Revolution Foods Weekend Giveaway!

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Happy Friday everyone! I have got a great new product to share with you and a chance at winning some of their products. Here’s how I found them….


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I was at my favorite Whole Foods Market at the District a few weeks ago and ran into a colorful little display of Revolution Food products. I was quickly drawn to them because I’m always looking for something healthy to add to my boys lunch boxes. The more I read about the products the more I LOVED! So, I picked up the Squeezable Fruit Mashups which is a brilliant idea of pureed fruit the kids can squeeze right out of the little package. My boys absolutely loved these. They call them their fruit smoothies. You can also freeze them for a fun treat and it even keeps the lunch box cold.


Here are more of their great products, I am so excited to try them all. Here’s what they have to say about their products:

“Our organic lunchbox snacks and sandwich builders make it easy to nourish your kids with yummy balanced nutrition. We like to think of it as Lunchbox Simplicity. Simple for parents to pack, simple for kids to eat and a simple way to maintain a healthy diet at school or at home.”


One Picky Palate Reader will win a box of Organic Squeezable Fruit Mashups, a box of Organic Jammy Sammy’s (pictured below) and a Revolution Foods T-shirt.


1. Make sure you are following Picky Palate under my “Foodie Friends” on my sidebar.

2. Leave a comment here telling us what you remember your mom packing in your school lunch box. Favorites, least favorites lets hear it!


Contest Ends Sunday October 3rd at midnight. Winner will be chosen by random and posted Monday morning. Best of luck!

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195 Responses
  1. Maria

    I’m a follower!

    I remember always having a sandwich – usually ham & cheese. I loved it when my Mom would put Doritos in my lunchbox. And a twinkie! Or a Ding Dong.

    Ahhh…no more Twinkies and Ding Dongs now, sadly – they go straight to my butt.

  2. Nutmeg Nanny

    I started packing my own lunch around six years of age so I loved when I could pack myself small bags of fritos chips….yummm. Usually my brothers would steal all the good chips and I would be left with plain old potato chips. This giveaway sounds great…my fingers and toes are crossed I win:)

  3. Jill

    My mom used to make brownies from scratch and then wrap them indidually in tin foil. I used to love when that was in my lunch box!

  4. Elisabeth

    My favorite was when my mom would pack soup or ravioli in a thermos during the winter. I was also a big fan of what my mom called “s’mores in a bag.” She would pack us a bag of graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips and it was delicious!

  5. Robin H

    I remember my Mom would put milk in my thermos, and by lunch it would be warm. I never drank it, it was so gross. I would also always have a Little Debbie in my lunch, now who doesn’t love those?

  6. Tarbyloo

    Peanut butter and banana on homemade wheat bread. No one else ever ate that – had the “weird” lunches.

  7. Bonnie

    I also remember walking at lunchtime! My favorite was tomato soup and a grilled cheese. I think I had that almost everyday!!

  8. Joanna

    I just found you and am now a follower!

    I remember the lunches packed for field trips the most. They usually contained a banana, peanut butter & jelly (on wheat…no wonderbread for my family) and Tab (diet soda) wrapped in tin foil.

  9. Rosely M.

    Great blog and tips. Growing up I attended a NYC public school. Most of us ate in the cafeteria, yet every once in a while we brought in our own “cold lunch”. Mom would make strawberry preserve and cheese sandwiches on white bread. I find the combo revolting now, but loved it as a kid. I was especially excited when she would pack something hot in the small thermos–that was extra cool–I must remember to do this with my 6 yr old. She is so independent she packs her own lunch daily; a turkey and munster cheese sandwich, a bottle of water, and a fruit.

  10. Katie

    Hey, they have those fruit squeezy things at Trader Joe’s too!!! They just have apple sauce,though. But I love that they have a carrot applesauce one!(Glad my 3 year-old can’t read yet!!!!)

  11. Shari

    My mom always went out of her way to pack my sisters and I delicious healthy lunches. Although the food was always good (sandwiches cut out in different shapes, chocolate chip cookies with smiley faces, and “ants on a log”) my favorite part was always the sweet handwritten note she would stick in my lunchbox!

  12. Beth

    Packed lunches were not my favorite. I mostly remember smashed sandwiches in the bottom of my lunch bag. A banana and yogurt was always good. Great giveaway. I will definitely check these products out at the store.

  13. Courtney

    I loved opening my lunch bag to find a note written by my mom on the napkin, and classic pb&j with toasted bread.

  14. patti

    i always remember having soup in my lunch. i loved getting a thermos of soup and milk in my school lunch. that was always my favorite lunch as a kid.

  15. Tiffany

    My daddy packed my lunch and he was always creative with my sandwiches. He had a TON of cookie cutters he used to make my sandwiches into shapes and get rid of the crust. My favorite had to be the Christmas tree shape with M&M’s added on top for ornaments!!

  16. amber

    Thanks for sharing! I remember my mom packing boring sandwiches. I swore I would never do that. But she did give me money to buy chocolate milk. And I still love chocolate milk!

  17. Diana

    I loved it when my mom would give me a treat like a cookie or candy. I especially loved getting notes.

  18. Lauren

    I love your blog and am now a follower! I am excited about Revolution foods and am going to have to try it out. My favorite lunch box find when I was a kid — anything chocolate!

  19. Kirsten

    I had the same thing almost everday pband j and an apple but occasionally I got a fruit roll up and I LOVED those!

  20. Jessica

    My mom always made awesome lunches. One of my favorites is when she would make me the ultimate salad (cubed ham and cheese, broccoli, carrots, bacon bits, the whole nine yards)! Along with two little plastic cups with ranch dressing, I was in heaven!

  21. Bonnie Atkinson

    As a child my mom worked full time but still got creative and made cookie cutter shaped sandwiches, ants on a log (celery sticks with peanut butter & raisins) and wrote encouraging notes on my napkin! To this day when I want a “comfort meal” I’ll pack up my own little lunch the way mom used to! And my kids LOVE that I get creative with their lunches. They think I’m a genious but I have to confess I learned it from Mom!

  22. Sandy

    I loved it when my mom would put those old school Hostess fruit pies in my lunch. I thought that was the best treat ever! Sometimes I will go get them for old times sake, but they just aren’t as good as they were back in the 80’s!

  23. Leslie

    My mom used to freeze the little plastic bottles of Kool- Aid and put them in my lunch. I LOVED them because by the time I got to it it was like having a slush.

  24. Anne

    Wow those look really fun! I love the colors and the products sound awesome.

    My favorite thing I remember my mom packing was Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls (totally unlike the healthy giveaway, haha, but it’s probably my favorite prepackaged treat to this day!)

  25. Camille

    When I was young, mom always packed an apple and a small bag of cookies. Yum! Now then I’m grown, I will pack the apple… but now a cheese stick or veggie in place of the cookies. I save the sweets for some yummy desert.

  26. dawname

    I loved my little debbie oatmeal pies yummmmmmmmmmm!
    I hated left over meatloaf sandwiches! I do have to say the meatloaf wasn’t so bad if a little debbie pie was next to it!

  27. Pam Shank

    don’t these look so good! I would pass them on for my grandchildren’s lunch. My mom baked all the time so I always had homemade goodies but as I think about it,strange sandwiches. bologna & cheese or egg sandwiches.

  28. melani

    I don’t remember my mom ever packing my lunch for school but I remember packing my own lunches for picnics and my favorite thing to do is pretty much make kool-aide but not add the water then just pour the mixture in my mouth from a plastic baggie…yum, the good ol days!

  29. Elisa

    Growing up I remember soggy bread with the previous night’s leftovers stuck in between…chicken parmisian, my mom’s italian breaded chicken, thinly sliced steak,turkey cutlets…you get the picture. She is a fabulous, Italian cook but it was embarrassing to open my lunch in front of my friends. I usually traded lunches with the kids who always had PB&J’s!

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