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Cookbook Giveaway This Weekend

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.  CONGRATS TO ENTRY #24 Freda who has won! I have sent you an email Freda!!

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Good Morning!!  How great are Saturdays?  I seriously look forward to them all week.  Kids are still asleep, so let me tell you about this great giveaway quickly while I have 2 more minutes!!

Jane Doiron has offered one Picky Palate Reader a copy of her beautiful new cookbook!  Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms is practical and so needed for busy families 🙂  Jane was so kind to send one to me so I could flip through it.  It features 140 recipes for meals and sides that can be prepared in advance and frozen or refrigerated until you’re ready for mealtime. Y’all will really enjoy it!

If you’d like to BUY IT: You can purchase Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms online at or (ARV $16.15). You can also purchase the e-book on Jane’s website. (ARV $12)  Thanks for the giveaway Jane!!

Here’s How to Enter:

1.  Leave a comment Here, telling us… what is your “go to dinner” when nights are crazy and the family is hungry!

2.  For an extra entry follow Jane’s Blog HERE, and become a member of Picky Palate’s “Foodie Friends”.  leave a separate comment for this.

3.  For 3 extra entries follow Jane and I on Twitter…HERE and HERE.  Leave 3 separate comments for this

4.  Contest ends Monday March 8th, 8pm PST.  Cookbook is provided by Jane Doiron, this is not a compensated review.


There you have it, 5 possible entries for this beautiful cookbook 🙂  Have a great weekend!!

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303 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 251
    Jena says:

    black bean and rice burritos.

  2. 252
    Jena says:

    i follow you and Jane with my google reader.

  3. 253

    My go to meal is definitley tuna casserole! Its quick and easy and I always have the ingredients at hand! I’d love this cookbook for some new quick ideas! Thanks!

  4. 254
    marisa says:

    I joined Jane’s blog

  5. 255
    marisa says:

    our go to dinner is ham steak with roasted yams

  6. 256
    Hannah P says:


  7. 257
    Tess M says:

    Our fav last minute meal is tacos or burritos. I usually have the cooked meat already frozen so it’s a cinch to throw together =)

  8. 258
    Tess M says:

    Follow you on twitter =)

  9. 259
    Tess M says:

    Follow Jane on twitter =)

  10. 260
    Tess M says:

    Follow you both on twitter =)

  11. 261
    Annette says:

    My go to dinner is tacos. It is quick and easy and I usually have the ingredients on hand.

  12. 262
    Annette says:

    I am following Jane’s blog and I am a foodie friend.

  13. 263
    Annette says:

    I am following you both on twitter. 1

  14. 264
    Annette says:

    I am following you both on twitter. 2

  15. 265
    Annette says:

    I am following you both on twitter. 3

  16. 266
    Brooke says:

    Potatoes and Corn… Wash, pierce and nuke 5-10 small red potatoes until slightly overdone and wrinkled. Use a fork to smash/cut the potatoes into bite sized chunks. Place pats of butter liberally on the potatoes. Open a can of Niblet’s Corn and drain, then dump directly onto potatoes. Use desired amount of Ranch Salad Dressing and Lawry’s seasoned salt to finish it off. It really is yummy. My family loves it!

  17. 267
    Katrina says:

    A quick go-to meal here is spaghetti or take out pizza! 😉

  18. 268
    Katrina says:

    I already follow your blog.

  19. 269
    Katrina says:

    I already follow Make Ahead Meals blog.

  20. 270
    jodi says:

    My to-go to meals are spaghetti and Hawaiian Haystacks. Super fast, easy, and filling, and cheap!

  21. 271
    Lisa says:

    My go-to dinner is shoyu chicken. Just boil up some chicken in a sauce of soy sauce, sugar, garlic, ginger, green onions, and water. Serve with rice and canned veggies and you’re done. Quick and delicious.

  22. 272
    Lisa says:

    I’m also a Foodie Friend.

  23. 273
    MomOf4InPA says:

    On busy nights I cook Mex-Fest. Just make some taco meat, and those who want nachos can make those, those who want soft tacos can make those, and those who want taco salad can do that also. That way I just cook up one quick pan of seasoned hamburger, and everyone can use it they way they like it best.

  24. 274
    Dani says:

    Our go to meal is grilled hamburgers which is great because my husband grills while I get other things done!

  25. 275
    Niki says:

    Chicken breast and rice w/ caramelized onions mixed in.
    It takes seriously 20 mins to make and it is soooo yummy. I never gt sick of it

  26. 276
    Niki says:

    I am a foodie friend!

  27. 277

    Great giveaway! My ‘go to’ dinner on busy weeknights or even during the weekend is my Bisquick Reduced Fat Chicken Pot Pie! It’s so delicious and easy to make!

  28. 278
    Barbara says:

    Our go-to meal for the weeknights is “spaghetti al pomodoro”!

  29. 279
    Shari says:

    Go-to dinner is definitely pasta. Can’t get quicker than pasta, it’s easy to make even with a toddler underfoot, and everyone likes it.

  30. 280
    Jackie says:

    Our go-to meal on super busy nights is chicken tacos!

  31. 281
    Laura M. says:

    tuna melts… quick and yum! 🙂

  32. 282
    Julie says:

    Mexican Casserole. I usually have the ingredients all on hand and making it is a snap!

  33. 283
    Julie says:

    I’m also a follower of both of your blogs.

  34. 284

    Chicken & dumplings. Make up a recipe of biscuts (what, five minutes?), take some of my leftover shredded chicken from the freezer (always make extra chicken for easy meals later), pour in some canned broth or cream of chicken soup, bake for fifteen minutes. Even put in some vegetables if you want. One of my favorites.

  35. 285
    Lauren says:

    My go-to is probably homemade mac and cheese. If even that is too much, then it’s breakfast for dinner!

  36. 286
    Lauren says:

    I am also now following Jane’s blog. 🙂

  37. 287

    Any type of pasta, so quick and easy to put together.

  38. 288
    Pogen1 says:

    Our can of everything dinner is ground beef cooked with a chopped onion and green bell pepper, can of drained corn, can of mexican style tomatoes, can of drained kidney beans, and a can of drained sliced olives. Add everything once the meat is browned and drained and heat thoroughly. Serve with tortilla or corn chips and a dollop of sour cream.

    • 288.1
      Pogen1 says:

      Goodness, forgot you can add a cup of any cooked pasta and a little shredded cheese to this and it’s terrific.

  39. 289
    Vanessa says:

    My usual go to dinners are usually spaghetti with meatballs from the freezer, taco salad using canned chili, sloppy joes, stir fry on top of top ramen noodles, or whatever else i have on hand!

  40. 290

    I have to admit, pancakes are our quick, go-to meal…but they’re a delicious one 🙂

    would LOVE this cookbook!

  41. 291

    also, I’m a twitter follower 🙂

  42. 292
  43. 293
    Amanda B says:

    My go to meal on busy week nights is breakfast for dinner…quick and yummy!

  44. 294
    Deanna says:

    We love tacos for an easy weeknight meal! Always have the ingredients on hand. Just found your blog and I LOVE it! Can’t wait to make the Chicken Tostados Upside Down Bake…sounds delicious!

  45. 295
    Elisabeth says:

    Our go-to meal is either beef enchiladas or breakfast burritos, because they are family favorites and my husband is so excited to eat them that he volunteers to help 🙂

  46. 296
    Elisabeth says:

    I am a Foodie Friend!

  47. 297
    bronwyn sternberg says:

    Tacos is our meal when things are crazy!

  48. 298
    bronwyn sternberg says:

    I am a foodie friend

  49. 299
    Carla says:

    Our go to dinner is def pasta of some sort.

  50. 300
    Niki says:

    Being a single working mom with 2 kids who are in activities every night of the week (gymnastics, softball, piano lessons, etc), I have a LOT of quick go-to recipes. The first one that popped into my head are: Cuban Black Beans and Rice. It’s a dish I used to eat in the cafeteria at a place I worked in south Florida many years ago. Seriously – 2 cans black beans cooked with some chopped onion, a dash of parsley, a dash of garlic powder, a bit of water, and a tsp of chicken bouillon served with a bag of Vigo’s Yellow Rice and top with a dollop of sour cream – it couldn’t be easier. I know it is the EZ version and probably could be better with more time and ingredients, but its pretty darned good as is and my kids love it!

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