package their lunches in bento style boxes. It’s an easy way to make lunch time fun and interesting.

  76. I always let my son decide his lunch for the day, but try to do something interesting to it each time. For example, If he chooses a sandwich, I’ll cut it into bite size pieces (he says the small pieces make him feel like a giant πŸ™‚ ) I also give him a sticker with each lunch. I pick them up everywhere and just surprise him with them. He likes to use them to decorate his folders at school. I am working on a way to keep lunch fun now that he is going to sixth grade, don’t know if the stickers will survive middle school :0

  77. JessiMac

    I always put notes in my daughter’s lunches. On the rare occasion I forgot I heard about it! Sometimes I draw a picture or write a joke or riddle.

  78. My son is only 2, but he will be starting mother’s day out this year. I am at a loss actually as to whether to include anything. Can’t do writing. I was thinking of stickers, but not enough to share with other kids. I think I am just going to include little 2×2 letters – one day will be ‘G’ the next ‘X’ etc. He is loving letters right now, so I think he will enjoy this, plus shouldn’t cause jealousy among other kids. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  79. Jenn Ciniello

    I always try to put something in my daughter’s snack or lunch to let her know I’m thinking of her. Sometimes it’s a little note, or a small piece of candy of a sticker. And the thing I remember most about my Mom’s lunches were the days when I didn’t feel great and she would send me to school with chicken noodle soup in my thermos and a ginerale. It was made the day more tolerable.

  80. Jeanette H.

    I like to pack my kids 1 hershey kiss, a kiss from mom every day and nobody needs to know the meaning behind it…=D

  81. Lynn

    My mom would sneak candy with a note into my lunch. It was always fun trying to find where she hid it in my bag!

  82. Christine

    My mom never, never bought cookies or those kinds of snacks. Our lunches always included goodies she baked for us herself.

  83. Sharie Thompson

    I use a cookie cutter and imprint the shape into the bread. OR, at breakfast, you can do this then toast the bread for it to really show up.

  84. Cathy

    I used to watch my nieces and when I made their lunches I liked to put in a little surprise, whether it was a special treat, stickers or just a note. One day I’d like to do the same for my kids once I have them πŸ™‚

  85. Shawna OBrien

    Something special I do for my kids lunch is that I make sure that I pack their lunches with their favorite foods. I also like to pop in their schools once in a while and have lunch with them.

  86. My mom made me a unique sandwich which we dubbed the “finger sandwich”. It was a couple of hot dogs cut in half on bread. I don’t know why I liked it but I did and I liked that my Mom knew I liked it.

  87. Lori

    Wow, something I have done for our kids lunches is randomly put in cute little notes of encouragement or something funny and add a treat to it, and they still even in high school as me to do it. My mom used to make me (some my think this sounds awful) a doughnut sandwich, using a plain cake doughnut, sliced in the middle and she would either use peanut butter and jelly or bologna w/ mustard and mayo. I still like them and I sure remember them from when I was little. Fun memories!

  88. Tami Vollenweider

    I know it sounds different,but my mom would mix syrup and peanut butter together and make me an sandwich!It was good!

  89. Bev Harrison

    When I was in 5th grade my favorite lunch was tomato soup and a cold hamburger sandwich. My mom would fry me a hambuger every morning while I was eating breakfast and fill a thermos with hot tomato soup. Fortunately for me, my kids favorite lunches were peanut butter and honey sandwiches, alot easir to prepare!

  90. shel

    My mom always did note-on-a-napkin and I did the same for my own children. My sons are a lot older than my daughter and sometimes they pack the lunch now at night…I’ve caught them writing notes on a napkin to their younger sister when packing her lunch!

  91. Amber

    Your boys are too cute! Love the ties, lol. Adorable. My mom always used to write notes in my lunchbox sometimes ON the lunchbag…lol. I like to write notes too, sometimes I’ll surprise them with homemade cookies that they didn’t know I had baked, or I’ll include a pink or blue colored Rice Krispie treat, etc. Thanks!!

  92. Lisa

    My mom would make our lunches everyday to our requests. It was always a big treat when we received leftovers from last night’s dinner in little tupperware containers…my favorites were lasagna and matzo ball soup.

  93. Tracey

    I was lucky when I was in grammar school we got to go home for lunch. As we got older my mother would make each of us what we wanted for lunch at times making four (I have 3 sisters) different meals.

  94. Sheila Hickmon

    My mom would put a new pencil in my lunch box every Monday, I collected those silly things like crazy, and so she surprised me once a week!

  95. It started out with a “pumpkin” sandwich. I cut her sandwiches into pumpkin shape because she was my “little pumpkin” but now we have branched out to the hearts, dinosaurs, and dolphins that cut the crust off only, and she seems to like it just as much but asks sometimes for that special pumpkin sandwich πŸ˜€

  96. I let my kids make there own sandwiches on occasion, that is something they love! But every day we sit down andeat together for every meal, and lunch is always nice because it’s relaxed.

  97. Michelle

    I don’t have kids yet, but my mom made my school lunches special by always including a special homemade treat. I still use her chocolate chip cookie recipe when I’m in the mood for a taste of my childhood.

  98. Traci Severson

    I always decorate my kids’ lunch bags by stamping their names or other fun little things or by drawing on the bags. I hope it is something fun they will remember. We also shop together for what they would like packed in their bags so that is special time we spend together as well.

  99. Sarah Hirsch

    my mom always packed me the same thing – peanut butter and jely sandwiches, because it was all I would ask for. she would also put in a piece of fruit and a treat like a cookie.
    I try to make healthy lunches for my kids with things they like and will eat at school.

  100. Melinda

    When making a PB&J sandwich, we squeeze out the jelly into a heart shape on the bread, and on the other side smear the PB, then put them together. When the kids open up their sandwich they can see the heart shape we made with the jelly, and it reminds them of how much we love them πŸ™‚

    I got this from my MIL.

  101. Kyle Velasco

    I remember in my freshman year in high school, I dressed up as Elvis for Halloween. When I opened my paper bag lunch which I prepare myself, I found. Sandwich my mom made for me using Smucker’s pb&j, bananas, and bacon. She made me Elvis’ Fool’s Gold sandwich. Everyone loved my costume even more with a matching sandwich!

  102. Timbo

    One thing my Ma did with my lunches when I went to school was to cut my sandwiches and cookies into special shapes that I liked, like stars or circles πŸ˜€ I know, it’s kinda cheesy, but whatchagonnado πŸ˜€

  103. Elizabeth I

    I make my kids lunch special by giving them these cute forks and knives that are in the shape of different animals. They are plastic and tacky looking but the kids love them.

  104. Melissa

    My mom used to make me “face sandwiches” where she would make a face with PB&J and apples, pretzels, raisins, or whatever we had! I use cookie cutters with my boys to make fun shapes out of their sandwiches!

  105. Kara

    My mom would occasionally leave a nice handwritten message in my lunch box and that would definitely brighten my day!

  106. A. Sorvig

    My Mother always made sure that when we were home we had something nutritious to eat for lunch. It seemed like other Moms made pizza or fast food a lot, but my Mom always had something homemade, and I enjoy well rounded meals today as a result. She gave me a gift by “making” me eat well.

  107. Betty N

    My husband and I are older and we have a big meal at lunch time. We also have 9 grandchildren. When I cook, I set aside some individual meal portions and freeze them. We have a 2nd refrigerator with a small freezer. I put these individual portions there and the grandchildren are welcome to choose their own entrees when they are at our house. The grandkids refer to it as Grandma’s Kitchen and each has their own favorites and feels special like I made it β€œjust for them

  108. Angie

    My mom used to leave me notes every once in awhile in my school lunch. I liked it because I didn’t expect it every day, so it was always a surprise when she did it.

    I plan to do the same for my little guys, neither of them are in school yet.

  109. jenny b

    I like to have a date with each of my 3 yr olds (they’re quadruplets) and we could have a little one on one time:) We don’t get enough of it!

    Jenny B

  110. addrienne mertens

    i,ve always ate school lunches and so do my kids. i cannot afford to buy and send stuff to school. we get free lunch. in the summer hes at daycare for lunch.



  112. Lisa Foster

    My mom and I would make my lunch together the night before when I was in K and 1st grade–I thought I was “cooking.”

  113. allyson

    i loved it when my mom would surprise me with a avacado sandwich….they were expensive back then and we didn;t have much money

  114. Katie

    I always send a note on the napkin in my daughters lunch. She loves it and usually saves it to bring home and keep.

  115. Heather S

    We make lunches together so we know they like what is inside. Also get bright colored post it notes and draw a cartoon or smilie face and put inside.

  116. rose-red

    My Mom was an SHAM so she was always there to sit down and have lunch with me and since I lived a block away from the school I always walked home for lunch.

  117. Phyllis

    The most special thing my mom did for my school lunch was to send me to private school where I got a hot meal every day. Thanks, Mom!

  118. Stephanie

    Since my daughter’s just entering kindergarten, I’ve been writing notes that have easy to “read” letters like, I <3 U. Or just a heart and "Mom" after something "simple" so she gets the jist of the idea and is excited to learn how to read. I grab a marker out of the cabinet and scribble a note on colored stationary and stick it in the same place in her lunch box every day so she knows where to find it. I also stick a sticker in there so she can put it on and is generally excited and has a chance to remember mom's thinking about her.

  119. My Mom had 9 of us kids to pack a lunch for. But she always made sure we each had good wholesome lunch with items WE liked. She always wrote our names on the sack, with an I Love You too.

  120. kelley

    my mom would sometimes surprise us with pita sandwiches made with bread and sauce she would buy from the amazing greek restaurant in our town. such a tasty treat and a nice surprise…. although the occasional napkin note with a sweet thought and a doodle really was the best surprise of all. πŸ™‚

  121. Denise S

    We like going out to lunch together at a fast food place of their choice once in awhile. They think its a real treat!

  122. sandy

    will add cartoons, notes, stickers, something fun…for the older one since I know they have a study hall that gets boring I sometimes throw in some tpe of puzzle

  123. Stephanie Grant

    I like to bake cookies in shapes of dinosaurs and cut his sandwhiches in dinosaur shapes and I always include a note to eat his orange slices before his cookie :0)

  124. Mary Jacobowitz

    My lunches were special because my mom packed leftovers. I really didn’t have the traditional pn& j sandwiches. It was usually pot roast, and chicken sandwiches. She made them with love.

  125. Nita B

    I used to leave notes in my boys’ lunches once in a while. With boys you have to be careful not to over do it.

  126. My Mom made our lunch everyday and handpicked the only the best items to put in our lunch. Then she left a sweet & different note everyday in our lunch box.

  127. Margaret Smith

    During the school year, I’ll sneak little notes into my kids lunches on occassion. Sometimes, I’ll put in a dollar, so they can buy a special snack from the school.
    My oldest son is at the age where he’d now get embarrassed with a note, so instead I sneak in a little chocolate kiss or two.
    Thanks so much.

  128. Anna

    My mom would always use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes in my sandwiches! Which was always fun to see what it would look like the next day!

    Thanks for the contest!

  129. Chelsea S

    My mother used to stick random things in my lunch as a joke. She once stuck doggy beggin’ strips in a baggy in my lunch. I almost fell for it thinking it was real bacon. Ew.

  130. I always slip in a napkin with a special note from Mom on it. For my little girl that can’t read I draw a picture of me & her holding hands and a heart or something like that. For my 10 year old….well, he is over the whole thing. “It’s embarrassing!” He says. So I told him I would draw a small heart in the corner of the napkin and he would know what it meant.

    We always had school lunch growing up. Not anything fun from home, but my Mom was always the first to show up at any try-outs or antyhing we were involved in with balloons and a card to tell us how much she loves us. That was the best!

  131. Amanda Hendry

    I use cookie cutters to cut my kids sandwiches into fun shapes. It’s always a surprise for them!

  132. Michelle Gamradt

    My mom would always make me the best sandwiches that had bacon in them!! I guess I knew from an early age that bacon was a delicious treat!

  133. Hillary Crump

    I too love sneaking a favorite treat into my kids lunch. He gets so excited that he even tells his teacher when he gets back into the class room.

  134. When my girls were in school they loved the little notes I would stick inside their lunches or inside one of their books. They were always simple little notes but they would always brighten up a bad day. The notes would say things like:
    “Have a great day”, “I love you”, or “Do your best and be strong” … simple but still full of thought and love.
    I will do the same thing with the grandchildren when they start school.

  135. Erin Woods

    I with the majority here in saying that a sweet little note left in a lunch box goes along way. Big fan! Loved getting them from my Mom and love to pass that along to my kids. I also like to decorate their field trip paper lunch sacks to go along with the theme of the Field trip. Farm with farm animals, etc. My kids get a kick out of that.

  136. My mom used to write a note on our napkins, or a verse, or quote. I hated when I was little but by the time I hit high school, i loved it.

    She also used to decorate for holidays. So St. Patricks day meant an all green lunch, Valentines day was all red, etc.

  137. Soha Molina

    On Fridays, my daughter and I have a speaical ‘Mommy-daughter’lunch, usually at her favorite restaurant.

  138. Carmen

    My mom would make me homemade steak sandwiches for special fieldtrip lunches, I always loved opening it up to find a yummy steak on Cuban bread

  139. Brittney

    My mom had the largest cookie cutter collection that I have ever seen. Growing up she would always always cut the crust off of our PB&J sandwiches and would then cut the sandwich into one of her many many cookie cutter shapes. She had a whole huge drawer full and she always took the time to do this for my sister and I and now that my son is going to school I make a point to do that for him as well. He is not quite old enough(almost 3)to understand what I am doing…I hope that one day he will realize that it is just a little something extra that I do to show him how much I love him and hope that he has a great day!!!!

  140. Amanda Starr

    My daughter is learning to read now so I’m looking forward to leaving notes in her lunch this year. I also like to let her pick what she is having so I know she’ll enjoy it.

  141. I send little postcards in my son’s lunches at school. They have little facts and trivia on them and he loves it. I also create our own trail mix each day, with different snacks that he loves.

  142. Heather Langeland

    My kids are little, so they aren’t in school yet. However, I think once my kids are in school it would be really fun to put jokes in their lunch box. Just something to lighten up their day.

  143. Angela

    My mom used to write notes on my napkin in my lunchbox. Also, occasionally she would surprise me at school to eat with me! I have a fabulous mom!

  144. My mom always wrote me a napkin note in my lunch and I do it for my hubby sometimes. My kids are homeschooled, but hopefully I can sneak them notes one day!

  145. You’re the kind of Mom I wished I’d had as a kid, but I wish I would have appreciated the healthful lunches my Mom packed me as a child. Everything was homemade, whole grain, low-fat and other kids made fun of me for bringing huge bags of chopped up veggies and chicken legs. Now I’d love them but as a kid, I was humiliated by the healthy food.

  146. My mom made most of my sack lunches growing up, but every now and then my dad would make them. If he did make them, he always wrote a note on my napkin. I loved it and found myself looking forward to his lunches! I am planning on passing that tradition to my children!

  147. Kim P. ~ Temecula, Ca

    I have two daughters now in middle and high school…I would make them sandwiches then use big cookie cutouts to make cute shapes. Their favorite was a flower. I would also write them little notes to make them smile.

  148. I love to put little handmade cards in my daughter’s lunch. When I was in school my mom would always do something special like a good luck pencil or something if I had a test coming up or a holiday themed lunch. I love doing this for her!

  149. My memories are actually not of my mother but actually of my father. He was the one that was always there when I was growing up. From Kindergarten all the way up through 5th grade my day would come in and help out in the class room and he would also come and eat school lunch with me. While he would have the schools lunch, I would always have a packed lunch and either my mom or my dad would always pack me a special treat such as an oatmeal raisin cookie or some other healthy dessert for my enjoyment. I would also love the days when my mom/dad would write me a note as it would make my day SO much brighter!! πŸ™‚

  150. I honestly can’t remember anything special about my lunches…however my husbands mom used to put “special surprises” in his sandwiches like chocolate chips and other random stuff. He eventually told his mom he didn’t like it! Haha so in other words when I have kids of my own, I would like to do something cute like that, and hopefully they will like it! πŸ™‚

  151. Linda Kish

    My lunches…a lifetime ago were PB&J sandwiches and fruit and cookies. I still like that for lunch.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  152. Annette D

    I try to add a little treat, like a Hershey’s kiss , to my son’s lunch a couple of times a week!

  153. Denise

    My mom would always make the seemingly ridiculous number of containers fit in my lunchbox. It was always so carefully planned, I loved it!

  154. I definitely got lots of notes in my lunches… And stickers!! I went crazy over the Suzy’s Zoo stickers. Also, sometimes my mom would use cookie cutters to cut my sandwiches in fun shapes πŸ™‚ Thanks for the fun giveaway!!

  155. Mandala

    My mom would prepare my lunch daily -when I was little, I hated eating vegetables. So she made “special burgers” where she mixed diced veggies (carrots, potatoes, celery) and added egg, beef and flour. She made it really nice that I actually started eating vegetables since then. I still crave for those “special burgers” even as an adult πŸ™‚

  156. Terri

    My sister is 9 years older than me and she would make my lunch and she would cover the bag with stickers. She did the same thing with her children years later.

  157. My kids have always loved the little notes or jokes that I stuck in their lunches!
    Now they’re bigger and attend my school. Both of my teen girls come to my classroom each day and join me for lunch.
    It’s like we’re out and about on a girls day out!
    I cherish these new memories…..my oldest is in college and this coming year I’ll have a senior & soph in high school.

  158. bmk

    My Mom always used to put handwritten notes in with my lunch. It was always such a fun surprise to find them.

  159. My kid will be starting preschool this year. Since he can’t read yet, little notes are out, but I do plan to make things with him that I can then put in his lunch.

  160. Mindi

    My baby is only 9 months old, but when I start packing her lunch I can’t wait to leave her little notes and packing little sweet surprises πŸ™‚

  161. Elaine Lund

    My Mom used to cut my sandwiches in squares or triangles. (It was a big thing to have your sandwich cut that way!)

  162. Elaine Lund

    To make my daughters lunch special, I leave her “lunchbox notes”. And I also let her decide what she would like to bring for sandwich, fruit and snack.
    (search “lunch box notes” to find free printables!I would list names of sites where you can get them, but don’t have it at my finger tips at the moment)

  163. Katherine

    My mom would go out of her way to put something “special” and unexpected in my lunch. Sometimes it was a homemade cookie, a leftover piece of birthday cake, or my favorite snack I didn’t know she had bought. When I poured out my lunch from the brown paper bag and saw something “different” fall onto the cafeteria table, I couldn’t help but feel my mother’s presence.


    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  164. Cindi

    I always loved receiving the little notes and surprises my mom would put in my lunch, and of course I carried on the tradition with my children. And though they are older now, I still add notes in my Jeff’s lunch, even a construction superintendant can think that is sweet.

  165. I don’t have my own kids yet, but lunches will be definitely special! One of my favorite things my mom did was use a cookie cutter to cut out our sandwiches in fun shapes (hearts, pumpkins, etc)!.

  166. laurie

    i leave them notes and something special in their lunch bags, something extra money for ice cream or what every they want for break

  167. Christy

    I use cookie cutters and cut my daughter’s sandwiches into cute little shapes. She likes the flowers best. I’m going to enjoy this until it’s no longer cool to cut up her sandwiches.

  168. Kim

    My kiddo is still not in school yet – but I plan to leave him little hidden notes and a mini chocolate!

  169. My mom would always make my lunch and pack my favorite sandwiches like PB &J, tuna fish, ham or turkey sandwich. She didn’t do anything special or unique but she always gave me a full lunchbox which I look back with fondness today.

  170. Lindsay

    School packed lunches are very nostalgic for me. I clearly remember a huge Minnie Mouse head shaped lunchbox I had and was very excited to take to school everyday. My sweet mother would often hide a handwritten note and tuck it away inside my lunchbox telling me how much she loved me and how she hoped I had a great day. I hope to pass down this act of kindness to my future children to brighten their day like my mother always did for me!

  171. Bonnie P

    Once a week we invite a friend for lunch We go to the park or watch a movie while we are eating

  172. My mom would write a funny joke on my napkin each day to make me smile!! She did it all through high school too..everyone at the lunch table loved it!

  173. emily

    i think the one thing my mom always did that i loved was she would by some strange item to add to my lunch. i was never a very picky eater so it was always fun to pull out a red banana or some other thing that my schoolmates had never seen and get them all stirred up as a ate it1

  174. No kids yet. I plan on leaving little notes for them. I already do this for my hubby – love notes in his lunch.

    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  175. I like to put 3 Hershey Kisses in my sons lunch…one kiss in the morning, one at lunch and one late afternoon. This way he doesn’t miss getting kisses from Mommy, because he carries them with him!

  176. Nancy

    I save left-over colorful paper napkins to tuck into lunchboxes. Seasonal or themed napkins make a more festive lunch!

  177. I was homeschooled, so the most special thing my mom did for my school lunch was the fact that we got to enjoy her yummy food while spending quality time as a family eating lunch together! Thank you for the giveaway!

  178. I put little premade notes in their lunches sometimes for school. When I know they are having a big test or just a bad day…it really changes their outlook on the day sometimes. πŸ™‚

  179. Suzanne

    My kids aren’t old enough to go to school yet. However, I plan to pack yummy lunches just the way my mom did. Sometimes she would put in something interesting like a peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwich. I know, right? My friends often coveted my good lunches and love notes from mom. I like to stick little notes and surprises in my husband’s lunch. =)

  180. Christina

    I’m sure it’s pretty cliche, but we loved it when our mom would put her homemade chocolate chip cookies or cookie bars in our lunch! We didn’t get sweets very often, so this was a big deal for us.

  181. Melissa S

    I put notes in their lunches too. Before they could read I would draw smiley-faces or other pictures. Then start with words they know. Once my son got in 3rd grade he was a little embarrased so I would put jokes on his. The knock-knock jokes got the best response!

  182. Megan

    Leaving notes is a big thing for us. I also make a really big think out of holidays. Mummy dogs and spiders (snack) for halloween. For school I am making cookies that look like pencils and crayons for their suprise snack in their lunch kits.

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  183. Chrissy

    I like to leave them notes when they don’t expect it. It’s also fun to use cookie cutters to make their sandwiches into shapes. (My bigger guys have asked that I only do that at home….apparently they are too cool now.)

  184. katie t

    Something special my mom always made was “bologna pizza,” which had nothing to do with pizza, but was just a piece of bologna cut into pizza slices. We loved it!

  185. Nicole Greene

    I leave her favorite desserts and SOMETIMES even special treats like bracelets/rings (not expensive ones πŸ˜‰

  186. Jennifer

    I thought just making a homemade lunch WAS special…. Hmmmm… Better rethink that strategy! I do sometimes leave a little note in my son’s lunchbox, which he does love.

  187. mel

    My oldest starts kindergarten Monday & I can’t believe it & I will be doing fun things for her to find:)

  188. charlene

    My mom used to cut my oranges into wedges and for some reason that still makes me smile – I do not have kids, but was watching my niece a few months back and did the same for her. She ate the orange and covered her teeth with the peel, the big orange smile looking back at me made me laugh so hard because that is exactly what I used to do. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great week-end.

  189. Amy

    My mom was/ is a very busy lady and so we almost always bought our lunches at school. However, on Valentines Day my brother, sister and I could always count on a special treat. My mom would sneak in chocolates or candies in our bag along with a special note telling us just how much we were loved. I always looked forward to those treats and someday I hope to carry on the tradition.

  190. Stephanie F

    I love to write notes for my kids on their napkins. They also enjoy when I cut out the sandwich into different shapes with a cookie cutter!

  191. My kids are not school aged yet but I loved getting little notes in my lunchbox growing up. I also was always surprised to see special treats like fresh cookies or brownies that I had not known she had made.

  192. Karen

    My kids often get special notes in their lunch box…and sometimes a surprise. On April Fool’s Day on I put all plastic food in my daughter’s lunch box with a note on the bottom saying I’ll see you at lunch time with a “real” food surprise.

  193. Susan

    I try to include a surprise in each lunch box – make flower shapes out of fruit, include a homemade meringue cookie with a note, etc.

  194. I’m pretty boring since I make my son make his own lunch (otherwise he complains). But sometimes I sneak a treat into his lunch bag after he makes it as a surprise. πŸ˜‰

  195. My mom found stamps with each of our names. She would stamp our brown bag, so it would be labeled, and then draw silly pictures to make us smile.

  196. nan lara

    i remember getting a few notes from my mom, that made lunch special, but the big treat was getting something like doritos or pringles in my lunch..yum
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  197. My favorite memory about lunch with my mom was that she would write a note on my napkin every day. And I was always comforted by her love note. πŸ™‚

  198. Kristen

    She knew I didn’t really love sandwiches that were kinda soggy by lunchtime, so often she’d give me a thermos of warm, hearty soup instead.

  199. Cyndee

    My kids have been brown-baggers since day 1 of kindergarten. My oldest is now 11 and the younger 8.

    I love packing their lunches because it ensures they have the opportunity to eat a balanced meal with some of their favorite foods (including PB&J, or in the case of my youngest, just J, sandwiches).

    This past school year, I purchased one of those daily calendar cubes. It has funny stories, jokes, and quotes.

    I would tuck one into each of their lunch boxes (regardless of the date listed) in hopes that it would make them smile. Who doesn’t need a happy?! Just maybe it might a difficult day a little better.

    A few times, we would be in a hurry to get out the door and I forgot their daily dose of humor. I was quite surprised to hear how slighted they felt when I didn’t stick their joke in their lunch. Mommy didn’t need too many reminders before it was habit. πŸ˜‰

  200. Lyrical Soul

    My 15 year old twin daughters are at the “take lunch???OMG WHyyyy?” stage, so Friday is smoothie day. I make them each a smoothie before I leave for work, put it in the fridge with a little thank you card with movie tickets, a pizza coupon or a few dollars in it. The cards usually say something like “thanks for not having an attitude this week” or “thanks for not storming up the stairs when you didn’t get your way”. Silly, I know, but they never fail to send me a texts saying “thanks for not overreacting” or something like that.

  201. Emily

    Every so often I surprise my son by adding a small foil-wrapped chocolate coin–they’re a special treat that we don’t have often, and a nice surprise to go with all of the straight-up healthy food!

  202. My teenage daughter loves surprises…so i will write her a note and stick in her lunch and always write a bible verse to encourage her for the rest of the day that is ahead of her. πŸ™‚

  203. Brooke

    My mom makes my kids PB&J’s in the shape of their initials! I don’t remember her doing that in my lunchbox, but I’m sure it was something similar :)!

  204. Penny

    The special thing that I do for my son’s lunch is to make his PB&J just the way that he likes it. He likes his jelly just a certain way just like I do. He always eats the sandwiches that I make while only nibbling on the ones that Daddy makes. πŸ™‚

  205. Tammy M.

    I used to go to my son’s elementary school ocassionally to have lunch with him. I used to bring Happy Meals for both of us and we used to eat at the school playground sitting under a tree. My son loved this so much and was always looking forward to our special get togethers.

  206. Cheryl Newton

    I try to pack somewhat healthy lunches for when my boys choose to take their lunches. But there’s always a treat, whether it’s a couple of cookies or a few Hershey’s Kisses. And if I’m not too rushed, I might scrawl a quick note on their napkins with a Sharpie.

  207. Lori Bettis

    My Mom always left me notes and homemade chocolate chip cookies. I leave my kids notes, but what they like best is when I draw on their sack lunches for field trips. (and I’m no artist, trust me!) I had to laugh when last year my daughter ASKED me to draw on hers and she was in 7th grade! She said her friends always ask to see it πŸ™‚

  208. Ashlee

    My mom never packed my lunch. =(

    But with my own daughters, I look forward to leaving little notes and special snacks cut in different shapes for them.

  209. I like to leave notes, or a silly drawing on their napkin, also if I have some candy stashed somewhere, I like to throw a piece in and imagine the sweet smile when they find it!!

  210. Ryan

    I only have one in school right now. Most of the time, he eats lunch at school. But usually one day/week they have something he doesn’t like (hot dogs or subs). ON those days, he gets whatever he wants. If he wants PB&J, he can have that. He loves macaroni salad so I will make that. He picks everything that goes in his lunch. And after it’s done, I wait until he turns away, and sneak something special in there (a sticker, a fun size candy bar, a little army guy, a Pokeman card).

  211. Tina Gerritsen

    We would randomly get notes in our lunches. It made my day!
    My mom is not with us anymore, so thank you for letting remember that special memory again!

  212. debp

    School was extremely hard for my son, so I always put a note in his lunch, to let him know I loved him, and he would be home soon. I would make his favorite dried apple chips to put in his lunches.

  213. Mom always used to write a note and hide it somewhere in my lunchbox, so lunch time was not only tasty, but fun as well. πŸ™‚

  214. I’d have to say- those cute little words of incouragement in a lunch pale makes all the difference in the world. I did that numorous times last year. I’d make their lunch, but at the very bottom, above the napkin, I’d have a little noted that read:

    Half way through the day already- you are so awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see you when school lets out!

  215. Kamy

    My kids just love little notes. I try to hide them in different places so they have a little search in their lunch.

  216. There were lots of things my Mom would do to make lunch special, one thing I loved was homemade chocolate pudding. Sometimes she would put a note in my lunch to tell me that she was waiting on the front lawn of the school with pepper sandwhiches (roasted red peppers and onions in rolls). For my kids, I make stuffed pizza rolls and stuffed PB &J, they are easy and taste yummy warm or cold. I try to do something fun atleast once a week, with a note or a homemade treat. My favorite day was ‘April fools day’ I put a lunch box full of plastic ‘play’ food, I was laughing so hard at lunch time I could hardly contain myself… of course like any good mom, I had there “real” lunches waiting in the office πŸ™‚

  217. Tamara May

    I too leave a note in their lunch box that is specific to them. Even my 16-year old son who doesn’t really take a lunch – just grab n go food. I also put a napkin that represents the holiday/month that we are in. For example, we live in Arizona and it is HOT in the summer so for those few weeks as school starts, I put in a napkin that is swimming/summer related.

  218. We don’t have any kids yet, but when I was little, my mom *always* packed my lunches. I went to private Catholic school where we weren’t allowed to have sodas because they didn’t want kids bouncing off the walls…. but once in awhile I’d open my lunch box and Mom would have packed a thermos with Coke or grape soda (my favorite) as a special treat. (But not wanting to teach me that it was ok to break the rules, she always made sure to point out that I was a very calm child, and since I never misbehaved, the school was ok with it)

    My mom was also concerned about keeping cold things cold, so she would freeze our sandwiches and our juice boxes so nothing would go bad until lunch-time. To this day, I still like to eat my sandwiches semi-frozen on the inside πŸ˜‰

  219. I do not have children, but I have several nieces and nephews. Whenever we have an outing planned I always pack a picnic lunch. They ablsolutely LOVE IT.

    Growing up, my mom would mix our PB & J together and it always made the sandwich taste even better!

  220. I don’t remember Mom doing anything special TO the food. But we had a few special lunches that were treats that she would make for us when we asked. Like Pigs in a Blanket. She made the best!

  221. Jennifer G.

    Growing up, my Mom would make my brother and I two different types of PB&J’s…I’m a crunchy/grape girl, and he’s a creamy/apple guy. She was so sweet to make two different sandwiches for us…

  222. Well one thing my mom always did was buy jell-o pudding for our school lunches that we took to school. If there anything we ever got tired of taking for our lunches, we at least had some pudding we could at least look forward to some jell-o pudding.

  223. My kids are grown already, but I always used to put a note in their lunch bag to put a smile on their faces in the middle of the day.

  224. Mary Jenkins

    My daughter isn’t school age yet,but I pack lunches for her anyway!
    My child puts on her backpack full of notebook paper and crayons. I pack a sandwich in a paper sack while she stands at the end of our driveway waiting for the bus to pick her. (It never comes for her,but she keeps trying!) When I see sack lunches, this is what comes to mind now, and I’m sure it always will. That’s special to me.

  225. Before we homeschooled I put notes in their lunches almost every day and always made sure they had some sort of goodie even though the schools are now trying to tell us we can’t put “goodies” in lunches only healthy things. I also came and brought them lunch quite often, they loved it, I loved it, and their 1 year old brother loved it. For their birthdays I brought them whatever lunch they wanted and a couple of balloons. Now that we homeshool I love lunches even more because we get hot lunches a lot that they get to help make. So much fun!

  226. When I was a kid on my birthday my mom would have flowers delivered at lunch! Usually with a balloon or something! It was really fun and I can’t wait to do the same and other special things for my kids!

  227. My mom rarely sent me with a packed lunch but when she did–she always made sure it was packed with extra awesome things. She knew I loved apples but didn’t like eating it whole so she decored it and peeled it for me. She always made sure I had my my little pony thermos of pink lemonade full and cold–and there was always a little debbie fudge round in it as well πŸ™‚



  229. Dee

    My mom used to place my lunch in the prettiest Tupperware because she knew that I love glitter and pink πŸ™‚ she would also cut my sandwiches into perfect stars. I love her already and thinking about this makes me love her more! πŸ™‚

  230. Stacie Jo

    My mom always made the BEST school lunches. Oh how I wish I was a kid again! πŸ˜‰ Something special was my carrots and ranch. She would buy those cute little dixie cups with lids (like the little ones you see at salsa bars) in bulk. She would put my ranch in those so I always had some dip. Sometimes she’d leave sweet notes for me too.

  231. Sara

    I’ll try to include peak-season produce and exciting flavors- like gorgonzola and pear grilled sandwiches. But when trying to balance good taste, health, and price, Smuckers is a classic.

  232. Julie

    My daughter loves PB&J sandwiches and she also loves puzzles. I found a cute set of puzzle cutters and I cut her favorite sandwich into puzzle shapes. She loves it!

  233. My dad always made our lunches. Instead of notes and cool treats, he would “embarass” us by giving us healthy snacks that we thought looked like cat poop when everyone else had Doritos or cupcakes.

    Now I make my boyfriend’s lunches sometimes. I like to draw ridiculous things on the bag, but the best was when I filled it (after putting the lunch in, of course) with dinosaur-shaped ice cream sprinkles. They melted and stuck to his peach, so he got a dinosaur-candy-covered peach and was the envy of everyone else in the break room.

  234. Heidi

    I like to leave notes in my kids lunches because that always makes their day! Or sometimes I leave a quarter in there so they can buy a chocolate milk…they love that surprise too!!

  235. Right now my little one’s lunch is whatever Mommy eats! I plan to leave notes like my mom did and also make lunch fun by making it with her.

  236. I put notes on my kids napkins. My favorite memory is free hot lunch on my birthday and sense it was Washington’s Birthday I got cherry pie. The rest of the year I got sandwiches on homemade bread made by my dad.

  237. Kimberly

    My kids are too young to go to school, so I don’t pack their lunches, we eat at home. The best thing I do is eat the meals with them…

  238. Amber

    My little one is only 18 months old so I haven’t had the chance to do this yet but I remember that my mom used to put little notes in our lunch and when she would make special treats at home, which wasn’t often, she would stick one in our lunches! When I pack my hubbies lunch I try to stick a note in there or a special unexpected treat, so I can’t wait to be able to do fun stuff like that for my daughter!

  239. Chelle

    I usually ate at school, but whenever Mom packed it… it was like a gourmet lunch… it made the other kids jealous and I loved that! haha

  240. clarissa

    my mom always took extra care to make sure my lunches were exactly how i liked them. i have nine siblings, so it meant a lot that she still took the time to care about each of our needs/wants!

  241. Courtney

    My mom had literally hundreds of sandwich cutters and she would use them to make my peanut butter sandwich a different shape or animal almost every day. And she also wrote me notes on my napkins wishing me a “Happy Monday!” or “Happy hump day!”

  242. My mom always made me make my own lunch for school, but i remember her making my dad’s lunch every night, no matter how late it was!

  243. Mildred Mayo

    When my son was in school, I would pack “3” of an item, fruit slices, candies or cookies in a sandwich bag. This was our secret code for “I LOVE YOU”.

  244. This may sound a little strange, but my mom would always take a bite out of the corner of our sandwhich. When it wasn’t there we wondered what was wrong! Even my dad got this special surprise – he had to explain to a couple guys that she was just saying “I love you” πŸ™‚

  245. My oldest daughter starts school next year. I’m so excited to help her pick out her lunch box and to get to pack lots of fun treats and great healthy lunches. There’s lots of string cheese and juice boxes in my future for sure!

    All my mom ever made me was pb&j so whenever I eat one I am taken back to grade school, eating a smushed pb&j with some chocolate milk and a bruised apple. Sometimes I’m even tempted to smush my sandwich just a bit, just to get that same effect!

  246. My kids are homeschooled now but when they would go to school and I made lunches, I would put a goofy note inside. My middle child was always SUPER embarrassed by it but loved it, I know he did. Chocolate kisses I did a lot too. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  247. My husband’s Grandmother made his lunches and she would use cookie cutters to shape his PB&J sandwiches. He loved getting a car shaped sandwich for lunch! and to this day he prefers a PB&J to anything else when it comes to lunchtime. So I’ve started using cookie cutters for our son’s lunches, and what do ya know?, He’s a PB&J lover now too…
    My younger sister was a real sweetheart while I was in high school and would make me PB&J lunches with hand drawn pictures of herself included so i would never have to eat lunch “alone” (I didn’t really have any friends back then). So once she got to high school (I was in college, an hour away, by then), when I had the chance, I’d leave notes on her car windshield with hand drawn pictures of us eating lunch together…. best buddies forever!

  248. Amanda S

    I don’t have any kids of my own just yet but my mom always used to pack a napkin with a note on it for us. Loved it!

  249. I remember coming home for lunch when I was in school, and sitting down to talk to my mom about how my day was going. Such good memories!!

  250. Kelly

    I used to make lunch for my Dad actually…and he loved notes in his lunch and “bugs on a log” (celery with peanut butter and raisins)!

  251. My mom always tried to make me yummy and healthy foods and still is even though she is 80! I tried to pass on her desire for healthy lunches when I made my three daughters their school lunches. Now they have children and do the same for them. Homemade breads, quality jams and jellies and great peanut butter is always a staple. Add a salad and some fruit and you have a fabulous lunch!

  252. Sara

    My kids love packing their own lunches and then I like to sneak something in when they are not looking. They look forward to finding a special treat, sticker, note or something fun. And, it gets trickier being “sneaky” all the time!

  253. JennyB

    I too have kept the napkin note tradition alive that my mom started with me and I now do for my daughter. I also wrote a special message in Sharpie on the inside of her lunchbox that she sees everyday.

  254. I was allergic to everything under the sun when I was little so my mom would cook a separate lunch for me from the rest of the family every single day.

  255. I know it’s been done to pieces but I write little I heart you messages on sticky notes and put them in their bags. I also bought little sandwich cutters in the shape of hearts that cut a full sandwich into 2 halves the shapes of hearts without any crusts for them. They think I’m silly but they keep those sticky notes.

    I just want them to know that I love them even when I’m not there.


  256. We homeschool, so there are only a few occasions I pack lunch. For our lunch at home, I have a special sandwich shape cutter (dinosaur) I use to make the pb&j’s more fun! I also like to buy fun drinks to pop out as a surprise from time to time.

  257. Christy B.

    I don’t pack lunches for my one year old yet, but I plan to cut things in fun shapes or leave notes with jokes or stickers on them.

  258. My first child is due in just a little over a week, so I haven’t made any lunches for my little girl just yet. I have taught for over 10 years and the most touching thing I’ve seen mom’s do is leave little notes in their child’s lunch box (even if they can’t read – I would read the notes to them). I have never forgotten this and plan on doing it for my little girl. It is so sweet and a great way to remind her that she is loved very much!

  259. Brandi

    To this day I prefer my PB&J a little smooshed, just like it was in my lunchbox years ago! Now I like to write notes on my kids’ napkins. They might as well be used for something since I’m pretty sure they don’t use them to wipe anything:)

  260. Theresa Meacham

    my mom made my lunches from kindergarten through high school and every day she’d put a little encouraging and loving note in them…never missed a day πŸ™‚

  261. My mom made boats out of my sandwiches!! She did so many fun things w/ my food… like coloring the miracle whip on certain days (to green for St Patrick’s!), so she truly made eating FUN!

  262. Danyelle

    I never had special lunches when i was growing up so I want to make sure I do that when my girls go off to school so they know I am thinking of them even if they aren’t with me at the time.

  263. My favorite school lunch memory was twice a school year my dad would come pick me up for lunch. We would either have a picnic lunch in the car or go to a quick restaurant. This one-on-one time was so special to me.

  264. Becky Wilding

    My mom would write little “I love you” notes on our napkins. They always made me smile so big.

  265. Carrie

    Sometimes I slip in a special treat that they don’t know I bought. I’ve also slipped in money with a note to buy ice cream at the school store.

    I love pb&j with a super cold glass of milk.

  266. Brandy

    Oh my. Well, my mother used to put notes in our lunch. Since I’m just pregnant, I haven’t made a child lunch yet… but I do make lunches for my husband! I always, always put something chocolate in there. He loves it.

  267. Abby

    My dad actually used to make our lunches, and we had the same lunch everyday – peanut butter & jelly sandwich, our milk money in a sandwich bag, and a chocolate pudding (and 95% of the time there was never a spoon included to eat it with haha). Nothing super special, but it makes me smile looking back now.

  268. Lachelle

    My mom used to cut my sandwiches into shapes for me! She would leave notes as well. And since fast food was rarity – on my birthday she would deliver a fast food lunch to me at school.

  269. Renee

    I remember ‘gas station lunches’. This is what would happen when my mom was running so late that we had to tear through a gas station on the way to school and grab snacks (Handisnacks, dunkaroos, candy bars, YUM) to take with us. It’s special b/c it sooo my mom. She was always running late and frazzled in the morning and I love her b/c of that πŸ™‚

  270. Missy R.

    Like so many others, my mom wrote us little notes and would occasionally put it an exra yummy treat like a candy bar. I loved it! Thanks!

  271. Like a lot of people have said above, my mom would leave little notes in my lunch that always made me smile.

    We used to be so jealous of the kids who were allowed to purchase a “hot lunch” from school; my mom always made our lunches. Looking back, we just wanted to have what everyone else did, but now I know we were lucky to have a mom that cared enough to make our lunches herself, ensuring each bite was nutritious and filled with love. πŸ™‚

    I appreciate it, Mom! Even at 30 years old!

  272. Kelly S.

    My daughter isn’t is school yet, but I know when she is I will make her lunches special with fun treats and notes for her day.

  273. My mom always worked, so when she would be waiting in the school cafeteria with treats for me and my friends that was always a great surprise. She would also sometimes put money in our lunch boxes so we could buy a carton of milk or ice cream cone with our lunch… that was always a special treat, too. I hope to be able to do the same sort of things one day, for my kids.

  274. When my oldest was in kindergarten, he only had school for half a day. The teachers requested they bring a snack in a brown bag every day. Not very eco-friendly, but rules were rules. So, I started the year writing my son’s name on the bag. Very boring. Then we broke out the markers and started dressing them up a bit. As the year progressed, the drawings on his paper bags became more complicated. If it was football season, I’d do balls and bolts (for our SD Chargers) or halloween themed drawings for the month of October. Sometimes my hubby would draw something fun when my creative juices ran dry. My son didn’t care if my drawings were goofy-looking, he loved that his bags were special and he knew how special he was to me.

    Now kindergarten is full day, and my youngest is starting in the fall. All 3 kids will bring their own lunch boxes to school. But, whenever there’s a field trip, they have to brown bag it. And all 3 kids request my goofy drawings on their brown bags.

  275. Erin Fisher

    I loved field trip lunches the very best! It was always a bit of a surprise then. As a teacher it was super fun to watch my kiddos open their lunches then, they were always so excited πŸ™‚

  276. i always ate school lunches growing up so my real excitement was excursions. I would get so excited when my mom would bring me to this little kitchen/plate lunch/sandwhich place next to the grocery store to pick out bento to bring with me. I wasnt allowed to have canned juice or soda growing up so to find an almost frozen canned juice wrapped in foil to keep it ICED cold until lunch in my bag was very special.

  277. Bernard

    My mom used to stop by our school and bring us something homemade. My class loved it when she’d stop by, because she always brought some cookies, and sometimes even rolls that she made earlier than morning. It was awesome.

  278. Becca

    My kids aren’t in school yet, but one thing we do to make lunch exciting here at home is to serve it up occasionally in muffin tins. A quarter of a sandwich here, a couple of carrot sticks there. It’s easy to fill 12 cups with small, healthy foods, and my kids love eating it that way!

  279. Oh how I love Smuckers!

    When I was growing up, my DAD packed my lunch every single day. I always got a PB&J – with Smuckers Red Raspberry (with the seeds!) on wheat bread. I knew it would be special and my friends and I always looked forward to peeking inside my lunchbag. My dad would always leave a note on the napkin, or sneak in a piece of candy, or the very thing – he would cut my sandwich in funny shapes. Sometimes it was triangle slices like pizza, sometimes a zig zag down the middle or the side. Sometimes he’d cut one long swirl so I could unwrap my sandwich like a cinnamon roll.

    I still buy Smuckers Red Raspberry for myself and my family. I keep a jar at work for making my own sandwiches and when my littles start going to school, they will get that too! I can’t wait to find fun ways to make their lunches special just like my dad did for me.

  280. Hm, I don’t have kids (yet) and my mom was busy when we were kids, so we ate lunch at school. So I’ll go with the what I’d do for my kids, whenever they happen to come into the world: A note (even though it’s so corny!) and randomly putting extra dessert in there. Not all the time, but maybe around once a month! πŸ™‚

  281. I don’t have children, but I have made lunches for my husband πŸ™‚ My favorite is to be creative with the notes and hide them either in the baggie of chips, or write the note on the baggie itself or anything else creative I can come up with!

  282. I saw a student that had this when I was substitute teaching several years ago…Her mom (or dad) had used a knife to carve I <3 you in the peel of her banana. By the time lunch came around, the part that had been written on had turned brown so the special message was boldly displayed. I LOVE this idea because it is really exciting to get love notes in your lunch box AND bananas are a healthy addition to lunch! So cute!

    I will do that for my kids when I have them…I think my husband might get embarrassed if I did it for him. hehe!


  283. Katharine

    Well, my mom never made my lunches, but when my dad did, he would put the famous first lines of a novel in my lunch bag. He hoped that it would inspire me to start something great.

  284. My kids are 2 & 4, so not school-aged yet. But, EVERY day we eat lunch together. They help me make our meal, then we all sit together and talk about what our favorite part of the day has been so far. It’s a fun little tradition that we never miss!

  285. sara

    I try to add special touches to my kid’s lunches by cutting their food into different shapes…they usually have a lot more fun with eating their food that way πŸ™‚

  286. Mandie

    My mom always took me grocery shopping with her, so I was allowed to pick a treat that could into my lunch box. And she always put a little note in there, or a sticker. I think the best thing she did was pack a thermos of my favorite soup on winter days. I never knew when she’d do it, so it was always a surprise, and it was the BEST. Warm soup for lunch, oh man.

  287. peanut butter and banana sandwiches and “ants on a log” for lunch! ha, my mom used to be “room mom” when I was in kinder and 1st grade adn I still remember the snack of choice that my mom would bring all of my classmates. I hope to have that opportunity when my sons get in school and we can share those same memories πŸ™‚

  288. Christina

    When my husband makes my lunch he will cut my sandwich into hearts or into little puzzles. It is funny and always makes me laugh. He will write I love you with the mustard or do silly stuff like that all the time. I will be doing things for my children once they actually start school to make it special and of course I will be stopping by to eat with them every now and again and bring yummy treats for all their friends!

  289. I don’t have any kids, but I’m lucky enough to have a house-husband who makes my lunch for me every day. He bought these special (adorable) little containers to put all my lunch (and breakfast!) items in. And just to remind me that my sandwich was made by him, with love, he takes the first bite every time! lol… πŸ™‚

  290. Every day my mom would put a clue in my lunch box that would lead to a surprise or treat at the end of the week. A week long scavenger hunt! Sometimes it would lead to Grandma’s house, other times it was a treat in the cabinet. Regardless, big or small, it was always fun. πŸ™‚

  291. wow, you can just pop in on your kid at school for lunch? They really frown on that at my daughter’s school. They also don’t let you bring anything that is homemade to share with classmates. If you are going to do that sort of thing you have to get approvial from the teacher beforehand and everything has to be prepackaged. Where’s the fun in that?

    I do remember as a kid my mom would make special treats to bring to class and sometimes come for lunch. I thought it was cool too. Now they say it is too distracting for parents to disrupt the routine and fear that people will poison kids with cupcakes or whatnot. It’s pretty sad if you ask me.

  292. My husband and I like to decorate the lunchbags special for our kids. The oldest doesn’t get them decorated anymore (she is too cool!) but my 8 year old LOVES it!

  293. Alessa

    Since my kiddos are still little, the special thing I do for the kids for lunch is “make” them lunch. Milk a la mommy.

  294. Jenny

    My baby girl is only 2 so she doesn’t go to school yet but I still try to make lunch time fun by eating her favorite foods and sitting at her little table instead of the big one.

  295. Dana Irvine

    My oldest daughter loves to have her grilled cheese cut into cool shapes -> dinosaurs are her favorite right now!!

    My mom would leave me notes and once I pack lunches for my girls I will do the same!!

  296. I make hearts out of their PB&J sandwiches and grilled cheese sandwiches. When he gets a little older, I think I will do a note too!

  297. Ashlee

    My mom always used to put little notes in my lunchbox. They were always on Suzy Zoo paper!(My favorite as a kid!)

  298. I love to leave the little notes in my daughters lunch. As she got older(she goes in to 7th grade this year) I thought I needed more than just a nice note from mom, so I bought a joke book so I could leave a joke for her and her friends everyday. It was fun, and she really loved it.

  299. Kristy Fujikawa

    My Mom would always get up early and pack our lunches before heading off to work. She always let us choose what kind of lunch box we got for the year and didn’t care what we choose. My favorite one was my pink Barbie one that she let me have. She would always make sure we had lots of yummy things to eat. We always had the “cool” food for lunch.

  300. I ate school lunches growing up. I definitely plan to leave cute notes in my kids lunch boxes someday when I have kids in school…

  301. Holly H.

    I raised my cousin for awhile and I loved leaving her little notes in her lunch…Just a little something to brighten someones day.

  302. Bento boxes! We live in Michigan and aren’t generally fans of the Japanese culture (we like some, not all!) but we loved the idea of a bento box style lunch for our son! We fill the little compartments with grilled meat sticks (cut up grilled chicken, steak, ham or turkey), a couple of veggie slices, fruit slices, a cookie and some stickers. He LOVES it!

  303. Amanda

    I only ate in the cafeteria on fish days, because that was what I liked, ha! She made my lunch any time I wanted it, always appreciated that! Have no recollection whatsoever of what I ate, but I know I had one every day!

  304. rachel

    I often put notes in DDs lunchbox. I’ll also sometimes include a special treat if she’s been extra good or needs some cheering up.

  305. My mom used to occasionally leave us little notes. Just saying have a good day, or good luck on a test. It was always a nice surprise.

  306. My mom always wrote us little notes on napkins. I loved it. It was the first thing I dug out of my lunch box. I do the same for my girls now. I love doing it. I think they love their little love notes from mom as much as I did.

  307. Cindy

    I love surprising my daughter! Sometimes I make her sandwich in fun shapes, sometimes if I know I will be home late, I write her a note and seal it with a kiss…other times, I just put in silly rhymes. Her friends get a kick out of it just as much as she does. This year, I plan on doing a survey–she can read better and can understand more things, so I plan on doing a survey on her lunch, her school day, etc. and hope that will create some chatter at the dinner table when we talk about our days!

  308. My mom didn’t make our lunches, but she would randomly come get one of us and take us out to lunch on our lunch break. I don’t have kids in school yet, but look forward to making their lunches

  309. Catherine

    I don’t have any kids yet but I remember the little notes my mom used to put on my napkins, always accompanied by her signature goofy smiley-face drawing.

  310. Brynn

    To this day PB&J reminds me of school lunches as a kid. I still eat them all the time! My mom used to put little notes in my lunch from time to time and it was always a special treat!

  311. I don’t have kids of my own. In fact, I still live at home with my parents while I’m finishing college. My mom couldn’t be a stay-at-home mom so she was always running around trying to get everyone ready for school and work. But it meant a lot when she could take the time to pack me a lunch. Usually she had to do it the night before but that’s ok. No notes… just the fact that she would pack my lunch is good enough for me πŸ™‚

  312. My son isn’t in school yet, but every Monday we do lunch in a muffin tin and it’s usually themed. It’s a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

  313. I love to surprise my kids at lunchtime. I sneak a little toy or treat into their lunchbags and they can’t wait to tell me about it after school!

  314. My Mom used to put little notes in my lunch, I thought it was so sweet.

    I homeschool so we do things like build pizza ovens or make fun lunches…and funnily enough, their favorite thing is when I put their lunches in brown bags!

  315. Elisabeth

    My mom used to put all sorts of fun surprises in our lunch. Sometimes it would be “no-heat s’mores” (graham crackers, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows), sometimes it would be sandwiches cut into fun shapes, and sometimes it would be a note. It was pretty fun!

  316. meeyeehere

    I was a super shy kid and I hated school. I had no friends and I was always afraid to talk to anyone.I had the worst self esteem. My mom would pack my lunch because I had food allergies and could not eat certain things.My mom always put a note or card in my New Kids on The Block lunch box,every day. The notes always said something encouraging and some advice on being myself and also being friendly.The notes always said she loved me at the end. It made school more tolerable for me all those years.

  317. My mom was pretty talented, and she would often draw awesome pictures on our lunch bags. It was so much better than a boring lunchbox!

  318. Adrienne

    Every week I try to do something fun for their lunches. Sometimes it is leaving them a note, other times it is putting an oreo cookie or a small muffin in there. Other times it is cutting their sandwiches in funny shapes.

  319. I love cutting their PB&J Sandwiches out with a cookie cutter. My grandmother did it for me when she would pack my school lunches and I love to do it for my kids.

    I also found another cute idea that I am going to try this year. You put the sandwich in a ziplock bag and then use sharpies to decorate the bag (drawing silly faces or writing a note).

  320. Awesome! I always put little nots, surprises in their lunches too! I sometimes surprise them with a heart shaped sanwich or a sandwich “kabob” A few years ago one of the teaches aides for my daighter pulled me aside one day to tell me how neat it was I left my kids notes. She had never seen that before πŸ™ Sad, I assumed man Mom’s did it. Mine did! I love surprising them with lunch in too! They LOVE it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  321. Diane Jarvis

    My mom would sometimes come eat lunch with me at school. I loved when she would show up. I thought it was so fun to see my mom at school and to get to eat lunch with her there.

  322. we always had the best picnics while i was growing up. i’m trying to continue that tradition with my own kids. mine aren’t in school yet, but when they do go to school i will leave little notes in their lunchboxes. i also plan to surprise them often by meeting them at school to each lunch with them.

  323. Lissa

    It only happened a couple times, but my mom would come and take us out to lunch from school. So fun! As soon as my boys are old enough to sit still, I want to do picnics for no reason.

  324. My mom used to write little notes on our napkins. For my daughter, she always liked it when I bought cookie cutters & cut her sandwiches in all different shapes πŸ™‚

  325. Cat

    My daughter is still a toddler but for lunch, we make sandwhiches together. I let her choose her toppings and cookie cutter to cut out her sandwhich. Sure she makes a mess, but the delight in her eyes makes it all worth it πŸ™‚

  326. I always write a note on their napkins. They like that. I also try to make things I know they’ll like and enjoy, even though that’s never the “typical” kid lunch.

  327. Ashley

    My mom always made my lunch, all the way through high school, which was especially memorably because I played a lot of sports and often had to eat lunch quickly in the locker room or study hall. Just her making my lunch was special, although my lunch was always way better than the other kids. πŸ™‚

  328. My mom always put notes in my lunchbox! And I loved them! It was such a nice little surprise! I’ll probably do the same for my kids. Now though, all I have is a furbaby but I do spoil her with special treats!

  329. Rebekah

    i leave little notes in their lunchboxes. my mom used to do the same thing for me and when i got older my dad would drive by and leave notes on my windshield during lunch. so now i’m starting it with my kids. lunch box notes never get old!! πŸ™‚

  330. My mom always put little notes in my lunches and I do the same for my kids. My mom still laughs about the time she got a note back from me in elementary school. It read, “please do not put peanut butter on my graham crackers.” πŸ™‚

  331. Beverly

    I was just telling my boys (too old now to take sack lunches to school) that I have found memories of PB&J sandwiches after half day kindergarten.

  332. Mary Beth

    I have very vivid memories growing up and my mom would always leave notes on my napkins that she placed within my lunch box! Also, every Friday I knew to expect a special “Friday Only” treat. She was and still is the BEST mom a girl could ask for!

  333. i don’t have kiddos yet, but my mom used to always write me a little note about how much she loves me on the napkin she put in my lunch. she would pick something different every day, and it helped me know that i was/am cherished! πŸ™‚

  334. My mom always put a note in my lunch, sometimes it had a little word puzzle in it, or just a picture, and it was usually closed with a sticker. I used to put notes in my husband’s lunch and I plan on putting notes in my kids’ lunches too. πŸ™‚

  335. I was actually just thinking of this memory as I made myself a pb&j last night! When I was a kid, my mom would draw a heart in the peanut butter of my pb&j’s. I had to lift the bread to see it, so it was like a little secret from her to me at lunchtime πŸ™‚

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