Christmas Gifts for Her Under $50 Plus a Giveaway

I love shopping for make-up, jewelry and all things sparkly. The following are some fun Christmas stocking/gift ideas for “her” that are sure to make any girly girl smile πŸ™‚

Love this set from Bare Minerals called “Fired Up” for $39.  Any make up loving gal would be thrilled to find this under the tree.

Love these PJ tops from Forever 21. They are each $22.80 and go great with your favorite pair of leggings. Love Pullover. Jumbo Heart Pullover.

I have a little obsession with Essie Nail Polish and I’m loving these pretty shades of pink. Left: Strawberry Shortcake, Nude Beach and True Love. You can find Essie at Target now for about $7 a bottle, yay!

I am in love with this set by Fresh called Sugar Berry Merriment. What a great deal for $28.

My very favorite purse essential is this “Cherry Me” stick by Maybelline. It’s about $3, feels like chapstick with the perfect amount of tint. This is available at most drugstores. Perfect as a stocking stuffer!

Loving this J.Crew bangle that is on sale for $22! You better hurry if you like this one, I have a feeling it’s going to be sold out very soon.


This fun set is by Tarte and it’s called The Stand Outs. For $25, it’s a great stocking stuffer!

Loving these Dreamy Cotton pants from J.Crew. A little pricy for $48, but I figure that when I wear loungwear as my “uniform” it’s nice to splurge on some comfies πŸ™‚

One of my favorite Stella and Dot rings is on sale for $19.50! This is the Midnight Bloom Ring, that is regularly $39.00 so it’s a smokin’ deal right now. I love that it is adjustable too, so you know it’ll fit πŸ™‚

Stella & Dot has some of the best stud earrings. I own 2 out of 3 of these and they are my favorite “go to” earrings. Beautiful quality and what a perk that they come in the cutest gift box ready for giving πŸ™‚  From left to right we have the Black Gigi Studs for $24 The Swallow Studs for $19 and the lovely Vintage Studs for $29.

Contest is now closed. Heather, entry #687 has been chosen and notified as the winner.

I’ll be giving away this gorgeous adjustable Midnight Bloom Ring from Stella & Dot and the sweet Swallow Studs  They are so pretty in person and they come in the cutest packaging too.

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave comment and tell us:  “What’s your favorite stocking gift to receive or give?”

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3. Contest ends Sunday December 9th 8am PST. Winner will be chosen via and will be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to return my email to claim prize. U.S. residents only. Giveaway provided by myself.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post, just my picks for gifts. Giveaway provided by me.

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850 Responses
  1. Marie

    I love to get Mint M&Ms in my stocking. I always got them growing up, now I make sure my husband puts them in! πŸ™‚

  2. SaraJ

    I love getting makeup and fun colored nail polish in my stocking! And btw, stockings are my favorite part of Christmas.

  3. Caley

    Is it completely predictable of me to say I love giving little cookies, candies, jams, breads, or other foods that I make for people? πŸ˜‰

  4. Tina

    Mom used to put fruit and nuts in our stockings.I guess it was a sign of the time:).I love nail polish and lip balm to put in the girls stockings.

  5. Jessica

    I’m almost 27 and my mom still fills a stocking for me, my husband and my 2 kids. She always puts a new toothbrush in all of our stockings and oddly I look forward to it just because it’s always been a tradition for me.

  6. Kristina

    My mom always gives us See’s butterscotch hard candies to fill up the empty spaces in our stockings. Even though I’ve somewhat lost my sweet tooth as I’ve grown up, it’s still a fun tradition.

  7. Vanessa

    I love giving my husband low-dollar gift cards to random things he loves – iTunes, Starbucks, BestBuy – I usually give him several $5 ones in his stocking so he can put them towards his favorite things.

  8. Ellen

    I love picking out stocking stuffers. My fave one so far this year is a hello kitty nail polish set for my daughter.

  9. Kim O'Rosky

    I love to create cute holder for gift cards to stick in everyone’s stocking. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!!!!!!

  10. I am so on those JCrew loungers, will be a welcome change from my lame-o Mom uniform of yoga pants. And I’d never heard of the Maybelline lip balm, picking one up today. I’m obsessed with lip stuff. Happy Holidays Jenny, such a great list!

  11. Urban Wife

    β€œWhat’s your favorite stocking gift to receive or give?”

    I love giving stocking stuffers with individual meaning. For example, my Mom loves tea so I’ll stuff her stocking with some teas she (hopefully!) hasn’t tried yet. πŸ™‚

  12. Stephanie Sosa

    Favorite stocking stuffer to give or receive?
    I love to receive soap and glory products and Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer.
    I love to give scratch its, gift cards to favorite breakfast restaurants and Dutch Bros.

  13. Hillary Jeutter

    This year I’ll write a note for my kids and husband telling them how they fill my heart. And make a little heart ornament to hold the note, so we can hang it on the tree.

  14. roxanne mcdaniel-smith mitchell

    favorite things to receive as stocking stuffers: hair and make-up goodies & undies:-)

  15. Meredith

    I love just getting random stuff in my stocking. My mom always put a magazine, candy, socks, makeup or other random things in our stockings. It’s just fun to be surprised!

  16. Lisa

    I love getting nail polish lol, I am following you on Pinterest and Facebook also hope I get he chance to win this giveaway

  17. Tasha

    My favorite stocking stuffers are usually jewelry or make up, especially lip balm, you can never have too many!

  18. Joanna

    My favorite stocking stuffer is, sadly, deodorant. I like anything useful that I would have to buy for myself at some point anyway. I’m pretty practical when it comes to gifts. πŸ™‚

  19. My favorite stocking stuffer to receive is any sort of makeup/skin care product! Fun things that I wouldn’t normally buy myself are the best! πŸ™‚

  20. Kristi

    Favorite stocking stuffer to give or receive…CHOCOLATE!! My mom always gave us a HUGE chocolate bar in our stockings…it was such a treat!

  21. Miryia Reagles

    My favorite stocking stuff to give is something that shows I went the extra effort in finding something new and unique for the ones I love!

  22. Mikki

    Santa leaves chap stick in everyones stockings each year! I LOVE lip stuff and my son loses at LEAST 12 tubes each year!

  23. Mandi

    My favorite thing to give in stockings are scratcher type lottery tickets; my favorite thing to receive is orange Tic Tacs and my mascara. πŸ™‚ Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas! And I wrap everything I put in them.

  24. Carrie

    Santa fills my kids’ stockings with goodies that are made in Scandinavian countries and aren’t seen in local stores (thank you World Market!!).

  25. we always get a movie in our stocking and usually some kind of makeup or jewelry from our parents – those are my favorites! it’s so fun to see what they picked out for each of us πŸ™‚

  26. My favorite stocking stuffer grown up was candy or chocolate. I didn’t eat many sweets as a child and eating chocolate before 8am on Christmas day was a HUGE treat.

  27. judy cooper

    my favorite stocking stuffer to give is Money…stuffed all the way to the end of the toe…with hersheys kisses and other misc chocolate…and anything else I can stuff.

  28. sandra Elsey

    I love to tuck earrings, nail polish, some candy and fruit plus a small gift card in each of my girls stockings!

  29. Kati

    we still try to do the fruit in the stockings for tradition, but i love to get the Lindor truffles, always a treat for christmas season!

  30. Katelyn Rose

    Every year my Pappy puts a scratch-off lottery ticket in everyone’s stocking at my grandparents house. There are about 25 of us now, and it is always fun and a fight to see who is going to win money. One of my fun favorite Christmas traditions!

  31. I have to admit the chocolate marshmellow santas are pretty high up there. But I also love the girly lipsticks – going to pick up those Maybelline chapsticks for sure. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Sherry D.

    One of my favorite things I still like to give and receive in a stocking is old fashioned candy. It is simple and reminds me of Christmas’s past.

  33. Emily

    My mom always gives me a new toothbrush in my stocking (ever since I was like 5; I’m now 25). Is it weird that I look forward to it every year? Sometimes it’s a novelty one (Spiderman) or a really neat electric one. I just like ’em!

  34. I love receiving colorful pens/markers in my stocking. I am always leaving them places, so by the time the next year rolls around, I’m always needing more!

  35. Wendy

    My favorite stocking stuffer is gift cards. And makeup! And earrings. I’ll take pretty much anything that fits inside that little stocking.

  36. Katie M.

    My favorite stocking gift to receive is makeup!! I love digging into my stocking and finding a cute little eyeshadow compact, and lip glosses!!! I love giving jewelry and accessories to people! Giving them that funky little piece that represents them is always fun for me!

  37. Heidi Babi

    My favorite stocking stuffer to get is logic puzzles. Yup. Just a book of brain-teaser logic puzzles. To give… chocolate! I make my own chocolates and candies and give those.

  38. Heather Spooner

    I love receiving makeup as a stocking stuffer and I usually give gift cards to the person’s favorite store.

  39. Ceri

    Giftcards for things I use weekly are great stocking stuffers… But, my kids eat the lip glosses and bangles up! My husband’s stocking tends to have socks, boxers, etc… in – poor husband!

  40. Shanna

    I love getting lip gloss in my stocking and a must-have is always beef jerky (kind of quirky, but it’s tradition)!

  41. Stephanie

    My favorite stocking stuffer that I have ever received was sparkly nail polishes in a starbucks tumbler! perfect combo! coffee and nail polish! πŸ™‚

  42. Katie Rose

    Growing up, my mom always put a new toothbrush in each of our stockings (probably to balance out the candy). One year she completely forgot to get them and was shocked and amused at all of our disappointment (we were old enough then to know it was her and Dad). We teased her for days about it and occasionally brought it up in subsequent years. She never forgot again. My first Christmas with my hubby a new toothbrush was the first thing I got him for his stocking, and we’ve gotten them for our kids every year as well. It’s kind of a silly tradition especially since it isn’t the only time of year we get new toothbrushes. But I have sentimental attachment to, of all things, giving a toothbrush in the Christmas stockings.

  43. Love finding fun costume jewelry in my stocking. And I just ordered the cute heart pullover from F21 for my best friend’s birthday – I think she’s going to love it! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  44. Diane

    What’s your favorite stocking gift to receive or give..
    I love to give and get restaurant gift cards so after the Holiday is over we can relax and go out for a nice dinner !

  45. Melissa

    I love the Christmas Pez dispensers. I have been getting one from Santa since I was 4 and I am now 36. I look forward to it every year!

  46. My favorite stocking stuffer to give is a little edible holiday treat, such as a packaged cupcake or a small container of peppermint chocolate bark. The possibilities are endless!

  47. Amy Iwen

    having only a son, nail polish and lip balm don’t cut it! But thats what I enjoy! For him, gummy bears and gas gift cards (never too old for gummy bears!)

  48. Becca

    My mom used to always give me earrings that she said “looked like me” It was always special seeing what she picked out!

  49. Brendon

    My favorite stocking stuffer is little notepads. I’m a list maker, so they come in handy, but my mom always finds the cutest little notepads.

  50. Megan

    “Santa” always leaves a couple lottery scratchers in my stocking. I’ve never won more than $2, but they’re still fun. πŸ™‚

  51. Raechel

    I LOVE getting makeup in my stocking!! And I love giving my favorite things (makeup, fragrance, ect..) to my friends!

  52. I make soap that looks and smells like desserts, and always make extras to give away as little stocking stuffers! Even made lump of coal soaps this year for those on the naughty list πŸ™‚