La Paz Mexico

A little over a month ago, I had no idea La Paz Mexico existed. I put a rush on my passport and now have such fond memories of this beautiful part of the country and  am thrilled to share with you the highlights of my weekend. A group of food and travel bloggers were whisked off to the Costa Baja Resort and Spa for a fun filled weekend.

The travel was intense, but the memories that were made were worth it. My one regret is not bringing my big camera. I was unsure whether or not to bring it and wished I would have. My point and shoot did pretty good, but you’ll see some borrowed pics from my good friend Amanda who was smarter than I 🙂  For the record, I felt completely safe in Mexico the entire time of our trip.

Scroll down and I’ll show you everything 🙂

Photo via Amanda

The group arrived Thursday August 25th to the resort. This is a photo of the lobby. It was open and airy with beautiful views of the pool, beach and marina.

Photo via Amanda

When we checked in, we headed off to our rooms. Amanda snapped this gorgeous photo. It was nice with a view of the pool, giant glass door shower, flat screen tv and comfy bed.

Here is the pool area. Nice and inviting.


Friday morning we had breafast right down the beach from our resort, this is The Beach Club. We LOVED spending time here. It was just gorgeous as you can tell in the photos.

Another shot of the pool at The Beach Club. This infinity pool was so pretty. This is definitely a place I would like to hang with my family all day.

Right across from the restaurant where we had breakfast were these fun little cabanas. You can rent these for no extra charge. How inviting does this look?!

Here is the front view of The Beach Club Restaurant. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had a little of everything during our trip….and it was all delicious.

Another view of The Beach Club. We had the whole place to ourselves for breakfast.

Here’s Amanda, Lisa, me and Katie enjoying our breakfast. We had a lovely table right by a waterfall behind us. So relaxing.

No kidding, the best fresh squeezed orange juice I’ve ever had. Wish I had a glass right now 🙂

Friday morning after breakfast we met in the marina to get ready for our snorkeling adventure to Isla Espiritu Santo. This was by far the highlight of my trip.

Just sailing off, passing beautiful boats and yachts.

Getting our sunscreen on and enjoying zipping through the water in our party boat.

I am still in awe of how crystal blue the waters were. It’s hard to believe it until you see it for yourself. Stunning.

Couldn’t help but snap a photo of the fish swimming all around our boat. I have never seen water this clear.

This was the area where the sea lions hung out. They chose a great home 🙂

Love this.

Photo via Amanda

Here we are getting ready to snorkel. The water was perfect. Lots of little fish all around us. The sealions were on the rocky area behind us.

Lori and I. I am ready to go snorkeling again. My boys would love this.

Photo via Amanda

On our way back , we found a group of dolphins that enjoyed racing the boat and jumping over our waves. Adorable! Love this photo Amanda captured. We were all in awe!

Photo via Amanda

There they go. It was a fun game for them to jump through our waves. Little cutie pies!

Photo via Amanda

Saturday morning we headed to Todos Santos to the Hotel California. Very bright and full of personality.

Here is the lobby of Hotel California. Loved the colors.

Walking to the back of the hotel. Great seating areas.

Nice sparkling pool area.

Photo Via Amanda

It was time for lunch! We had a Mexican feast, all delicious.


Photo via Amanda

Lori, me and Katie waiting patiently for our lunch 🙂

photos via Amanda

We started with chips, guacamole and salsa along with some fish tacos. Delish!

photos via Amanda

We also had chicken verde enchiladas and a chocolate truffle cake for dessert.

Photo via Amanda

Bloggers I spent the weekend with:

Rachelle Lucas, Lisa Overman, Katie Goodman, Amanda Bottoms, Katja Presnal, Dian Emery, Mardi Michels, Gary Arndt, Lori Lange and myself 🙂

A big thanks to the Mexico Tourism Board for having us and to the PR folks who worked so hard to show us a good time. Had a great time in LA Paz. Will treasure the memories forever!

Disclosure:  This was an all expense paid trip via Mexico Tourism,  thoughts and remarks are my own.


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29 Responses
  1. Marie

    Hi Laurie,
    did you ever return to La Paz at a later date? I know it has been a while since your first trip, but if you ever come back again, be sure to head to downtown and take a walk along the Malacon. Lately La Paz has become well known for the quality of food that is being served in some of the restaurants that are popping up all over town. Greek, Fusion, Italian…………and of course Mexican food.

    Gone are the days of soggy Tacos and unhygienic preparations, although if you have been here long enough like I have, then the odd battle with an upset stomach is par for the course.

    The top restaurants still import their fish from Cabo as the local fisherman have not yet mastered the art of cleaning and preserving the fish that most tourists would be accustomed to but be assured that you will still have the opportunity to experience top notch seafood Baja style!!

    Give me a call next time you are in town and I will take you fine dining in La Paz.

  2. Eric

    Wow! It looks like you guys had a great time and pictures turned out really good. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cait

    Beautiful! What’s the name of the resort you stayed at? I’m planning my next get away 🙂

  4. jess☆ @ Multicultural Melbourne

    Ummm so you’ve just posted a whole lot of photos of what heaven looks like in my mind…. WOW!!!!! I’ve just started working as a travel consultant, thank you very much for my next holiday idea! It is absolutely STUNNING, you lucky girl!!!

    1. laurie

      It does say at the bottom of the page that it was an all expense paid trip by Tourism Mexico. But would be nice to stay there regardless.

  5. Jessica

    Wow! How absolutely stunning! Looks like you had a wonderful time with some other fabulous bloggers. I hope to one day get to go to La Paz, it has always been on my list!

  6. Simon Loftus

    Hi Jenny, these are some great pictures, even if they weren’t on a “big” camera.

    I actually moved to La Paz only 6 weeks ago after many trips here previously, from the UK. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to live, as it is just so beautiful!

    You came to La Paz in what many call the worst time of the year as it is the hottest but I am not finding it as bad as many say, a few trips to the pool or beach a week and a good AC and lots of cold beers seem to make the heat float away.

    How did you find the temperature/weather?


  7. Lindsay Banner

    Just started blogging again myself!! Your blog is one of my favorites to check out on a regular basis!! Thanks for making it so interesting and fun to read!

  8. Caroline @ chocolate and carrots

    Wow…what an amazing trip! I was mesmerized by the photographs. I had officially never heard of La Paz before you guys went either! 🙂 Can I go next time? 😉

    1. Jenny

      I know Lori!! We really did have a great time didn’t we?! Let’s go with our families next time 🙂 The kids would just love it!

  9. Amy at TheSceneFromMe

    Wow, beautiful! You are right, that’s definitely somewhere I could spend days with my family too!

  10. Jeanette

    Wow, looks like you had an amazing time!! The snorkeling and dolphins would have been my favorite, too! Did the sealions swim with you?

    1. Jenny

      Hi Jeanette,
      The sea lions were close and they swam near us but not with us. The host recommended we don’t get too close 🙂

  11. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Jenny, I followed your trip on Instagram, and on Lori’s, and Amanda’s, too. And saw Amanda’s post from a few days ago. The whole entire thing just looks 1st class and amazing, the entire way!

    Glad you got a last minute passport!

    And bringing your big camera…well, I just got back from Mexico City (which is wayyyyyyy different than where you were!) and brought my Canon 5D there with the big honkin’ 24-70mm lens and know what you mean about being unsure of traveling with it, but even though I was going to a less-than-pristine place, I was going BECAUSE of a photography trip and so I brought it and it was the right call.

    Just means you’ll have to go back to Mexico with your huge camera sometime soon 🙂

    Gorgeous place. Love it!!!

    1. Jenny

      Yah, my one regret is that I didn’t have my big camera. I missed out on some great photos, however I am glad Amanda caught those great shots!!

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