Simple Cool Whip Cake Trifles

Ever have some of those days where you need a quick dessert but you are short on time? Well……I’ve got the perfect idea for you that is not only delicious, but looks like a million bucks. My simple COOL WHIP Cake Trifles!

Find a convenient store bought cake of your choice, cut it into chunks then take out your thawed COOL WHIP.

Find some pretty little trifle dishes or even glass bowls. Start layering cubed cake pieces, a dollop of COOL WHIP and repeat until you’ve reached the top of your dish. Talk about making something store bought extra special right?!

The great thing about this idea is you can use any flavor of cake you’d like. You can even add sliced fruit and even nuts in between your layers for a vibrant sweet addition.

Next time you are in a pinch for a beautiful dessert, remember how easy it is to enhance those pre-made cakes with COOL WHIP.

Hope you enjoy!

Be sure to check out my Cool Whip Ad in June’s issues of Family Circle and Real Simple Magazines!


Have a great day! Come back soon 🙂

**Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post for COOL WHIP, but recipe and all thoughts are my own.

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9 Responses
  1. I’m actually going to make this for Mother’s Day. You are so much fun and i love having made a few of your recipes. The spaghetti in the crock pot was a Bomb!!!!

  2. yes!!! i just about fell off my couch when i saw your cool whip ad in my food network magazine! i turned the page and there you were and i was like “wait…why does she look famil…..OH MY GOD!!!! IT’S JENNY FROM PICKY PALATE!”! it was super exciting!!!

  3. Nikki @Pennes on a Platter

    YAY for your ad! I love pairing COOL WHIP whipped topping with cake (and brownies) for a quick delicious trifle! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Stacy

    Made my husband a trifle with cool whip and your double chocolate pumpkin cake (my fave choc cake recipe) last night. I had a bite myself…it was DELISH to this 20 weeks preggo gal.

  5. How cool is it to see you in my favorite magazines? Such a great opportunity, and I hope your family is so proud!!

    These trifles look amazing. I love Cool Whip and quick desserts. Sometimes baby wants something sweet and doesn’t want to wait!!

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