Theater Popper Giveaway….Three Winners!

Contest is now closed. Winners have been notified. Thanks for participating! 

I love this giveaway! I have always wanted my own theater style popcorn popper and now I get to give three Picky Palate readers a chance!

This fun popper is by West Bend. West Bend®, a leading developer of electric kitchen appliances, has been in business since 1911. Spanning multiple generations with innovative product offerings, West Bend® delivers unmatched performance, quality, and value to consumers nationwide. Founded in West Bend, Wisconsin, the company is looking forward to its yearlong 100th anniversary celebration in 2011. Whether you’re making fresh, homemade bread, blending smoothies, roasting a chicken, or baking a pizza, West Bend® strives to make your kitchen activities easier.

This theater popper  is perfect for creating a theater experience right at home. The popper pops 8 cups of popcorn in 4 minutes. The kettle tilts and dumps the popcorn and is removable for fast and easy clean up. The cabinet lights up and is easy to clean. Measures 17 x 11 x 10.

Each Popper retails at $119.00

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment here and tell us:  “How do you prefer your popcorn?” Sweet, buttery, chocolatey?  Let’s hear it!

2. For extra entries, Follow Picky Palate on Twitter, RSS Feed and Like us on Facebook. Leave 3 separate comments for this.

3. Contest ends  Sunday September 11, 8pm PST! 3 Winners will be selected via and will be notified by email. Winners will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be selected. Giveaway provided by West Bend.

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1,580 Responses
  1. Amy K

    Extremely cool giveaway! Sunday nights in our house are popcorn nights. While we typically prefer just plain old salted popcorn popped in oil, we also like to treat ourselves to some caramel corn (or variations of it) once in awhile. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Alonna Mottern

    I like my popcorn lightly salted with a hint of butter and sprinkled with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Yum!

  3. Shell We

    Very nice giveaway. I love my popcorn sweet with a homemade Mexican vanilla caramel & white chocolate coating. Thanks!

  4. Buttery with salt. To me I follow Dane Cook’s way of thinking in that popcorn helps with the “cinematic adventure”. Although if you want to put some toffee on it and dress it up with some nuts I’m down for that too.

  5. Lisa

    depends on my mood. popcorn is one of my favorite foods. I like it sweet, salty, buttery, savory, chocolatey, peanut buttery, anything….mmmmmm

  6. Leela

    I often take the healthy option and just sprinkle very lightly with adobe salt, but I LOVE IT with melted butter, salt and white sugar. I just learned how to pop kernals in the microwave in a paper bag and I an amazed at the difference in taste between plain kernals and a bag of microwave popcorn…i dont think I’ll ever go back!

  7. Lauren

    I prefer it homemade with lots of butter, salt, garlic powder, and grated parmesan cheese. I could eat popcorn daily. I love it!

  8. For a special treat I cook my popcorn in a pot on the stove. It tastes so good! And then I put on butter and salt (I just can’t do sweet popcorn). My husband had never had it that way growing up and now he’s hooked on it too!

  9. Nicole Ludwig

    I like mine COVERED in BUTTER and TOPPED WITH SALT! I will often get the microwavable kind, MOVIEBUTTER IS THE BEST! And I will then melt some butter in the microwave and pour it ontop as well. Then some sprinkles of salt and shake up the bowl to mix and coat. Sometimes, when I’m feeling really indulgent, I will put some chocolate syrup in a little bowl and dip some of the popcorn pieces in that too.

  10. Cassie Lee

    I prefer my popcorn slightly sweet. I always fresh pop my popcorn from kernels and add a bit of sugar when I add my salt. It makes it so very tasty!

  11. Aida G.

    Usually I like it lightly buttered and salted. But sometimes I like to make my popcorn with garlic power, cracked pepper, sea salt, parmesean cheese, olive oil, and green onions. It is savory and delish!

  12. Deb

    I don’t think there’s a way that I don’t prefer popcorn!!! It is one of nature’s most perfect foods! Give it to me any way possible–it’s ALL GOOD!!!

  13. Melissa Ansiel

    Our family prefers popcorn salty and buttery! I grew up with a mom that popped her popcorn over the stove almost every night! What a fun thing it would be to surprise her with popcorn from the popper when she comes to visit in November! This would also be a great edition to Daddy’s movie nights!

    I was just introduced to your blog and am looking forward to making many of the sweet fall treats! Thank you!

  14. Amy Sheeler

    yes! Yes! YES!! My 11 year old would L-O-V-E this!!! He wants popcorn every night for a bedtime snack. He likes it plain.
    However, if everyone is eating, we like to add butter (occasionally), or the sprinkle popcorn flavors like cheddar cheese. I guess we DO eat a lot of popcorn!! LOL

  15. nicole k

    My girls LOVE LOVE popcorn! They would love to watch it pop like Targets. 🙂 We hope to win this awesome and very cool machine! We would have to start making it all kind of different ways. We like the white popcorn, butter popcorn and we also like to put m&m’s and multiple choc chips in ours.
    Oh did I mention I just love this giveaway! Thanks a bunch!
    Oh and we also love cheese in ours.

  16. Alison Wiegard

    I LOVE my popcorn with hot wing and ranch seasoning. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of kick on your popcorn! 🙂

  17. My first job was in a theater, and since then, I can’t resist popcorn, most especially movie theater popcorn (no extra butter) although my farmer’s market guy makes some amazing kettle corn!

  18. Pam Siloti

    love salty and buttery… also enjoy though brewer’s yeast sprinkled on … really enjoy most popcorn flavors…cheesy, sweet, kettlecorn,,,etc…but if I had to pick just one… have to be salt and butter

  19. Danielle

    My favorite kind of popcorn (other than movie popcorn…) is with garlic salt. No butter, just a sprinkle of garlic salt. Mmm. Yummy.

  20. Amanda

    I like my popcorn with lots of real melted butter, add a teaspoon of sugar to the butter, pour over popcorn and sprinkle with salt!

  21. RossW

    I love my popcorn buttery and salty! My neighbor when I was a kid had one of these, loved doing movie nights over there!

  22. Susie

    My favorite is, like many others, buttery and a wee bit salty! Nothing better than popcorn made in a popper like this!

    Cheesy popcorn is good too 🙂

  23. Julie B.

    YUM! I like my popcorn with butter and salt, sometimes with parmesan, and sometimes made as kettle corn with that sugary,salty mix! GREAT giveaway! How fun!!!

  24. Kelly

    I like my popcorn with the perfect combination of salty & sweet….Nothing any better! Especially, when you get it fresh from the big copper kettles at like fairs & festivals….YUMMY 🙂

  25. Just back in the swing of things after vacation and happy to find this giveaway! My husband and I have tried to pop popcorn on the stove top and in a brown paper bag. Both successful and tasty but not as nice as this popper would be! My favorite popcorn is cheesy! Parmesan, cheddar – you name it!

  26. Carol

    I love popcorn with real butter. Nothing like it. However my mom used to make homemade caramel corn when I was a kid and it was fabulous too. I still keep coming back to good old buttery popcorn though!

  27. Kimberly Wilson

    I like popcorn almost any way it can be fixed. Salty and sometimes I add a sprinkle of sugar right after it is popped to give it a little sweetness. I like carmel corn, Cheese popcorn and of course I can’t resist Movie Popcorn, even though it is marked up about 500%…I even have it for lunch! I love popcorn!

  28. I LOVE POPCORN…slightly addicted even, maybe! For everyday tv/movie watching I ave to go plain ole butter and salt. In the fall though I like to make kettle corn. and then for parties and Christmas goodies I make more flavorful batches with drizzled chocolate and all that good stuff :0)

  29. kristy perkins

    I like it on the healthy side with olive oil, nutritional yeast and salt. I also like it with salt and butter too! Other things we like on popcorn is parmesan cheese, dill, Mrs. Dash seasoning, garlic chili powder and butter, caramel, plain, and many more…

  30. Danielle

    I like popcorn in all flavors! At the theater, nothing is better than lots of melted butter and salt. Late at night I love kettle corn. And caramel corn is great during the holidays.

  31. When I was pregnant I was really sick and losing weight. I had no appetite, but for some reason, the most indulgent microwave popcorn seemed yummy to me. It was something like “butter blaster movie style popcorn” (along those lines) It was so full of butter and salt and so delicious (I would never buy popcorn so sinful normally), I even remember licking the inside of the bag and sucking on the seeds. The bag of popcorn was probably 200 grams of fat, and thousands of calories. I have never purchased popcorn like that again, but I will remember it forever. So delicious!

  32. Marny Lavalley

    I love my popcorn buttery and salty, this thing would be great for my daughters big sweet 16 party next month!!!

  33. Cindy

    I love popcorn! Its my favorite treat! My newest way to enjoy it is cooked in organic coconut oil and sprinkle with Lawry’s Season Salt! So yummy!

  34. Karen G

    My favorite way to eat popcorn is with butter, salt, parmesan cheese, and it alian seasoning! I would love this popper!

  35. nancyo

    I love it butter-y but have been opting for the healthier option lately.. some people try to get ready for bathing suit season, why I’m trying to shimmy myself into my “skinny” ski pants so I don’t have to spend another $200.

  36. Patricia

    my two year old grandson and I have movie night when he stays the night with us. We have a wonderfull time eating popcorn. Our favorite is kettle corn….. the sweet one but we like them all.

  37. Judy P

    It has to have salt but I like it pretty much any way it is served; with butter, garlic, cheese, caramel….any old way. I LOVE popcorn.

  38. Wendy Walker

    We love our popcorn with lots of butter and salt. I have great memories as a kid waking up to the smell of my Mom and Dad popping corn to eat late at night and letting me get up to share a bowl. YUM

  39. Truth be told I love movie popcorn. Yes, the kind with all the bad fat we aren’t supposed to be consuming. But at home I air pop it and then add just a touch of butter and salt. I could eat popcorn every day!

  40. Laura

    Salty and Sweet! At the movies dump a box of Milk Duds in the tub and get a salty or sweet surprise with each bite!

  41. Georgia

    I pop mine in the WestBend StirCrazy and use popcorn salt. Popcorn salt makes it perfect. I’d love to have this popper. I use my StirCrazy every day.

  42. Sandy

    Love, Love, my popcorn. Eat it almost everyday, Usually with a little salt. But on nights with the girls playing Maj, popcorn drizzled with chocolate, or Parmesan cheese, we are so daring.

  43. Alyssa Womack

    We had one of these at my grandparents’ house growing up and later at my parents’ house as a teenager. It definitely made our house the popular hangout spot. Would love to have one in my own home because it makes the BEST popcorn.

  44. MIshelle Bouchard

    I can;t follow you on RSS Feed as everyone I’ve tried eventually stops giving me new stuff when it arrives it waits 6 hrs and that annoys me, so I finally gave up and got e-mail updates!


  45. Donna

    We love making popcorn at our house! It is quite the tradition but we like ours with a little kick–when we melt the butter, we add a couple of dashes of chipotle- flavoured Tabasco. Next, we add a cup or two of grated cheese- cheddar, Parmesan or white cheddar( my particular favorite).

  46. Olivia

    Definitely savory flavors like parmesan, cheddar, sour cream and onion, plain salted, etc. Love to shake on toppings! Thanks for the chance!

  47. SUSAN T.


  48. OMG I’ve always wanted one of those! We were going to turn our loft into a movie area, and this would be perfect for it!

    I like my popcorn with salt and light on the butter. My husband likes his with extra extra extra movie theater butter LOL

  49. Jennifer

    LOVE a combo…salty, cheese, and caramel delish! My husband, however, puts jalepeno peppers and cayenne on his, not so good!