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Ella Madison Online Boutique Giveaway

Ella Madison 1So excited to share a new to me online boutique with you today.  Let me introduce Ella Madison 🙂

You’ll find a trendy online boutique with the latest style in clothes, jewelry and accessories at very affordable price points.

The pieces I received in the mail last week were even more beautiful in person, I was very pleased.  Looking forward to wearing all the pieces.

Ella Madison Boutique is offering a Picky Palate reader a $100 Gift Card to go shopping on their Online Boutique.  See below to enter.

Let me show you a few of the things I chose.  Loving THIS dress, THIS scarf and THIS scarf!  There are so many great pieces to choose from, have fun shopping!



Slate Leather Wrap Bracelet


Green Victorian Teardrop Necklace and Earring Set


Coral Teardrop Earrings

To enter the giveaway, see the widget below.  Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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248 Responses | Comments RSS

  1. 201
    Kellie says:

    Pretty! Love the coral earings.

  2. 202
    Kim says:

    My favorite is the Coral Fiesta necklace.

  3. 203
    Celeste says:

    navy and mint zig zag print dress

  4. 204
    Shanna says:

    I am in love with that dress you bought! Can it be mine? 🙂

  5. 205
    amie says:

    I love the jewlery! Especially the coral drop earrings

  6. 206
    kesha says:

    I like the Black and Mint Chevron Maxi dress

  7. 207
    Alyssa says:

    I love the Turquoise Maxwell Bib Necklace!

  8. 208
    Kate says:

    Beautiful stuff. Love the accessories!!

  9. 209
    Jamie F says:

    I like this: black zig zag dress with belt! Thanks for hosting!

  10. 210
    Ashlee says:

    love the coral drop earrings

  11. 211
    Chriss says:

    I love the Natural Links and Studs Bracelet or the Sate Bracelet you posted above.

  12. 212
    Karen says:

    The Peach Chevron Dress and Aztec Print Top are so so cute!

  13. 213
    KATE says:

    Absolutely the wrap bracelet, definitely a favorite!

  14. 214
    Kristen says:

    I love the coral teardrop earrings, they are so pretty!

  15. 215
    Meg says:

    Jewelry is always a need for me!

  16. 216
    Cami says:

    I love the orange and gold statement necklace. So pretty!

  17. 217
    AC says:

    I love to win, thanks!

  18. 218
    Macy Falke says:

    Completely obsessed with the Coral chevron dress ay Ella Madison!

  19. 219
    Kayla Chesterfield says:

    Sheer polka dot tops!

  20. 220
    Michele E says:

    Love the leather wrap bracelet!

  21. 221
    Danielle E says:

    I love the black zigzag dress and all the jewelry.

  22. 222
    paula broglio says:

    Great colors and big necklaces. Fun faceted like stones.

  23. 223
    Megan says:

    All those pieces are so lovely!

  24. 224
    Shaina says:

    Everything is so cute it’s hard to choose a favorite! But those cell phone covers are adorable!

  25. 225
    Beth says:

    I love the black and mint chevron maxi!

  26. 226
    Nicole Biddle says:

    I love the coral turkish earrings!

  27. 227
    SandyN says:

    I love the Coral Polka Dot Scarf!!

  28. 228
    Heather says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!

  29. 229
    Sara J. says:

    LOVE that wrap bracelet!

  30. 230
    Stephanie H says:

    LOVE the colors!

  31. 231
    Lisa M says:

    I love the green victorian teardrop necklace!

  32. 232
    Amber says:

    I would love pretty much anything!

  33. 233
    Chris H. says:

    LOVE the coral earrings. Hot color for the spring/summer!

  34. 234
    Stephanie L. says:

    The teardrop necklace and earring set is to die for!

  35. 235
    Mary Lou says:

    The coral teardrop earrings!

  36. 236
    Emily S. says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Coral Turkish Earrings

  37. 237
    Jodi says:

    I love the Olive Knit Dolman Sleeve Top. Thanks for the giveaway!

  38. 238
    Jen says:

    LOVE the coral teardrop earrings!

  39. 239
    Jennay says:

    I <3 the Coral Tear Drop earrings!!

  40. 240
    Catie Avis says:

    Love it all!!

  41. 241
    Kelsey says:

    love the coral necklace!!

  42. 242
    Zandra Brown says:

    Those coral teardrop earrings are gorgeous!

  43. 243
    Sarah says:

    I can’t possibly pick just one piece! All of the jewelry!

  44. 244
    stylefriendly says:

    Coral polka dot scarf.

  45. 245
    Toni S Turner says:

    Oh my goodness. I really do love getting new bracelets.

  46. 246

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  47. 247

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