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Hey everyone! I’ve got another great giveaway to offer you today courtesy of the nice folks at Snapware. I was so excited to receive this great assortment of Snapware products delivered to my door last week. The 2 layer cookie and cupcake holder pictured above is incredible, I’ve already used it numerous times. Makes transporting cupcakes and cookies so much easier!

Wait until you get your hands on the Snapware Airtight 14 piece Food Storage Container Set. I LOVE the little snap sides. There is no guessing if the lid is really shut! I’m already a huge fan 🙂  And last but not least….the 4 piece Glasslock Food Storage Container set is great. Love storing my fruit in these. Want some for yourself?! Check out what you can win…

One Picky Palate Reader will win:

The Snap and Stack 2 Layer Cookie and Cupcake Carrier $27.99

The Airtight 14 piece Food Storage Container Set $24.99

The Glasslock 4 piece Airtight Food Storage Container Set $14.99

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Visit the Snapware Website and Join the Snapware family by entering your name and email (email is only to offer great discounts). Leave a comment telling me that you have joined their site and tell us what you plan to put in your new Snapware…..leftovers, crafts? Let’s hear it!!

2. For 3 extra entries follow Picky Palate on Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends Wednesday June 2, 8pm PST. U.S. residents only. Winner will be chosen by and will be notified by email. Giveaway and products  provided by Snapware, this is a non-compensated review.


Good Luck!!

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612 Responses
  1. Shona Byrd

    I am a part of the snapware family now, I plan to use for transporting to all the kids functions at school.

  2. Kara

    Awesome! I just joined online. The two-layer carry set would be perfect for all of the BBQ’s and picnics I have this summer! πŸ™‚

  3. Lisa

    I joined the family of snapware. I like to try out new recipes, then pass them around to the neighbors, these would come in handy.

  4. Whitney Wright

    I plan to put fresh green beans and strawberries from the farmer’s market in my new Snapware! I might also make a batch of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies to see how long they will last – before I eat them all! πŸ™‚
    *I joined the website!!! Now I’m ready for some new Snapware!!!

  5. Tammie

    joined snapware! Would love to have them for leftovers in the frig, but most of all i LOVE that cupcake holder!!

  6. Just joined their site! I am going to start organizing my baking goods (flour, sugar etc.) since I always buy that in bulk, I want it to be easier to access instead of opening a dusty bag every time!

  7. April J

    I joined their site and I would put all of my meal prep food in it for a whole weeks worth of meals! I need these!!!

  8. Angela

    Just joined the site… hope for some good coupons maybe and great ideas!
    Would love to use the Snapware for food and crafting!

  9. JAMIE

    Thanks for offering this! I LOVE snapware. I am OCD when it comes to organizing!! I love the containers for crafts, goodies, anything I can use it for! Today is my birthday so it would be a great birthday gift if I won!!!!!!!!

  10. I just joined @ snapware site…I also follow you via the google reader and facebook…
    I am most excited to try the glass ones…I have never seen these…think they would be great to store hair accessories in the bathroom closet..everything visable….
    Do they make a deviled egg carrier?..going to have to research that!
    Have my fingers crossed…even if I don’t win, thanks for the opportunity and the wonderful info you bring to me!!

  11. Kristine

    I joined the Snapware e mail list. I love this product and could definitely use more! I would use them to store food items in my pantry and for leftovers.

  12. I joined their website. I could definitely use the cupcake carrier to take treats to the park for my daughter’s first birthday party!

  13. Leah

    I would fill these with all kinds of food. food in my pantry, food in my fridge…. it would be awesome!
    I joined their site


    I have “joined” the snapware family! Even get a coupon – whoo hoo!!! I love them…I am always making goodies to take into my classroom – any of these would be just perfect!!!!

  15. Just joined :0) I would LOVE these for taking cupcakes and muffins in for my kids “snack Helper” day at school and church.

  16. Diane Eck

    I just joined today!!! I have been following Amanda at Kevin&Amanda for several years and loved reading about your trip to LA!!! I would use them for cookies or for crafting!! :o)

  17. Leah

    i joined the website. i always try out every single one of your dessert recipes, then i give them to a friend because i will eat the whole thing. if i won, i would use the snapware to put the goodies that i make in before giving them to friends.

  18. kelly

    just joined the snapware family..the cookie cupcake carrier will be perfect for potlucks at our swim club this summer

  19. Lauren

    Thanks for hosting a fun give-away. One of my motto’s is: If it’s free, it’s for me. πŸ™‚

  20. Lauren

    Oh, I made the PBJ bars last week, and they were very well liked at my house. They would fit nicely in Snapware.

  21. Lauren

    I would love to use those to store leftovers. I can just imagine how organized my fridge will look.

    I am also a Facebook follower. πŸ™‚

  22. Jennifer Goodman

    Hey Jenny! Just joined! I would use the Snapware to carry baked goods to my parents house. They live an hour away, and we try to get together at least once a month. I always bring the desserts, and the Snapware would help so much!

  23. Tricia Folsom

    I signed up on their website and I plan on making lots of yummy baked goods to put in their containers if I win!

  24. Paula

    I’ve joined the snapware family and plan to store food, crafts, and many other things in my snapware!

  25. Jayne

    Oh, I have so much I would store in these! Thanks for the fun giveaway. (I joined Snapware’s family too!)

  26. Elisabeth Owen

    I just joined Snapware and loved browsing their site for all the cool storage. I would use mine to transport goodies to events, store leftovers or craft things.

  27. I joined the Snapware list. I LOVE Snapware! I use it to store bulk foods. I would like some rectangular Snapware to defrost meats in and carry food with me when I am out and about.

  28. Mary W.

    I joined the Snapware family! The plastic will be for crafts and supplies, and the glass will be food of course!

  29. I would love this to transport cupcakes to family parties…they are always so tricky to get from one place to another without making a HUGE mess!

  30. Joined the family! I’m totally loving this giveaway! It would all be used in my kitchen. We need new containers so badly! My daughter has birthday treats coming up soon at school as well, that cupcake carrier looks amazing!

  31. Carrie

    I joined the Snapware family and would love to have snapware to tote treats to church, school, work, etc. I don’t currently have anything that works very well!

  32. Nancy Turk

    These look great for such a variety of items! Cookies, cupcakes, crafty items – so many choices!!!

  33. melissa l.

    I joined the Snapware family! Could I possibly win another giveaway? I’m still loving my gift basket with all my Crisco oils and other goodies! Thanks.

  34. Jen McDonald

    I joined the snapware site and we need these to put leftovers and small toy parts in!! It would help a ton to be more organized!

  35. Emily

    Joined the Snapware site. Would love the cupcake carrier for school birthday parties, the glassware for reheating leftovers.

  36. I tried to join you with google but it couldn’t ‘handle’ my request? and I don’t twit.

    I’d love to use these for goodies I take to work to share with co-workers πŸ™‚

  37. courtney

    Joined! I would totally use these for the pantry! sOOOooooOOOo sick of stuff going stale! I spend so much time trying to find good deals on things, and then they sit a bit too long, or in a container my hubby/daughter didn’t close tightly and things are stale!!!

  38. I just signed up at Snapware. I would LOVE any of those containers, but especially the cookie/cupcake carriers! I just transported goodies to Pack Meeting last night, and had to put parchment paper in between layers.

  39. Steph

    I just joined snapware. I totally need the 2 layer cupcake/cookie carrier for cupcakes. I always have accidents when transporting my cupcakes. Very sad.

  40. I just joined! I really could use something to transport cupcakes as I usually buy disposable holders and it’s adding up. I only cook for two, so we have a lot of leftovers and the containers would be perfect for storing them until the next meal or two. I also bake a lot so I know the cookie and cupcake holders would get a lot of use.

  41. I have a three layer cookie and cupcake carrier and it is seriously the best invention for baked goods EVERY!!!

    I am following you on facebook.

  42. terry

    I just joined, and a fan on facebook. I would use Snapware for baking, left overs, bringing my lunch to work.

  43. Tracy

    I joined the Snapware family!!! I would use my for goodies like cupcakes and cookies!! Yum!!!
    tracystandage at gmail dot com!

  44. Karen

    I joined the Snapware website. I really like the cookie & cupcake carrier. With family get-togethers this summer, this would be a good way to transport treats!

  45. Alison

    I joined snapware. And they will defiantly be great for putting all my leftovers in. And to easily transport baked goods around.

  46. Wendy H

    I joined Snapware and I plan on using my snapware for food and possibly craft items! These sound like they would be great for any kind of storage!

  47. Becca

    I just joined and I’ll be honest, I’m drooling a little bit. I’ve been dying to reorganize my baking cupboard, and those airtight containers might be the perfect solution to the mess in there.

  48. Carla

    I just signed up at Snapware. I love this stuff. I have some in another brand and my husband has been asking to switch over all of our storage containers to these.

  49. Erin

    And I have been a google reader follower for months! The cinnamon crunch cookies are my husbands very favorite cookie ever.

  50. Erin

    My husband is a restaurant chef and cooks for fifty (even though its just us two). I always need containers. Great giveaway!

  51. Erin

    Good giveaway. My husband is a restaurant chef and always makes food for fifty (even though its just the two of us). I always need containers!!

  52. Hillary Crump

    I joined and would love the glass ones. I would put in my fruits right now since I am trying to cut back on the treats.ugghhh

  53. Chastity

    I would love the Cookie and Cupcake Carrier. I always have such an issue with carring them. I currently use Snapware for a lot of things…orgainzing paperclips, binderclips, staples, pantry items, chips, cat food…you name it, it gets used for it. I also joined Snapware’s web site, follow you on facebook, and Google Reader! Still working on twitter!

  54. Hi There, I went to the website and joined, I will definitely be putting the leftovers of all the things I cook for my blog in there in order to take it to work – So I don’t eat it! πŸ™‚

  55. Stacie

    Oh this is awesome! Kind of an embarrassing secret… I LOVE tupperware. Makes me giddy.

    I joined their family. And I would use mine for leftovers, lunches for the hubby, or for storing baked goods. FUN!

  56. Diane Jarvis

    I would finally be able to get rid of all my mis-matched storage containers for my leftovers. I hope I win!

    1. Sarah Patino

      Forgot to mention that I’d use Snapware for multiple things. The cupcake carrier would be used for baked goods obviously. The others leftovers or crafty stuff. LOVE this!

  57. Melissa

    I just joined Snapware! I will be using them for carrying cookies and other treats I make and also for leftovers or anything else I can think of to be creative!

  58. olivia w.

    I just joined the snapware email list…I’ve heard great things about the products and would like to try them to store all my leftovers and pantry food!

  59. Ailie

    I joined the Snapware family, and I would use mine to store leftovers. My husband loves having leftovers to take for lunch so I make big dinners and store whatever we don’t eat.

  60. Alishia Johnson

    Signed up with Snap-ware. If I were to win… I would definitely use one to store my double chocolate brownies that are a staple in my house.

  61. Andrea

    I just subscribed and I would love to put cupcakes and cookies and many other things in those containers.

  62. Crystal

    I joined the site. I love, love, love making cupcakes and I seriously hate trying to figure out how to take them around.. This is great!

  63. I just joined Snapware. I’d love to have the storage set. My kitchen is a mess of mismatched pieces! And the cupcake/cookie carrier will be the LOVE of my 13 year old pastry chef’s life!

  64. Suzanne

    I joined. I’ve never seen or heard of Snapware before. It looks pretty handy. I definitely plan to use them for leftovers and transporting food to gatherings.

  65. Joined their website mailing list family thing…I *need* a more organized food storage system! Right now I just have a huge cabinet overflowing with plastic containers and covers that don’t match them.

  66. I was just at Target last night and couldn’t decide if I should get the cupcake holder. I really wanted that one mainly because every time i bake something for the kids, I always have to rush out a purchase those disposable boxes, which add up fast and too costly! Though i never did buy it last night, but it feels like this post is one of those “meant to be” haha

  67. I joined πŸ™‚

    What an awesome giveaway! My mom has a bunch of the snapware food storage containers. I’d love the cupcake/cookie holder & the glass containers. It must be nice to get all of this free stuff!

  68. Jody Sullivan

    What wouldn’t I use these for? PTA bake sale transport…leftovers, general everyday storage of food! These look awsome and having good square containers for the fridge is always a preference for me.
    BTW, I joined the family and will do F/B and Google.

  69. Kate

    I joined the Snapware web site. I have a couple of pieces of Snapware already and love it — I bring my lunch and store leftovers in it. I’m trying to replace all of the plastic containers I have.

    I follow you on Facebook!

  70. Deby

    I just joined the Snapware family and can hardly wait until I get my coupon. I love this stuff. I will be using it for all kinds of stuff – food, baked items, craft items, garage items, baby items, etc. This stuff is AWESOME. I’ll also be a follower on FB just as soon as I can get home and add you. And thanks for the great recipes – I’ve tried many already!

  71. Just joined the snapware family. I would love to use these containers for ogranizing items like cold medicine versus first aid, etc. in my linen closet. I also love to bake cupcakes for the grandchildren and would use the cupcake container often!

  72. I just joined snapware. I plan to use it for all the baked goods I make. Cupcakes are a pain to transport and these would be perfect! πŸ˜€

  73. Tricia

    Just joined up with Snapware, super cool I could fill those up with all the treats that I like to make and share with friends!!!

  74. Shelly Merrill

    I just joined I love using their containers for leftovers and for my hubby’s lunches.

  75. Janell

    I joined Snapware. For sure I will be storing leftovers. I can never seem to have enough containers–especially to pack my hubby’s lunch!

  76. I would definitely use these for left overs and baked goods. The 2 layer cookie and cupcake holder would be used all the time in my home.

    I also follow on Facebook and Twitter. πŸ™‚

  77. Christina

    I just joined Snapware. I would use the containers for leftovers, storing food and general organization around the house.

    1. And I obviously didn’t follow the directions – I will use them to re-organize my pantry – I need to get the sugar and flour and such all in containers that can be stacked!

  78. Rhonda

    Oh cool- I joined the Snapware site. With 2 elementary school aged children there’s no doubt I’d be using the snapware to transport all kinds of tasty treats to school and after school activities.

  79. i have joined the snapware site. what great products! i cannot wait to get my hands on this cupcake holder. my current cake/cupcake carrier always leaves me guessing if it will stay shut or not so i have to end up holding it on it’s bottom instead of using the handle. i would use these for leftovers and some for crafts as well. i always have scraps of fabric and ribbon lying around. oh and have you guys seen the ribbon holder on their website? love it!

  80. Jessica Gray

    I joined on Snapware and I will be using them for leftovers and whatever else I need them for. We have such a hodge podge of storage containers right now!

  81. I joined the snapware family, and plan to fill those babies with cupcakes and cookies. I saw it the store yesterday and am waiting for them to go on sale before I purchase them!

  82. Pam Shank

    I would love to win this for my baked goods & leftovers
    I also follow on foodie friends
    forgot to say I did join the site!!!
    my other comments are #221 and #222

  83. Pam Shank

    This stuff looks awesome and very useful. I would use it for my baked goods & leftovers. I would share with my daughters who are big time into scrapbooking

  84. I joined Snapware and I would love to use that cookie and cupcake container. Transporting cupcakes is always a big problem.

  85. I am getting married in 43 days! It is coming so soon and I am so excited so what I plan to do with my new snapware is cook an abundant amount of food for my handsome husband to be and then just incase he doesn’t demolish it all. I will store it in the fridge for him to finish later.

    PS. I was so happy to see all my favorite bloggers together in LA. I absolutely love Amanda from KevinandAmanda!

  86. Megan Lindstrom

    Leftovers! Finally toss out the mismatched and lid-less containers!
    I joined the family!

  87. Adrienne Larkin

    I just joined Snapware. I already use their canisters in my pantry and love them. Can’t wait to get the cupcake/cookie holder.
    I am also a FB fan!

  88. Miranda Eskelson

    I joined the snapware family. I would use them to hold my cookies and leftovers of all the good things i make from this blog.

  89. I joined! and when i got pregnant at the beginning of the year i was so sick that all my food in my fridge molded in the containers and i was too sick to clean them.. so i just threw them away! So I need all new containers to start over πŸ™‚

  90. I just joined Snapware. I have been wanting to buy a Snapware set ~ I always look at it when I am in Costco. I would use it to carry all the goodies in that I am making for my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party I am having next month πŸ™‚

  91. Darby

    Joined the family! I would put cute up fruit and veggies in them in my fridge to have healthy snacks at the ready!

  92. I am now part of the Snapware family online too. I would love to receive this wonderful giveaway! I would use them to store left overs and transport yummy goodies to different activities and different people!

  93. Julie

    and using Google Reader to keep up on your blog posts! πŸ™‚
    i love baking, and these would come in handy on a very regular basis!

  94. You have been on my google reader for awhile now! I would love the receive this wonderful giveaway! I would use them to store left overs and transport yummy goodies to different activities!

  95. karen

    I joined the family just now….I plan on using mine for food delivery to my neighbors. I try so many new recipes that my husband and I can’t possibly eat all of them so we distribute to our neighbors (they love us)! We have also started a neighborhood cooking drive for one neighbor just diagnosed with colon cancer so these will also come in handy for delivery of meals to her on my day to cook.

  96. I am now a follower of PickyPalate on facebook. I would love the receive this wonderful giveaway! I would use them to store left overs and transport yummy goodies to different activities!

  97. Stephanie

    I would love this! Just joined the website and would use it for cupcakes, cookies & leftovers! Love it!

  98. Neato Skeeto! I joined Snapware’s Family! I would use them to store my daughter’s hair bows/flower clips that I have made (right now I have no where to store them that won’t crush them). I would also love that cupcake holder for bringing goodies of any sort into the classroom at my daughter’s school. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  99. Kimberly

    Joined the Snapware family! I am in dire need of a cupcake holder such as this, I plan to transport and store cupcakes!!! The rest of the storage containers look wonderful too. I am excited!

  100. Cheryl Newton

    I never seem to have enough containers for leftovers for hubby’s lunch at work! And since Snapware is airtight, no worries about spilling in the fridge or his lunchbox. Win win!

  101. nichole

    these look amazing. I just joined the site. i am a mother of 5 with one on the way. there are countless things i could do with this item. form left overs to storing cloth diaper and kids toys in for quick car tips and crafts. this is a great idea! love them.

  102. Just joined the Snapware family. Thanks for the link! I am super excited about the cookie and cupcake carrier. I could get a lot of use out of that!

  103. Beverly

    I just joined on the Snapware website. I would use these for EVERYTHING – veggies, baked goods, leftovers, fruit, etc.

  104. i’ve “joined the family” i already use some snapware products to store ribbons and gift supplies, i love their ornament boxes and would estatic to try out their other storage containers!

  105. Erica

    I just joined the snapware site. I will be using the containers for leftovers and baking, but there is a possibility that a small one will find my sewing supples.

  106. Hi, πŸ™‚ I visited Snapware and “joined the family”. πŸ™‚ I plan to fill these with cookies, cupcakes, leftovers, etc. What a great give-a-way! Thanks!

  107. sarah

    I just joined snapware! I can’t wait to use them for EVERYTHING…leftovers, baking, organizing craft supplies, EVERYTHING!

  108. Cara

    I joined the snapwear family and I would put baked goods and pantry items in these amazing containers!

  109. Heather Cole

    I am both a google reader follower and I signed up on the snapware website!

    I would store veggies and other leftovers! This would be so handy to have around!

  110. Cassie

    I joined! These containers looks amazing! I will fill them with one with leftovers and one with pictures; photography is my hobby!

  111. camille

    I joined the family – I would use it to store/transport food to & from work – we are always having potlucks πŸ™‚

  112. cherie

    Constantly faced with “mobile food” situations, this would be perfect for me! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  113. Just joined Snapware!! I’m going to use it for transporting cupcakes to work when I bake for coworkers, for scrapbook supplies, and dinner leftovers.

  114. registered for coupons on the site and I use Snapware for potlucks, picnics, to hold cookie cutters and other baking kitchen gadgets. πŸ™‚

    I also use Google Reader to get your blog posts through the RSS feed.

  115. Amy Christiansen

    I just joined Snapware. I would use the containers for both leftovers and premade meals.

  116. registered for coupons on the site and I use Snapware for potlucks, picnics, to hold cookie cutters and other baking kitchen gadgets. πŸ™‚

    I’m a fan on facebook too!

  117. registered for coupons on the site and I use Snapware for potlucks, picnics, to hold cookie cutters and other baking kitchen gadgets. πŸ™‚

    I follow you on Twitter @365daysinreview

  118. Kim

    These look great, I just joined their family! I would put all my baked goods and leftover, I love baking cupcakes and cookies of all sorts!!!!

    Seem great for craft items and little toys

  119. itsrenee

    Thank you for joining the Snapware family.

    You will be receiveing an email shortly with a coupon offer you can use towards any purchase at

    The question is what WON’T I put into them?!? leftovers for sure!!

  120. registered for coupons on the site and I use Snapware for potlucks, picnics, to hold cookie cutters and other baking kitchen gadgets. πŸ™‚

  121. Jana

    I joined the Snapware family and would love to win these containers to store food in my pantry as well as tote cookies and cupcakes!

  122. Christina

    I joined! And man, I am going to haul some serious cupcakes with those things! (I hope this didn’t post twice. I’m having issues with the comments.)

  123. Julie

    I joined Snapware. I would use some of the containers for baked goods, some for pantry items, and some for my son’s miscellaneous small toys that don’t really have a “home” in the playroom.

  124. I joined the snapware family! I would use these containers for my Tastefully Simple sample cups and other sampling materials. They’d be perfect to carry to and from a party. I’d also probably use them around home for organizing my cramped kitchen.

  125. I just joined the Snapware website. I LOVE the sandwich snacker. Perfect for my kids lunches. I would probably use this stuff for everything from leftovers to school supplies (we homeschool).

  126. I joined the Snapware Family! I will be so excited to carry in cupcakes/muffins to my son’s class or to my coworkers without a disastrous mess. πŸ™‚

  127. Just joined Snapware Family. I have a weakness for all storage containers! Crazy, I know. I would use them for a number if items. Cupcakes, cupcake supplies, craft supplies, scrapbooking etc. etc. etc.

  128. Theresa Meacham

    i just joined! i would use the snapware to organize and store all of my school books and papers!

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