Disneyland’s Corndog Truck on Main Street

One might think….what is the big deal about a corn dog anyway?  Well, if you haven’t tried the Disneyland Corn Dog then you might want to make it your mission in life to eat one someday 🙂

As you walk down Main Street you will see fabulous flowers, charming shops and then…..

The bright red Corn Dog Truck or Little Red Wagon.

If you ask a handful of people their favorite thing to eat at Disneyland, chances are, many of them will say the deep fried, greasy, perfectly crispy corn dogs from this fun bright red corn dog truck.

You’ll find this Corn Dog Truck located right at the end of Main Street if you are walking from the entrance of the park.  You walk right up to the window to order.  There are a few tables located right behind the truck or we like to go into the Plaza Inn and eat at their outside tables.

Here it is….the corn dog that gets RAVE reviews.  Especially by my boys.   It is golden brown, crispy on the outside and hot diggety dog on the inside.  Your dog will come with either a bag of chips or apple slices on the side.

Here is the short menu:

Hand-Dipped Corn Dog – With sliced apples or a small bag of chips. $5.99

Coca-Cola, diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange – Regular $2.79, Large $3.29

Bottled Water – $2.79

Large bag of chips – $2.79


Hello doggy!

Yah, these boys go kinda nuts for the Disney Corn Dog 🙂

This about sums it up 🙂

Have a magical day!

Do you have stories about these corn dogs?  Do you love them as much as we do?  Let’s hear it!!

Disclosure:  We are in no way associated or sponsored by Disneyland.  Just a family who enjoys visiting the parks and giving you our honest reviews

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34 Responses
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  4. Kelly Mckinlay

    We’re in the uk visited Disney roughly 14 years ago and u can’t buy corn dogs over here any one have the recipe for the batter as craving for 14 years isn’t good

    Kelly xxxx

  5. Terrie

    There is no corn dog on this planet that compares to the one at Disneyland. My older brother and I love them. He taunts me when he is at Disneyland by calling me on the phone while eating the corn dog. Any other corn dog I eat is always compared to this one and they always fall short. It is as much a part of my memories of Disneyland as any ride!

  6. Ashley W.

    These corn dogs are delicious! Hands down the best corn dog I have ever eaten!! They are a must on every Disney vacation.

  7. Jennifer

    The corndogs at the end if mail street are the best in the world. Every time we drive over 500 miles to go to the park all we talk about for weeks before we leave us those dogs. It’s the first and last place we eat each time.

  8. Diane Jarvis

    I love these corndogs!! I am pregnant and should probably be staying away from hot dogs, but we have been twice in the last month and I have had one each time!! They are just too good to pass up! I usually get them on Main Street but last time I had one from the Castle in Cali Adventure. They are equally good!!

    We walked past a couple restaurants that I hadn’t seen before in the newly opened area in California Adventure. I meant to remember the names so I could suggest them to you for a review! They are over by the swing ride and the new goofy ride (used to be Mulholland Madness). I would love to hear if they are worth trying out! (I think one is a pizza place)

    Thanks for all your reviews and recipes!

    1. Jenny

      Hi Diane, Thank you for sharing. And on the restaurants by the swing ride…yes, we’ll be reviewing them. We have a newly designed Disney food review section to show you where we’ve been so far. Subscribe to Disney RSS feeds and you’ll get an email every time we post a new Disney review. 🙂

  9. Kristen

    Jenny I’ve been waiting for this review and I think I have left a comment about the corn dog on most of your Disneyland reviews. I am not a huge hot dog/corn dog fan but this corn dog changed that for me. It is cooked just perfectly! My sons and husband always make sure we will stop here on our visits. Thanks for another great review!

  10. Emily

    We were annual passholders for a couple years, and I certainly ate my share of those corn dogs. Now, everytime our friends go to Disneyland, I make them send me pictures of them having their corn dogs.

  11. Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    Don’t shoot me when I say this – we live about 15 minutes away from Disney in Orlando and have not visited any theme parks just yet. Now this is the perfect reason to visit – corn dog 🙂

  12. vanillasugarblog

    oh girl I am so so so jealous of this one.
    love a good corn dog, especially one that is nice & crispy!

  13. Abby

    I love your disney posts! I used to work at Disney World and will start working at Disneyland in January. I have always LOVED disney food and you’re just making me all the more excited to get there! Try the Monte Cristo sandwich from the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. You’ll love it! Definitely a meal to share.

  14. Brooke

    You said it, Sista! Those dogs are to. die. for! We love them. I’ve heard they opened a Corn Dog Castle in California Adventure that features these exact dogs. What can you tell us about that? My family loves these reviews you do. We are Disneyland fanatics and love to read them together. We wish that we lived closer, as it is, we only get to go once a year. Thanks for all the fun!

  15. Kathy - Panini Happy

    I had no idea about the corn dogs! Reason #8964 why we need to get up to Disneyland soon. 🙂 We’ve been thinking about later this month for my daughter’s birthday.

  16. jenna

    i’ve been wanting to go to disnyland for so long! i know my 6 year old would LOVE it. I’m suprised how delicious these corndogs look! I’m not even a corndog person and this looks perfect!!

  17. Victoria V

    I had my first Disneyland (technically it was at California Adventure) corn dog in August. So darn yummy!!

    At Corn Dog Castle in DCA, they also have a spicy corn dog and a cheddar cheese stick that’s fried. My husband and I got the regular corn dog and it was wonderful. Probably the best corn dog I’ve had. The batter is so tasty!!!

  18. Hizzeather

    Yes, I love these corn dogs too! The line is always long, but moves pretty fast & its worth the wait!

  19. nicole {sweet peony}

    oh my goodness… don’t even get me started on the d-land corn dogs!! i had my very first one when we went earlier this month. i didn’t even know they had a corn dog truck! anyways, i was doing my excited corn dog dance in line & my first bite? glorious! i could eat one every day! anyways, thanks for sharing this review 🙂

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