Happy 5 Year Blogiversary Picky Palate…..KitchenAid Giveaway

I can hardly believe Picky Palate is 5 years old this month! I remember so vividly starting up Picky Palate one late night in AZ not having any idea what I was doing or where it would take me.

I could  not ask for a more perfect job that I love so much. Creating recipes and sharing them with you is such a joy and I consider myself very blessed.

Never in a million years did I imagine I would someday have a cookbook! My cookbook was released this week and I am still on cloud 9 about it. Check it out if you haven’t, lots of love went into creating those recipes and pages, I am so thrilled to finally share it with you. There are more than 100 new recipes not on Picky Palate!

Now, let’s celebrate with a giveaway shall we? πŸ™‚

I thought it would be fabulous to celebrate Picky Palate’s 5 year Blogiversary and the release of the Picky Palate Cookbook with a lovely giveaway! The wonderful folks at KitchenAid are offering one Picky Palate reader a 7 quart stand mixer in the color of their choice: red black, silver or white!! Woohoo!

Here’s How To Enter:

CONTEST IS NOW OVER. Winner has been notified πŸ™‚

1. Leave a comment here and tell us: What recipe do you tend to make most often?

For extra entries:

2. Join me on Facebook, follow me on twitter, Pinterest and subscribe to Picky Palate via email. (Leave 4 separate comments for these)

3. If you have purchased or have the Picky Palate Cookbook leave an extra comment πŸ™‚

3. For those of you who have received my cookbook, and would like to write a review on Amazon, do so here: https://su.pr/1qzpDR  (leave a comment if you do this)

4. Giveaway ends Thursday November 1st 8am PST. Winner will be chosen via Random.org and be notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email. Giveaway provided by KitchenAid. US Residents Only πŸ™‚


Good Luck!

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3,768 Responses
  1. Minela

    I always make muffins. Blueberry ones, banana ones, raspberry, there’s just so easy to make and so tasty that it doesn’t matter what you put in them! x

  2. Alexandre Reis

    I love to make what we call Bolo de bolacha. Its a cake made with regular cookies, and a lot of buttercream. Its not a cake for everyday, because its a bit fattening, but oh its sooo good.

  3. Katharina

    I love to make my different types of typical austrian “Apfelstrudel” and somehow my family hasn’t gotten tired of it and requires it all the time πŸ˜‰

  4. Rebecca

    Congratulations on your cookbook! Lately, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, so when I’m crunched for time, I make an easy three-ingredient pancake of mashed banana, some oats, and an egg. Fry it up and it’s breakfast!

  5. Happy birthday to your beautiful blog Jenny!
    I always find great and inspiring recipes in here, so just keep up the amazing work that you already do!
    I am a big cookie, cheesecake and ice-cream fan, so these are my favorite types of recipes!

  6. Rebecca

    I’ve also been subscribed to your feed via my Google Reader for some time now…that’s how I found out about your giveaway!

  7. Allison

    Thanks for having this giveaway! For dinner, I love making chili. And for dessert, fudgy brownies are my favorite!

  8. Hannah Wellman

    My most-made recipe is based on How Sweet Eats’ Giant M&M Cookie recipe… it’s endlessly adaptable and always fabulous!

  9. Rachel

    Probably granola bars…while they’re not my favorite thing to make, my girls love taking them for lunch so I always keep a batch stashed in the freezer for them! Happy blogiversary!

  10. Morgan

    Whether its grilled, baked, broiled, we make chicken breast A LOT. There are so many things to do with it that it’s difficult to get bored of it.

  11. maddie cote

    My husband had food allergies so I have to make everything from scratch, and this would make cooking a lot easier.

  12. Danielle

    The recipe I make most is definitely Clean Eating Chelsey’s coconut almond flour pancakes. They’re to die for, esp when substituting half a mashed banana for the egg.

  13. Jackie H

    The recipe I make most often is definitely banana bread – no shortage of little hands to gobble it up and no shortage of bananas that are just too spotty for little eyes to refuse to eat, haha!

  14. i make chocolate chip cookies the most! cause i can always put a spin on them and stuff them with oreos or use pb chunks. and plus the dough is just so good to eat! congrats to you!

  15. Carol

    I make homemade spaghetti sauce most often but if you are talking about what I make most using a mixer then it’s banana bread.

  16. hhhmmm….i dont even have a favorite ‘go to’ recipe….i would have to say, my homemade mac n cheese! its easy peasy and quick! thanks for hosting!!

  17. Kay

    Chocolate chip cookies-Cook’s Illustrated recipe! Everyone I know loves them. Sometimes with toasted peacnas and sometimes without.

  18. I love to make my chocolate chip cookies! (The dough is so yummy, I put it in the microwave until the chocolate is melted and eat it warm and gooey!!)

  19. Pam

    I cook top recipes seasonally. Currently, it’s Cincinnati Chili. Made your Biscoff, marshmallow and chocolate cookies last night to send for my husband’s birthday at work, they were sinfully good!

  20. Great giveaway! Happy blogiversary!

    I love to make quick pasta dishes. It’s just too easy–vary the veg, switch out Italian sausage for chicken or beef, white sauces or red. The possibilities are endless! And delicious!

  21. Alissa

    I make sausage vodka pasta sauce pretty frequently. I’d love to bake more–perhaps with a new KitchenAid? πŸ™‚

  22. Erin B

    I make Linzer tart cookies the most. Mostly just at christmas time, but I make alot of them so it probably evens out. Red Velvet cupcakes would be the next most (though my baking this year has been limited since I have a 7 month old).

  23. Allison

    I love banana bread. I used to use old bananas and now I’ll buy new bananas and let them brown just for bread-making.

  24. Lisa H

    We don’t really have a go to recipe right now, but we’ve been making lots of cookies lately. Most often though is our yummy sugar cookies!

  25. Sarah G

    I make cookies pretty frequently! We love your Oreo Stuffed Cookies, and the S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  26. Trisha

    Fod dinner, I make a lot of dishes served over rice such as Broccoli Beef or Caribbean Jerk Chicken w/ black beans and pineapple.

    I also make cookies a LOT. Rather than buying snacks from the grocery store, I like to bake at home and package the cookies into individual servings for part of an after school snack for my kids.

  27. joan

    Chocolate chip cookies. I made the pumpkin spice ones from your blog site and brought them to work last night: Huge Hit!

  28. Heather

    My go-to recipe right now is pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, I make mini ones that my kids eat up and normal ones for me. I’m not sure why they don’t eat the normal-sized muffins as well!

  29. Can’t wait to get your cookbook!
    I make chocolate chip cookies a lot! They are favorites of the husband so I try to keep a fresh supply around for him.

  30. Melissa Smith

    Chocolate chip cookies are my all-time go-to. Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? But this time of year, a family favorite is definitely my mom’s apple cake. The recipe has been in our family for a while and it’s a one bowl wonder, not to mention it goes down far too easily.

  31. is it horrible that my fall back recipe is spaghetti?!?!?! I mean it is easy, I can sneak in veggies and both my kiddos will gobble it up without hesitation. Judge away πŸ™‚

  32. Hannah

    My favorite treat to make are the oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies!! They are such a hit with friends – I always bring them to parties!

  33. Kelly Guerin

    I would say macaroni and cheese frequents our dinner table often πŸ™‚ Baking,it would definitely be oatmeal cookies πŸ™‚

  34. Anisa

    I tend to make chocolate chip cookies and brownies the most.
    My family loves them and for fun I try different recipes and ingredients πŸ˜‰

  35. Janelle Belka

    I love to make cookies, a little too much ha ha. It’s fabulous that you are celebrating 5 years. Congratulations!

  36. Demitria

    I tend to make chocolate chip cookies the most. They are quick and easy and the dough freezes well if I only want to bake a couple at a time.

  37. Kim O'Rosky

    Happy anniversary! The recipe I make the oat is your Shredded BBQ Ranch Chicken Spaghetti. No joke! My his and two year old daughter go nuts over it and its so incredibly easy to whip together!

  38. Nikki

    Anything easy, but a few of your recipes are our favorites! Especially the Cheesey Chicken & Rice Skillet and Chicken Parmesan Skillet Pot Pie … YUM!

  39. I am an adventurous cooker/baker and am forever NOT making recipes more than once, much to my husband’s dismay. He is always asking me, “Can you make that thing again?” So, I would say that the recipe/s I make most often are holiday recipes and that is for the tradition of it.

  40. Melissa

    I make homemade brownies, with my fiance, all the time. They are delicious and indulgent and I eat way to many of them…

  41. lauren

    definitely make chocolate chip cake mix cookies the most – my hubby loves them! I’d love to win that mixer!

  42. Grace

    I make banana bread with chocolate chips pretty regularly. This is definitely a favorite amongst my family and friends and get requests to make it all of the time. I would LOVE this mixer! Congratulations on your cookbook and five years of blogging!

  43. Laura

    Chili tends to be a winner in our house, so I’ve been making a lot of variations. Another winner is homemade pizza night!

  44. Kara

    Recently, I’ve been making General Tso’s Tofu… I like it even better than the kind I get at my favorite Chinese place!

  45. I make cinnamon rolls more than anything. I have a licensed kitchen attached to our home. We made 775 pans this month for a school fundraiser!
    I have tried several of Picky Palate’s cookie recipes and love them!

  46. I often find myself making cookies whenever I bake; if I’m having a sweet craving, you can bet I’ll make cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter, doesn’t matter)!

  47. Mary

    Recipe I make most often? Probably Caesar salad dressing. But, as far as one that uses a mixer, I’d go with Cooks Illustrated’s Molasses Spice cookies.

  48. Michelle Rodriguez

    I tend to make big batches of mini meatloafs the most often. My kids love them and they freeze so well.

  49. Stacie Strittmatter

    I would love this Mixer I would make mexican spoonbread corn bread w cheese green chilis dense yummy

  50. Lisa Templeton

    Chocolate Chip Coffee cake-0ne of my mom’s recipes. We always had it with Sunday Brunch! Such a great memory from my childhood of my whole family sitting down to eat together.

  51. Brenda

    I would say toffee cookies, but sadly I am awful at baking. I tend to ask my sister because she is AMAZING! I would love to win this and give it to her so she can continue to bake more tngs for me.

  52. Kelli

    Happy Anniversary- (You do have an awesome job, I agree)
    I can make my husband’s favorite chocolate chip cookies blindfolded with one hand behind my back. Ive made them every other week for the past 20 years. I’ve perfected the recipe and he loves them, so I don’t mind making them.

  53. Sheila Shapley

    Right now I am into making soups and stews. I have learned how easy it is to shred chicken with my KitchenAid mixer.

  54. Katie Rose

    We actually have a lot a variety since I make monthly menu plans, but homemade pizza is often on the menu and as a fail safe we always have pasta and sauce ingredients in the pantry in case something else doesn’t work out.

  55. Aida G.

    I tend to make banana bread fairly often. I just found a recipe for iced pumpkins cookies and they are delicious. I think they will become my new go to snack.

  56. Melissa Naegeli

    I think the recipe I make most often is cheesecake. My husband says I make the best and my most recent foray was compared to the “Cheesecake Factory” famous cheesecake.

    At Christmas Time I bake massive amounts of cookies, truffles and candies to give away as gifts to my children’s teachers. I think the teachers have begun to choose my children simply to get a cookie platter for Christmas.

    I’m often told that I should open a bakery and the addition of this mixer would be fabulous to my hobby. Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. Annette Hartman

    Thanks for the opportunity! I love the red color of the mixer… anyway… my boys love the muffins! They’ve become a Saturday morning staple at our home.

  58. Heather P

    I am awful about following a recipe and most nights just wing it based on ingredients. I use a lot of your baking recipes though and make the biscoff white chocolate chip cookies (by lots of requests) often

  59. Pam

    The recipe I make most often is probably my sugar cookie recipe. They are my hubby’s fav! I also keep a roll of dough in the freezer so I can bake up a few to cheer him up when he has had a crappy day. =^,^=

  60. Bethany

    I always make my old fashioned sugar cookies for parties and people can’t get enough of them. πŸ™‚ …Your Neapolitan Gooey Bars were a big hit as well!

  61. RSL

    I make mandel bread a lot. It’s a hard Jewish cookie, sort of like biscotti but denser. I grew up eating it and make it for holiays and any time I’m going to the home of someone Jewish. It’s a classic. My sister, who gave me her recipe, even admits that mine is better than hers!

  62. Sophie Pick

    I always make your oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies and your biscoff stuff white chocolate chip cookies, my family and co-workers love them both!

  63. Christina

    I love to make pulled pork a lot. If we’re talking about recipes I’d use the mixer for, then I’d say an assortment of cupcakes πŸ™‚

  64. Ivy

    Happy anniversary! The recipe I make the most often is a simple casserole with quinoa, butternut squash, caramelized onions and goat cheese. I could eat it for every meal!

  65. Alicia Clinton

    What an awesome time to celebrate and even better with a giveaway like this.

    Cake Mix Cookies seem to be the most used recipe these days, but dying to come up with some great ones for our Christmas Cookie exchanges.

  66. Sara Pittack

    I love to make deserts, cookies, and now that it is fall I am a sucker for pumpkin bars, breads, cookies etc. Fall is my favorite season and it always makes me want to bake!

  67. Alicia Clinton

    I believe I follow about half of your boards on Pinterest, have to walk away some days or I won’t get work or housework finished from repinning. Your stuff is great, sinful, and totally worth trying!

  68. Jodi Pavlik

    Hi Jenny! Your cookbook is on my christmas wish list πŸ™‚ I hope santa comes through! I mostly make sugar cookies (a kid and family fave)!

  69. Mercedes

    I love to make sweet breads, tons of cupcakes for my kids sports teams and cookies. On the savory side, my go to recipe is beef and barley soup in the fall and winter. It cooks in the crockpot and I always get great reviews from whoever stops by around lunch or dinner. My house is a revolving door of activity with my kids.

  70. Alicia Clinton

    Feels like I get a little bit from you everywhere except twitter, since I haven’t ventured into that yet, so of course email is the next best thing for me. Thanks for the chances.

  71. Jenn Bontrager

    My favorite thing to make over and over is Oatmeal Raisin cookies. The recipe from the Quaker Oatmeal canister. They are sooo good!

  72. Mercedes

    I love to make sweet breads, tons of cupcakes for my kids sports teams and cookies. On the savory side, my go to recipe in the fall and winter is beef and barley soup. It cooks in the crockpot and is a hit every time.

  73. I’ll save it for my new home which will be finished next Jan. My bread’s texture would be lovely welcoming the first sun ray of Feb. It will be New Year then in Viet Nam

  74. Melissa A in PA

    The recipe I make most often is one for a poppyseed chicken casserole. It is super yummy and always a hit.

  75. Sorenkath91

    I love your Chocolate Cherry Chip cookies. All your cookies are yummy and I love making them all and sharing them with my friends. Thanks for being so creative.

  76. Heather

    I check your website and FB every day. I have loved every recipe I have tried so far! You are genious thank you thank you!!!

  77. Ruth Shave

    Congratulations on your new cookbook! I would make homemade bread dough. I keep a batch in my frig at all times so I can have warm, yummy bread anytime! Happy Anniversary!

  78. Naomi

    My go to meal is Sloppy Joe’s. It’s quick and easy to make and the family loves it! Congrats on the cookbook =)

  79. Jackie F.

    I love to make chocolate chip scones for my family, and I figued out how to do it with the paddle attachment on my mixer…I’m to lazy to knead it by hand! This new mixer is beautiful!

  80. Rebecca

    I have a pumpkin chocolate chip bread recipe that I try not to make too often because we can’t help but eat too much of it all at once!

  81. Laura C.

    Cupcakes – any kind, variety, filling, etc. It’s a secret passion of mine. I recently made 170 cupcakes for my own wedding – crazy?, yes – fun?, of course : )

  82. Ceri

    I mostly make pizza dough and whole wheat bread, sure would be nice to have a stand mixer πŸ™‚ to make kneading more kind on the hands.

  83. Barbara

    I intend to refer to the “Dinner” recipes, most often. They always look so delicious and are typically very practical, for a busy family like ours. Of course, the dessert section is never too far from our hearts (and stomachs) either! πŸ™‚

  84. My favorite recipe that I make all of the time is actually Picky Palate’s Reese’s Chocolate Cake Cookies! They are so easy to make and are always a hit at parties!

  85. KimR

    Happy anniversary and congratulations on your new cookbook! I would have to say Oatmeal Chocolste Chip cookies (great big ones) are my favorite things to bake!

  86. Congratulations on 5 years of success, Jenny! It’s Yummilicious will be turning a year old on November 4th and I’m SO SO excited about it!

    My go-to recipe…the one I could make over and over again (and usually DO make over and over again) is my bacon mac & cheese. It’s just obscenely fattening and delicious

  87. Sheree

    I have made your Gooey Chocolate Oreo Cookie bars with raving success. Everyone who gets to try them LOVES them. πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the opportunity to try your amazing recipes.

  88. I always make casserole type dishes (chicken and rice or chicken enchiladas) because you can almost put whatever into those things and melt it all together!

  89. Nicole M.

    As it’s fall in Wisconsin the recipe I currently use most often is Beer Cheese Cheddar Chowder, such a great fall soup!

  90. Claudia

    I bake cakes. Lots, and Lots of cakes. I am using my mother’s old Oster stand mixer and one day it is going to tell me it’s done! lol Lots of frostings too!

  91. Jaclyn

    I make peanut butter balls every chance I get— holidays, get togethers, just because it is Tuesday… That is one recipe that never gets old!

  92. Jan

    A very Happy Five Year mark!
    My passion involves scratch cakes, especially fudge varieties, I actually initially stumbled on your sight by looking for various cookie recipes. You present a broad range of recipes that are practical and nutritious. Many pleasant cook book sales to you.

  93. amy dripps

    my husband’s favorite…chocolate chip cookies with a packet of vanilla pudding mix added. got the recipe from a friend and will never make any other chocolate chip cookie recipe again!!

  94. jackie

    I love to bake just about anything. Cookies and cupcakes are my favorites. Congratulations on the Cookbook and the new baby. Happy Anniversary.

  95. Kathy

    OMG!! I would love this! I would make healthy muffins for my family (my son who is super picky loves banana muffins), some banana nut bread and just about every type of bread! Happy 5 year annivesay Picky Palate!!!

  96. linda

    i always have your recipe for scooped out frozen ccc dough balls for your oreo stuffed cccookies! everyone LOVES them…they are my signature cookie! thanks so much!
    happy, happy 5 year anniversary!!!!!!!

  97. My favorite recipe from all would have to be Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookie. I have to make it atleast twice a month. I’m hooked! Thanks for sharing your great recipes. Now can I win the mixer..lol

  98. Vballer