The Best Food in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a beautiful place, and the eateries did not disappoint! I had the best gelato of my life and so many amazing samples from a gourmet cheese shop. This has to be The Best Food in Beverly Hills!

The Canopied Entrance to a Beverly Hills Scoop Shop
Photo via Brittney

The Best Scoop Shop and Cheese Shop in Beverly Hills

Right after we ate all we could stand at the Gourmet Food Trucks, we jumped back into our limo and headed to Scoops. I really can’t begin to tell you how amazing this place was. You just must try it for yourself. The owner Tai Kim is the sweetest man ever. He gave our whole party free Gelato. Thank you Mr Kim!! He creates very unusual different flavor combinations of gelato. My favorite that I could eat all day was the lavendar honey. YUM!! The salted caramel and salted chocolate was amazing too!

A Copy of The Conscious Cook by Tal Ronnen on a Small Red Table
Photo via Pat

When we arrived at Scoops, we ran into Chef Tal Ronnen who had a stack of his latest cookbooks with him. He signed them and gave them to the Bertolli girls who picked 5 of us to take his book home (drew from a hat to make it fair). I didn’t win, but Thank you Amanda for giving me your book!! I am anxious to flip through it 🙂

Jenny Holding Tal's Cookbook While Standing Beside Him

Here I am with Tal, who was busy chatting with someone else 🙂

Mr. Kim Smiling Behind the Counter at Scoops
Photo by Amanda

Ahhhh, here is Mr. Kim. If you are ever in LA you have got to stop at Scoops. Love him and his cute shop!

A Collage of the Selection of Gelato Flavors at Scoops
Photos via Pat via Amanda 🙂

A Chalkboard with the Menu Written on it at Scoops
Photo via Pat

A Colorful Ice Cream Spoon Chandelier at Scoops
Photo via Pat

How cool is his little spoon chandelier?!

Mr. Kim Scooping Gelato for Customers at Scoops
Photo via Pat

A Dish Containing Scoops of Various Gelato Flavors and a Pink Spoon
Amanda and I snapped pics of her Gelato outside, look at that!!

Jenny Holding her Dish of Ice Cream with a Sepia Filter

original photo of me by Mandy

Shelisa Savoring a Bite of Her Vanilla Gelato

Shelisa in heaven with her “scoops” 🙂  original photo by Mandy

An Action Shot of Jenny Enjoying her Gelato from Scoops

original photo by Shelisa

The Women of the Bertolli Trip on a Sidewalk in Beverly Hills

Off to the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills!! Photo by Mandy

The Canopy Above the Door to the Cheese Store Of Beverly Hills

What a gorgeous cheese shop this was, loved it and all it’s stinkiness! Photo via Pat

Employees Behind the Counter of The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Look at all this cheese! Yum! Photo via Pat

A Man in a Blue Apron Behind the Counter of the Cheese Store

The nice cheese man let us all try a fabulous gorgonzola! Photo by Pat

Slices of Fresh Prosciutto on a Sheet of Wax Paper

Mmmm, Prosciutto! Photo via Pat

A Variety of Cheeses from The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Love this photo I snapped 🙂

A Shelf Full of Large, Round Packaged Chocolates from Mexico

Wishing I would have got some of these chocolates!

The Shelves Behind the Main Counter in The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

Photo via Pat

Thanks for coming along with me as I share my gazillion photos of the Bertolli Trip. 🙂

I miss the food in Beverly Hills already!


Up next, last but not least…..our Hour with Rocco DiSpirito!!

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  1. Pat

    Fabulous post, Jenny! I feel flattered that you liked my photographs so much! It was such a fun filled culinary day woth so many wonderful surprises!

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