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Hey everyone. I am beyond excited to share this Utah Based wallet company with you today! Let me tell you how I found Cindy and Sarah’s Gem Wallets….

I was chatting with one of my girlfriends one afternoon and while she was getting  something out of her wallet, my eyes lit up in excitement when I saw her adorable bright orange rhinestone buckled, very organized wallet. I said, oh my gosh, where did you get that wallet?! I had to get my hands on it! She went on to tell my her mom’s best friend owns this company and created her very own woman perfected….Gem Wallets! I was all over this, It was so much fun looking at all of the great features not to mention how cute it was. Talk about pockets galore, every woman’s dream! There are so many pockets to stick your thousands of receipts “stuff” in, a great little notepad/pen in the front and a ton of business card/picture slots that make organizing your wallet so nice. Take a look at the inside:

I love all of the bright colors available. My friends bright orange one is so cute and I picked the light pink one that I LOVE! I am telling you, I am a customer for life and I would recommend this wallet to every woman I know. Definitely check out Gem Wallets and if you don’t happen to win the giveaway, talk your sweetie into getting you one for Mother’s Day, you will absolutely love these!!

Thank you Gem Wallets for offering one of your beautiful wallets to a lucky Picky Palate Reader 🙂

Here’s How To Enter:

1. Visit Gem Wallets then come back and leave a comment here telling us:   What color wallet would you choose and what is your favorite feature of the Gem Wallet?

2. For 3 extra entries follow Picky Palate on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook and follow me on Google Friend Connect. Leave 3 separate comments for these entries. Thanks!

3. Contest ends Sunday May 2nd 8pm PST. Gem Wallets provided me a wallet and one for the giveaway 🙂


Good Luck, Gem Wallets Rock!!

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464 Responses
  1. Juliet

    Now following on twitter! πŸ™‚

    I can’t seem to get google connect to work though… πŸ™

  2. Juliet

    I love the glossy rhinestone buckle wallet in light pink! These pockets are amazing, and I love that it holds a pen! Thanks for this opportunity! πŸ™‚

  3. WOW, those are some seriously nice wallets. I love the light pink one, that would be my first pick, but also liked the chocolate and orange ones as well. What I love about them is that they have a place for EVERYTHING and that they seem very well made. Not to mention how CUTE they are!!!

  4. Kara

    I would love one of these wallets. I would choose the glossy green one. I love that it has a place for all my credit cards and frequent shopper cards!

  5. If it wasn’t sold out, I’d go for the pink wallet as my first choice. Since it is, I’d then go for the classy brown. My fav feature is the notebook/pen. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve needed pen and paper to capture some important info. Having these as part of the wallet makes it more unlikely that they will end up migrating someplace else. Thanks for this giveaway. Susan

  6. Cheryl

    I love the light pink wallet!!! It’s great that there is a space for all the items I need to have in my wallet…I have never seen such a well designed wallet!


  7. Cheryl

    I love the light pink wallet!!! It’s great that there is a space for all the items I need to have in my wallet…I have never seen such a well designed wallet!

  8. Cheryl

    I love the light pink wallet! Having the notepad and pen accessible is great for managing my to do and shopping lists. I could definitely use a new wallet since my purse was just stolen, this wallet would be a great first start to replacing all my stolen items!

  9. Cheryl Newton

    What????!!! No purple???!!! How can that be???!! Well, guess I’ll settle for the green w/ silver buckle. I love all those card slots. Nothing like holding up the line at a store checkout while searching through a thick stack of reward cards for the right one. This wallet would make that a thing of the past.

  10. Jackie

    I would definately choose the glossy black, it’s classic! I love all the card holders! A messy wallet is such a pain!

  11. Robbin Thomas

    I love the Rhinestone – Pink (Light). I love how they can hold so much stuff. This wallet would go great with my purse orginzers, I think it would be the perfect match with it.

  12. Deanna G.

    I would choose the Rhinestone – Pink (Bright) and my favorite feature is the fact that it can hold so much in such a little thing!

  13. I love that it holds 48 cards…. not that I have 48 cards… but if I did this would be perfect!

    And favorite color… always pink (and the green one is pretty too)!

  14. Jessica

    I love the rhinestone buckle bright pink one! I like that it has a lot of places to put various cards I seem to have floating in my current wallet.

  15. I love that it holds 48 cards. I gotta have my credit cards! πŸ™‚ I’d choose glossy black (I’m a simple girl). Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. suzanne

    Every wallet I own is brown or black but I really like the pink one. I love that there is so much room but not bulky.

  17. April

    I LOVE the green one! Such a great color for spring, and a lot more feminine than the brown Fossil one I’ve used for years.
    My favorite feature is the fact that there are places for all those cards I carry around – library, Costco, kids ID, you get the idea!

  18. Jill

    I love all the slots for cards – I’d finally have a way to carry the mass quantities of gift cards I have without stretching out my wallet! LOVE the pink one πŸ™‚

  19. omg, I’m having a hard time picking a favorte color and feature, so I’ll pick two of each.

    I love the light pink one and the red. My mood for the day would probably dictate which direction I went.

    As for features, I love that it sorts out all of the cards. It would make my life so much easier. I’m also forever forgetting my grocery list. I’d love to use that notepad for that. πŸ™‚

  20. Melissa

    I love the glossy rhinestone in the bright pink! I love that it has tons of space for all of your cards and driver’s license right in front!

  21. I LOVE the hot pink one. I like that it has so much organizational space and that it has a place for cards/pictures. I have a hard time finding one that holds pictures but is still thin.

  22. Hayley

    I feel that I can keep my whole life in one of these wallets. I have been watching them since I first saw them back in October. I love the Glossy Green or the Glossy Red.

  23. Diane

    I love the glossy orange, although it is sold out. I love that it holds 40 cards! I am always trying to find something to hold all my gift cards, credit cards, frequent dining cards, etc. This is perfect!

  24. Amy

    I love the orange wallet…. it’s sold out now, though. My fave thing about them? The thumb notch to make getting to your credit cards easier.

  25. Kate

    I like the tan, rhinestone buckle. My favorite feature is all the slots for cards and I also like the attached notepad — no need to carry one seperately.

  26. Suzanne

    Wow, what an awesome wallet! I’d choose the light pink as well. I have a pink fetish!

    My favorite features are the magnetic closure (awesome!) and that it holds up to 48 cards. So helpful!

  27. Elaine

    I love all things pink! The whole design of this wallet is phenomenal! Obviously designed by a woman. To be stylish and organized-what more could you ask for!

  28. These are SO cute! I always have such a problem finding wallets to fit all my stuff, but these look great! I would definitely get the black one. I have so many different purses that I use that I always have a black wallet to match pretty much all of them! πŸ™‚

  29. Dana

    I LOVE the orange one! And I love that it has all those for pockets for cards and receipts–space for all my stuff!

  30. I would choose bright pink. My favorite feature of the Gem Wallet is the magnetic clasp – I have a feeling that would be MUCH EASIER than my current zip around, considering I am usually carrying a toddler when I am opening my wallet!

  31. Elisa

    I love the red and brown. The best part is that it can hold pictures. I cannot find a cute wallet that I can put pictures in anymore!

  32. Alicia

    I love the black one! I like how it’s big enough and nice enough that you could carry it like a clutch or use it in a purse!

  33. I would LOVE the black one. It’s so sleek and sexy. And I love the pages and pages to hold all my cards (i have way too many club/frequent buyer cards!) that’s great!

  34. This has to be the perfect wallet! My favorite feature is that it holds so many cards! I love the hot pink, but would choose red for my mom. It’s her favorite color, and I know she would absolutely love this as a gift!

  35. Jessica B.

    I love the lime green and orange…although the “classic brown” and “classic black” are quite snazzy. I like that it is relatively thin as I often carry my wallet in my hand.

  36. camille

    I like the red one – they look like they’ll hold lots of stuff without getting that overstuffed look

  37. I really like the Bright Pink Rhinestone Gem Wallet! and my favorite thing is how much it can hold– I have so many cards to different places and coupons its sad!!

  38. Barb McLaughlin

    Oh I would definitely pick the pink wallet and my favorite feature – the many slots for credit cards of course!!!!

  39. Stephanie

    I would love the dark pink with rhinestone buckle. My current wallet looks like George costanzas because it’s too small! Thank you!

  40. Tracy

    Do I have to like only one color?? Because that is hard to do! I love the red and dark pink because those are color I tend to go too. But I love the green and orange because they are so vibrant!! Hey truly I would be happy with any color!!
    The feature I like the most would have to be there are a ton of spots for credit cards.

  41. Kristin

    This is my first time leaving a comment. I hope I did this right. lol I’m new to your site and love it! The Gem Wallets look fantastic. I love being organized. I went to the site and my favorite color is the black one and so cute with the bling. The bright colors are great too. Thanks!

  42. Jenny

    I would get the glossy green! I’m drawn to anything green and I love that it comes with a notepad. I’m constantly jotting down thoughts, lists, books I want to read…

  43. Carrie Younger-howard

    I love the pink one!!! I am so unorganized. My purse and wallet are the worst example of my disorganization. I need a GEM!

  44. twyla

    I would have to say pink although the brown is tempting. I love pink though. Fav feature is the card slots. I have so many.

  45. Cheryl

    I love how many cards this wallet holds, I have never seen a wallet that can hold so much and still keep it organized and accessible! I love the light pink one and could definitely use a new wallet since my purse was stolen last week πŸ™

  46. Alison

    I love the Rhinestone Tan… and I love that it holds 48 credit cards. (not that I have 48!!! but all those extra frequent shopper card things…)

  47. Stephanie A.

    I love the hot pink with rhimstones soo cute!! My wallet never shuts because I have to much stuff in it! This would be great with all the extra room love it!!! I am also a Follower on facebook!

  48. Kate Winsor

    I would love the red or pink one. I love that it holds so many cards and has a place for a pen. I’m always searching for a certain punch card for certain places but it takes me forever to find it. I have a hard time finding a pen too.

  49. Jennifer

    I love the fact that it holds up to 48 cards! I never have enough room for all my cards! I would prob choose the black with rhinestones. That way it’d go with any purse I currently am using! Thanks, great find!

  50. Miss L

    I like the glossy orange and the see through “credit card” (and Cafe Rio coupon!) holder/organizer thingies. Super cute wallet.

  51. I like the glossy pink or the rhinestone brown. I couldn’t decide between the two.

    I also like the fact that they are stylish and functional.

  52. I like the pink one πŸ™‚
    I love how it holds so many cards!
    I follow you on facebook, twitter and goggle friend connect πŸ™‚

  53. Pam Shank

    I also follow as a foodie friend on google
    would chose the pink one. all of the space for cards looks great

  54. Elaine

    I love the green one, that shade is my very favorite color. I like the fact that I can keep all my business cards in my wallet. I have never seen that feature on a wallet before.

  55. Jennifer

    Love the red wallet….I like the fact that it has a little notepad…I’m forever jotting info. down on random bits of paper floating around in my purse!

  56. kristin

    The glossy Rhinestone Red wallet is gorgeous!! I love how organized it is. All the spots for cards is fantastic!

  57. This wallet looks amazing! I love the brown rhinestone wallet. My favorite things about it is that it holds so many cards, but still looks pretty thin.

  58. Love the green- adorable.
    And I am amazed at how thin this thing it and then wham- you open it and it holds everything! Does this mean I can stop carrying a day planner and a wallet? I think so.

  59. Kelli

    I love that the website describes the perfect wallet, it’s everything I want! I’d love the sort-of-hot pink one!

  60. Rhonda Wilson

    My friend’s sister from Utah was visiting and she commented on her oh so organized wallet. It was a Gem wallet and she told her the whole story. I have been looking for a new wallet and was going to purchase a Brighton wallet for way more money, but I absolutely love this Gem! I bought the bright red one and if I happen to be lucky enough to win one, I will give it to my mom or sister. I will definitely be spreading the word!

  61. Melissa

    I would love the light pink with the rhinestone buckle, it is too cute. My favorite feature is the card organizer and the thumb notch to get the cards out easily. πŸ™‚

  62. Kathleen

    I just saw these in person at the Women’s Expo last Saturday and LOVED them. They are the coolest wallets I’ve ever seen. I was seriously debating between the red and the bright pink. I love the magnetic clasp and the cool storage for all your various cards. What an AWESOME giveaway!!!

  63. JoAnn Barcus

    I’m all over this too!! LOVE the big zipper pocket besides how accessible the cards are in this beautifully organized wallet. I LOVE the orange one!!

  64. Kelli T.

    I love the orange one! My favorite feature is that it can hold a checkbook but still isn’t super bulky.

  65. WHAT???! I live in Utah and have never heard of these wallets but I MUST have one. I would choose the Orange one with rhinestones and I would say that my favorite feature is that it fits 48 cards. Are you kidding me???? Love it!!!

  66. Brooke

    I am a HUGE fan of the BRIGHT PINK one and the ORANGE runs a really close 2nd place :)! The reason that I like it is that it is INCREDIBLY stylish and doesn’t require a purse too. Can fit the “necessities” in it ;)!

  67. I absolutely adore the Rhinestone Pink (Light) one. I like that it keeps everything organized. Having a wallet like this would be a dream come true.

    I only wish they made one in the teal color they have on their web site!

    BTW, I’m a Facebook fan and Google follower as well.

  68. Lisa A

    WOW! I am forever losing my store cards and GC – this is awesome…the l ight green would look amazing inside my purse!! Thank you!

  69. Caryn N

    Call me practical but I like that there’s room for a pen! I always lose my pens in my purse! And the practical side of me really likes the brown but I cant stop staring at the orange. It’d be so fun to pull a bright orange wallet out of my cherry purse. πŸ™‚

  70. Jenna W

    I would pick the brown one with the rhinestone clip. So cute! I love that it holds so much yet isn’t bulky. I have two young ones so I carry a wallet in my HEAVY diaper bag so this would work perfect!

  71. Tammie

    I love the light pink with rhinestone buckle…..soooo cute!! I think one of the best features is that is holds so much without being overly huge.

  72. These wallets are amazing! I would love ANY of the colors. I do like the black or red one the most though. =o) It would be wonderful to have SOMETHING in my purse be organized. I have a 7 month old and a 3 year old and my purse is nothin’ but a fruit snack slash sippy cup holder slash diaper bag. Help a sister out! =o)

  73. Kirbi Mason

    I am a fan on facebook….I love the tan rhinestone. I love that I can fit so many things in the wallet & there is even more space for a note pad….that is something I am always doing….writing myself notes.

  74. Adrienne Larkin

    I just love the red or the green one!! They are both great. I like that it has a lot of pockets and still thin.

  75. anna p.

    I think I like the orange with the brushed silver buckle the best. Hard to choose! I love that it has a window for your i.d. that shows the whole i.d.

  76. Wow, these are awesome! I love the light pink rhinestone one. I am in need of a new wallet, constantly having stuff fall out of mine and this one looks like I won’t lose my mind, it would help me keep my sanity!

  77. Tricia Folsom

    I really like the Red but the Black would go with my bag so one of those. And I like it with the brushed silver buckle!

  78. Emily

    Love the bright pink one! Love the note pad I always have slips of paper with notes just floating around in my wallet.

  79. Heather Fermin

    I love, love the black wallet so pretty and will go with any purse, cause you know how we have to change purses girls!!


  80. Definitely PINK!! Love the buckle xoxo
    I love the credit card slots and the notepad feature but it doesn’t look like it makes the wallet “bulky.” I’d love to try it. It’s so beautiful.

  81. Shannon B.

    Def. the Red one either buckle works for me.
    I love the inspirational quotes on the paper…I love being able to read a little quote for a smile or something to think about for the day!!

  82. I love the glossy red one! the notepad in front is great – I always think of recipes I want to make when I find a good deal at the grocery store or if I’m tracking expenses I need to note when I spend. Great looking wallet!

  83. Sarah

    I am also a picky palate facebook fan. I love the blog and yummy recipes! I share it with all my friends!

  84. Sarah

    I love the pink ones and how they can hold pretty much anything you need! Great to take with you when you don’t want to bring a purse.

  85. Love the Tan one! Magnetic clasps are always appreciated in a wallet… I can’t manage snaps as easily and when you are in a hurry at the grocery store that is important!

  86. Hi there!
    I love this wallet. are you kidding 48 little pockets for cards. I’m embarrassed to say I could fill them all. Red is my first choice with the Hot Pink in a close second.

  87. Cecilia

    I would choose glossy brown I think. But I love the glossy red too! I love that the wallet has spaces for almost everything I need to carry. I hate to carry a purse, so having a single wallet with room for cash, change, credit cards, paper & pen, etc. would be wonderful! Also, it’s beautiful!

  88. Heidi

    I think I would choose the green one. And I love how it holds 48 cards…but I would fill it with lots of pics!!

  89. Camille

    I love the red – its the perfect shade! I also like the notebook feature as I’m very much a list maker.

  90. Maurine

    I am having a hard time choosing a color…light pink or red or tan. I love them all. I like that it is thin but holds everything and is so organized.

  91. Beverly

    Oh my gosh – I love the bright pink glossy rhinestone one! It is amazing that it holds so many cards! Sign me up!

  92. Gina

    Oooo…pink, pink, PINK! These are gorgeous! Most definitely would pick the pink one and I loooove the fact that there are so many pockets for all my junk…er, photos and cards and whatnot!

  93. Hannah P.

    I love the pink one but I would probably get the black one. I love that it has so many spots for cards!

  94. Cassie

    I LOVE the glossy red…my favorite color! I also have never seen a wallet that allows you to carry so much plastic, a checkbook, AND a spot for notes! Love it!

  95. Donna

    LOVE the red one – oh wow! The 48 card section is wonderful. I have so many cards to carry. But I really like the idea of a memo pad and pen. Have never seen that before!

  96. Kati

    I think I would go for a brown color, I love the pages for the business cards, it takes me forever to find the card I am looking for!

  97. Deirdre

    It holds a pen — love it. I always travel with a pen. I would select the glossy brown with the brushed plain buckle.



  98. Hi Jenny! I love love love these wallets and I am desperate for a new one! The bright pink with the rhinestone buckle would be my favorite and the best feature? the zippered large change pocket on the outside!

    Will post on my blog for my people to enter too!

  99. Stephanie

    I would go with the gorgeous glossy black wallet! I love that it carries so many different cards. Which is needed since each store must have its own VIP card. Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  100. Jordan

    I love the orange and the pockets for all of the credit cards is wonderful. My wallet doesn’t have enough.

  101. These are just the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I love the black rhinestone one, and think they are just adorable. The fact that they have so many pockets has to be my absolute favourite feature here, because I’m constantly looking for more space for my cards, receipts, pictures (in my current wallet, I have 3 cards per card slot in most!).

    The rhinestone buckle is also a huge winning point! SO cute!

  102. mcollum

    I love the wallet, and want one. I also really like the notepad. Why can’t I think of this great idea! great product. I plan to purchase a few for christmas presents

  103. Kerry

    Oh my goodness! This post couldn’t have come at a better time! My birthday is next week, and I have been searching for a new wallet for my birthday! I really need one that has compartments for cash (my current one doesn’t, weird, huh?) as well as plenty of space for cards and other things. And the fact that it is super cute is awesome as well! I think I am leaning towards the green rhinestone! But I love the pinks too. What a hard choice!

  104. Tami

    I love the orange & green one. There is no way that I would be able to decide. I need someone else to do it for me!! I love how they thought of everything that I would need in a wallet. I have been looking for one for a year now and haven’t found one that has everything I am looking for. HERE IT IS!!!!

  105. Bekki

    I LOVE the bright pink one – pink accessories are my favorite! This wallet is amazing – I love how much stuff it can hold and how classy it looks.

  106. Annie

    I love the brown wallet! My favorite feature is the amount of cards it holds. Nowadays, I mostly get gift cards as presents and it would help me keep them all in my wallet. I don’t know how many times I have left a gift card at home while shopping.

  107. melissa

    K seriously these wallets are to die for cute. I can’t decide between the brown, red and pink one. I’m talking myself into all 3! I love that it hold so many cards and that there is a spot for everything. Thank you for sharing this product.

  108. I need a new wallet so badly! I love these. I would choose a red one. I like that it holds so many cards and looks like it could hold all my stuff.

  109. Kirbi Mason

    I Love the tan wallet (although I like all the colors!) I love that it can hold lots of things, but my favorite thing is that there is a little notepad!!! I always have things to write down.

  110. Angela

    Light Pink! I love the Rhinestones….and the color…probably my favorite features right there! Love the girly look!

  111. Heidi

    I like the ones with the polished buckle; I’m not a rhinestone kinda gal. My favorite is probably the pink. My favorite feature is the place for all the cards… every store has their own card and sometimes I feel like I need an extra wallet just for all of the cards.

  112. Jennifer Cain

    I love the green one!! And I love how many cards you can hold, and that it has a note book (I’m always looking for pieces of paper)! : )

  113. I LOVE the red or black one!! The rhinestone buckle is super cute!! I love that you can fit a pen inside of it! Mine NEVER has room for a pen and I’m always digging for one in my bottomless purse!! ;o)

  114. Lindsay Allen

    I’m all about the orange! It is so cute for summer. I love how many cards it can hold. As a woman, I need all that credit card space I can get πŸ™‚

  115. Anna

    The orange is fabulous! Plus you definitely wouldn’t lose that in a big purse – the color stands out too much. πŸ™‚ I love all the spaces for cards and coupons. I <3 organization.

  116. Jessica

    I would go with Rhinestone – Red for sure. My favorite feature is that it holds so many cards! I am constantly shuffling through my cards for various stores. I need one of these organizers for sure!

  117. I would probably go with classic black. The feature I like the most is that it holds so many cards. My wallet is stuffed with about 5 cards in each pocket right now and it makes it so hard to find things.

  118. la-la-lisa

    Definitely the glossy rhinestone variety!! I love the orange and bright pink. Bright colors make it easier to find your wallet when you carry a black purse. These are great!

  119. Oh My! I love the orange one and so want it now! πŸ™‚ I have a new bag that I ordered this week and it needs a new wallet to go with it.

    I love that there is space in the wallet for “stuff” and it looks like a great spot to put business cards (I never have any on me).

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