I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Summer Grilling Giveaway!

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Here’s a great Grilling Giveaway for you guys courtesy of the nice folks at I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter.

One Picky Palate Reader will receive:

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!® Spray

Premium Non-Stick Grilling Basket

Crate & Barrel Portable 4-piece Grill Tool Set with Carrying Case

8 Better For You BBQ Recipe cards (from the dishes you sampled at the event!)

Better For You BBQ Newsletter with recipes and tips

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Leave a comment here on Picky Palate telling us….”What did you grill the most this summer?”

2. For extra entries Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, our RSS feed and Like us on Facebook. For another entry follow @ICBINotButter on Twitter 🙂  Leave separate comments for each of these.

3. Contest ends Friday September 3rd 8am PST. Winner will be chosen by random.org and will be notified by email. Giveaway and my grilling kit courtesy of I can’t believe it’s Not Butter.

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379 Responses
  1. Sharie

    To be honest…tomorrow is my husbands birthday and the FIRST day this summer we will bar-b-q…I know that’s bad 🙁 I purchased him a Rib Eye steak….to grill.
    Thanks again for including us!

  2. Vanessa

    Wow! This is an AMAZING giveaway. During the summer my favorite thing to grill is corn and veggies. My family also grills a lot of chicken. You can’t really go wrong with a grill. Ahh, the joy and smells of summer. Wish it never has to end!!

  3. Justine

    We just had the opportunity to rebuild our grill and get it going again. We enjoyed seasoned pork and potatoes. I am so happy to be able to grill again. It would be great to have such wonderful tools to use while grilling.

  4. Michelle Woodcock

    I probably grilled chicken or flat iron steak the most. We also grilled a lot of Salmon. YUMMY!! Hope I win.

  5. Nury

    I grilled a lot of fish and jalapeno peppers this summer, I wish I could have grilled more! The spring and summer were not long enough, mostly because we had pretty bad weather all spring and summer -sigh-

  6. Lisa Arnaudo

    We started late int he season this year, with the weird weather, BUT we grilled veggie kabobs ALL the time – they are sooo yummy and easy! This was new to us this year……..

  7. I grill pretty much everything…don’t want to heat up the house. My favorite grilling food is Mushrooms, slather with different grilling sauces and YUM!

  8. This summer our family friend from Thailand came over several times and taught us how to make Thai chicken on the grill. It is the best way to use the grill that I can think of!

  9. Julia

    LOVE grilling!! Mostly been grilling chicken breasts and eggplant. Add anything (especially ketchup, olive oil, pepper, salt, ect)-versatility is KEY!

  10. NIcki C K

    What a great giveaway! That basket is AWESOME! We absolutely LOVE grillin’ n chillin’ during the hot CA summers! We grill dinner almost every night…lots of veggies, chicken, steak, pizza, turkey burgers, ribs, bread and even s’mores. You name it, we grill it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. Debbie

    We have discovered the joy of grilled veggies this summer. Asparagus and mini sweet peppers have been our favorites but mushrooms and purple onions on kabobs are up there too.

  12. Jessica

    Most families have a traditional roast or something like that for Sunday dinner. Not us–my husband is a picky eater and something cooked with veggies is a no go. So he grills a trip tip every Sunday rain or shine. Every now and then we mix it up with grilled chicken breasts.

  13. Janelle

    Great giveaway!!! This summer we have grilled steak and potatoes the most over the grill!!! Smokies over the campfire and we learned how to do Pilsbury cinnamon buns over the campfire!!! Grilling is one of the things I look forward to the most in the summer!!!

  14. We grilled at least twice a week all summer long. Mainly, we grilled cream cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, and corn on the cob. Two of our favorite foods!

  15. We mostly did hotdogs and buffalo burgers on the grill. Oh and corn. My favorite is Carne Asada. We didnt do it at all this year. Darn my husbands high cholesterol lol

  16. and I “like” you on facebook – that will be handy when I’m wondering what to cook – sounds like tonight is chunky chicken noodle and vegetable (with apple tart for dessert of course!)

  17. and I follow you on twitter now – I think I’m going to have to buy bigger pants judging by that apple tart recipe I just looked at!

  18. Lyndsi

    We got our first grill at the beginning of the summer. We have tried corn, chicken, and steaks. The only unsuccessful venture has been brisket.

  19. Janna

    Sadly I have not grilled much this summer, as we can’t BBQ in our current apartment. But we move into our new home in 2 weeks and we can’t wait to BBQ- A LOT!! Luckily we are in Las Vegas and can BBQ all winter!

  20. Heather Gray

    I grilled PIZZA the most this summer!! MMMMM’MMM YUM! (It is 114* out, who would want to take the time to grill meat outside?

  21. Kim Zwiefelhofer

    We probably grilled chicken the most, but pork probably a very close second. LOVE your site! We made the honeyed apple tart the other day! YUM! I follow on FB already! Thanks!

  22. emczech5

    Hubby and I just moved into a cute little duplex with a deck in our back yard, but with the move we’ve had too much to focus on haven’t gotten any grillin’ supplies. This would be a great way to help us get away from grillin our steaks and brats off the George Forman

  23. Believe it or not, the thing I grilled most this summer was PIZZA – and grilling pizza is the only way I can eat it now! I’ll be posting the recipe soon on Tasty Sensations. Great giveaway! Thanks!

  24. Jessica

    I love grilling our chicken, all different ways. Also, I love putting mushrooms, zucchni, and onions on shishkabobs and grilling them. They are sooooo delicous!!!

  25. Lindsay

    This summer I really enjoyed grilling pineapple and grilled chicken. The pineapple flavor intensifies with the heat and makes a sweet treat! Yum!

  26. julie

    HI well I guess we have been grilling a lot of eggplant and zuichinni I have tried kabobs but no matter how long I soak the sticks they always start on fire and burn so I gave up I could use a nice grilling basket thanks

  27. Wow this is an awesome giveaway! I just got back from a camping trip this weekend and this would have been awesome to have. We are going back in the fall, so maybe I can still be able to use it? 🙂 Hot dogs are what we have grilled the most this summer. I love grilling out – by far one of my favorites, and veggies on the grill are oh so delicious.

  28. Chatelaine B

    I grilled a ton this summer. Almost every day something is on the grill. Salmon, pork, chicken…….. hmm i should make some turkey burgers this weekend!

  29. Christina

    We’ve been grilling lots of skewers!Hope this isn’t a repeat comment… our internet has been having issues.

  30. Cassie

    I follow you on Facebook…and we just tried grilling homemade PIZZA for the first time this summer, and it was amazing!!! LOVE IT.

  31. jan

    Its hard to keep track… we grill so much! Grilled pizza is a family favorite… So we probably grill it the most! YUM!

  32. Cassie

    We just moved down south and so we have been grilling all year round! Lately it has been mostley “Texas food” like ribs, pin wheels, etc. We love to grill, and have been going through my grill cookbook recipe by recipe! This is a fabulous giveaway!

  33. Tiffany

    I make some awesome burgers (I’m well known in our network of friends for them), so, for the most part, that’s what the hubs wants to grill. We also have been cooking up some fresh local corn and amazing BBQ chicken. All of it was grilled to perfection thanks to my husband being a grill master!

  34. Leah

    Zucchini, garlic bread, chicken with avocado and swiss on top, the best tri tip ever, fish covered in fresh pico, tortillas for tacos, and PIZZA

  35. Kim

    Toss up between steaks (which my kids LOVE) and chicken (with mustard dill sauce which I love)! This is a great giveaway… fingers crossed!

  36. Karie

    We just got our first grill as a housewarming present this year. We have been grilling non-stop! Out of all of our grilling, we most enjoy grilling up some steak that’s perfectly seasoned to perfection! This grill set is very much needed to start a set!!! thanks for the opportunity.

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